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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

Saturday 22nd September 2018

United Auctions (Saturday 22nd September 2018)  had a catalogue entry of 1056 rams and females at Stirling Agricultural Centre

The sale was topped by two BFL shearlings one consigned by J Pirie, Blarnavaid purchased by D Woodburn, Co Antrim and another from K Malone, Pitcairn purchased jointly by J More, Townhead; A McArthur, Cretlevane & Blanebank Farms both at realised at £2600. 

Accredited Section
Top price in the Texel section was  a shearling from W Dunlop & Son, Elmscleugh selling at £1200 to Colin Little, East Bracklinn. 
Top price in the Suffolk section was a shearling from J Wight & Son, Carwood selling at £1100 to MacGregor, Binn farm.

Non-Accredited Section
The non-accredited section was topped twice at £950 for Texel Shearlings consigned by J More, Townhead purchased by A McArthur, Cretlevane and Messrs Walker, Balnaboth. 

Overall averages
Blueface Leicester £662.85  (+£17.17 on the year)
Texel £474.88 (-£67.79 on the year)
Suffolk £433.18 (+£59.28 on the year)
Beltex Cross £346.15 (-£100.70 on the year)

Ram lambs
Blueface Leicester £397.78 (+£105.11 on the year)
Texel £340.59 (+£2.28 on the year)


Thursday 20th September 2018

United Auctions (Thursday 20th September 2018) sold 4536 prime sheep comprising of 3373 prime lambs selling to an average of 168.50p & 1163 ewes and rams.

New Season Lambs (3373) – Easterton (BTex) £94.00; Auchenrivoch (Tex) £92.00; South Baldutho (Suff) £86.00; Shanry (Cha) £85.00; Nether Pratis (Cross) £84.50; Inverie (Chev) £79.00; Easterton (Mule) £77.00; Gilston (Chev/Mule)£73.50; Assloss (BFL) £71.00; Gatesiude (BF) £61.00.

New Season Lambs (3373) – Coilavoulin (BTex) 205ppk; Auchenrivoch (Tex) 200ppk; Nether Pratis (Cross) 200ppk; Mosshead (Suf) 181ppk; Gilston (Chev/Mule) 175ppk; Shanry (Char) 173ppk; Inverie (Chev) 161ppk; Gateside (BF) 159ppk.

Ewes (1163) –  Dustydrum (Tex) £134.00; Nether Pratis (Suf) £92.00; Overton (BFL) £86.00; Formal (Chev) £74.00; Ardlebank (Mule) £71.00; Glenfernate (BF) £46.00

Tups-   Hatton Knowe (Chev) £90.00; Coldrochie (Tex) £88.00; Blackburn (Char) £80.00; Drumardoch (BF) £61.00.

Wednesday 19th September 2018

United Auctions (Wednesday 19th September 2018) sold 1615 store cattle and 195 cast cows and forward cattle.

Prize list 
Duke of Montrose Trophy Glenpark Farms £1270, 566kg
1st Bullock Wilson Whitehill £1030, 429kg.
1st Heifer Herries Farms £970, 415kg.

Bullocks (901) – averaged 208.20p to 245.30p per kg for a 424kg LimX from Nether Dalkeith and £1330 for a 593kg CHX from Glenpark. 
B&W Bullocks (55) - averaged 127.60p to 162.70p per kg for a 332kg AYX from Kirkland and to £780 for a 574kg BFX from Berryhill. 
Heifers (659) – averaged 199.75p to 262.30p per kg for a 326kg BRBX from High Mindovan and to £1420 for a 698kg CHX from Townfoot.
Beef Cows (172) -averaged 119.15p to 191.20p per kg for an LimX from Ballikinrain and to £1550 for a LimX from Whitrighill. 
Dairy Cows (14)- averaged 91.03p to 140.40p per kg for a HFX from Overton and to £945 for a BFX from East Bangour. 
Forward Cattle (9)- averaged 166.77p to 193.50p per kg for a LimX from Whitrighill and to £1290 for an LimX from Whitrighill.
Bullocks: Up to 250kgs- Home Farm Haughton £445, 196.9p; 251-300kgs- Ardlebank £650, 227.3p; 301-350kgs- Drumtee £800, 228.6p; 351-400kgs- Gateside £900, Ardlebank 243.6p; 401-450kgs- Nether Dalkeith £1040, 245.3p; 451-500kgs- Drumtee £1145, 230.8p; 501-551kgs- Glenpark Farms £1290, Lochfield 238.6p; 552-601kgs – Glenpark £1330, Auchencloigh 229.0p; 602-651kgs- Pleanmill £1310, Crookedstonemuir 207.9p.

Heifers: Up to 250kgs- Ardlebank £480, 203.4p; 251-300kgs- Ardlebank £625, 214.0p; 301-350kg- High Milndovan £855, 262.3p; 351-400kgs- Whitehill £1020, 225p; 401-450kgs- Nether Dalkeith £1060, Cowans 245p; 451-500kgs- Oakersdyke £1160, 238.7p; 501-551kgs- Cowans £1170, Gateside 233.1p; 552-601kgs-Castlehill £1235, 218.2p; 602-651kgs- Ormsary £1195, 186.7p; 652-701kgs- Townfoot £1420, 203.4p. 

OTM Cows: 
£ per head- Whitrighill (Lim) £1550, Lesliepark (CH) £1390, Whitrighill (Sim) £1250, Easter Garden (BRB) £1150, Kaeside (Sal) £1030, Dalowie (AA) £1010.
PPK- Ballikinrain (Lim) 191.20p, Castlehill (Sim) 184.20p, Easter Garden (BRB) 166.70p, Kaeside (Sal) 157.00p, Lesliepark (CH) 154.40p, Burnside of Balhaldie (AA) 124.60p.

OTM Bulls:
£ per head- Ardtornish (CH) £1370, Balnabroich (BS) £1230, Drumoider (AA) £1050.
PPK- Strathisla Farms (CH) 148.30p, Balnabroich (BS) 100.50p, Drumoider (AA) 94.90p.

Tuesday 18th September 2018

United Auctions (Tuesday 18th September 2018) had a catalogue entry of 8721 breeding sheep.
Top price of the day in Scotch Mule ewe lamb section went to G Donald, North Denhead for a pen of 24 realising at £124 to R Webster, Mill of Ardoch. 
Top price of the day in Scotch Mule gimmer section went to Prestonhall Farming Co for a pen of 21 realising at £135. 
The Texels were topped at £155 for a pen of TexX gimmers consigned by Dalchirla Farms 

Ewe Lambs
Scotch Mule Ewe Lambs £66.76 (-£10.36 on the year)
TexX Ewe Lambs £47.97 (-£13.58 on the year)
BF Ewe Lambs £57.35 (+£0.11 on the year)

Scotch Mule Gimmers £106.38 (-£17.44 on the year)
Chev/Mule Gimmers £109.00 (-£30.93 on the year) 
TexX Gimmers £105.80 (-£15.11 on the year)

Other Leading Prices
Ewe Lambs
Scotch Mules: Noth Denhead £95.00 twice, Drumheldric £92.00; Kingledores £90.00.
TexX:  Ledlation £55.00
BF: North Denhead £90.00; Kirkton £89.00; East Bracklinn £80.00

Scotch Mule: Drumnessie & West Carse £132.00; Ormsary & Carroch £130.00; Dreva £128.00.
TexX: Dalchirla £150.00; Hill of Errol £148.00; Carskerdo £130.00
BTexX: Hill of Errol £130.00.
Llyen; Borland £98.00.

Stock Ewes
1 Crop: Kipperoch £92.00; Wardhead £90.00
2 Crop: Old Nursary £95.00; Wardhead £85.00
4 Crop: West Lundie £85.00

2 Crop – Kipperoch £145.00


Monday 17th September 2018

United Auctions (Monday 17th September 2018) had forward a catalogue entry of 5776 store lambs and feeding sheep.

TexX Lambs - £57.94  (-5.83) on the week
BTexX Lambs - £64.65  (+0.68) on the week
Chev Lambs - £51.70  (-6.01) on the week
Mule Lambs - £56.27  (+3.48) on the week
SuffX Lambs - £58.86  (-1.82) on the week
BF Lambs - £40.52  (-1.12) on the week 

Leading Prices
Store Lambs: Drumbarrow (Tex) £78.50; Carse of Trown (Tex) £67.00; Wester Ochtermuthill (BTex) £77.00; Ballikinrain (BTex) £73.50; Borenich (Chev) £68.00; Parbroath (Chev) £58.00; Carse of Trown (Mule) £66.00; Fullerton (Mule) £65.00; Glenside (Suff) £67.00; Golland (Suff) £64.00; Todholes (BF) £62.50, £54.50


Saturday 15th September 2018

United Auctions (Saturday 15th September 2018) held their annual September sale of pedigree females with an entry of 42 head.

Top price of the day went to D&L Graham, Burnbank for their Limousin yearling heifer Burnbank NESSA, this stylish young heifer by Huntershall Gladiator and out of Burnbank Icemaiden realised 2800gns to R Junor, Tamala.

Spittalton Nertha and Spittalton Nana both maiden heifers from J Burnett Upper Spittlaton by Burnbank Judge made 2100 gns both to  J A MacRae, Cornaigmore.                       

Limousin heifers and calves sold to 2000 gns twice from R& J Graham Airthey Kerse.  First Grahams Leeona and then Grahams Lilac both sold with heifer calves to W Stewart & Son, Hawkhead.              

Aberdeen Angus cows and calves sold to a top of 2400 gns for Balsor Beauty which was sold with her bull calf at foot from P H & Mrs R M Close, Littleton Farm, Turnberry and was bought by E Scott, Linross and another from the same home Balsor Kirsty Beverly running with a heifer calf realised 2100 gns to Hugh Montgomerie, Assloss.    

Aberdeen Angus maiden heifers sold to 1100 gns from M K & G Sprowl, Eastland Farm, Rothesay for Eastlands Exbaria Primrose by Tonley Elano to S&C Ferguson, Shieldrum.

Monday 10th September 2018

United Auctions (Monday 10th September 2018) had forward a catalogue entry of 9655 store lambs, breeding and feeding.

SuffX Lambs - £60.68  (-3.60) on the week
TexX Lambs - £63.67  (+0.31) on the week
BTexX Lambs - £63.97  (-2.36) on the week
Chev Lambs - £57.71  (+6.87) on the week
Mule Lambs - £52.69  (-6.35) on the week
BF Lambs - £41.64  (-0.85) on the week 

Leading Prices
Store Lambs: Rossieochill (Suff) £68.00; Colony (Suff) £67.50; Thomanean (Suff) £65.00; Colony (BTex) £72.00; Newbigging (BTex) £68.50; Shenlarich & Monzie (BTex) £68.00; Cloquhat (Tex) £73.50; Thomanean (Tex) £71.50; Carse of Trowan (Tex) £70.00; Craigannet (Chev) £73.00; Neilston Cottage (Chev) £60.50; Cosyden (Chev) £59.00; Knowhead (Mule) £66.00; Creagraineach, Dallowie & Pinclanty (Mule) £60.00; Craighead, Merkins & Ben Lomond (BF) £50.00.

Breeding Sheep -
Ewe lambs: Rossieochill (Suff) £92.00, £91.00, £90.00; Knowes (Suff) £82.00; Sundhope (Tex) £101.00; Knowes (Tex) £81.00; East Laggan (Tex) £67.00; Auldallan (Chev/Mule) £99.00
Gimmers – Drumachloy (LleynX) £132.00; Lower Killernie (TexX) £165.00, £160.00.
Ewes – Lower Killernie (TexX) £120.00


Monday 10th September 2018 Lleyn Sheep Society Show and Sale

United Auctions (Monday 10th September 2018) sold 231 sheep at their annual Lleyn Sheep Society show and sale, selling to a top of 650gns for a shearling ram from H Goldie, South Bowerhouses.  Females sold to a top of £170 twice, first for the champion pen of gimmers from H Goldie, South Bowerhouses and again for a pen consigned by James K Goldie.

The presale show was ably judged by Paul Barrow, Helm Farm, Appleby and the following were his awards:

Champion tup: R Johnston & Sons, Bensfield
2nd H Goldie, South Bowerhouses 650gns
3rd L Cruden, Woodlands 350gns

Champion Gimmer: H Goldie, South Bowerhouses £170
2nd W G Henderson, Nether Toucks £140
3rd J K Goldie, South Bowerhouses £170

Ewe Lambs
1st Farmstock Genetics
2nd W G Henderson, Nether Toucks £85
3rd J Morton, Bank Hall £84

Other leading prices
Rams (12 averaged £420)
Goldies 500gns; Bardspark 500gns; Laga Farms 450gns

Gimmers (139 averaged £130.32)
Goldies £170, £152, £150; Laga Farms £142;  Bardspark £140

Ewe lambs (80 averaged £86.69)
Farmstock £90; Greenshields £88; Bardspark £85 

Saturday 1st September 2018

United Auctions (Saturday 1st September 2018)  had a catalogue entry of 9888 breeding sheep at their annual show and sale of Scotch Mule and Blackface ewe lambs.  

The sale was sponsored by J Cooper & Co. Haulage Contractors, Gartocharn and was judged by Mr J Matthew, Whitelumbs, Huntly, who awarded the championship to D Gray, Drumnessie and went on to purchase them at £170 per head. 

Prize List
1st – D Gray, Drumnessie - £170
2nd – Hartside Farms - £168
3rd – D Y Henderson, Auchenrivoch - £130
4th – T Dick, Hamildean £125
5th – A McArthur, Cretlevane - £158

Overall Averages
Scotch Mule Ewe Lambs -£93.32 (-£1.92 on the year)
Blackface Ewe Lambs - £78.46 (+£6.23 on the year)

Section Averages
Acc Scotch Mule Ewe Lambs - £88.60 (-£8.56p on the year)
Non Acc Scotch Mule Ewe Lambs - £94.89 (+£0.17p on the year)
Acc Blackface Ewe Lambs - £82.20 (+£8.51p on the year)
Non Acc Blackface Ewe Lambs - £67.66 (+£4.56p on the year)

Click here for all flock averages

Saturday 25th August 2018

United Auctions  (Saturday 25th August 2018) had catalogue entry of 5016 Scotch Mule, Chev/Mule, TexX & SuffX gimmers sponsored by British Wool and ably judged by J Hamilton, Aikengall. 
The championship was won by M/s Gray, Drumnessie and purchased by M/s Mair, Kinnermit.

Top price of the day for Mules £192 from Millglen

Overall average £126.62 (-£4.00)on the year.

Prize List
1st   W A Gray, Drumnessie £155
2nd   M/s Paterson, East Dykes £152
3rd  J & M Hamilton, Crosswoodhill £158
4th   Drimsynie Est £148
5th  Burncastle Farming £158

Acc Scotch Mule Gimmers £141.73 (-£0.07) on the year
Non Acc Scotch Mule Gimmers £122.65 (-£5.91) on the year
Chev/Mule Gimmers £120.99
Suffolk Cross Gimmers £114.57 (-£18.37) on the year
Texel Cross Gimmers £115.68 (-£21.22) on the year

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