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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

Wednesday 16 June 2021

United Auctions (Wednesday 16 June 2021) sold 299 store cattle, 98 out of spec cattle, cast cows and bulls and 145 breeding sheep.

Bullocks (133)– averaged 237.66p to 302.80p per kg for a 251kg LimX from Culcaigrie, and to £1370 for a 593kg LimX from Middleton.
Dairy Bullocks (25)– averaged 196.91p to 212.90p per kg for a 418kg MOX from Meikle Camoquhill, and to £1210 for a 608kg MOX from Bandirran.
Heifers (134)– averaged 222.33p to 266.70p per kg for a 255kg LimX from Culcaigrie, and to £1390 for a 670kg HEX from West Gilston Mains.
Young Bulls (7)- averaged 206.38p to 214.30p per kg for a AAX from South Carse of Coldoch, and to £1340 for a AAX from Cuttlehill.
Beef Cows and Bulls (75) – averaged 160.44p to 221.20p per kg for a AAX from Parbroath, and to £1810 for a CH from Todpark.
Dairy Cows (10)- averaged 126.12p to 152.90p per kg for a MOX from Woodend, and to £1330 for a MOX from Woodend.
Out of Spec Cattle (13)- averaged 205.67p to 226.30p per kg for a AAX from Parbroath, and to £1450 for a LimX from Drumcairn.
Bullocks: Up to 250kgs- Balcastle £710; 288.60p; 251-300kgs- Culcaigrie £790, 302.80p; 301-350kgs- Halls £960, 290.90p; 351-400kgs- Kilbrook £1065, 266.30p; 401-450kgs- Easter Cammock £1000, Culcaigrie 234.10p; 451-500kgs- West Gilston Mains £1185, 240.90p; 501-551kgs- Middleton £1250, 228.90p; 552-601kgs- Middleton £1370, 232.70p; 602-651kgs- Bandirran £1210, 199.00p.
Heifers: Up to 250kgs- Whitehill £570, Culcaigrie 251.10p; 251-300kgs- Culcaigrie £725, 266.70p; 301-350kgs- Ballagan £800, Balcastle 235.70p; 351-400kgs- Blair Castle Estate £930, Noblehall 233.00p; 401-450kgs- Druimoider £1000, Blair Castle Estate 231.90p; 451-500kgs- Kilbrook £1070, 231.10p; 501-551kgs- Middleton £1220, Kilbrook 229.10p; 552-601kgs- Bandirran £1200, 212.80p; 652-701kgs- West Gilston Mains £1390, 207.50p.
Young Bulls: 451-500kgs- Durrie £910, 198.70p; 501-551kgs- Cuttlehill £1100, South Carse of Coldoch 214.30p; 652-701kgs- Cuttlehill £1340, 202.40p.
OTM Cows:                             
£ per head- Todpark (CH) £1810; Grassmainston (Sim) £1650; Leoch (Lim) £1610; Balquharrage (BRB) £1610; Woodhead of Mailer (AA) £1390; Woodend (MO) £1330; Hood (HE) £1310; Over Kellie (BA) £1150; Parbroath (Sal) £1110; Easter Cammock (BS) £1110.
PPK- Parbroath (AA) 221.20p; Leoch (Lim) 215.30p; Balmyle (CH) 197.90p; Balquharrage (BRB) 195.40p; Noblehall (Sim) 172.50p; Easter Cammock (BS) 164.70p; Parbroath (SH) 163.50p; Parbroath (Sal) 161.30p; Monkscroft (Lui) 159.50p; Woodend (MO) 152.90p.
OTM Bulls:
£ per head– Golland (Lim) £1610; Drumcairn (CH) £1550.
PPK- Drumcairn (CH) 181.70p; Gateside (Lim) 157.60p.
Out of Spec Cattle:
£ per head- Drumcairn (Lim) £1450; Leoch (Lim) £1410; Parbroath (AA) £1230.
PPK- Parbroath (AA) 226.30p; Leoch (Lim) 222.40p; Drumcairn (Lim) 183.10p.
Breeding sheep:
Lathockar Mains (TexX hoggs & single CharX lambs) £95.00 per life.
Lathockar Mains (ChevX gimmers & single CharX lambs) £98.00 per life.
West Quarter (TexX ewes & single TexX lambs) £99.00 per life.
West Quarter (TexX ewes & twin TexX lambs) £97.00 per life.
Lathockar Mains (Cross ewes & twin TexX lambs) £85.00 per life.
East Mitchelton (BF ewes & Mule lambs) £65.00 per life.
East Mitchelton (BF ewes & BF lambs) £65.00 per life.

Thursday 10 June 2021

United Auctions (Thursday 10 June 2021) sold 2863 prime sheep comprising 1333 spring lambs average 311.29ppk and  prime 664 hoggs average 221.56ppk also 866 ewes and rams.
New Season Lambs (1333) –   Easter Ochtermuthill (BTex) £170.00; Townhead (Suf) £170.00; Catcune (Suf) £159.00; Townhead (Suf) £158.00; Claish (Tex) £170.00; South Dundonald & Easter Craigduckie (Tex) £169.00; Carse of Trowan (Tex) £167.00; Wester Mye (Cross) £158.00; Little Raith (Cha) £154.00; West Lethans (Cont) £150.00; Penston & Shanry (Cha) £140.00; Starlaw (Chev) £137.00; Bangour (Chev) £129.50.

New Season Lambs (1333) –  Easter Ochtermuthill (BTex) 374.00ppk & 344.00ppk; South Dundonald (Tex) 368.00ppk, 360.00ppk & 358.00ppk; West Lethans (Cont) £349.00ppk; Broom (Suf) 339.00ppk; Blarnavaid (Suf) 331.00ppk; Catcune (Suf) 329.00ppk; Wester Mye (Cross) 322.00ppk; Little Raith (Cha) 321.00ppk; Penston (Cha) 318.00ppk; Starlaw (Chev) 316.00ppk. 

Old Season Lambs (664) –  Chalmerston (Tex) £140.00 & £139.00; Wester Mye (Tex) £130.00; West Park (BTex) £137.00; South Ballaird (Cross) £128.00; Quinloch (Cross) £124.00 x2; Busses (Mule) £128.00; Duntuim (Mule) £115.00; Victoria (Chev) £122.00; Little Raith (Suf) £117.00; Peattieshill (Suf) £114.00; Moulin & Wharlawhill (BF) £114.00; Mailingsland (BF) £111.50.

Old Season Lambs (664) –Moulin (BF) 257.00ppk & 243.00ppk; Broachrigg (Tex) 252.00ppk; Moulin (Tex) 251.00ppk; Peattieshill (Suf) 242.00ppk; Mailingsland (Suf) 239.00ppk; Peattieshill (Cross) 242.00ppk; Tullyfergus (Easy) 235.00ppk & 234.00ppk; West Park (BTex) 232.00ppk; Mailingsland (Mule) 232.00ppk; Victoria (Chev) 230.00ppk.

Ewes (866) – West Mains (Tex) £196.00; Valleyview (Tex) £192.00; Low Tirfergus (Tex) £190.00; Shanry (TexX) £ 170.00 & £162.00; South Dundonald & South Flanders (Cont) £160.00;  Valleyview (Cont) £158.00; Victoria (Chev) £154.00; Cumnock House (Chev) £120.00; Easterton (BTex) £152.00; Wester Balgair (BTex) £150.00; Easterton (BTex) £130.00; Catcune (Suf) £146.00 x2; Hill of Errol (Suf) £145.00; Merryhill (SufX) £135.00; Drimsynie (SufX) £133.00; Assloss (BFL) £137.00; Woodend (Mule) £124.00; Mid Seat (Mule) £122.00; Nether Fordoun (Mule) £118.00; Duntuim (Mule) £117.00; East Tullyfergus (Zwa) £110.00; Assloss (BF) £105.00; Kilkeddan (BF) £98.00; South Brownhill (BF) £97.00; Dalbrack (BF) £88.00. 

Tups – Woodned (Cha) £160.00; Chalmerstone (Tex) £156.00; Wester Balgair (Tex) £146.00; Lenaig (Suf) £131.00; Meallagie (BF) £105.00; Newbigging (BTex) £100.00. 


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