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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

Thursday 21 February 2019

United Auctions (Thursday 21 February 2019) sold 5323 prime sheep comprising of 4091 prime lambs selling to average 178.70ppk & 1232 ewes and rams.

Lambs (4091) – Hallhill (BTex) £112.00; Leyden (Tex) £94.00; Killipol (Cross) £94.00; Wardhead (Suf) £89.50; Stanley (Chev) £89.00; Upper Inverichnie (Cha) £88.00; Remony (BF) £83.00; Kerry Cottage (Mule) £81.50.

Lambs (4091) – Lochend (BTex) 261.00ppk; West Quarter (Tex) 223.00ppk; Killipol (Cross) 221.00ppk; Redheugh (Suf) 202.00ppk; Fridayhill (Chev) 197.00ppk; Old Faskally (Cha) 188.00ppk; Killipol (BF) 187.00ppk; Moulin (Mule) 176.00ppk.

Ewes (1232) – Cairn (Tex) £116.00; Wester Ochtermuthill (Suf) £98.00; Cairn (Cha) £84.00; Sauchrie Mains (BFL) £79.00; Penston (Mule) £70.50; Gilston (Che) £68.00; Raemore (Cross) £62.00; Millhouse (BF) £54.50.

Rams – West Kelt (Tex) £97.00; Sauchrie Mains (BFL) £94.00; Invermilton (BTex) £89.00; Wester Kepdowrie (Chev) £71.00; Darnhall (BF) £67.00.


Wednesday 20 February 2019

United Auctions (Wednesday 20 February 2019) sold 1489 store cattle and 178 cast cows.

Bullocks (756) -averaged 214.24p to 260.20p per kg for a 269kg CHX from Gateside, and to £1270 for a 648kg CHX from CJM Services.
Dairy Bullocks (86) - averaged 156.94p to 185.90p per kg for a 562kg MOX from Killellan, and to £1030 for a 678kg MOX from Woodend.
Heifers (629) – averaged 207.55p to 246.50p per kg for a 282kg CHX from Dyke, and to £1260 for a 659kg LimX from CJM Services.
Young Bulls (18)- averaged 203.33p to 216.40p per kg for a SimX from East Merkland, and to £1000 for A SimX from East Merkland.
Beef Cows (149) – averaged 121.19p to 183.00p per kg for a SimX from Hattrick, and to £1350 for a SimX from Hardens.
Dairy Cows (26) - averaged 97.09p to 135.10p per kg for a HOX from Claylands, and to £875 for a MOX from 4 West Garleton.
Forward Cattle (3) – averaged 139.53p to 157.40p per kg for a BRBX from Heights and £1250 for a BRBX from Heights.

Bullocks: 251-300kgs- Rhu Mor £700, 260.2p; 301-350kgs- Berryhill £855, 259.9p; 351-400kgs- Polquhairn £975, Ochiltree Place 253.5p; 401-450kgs- Ochiltree Place £1020, 232.9p; 451-500kgs- Riccarton £1130, 245.7p; 501-551kgs- Gateside £1155, 217.1p; 552-601kgs – Overton £1240, Meikle Carleith 211.3p; 602-651kgs- Gateside £1270, 199.0p; 652-701kgs- CJM Services £1260, 190.8p.

Heifers: Up to 250kgs- Crofthead £490, 207.6p; 251-300kgs- Dyke £705, 246.5p; 301-350kgs- Polquhairn £795, Rhu Mor 242.6p; 351-400kgs- Mid Shawton £890, Ochiltree Place 226.8p; 401-450kgs- Aitkenhead £965, 224.9p; 451-500kgs- Midtown £1100, Aitkenhead 224.7p; 501-551kgs- Overton £1160, 217.2p; 552-601kgs- Milton £1120, 201.8p; 652-701kgs- CJM Services £1260, 191.2p.

Young bulls: 301-350kgs- Callochant £620, 192.5p; 351-400kgs- Bayview £700, 191.3p, 401-450kgs- East Merkland £870, 216.4p.

OTM Cows: 
£ per head- Hardens (Sim) £1350, Ledrishbeg (AA) £1330, Lawton (SH) £1310, Eastoun (Lim) £1210, Wester Bleaton (BRB) £1150, Townhead of Arngibbon (Cont) £1110, Traprain (Sal) £1050, Wester Bleaton (BS) £1010.
PPK- Hattrick (Sim) 183.00p, Hattrick (AA) 181.00p, Hattrick (BS) 172.30p, Hattrick (Lim) 166.30p, Traprain (Sal) 150.40p, Wester Bleaton (BRB) 178.60p, Lawton (SH) 144.60p, Townhead of Arngibbon (Cont) 121.20p.

OTM Bulls:
£ per head- Cuttlehill (BRB) £1500, Redhouse (Lim) £1490, Brunton (CH) £1330, Kepculloch (Sim) £1300, Wester Clunie (Sal) £1110.
PPK- Tanhill (BRB) 153.90p, Redhouse (Lim) 142.70p, Brunton (CH) 130.10p, Kepculloch (Sim) 110.00p, Wester Clunie (Sal) 96.40p.

United Auctions also sold 1380 store and breeding sheep.

Deuchar (Suff) £74.00; Wellees (Tex) £77.50; Craigmaddiemuir (Tex) £77.00; Letar (BTex) £69.50; Glenkiln (Chev) £64.50; Sauchrie Mains (Mule) £72.00; Sauchrie Mains (BF) £66.00.

Breeding Sheep
Westbank (Suff) ewes in-lamb - £112.00
Westbank (Tex) ewes in-lamb - £110.00
Westbank (Mule) ewes in-lamb - £100.00


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