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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

Monday 28 September 2020

United Auctions (Monday 28 September 2020) sold 1034 suckled calves and also forward 6591 store lambs and feeding sheep.
Bullocks (617) averaged 238.78p to 294.1p per kg for a 374kg BRBX from Monzie Farms and £1370 for a pen of 4 500kg LIMX from Monzie Farms.
Heifers (417) averaged 236.26p to 354.2p per kg for a 480kg CHX from East Buchanty, and £1700 for a 558kg LIMX from Pittentian and £1700 for a 480kg CHX from East Buchanty.  
Leading prices per head and per kg:
Bullocks: 301-350kgs- Glenrath £890, East Buchanty 259.60p ; 351-400kgs- Monzie Farms £1100, 294.10p; 401-450kgs– The Ross £1120, Dippen 263.50p; 451-500kgs– Monzie Farms £1370, 278.20pp; 501-551kgs– Monzie Farms £1350, Newton of Logierait 254.90p; 552-601kgs– Monzie Farms £1310, 237.30p.

Heifers: 301-350kgs– Dykehead £850, Low Dunashery 252.50p; 351-400kgs– Coilavoulin £1180, 295.00p; 401-450kgs- Monzie Farms £1200, Coilavoulin 283.70p; 451-500kgs– East Buchanty £1700, 354.20p; 501-551kgs– Pittentian £1700, 312.50p; 552-601kgs- Pittentian £1700, 304.70p


Also sold 6591 Store Lambs and Feeding Sheep.

Store Lamb Averages
BTexX - £88.33 (+£15.49) on the week
Mule- £69.39 (-£2.10) on the week
Chev- £63.14 (+£1.86) on the week
SuffX- £75.03 (+£0.30) on the week
TexX- £72.07 (-£0.48) on the week
BF- £56.03 (+£2.20) on the week
Leading prices
Store Lambs –  Ballikinrain (BTex) £98.00; Clatto (BTex) £94.00; Strathnafanaig (BTex) £94.00; Port NaCloich(Tex) £87.00; Rigg (Tex) £82.00; Clatto (Tex) £79.50; Glenfernate (Mule) £82.00; Knowes (Mule) £80.00; Glenehervie (Suff) £79.00; Blackcruik (Suff) £77.00; Clatto (Suff) £76.00; West Deloraine (SCChev) £69.00; Old Post Office (NCChev) £67.50; Innerwick (NCChev) £65.50; Braeleny (BF) £65.00; Rigg (BF) £64.50; Mains of Cairnies (BF) £62.00.

Saturday 26 September 2020

United Auctions (Saturday 26 September 2020) sold 256 breeding cattle and 5582 Blackface ewes and gimmers.

A centre record was achieved on two occasions firstly for a pen of 10 of regular draft Blackface ewes consigned from E MacMillan, Lurg, Fintry realizing £820 to R Murno, Croft 1, Isle of Mull and I Warren, Broomknowes Cottage, Glasgow. Secondly a single Blackface gimmer consigned by D I Rock Farming Co, Knock O Ronald, Gargunnock selling for £2800 to J Murray, Crossflat, Muirkirk.

Overall Average
BF ewe - £88.92
BF gimmers - £160.43
Acc BF ewes - £88.95  (+£18.33 on the year)
Non Acc BF ewes -£88.88  (+£21.83 on the year)
Acc BF gimmers - £151.37 (+£36.60 on the year)
Non Acc BF gimmers £166.92 (+£26.08 on the year)
Other Leading Prices
BF ewes – Allanfauld £310; Dullator £220; Allanfauld £200; Crosswoodhill £160.
BF gimmers – Gass £2200; Knock O Ronald £700 & £650; Nunnerie £550; Shawsknowe £550.

Breeding Cattle

Heifers and Bull Calves
LimX £3650 Pitcairn.
BP £3600 The Ross.
ContX £3400x2 The Ross.
Cross £2850 Chartershall.
SimX £2400 Porterstown.
AAX £2350 Parkhouse.
Heifers and Heifer Calves
LimX £5200 West Thomaston.
BBX £4000 West Thomaston.
ContX £3900 West Thomaston.
BP £3500 Pitcairn.
Cross £3300x2 Pitcairn.
AA £2800 Easter Dounie
SimX £2350 Porterstown.
Cows & Calves
Cows and Bull calves £1850 &£1800.
Cows and Heifer calves £1850, £1800 & £1750.
Lim Bull £2200.

Cows and calves £2450, £2150, £2200x2, £2050x2, £2000x4, £1950x3 and £1900x5.

In-calf Cows
LimX £1550 & £1500 Windsole

Thursday 24 September 2020

United Auctions (Thursday 24 September 2020) sold a centre record of 10024 prime sheep, comprising  6913 new season lambs selling to average 195.18p and 3111 ewes and rams. 

New Season Lambs (6913) – Lintibert (BTex) £125.00 & £116.00 x2; Doune Farms (BTex) £116.00; Myreside (DSS) £113.00; Wester Cambushinie (Tex) £107.00; Crofthead, Coilavoulin & Wester Cambushinie (Tex) £106.00; Little Blairquamrie (Suff) £106.00 & £98.00; West Park (Suff) £95.00; Airtnoch (Chev) £92.00; Ballinloan (Chev) £91.00; Balmyre (Char) £92.00; Auchenrivoch (Mule) £91.00; North Deanhead (Mule) £90.00; Rowantree (Mule) £88.00; North Balloch (Chev/Mule) £90.00; Craigo (Chev/Mule) £89.00; Newmill Rathen (Cross) £88.00; Balmyre & Inch Cottage (Cross) £87.00; Drumnessie (BF) £85.00; South Brownhill & Dall (BF) £79.00.

New Season Lambs (6913) – Lintibert (BTex) 272.00ppk; Coilavoulin (BTex) 257.00ppk; Newbigging (BTex)  255.00ppk; West Park (BTex) 254.00ppk; South Ardittie (Tex) 241.00ppk; Coilavoulin (Tex) £238.00ppk; Wester Cambushinie (Tex) 235.00ppk; Bogburn (Suff) 209.00ppk & 207.00ppk; West Park (Suff) 207.00ppk; Loanhead of Duchally (Chev) 207.00ppk; Newmill Rathven (Chev) 205.00ppk; Airtnoch (Chev) 204.00ppk; Baleave (Cross) 199.00ppk; Newmill Rathven (Cross) 199.00ppk; Balmyre (Cross) 197.00ppk; Monzie, North Deanhead & Halls (BF) 195.00ppk; Outerwards  (BF) 192.00ppk; Craigo (Chev/Mule) 194.00ppk & 192.00ppk; North Balloch (Chev/Mule) 191.00ppk; Balmyre (Char) 191.00ppk; North Deanhead (Mule) 189.00ppk; Newbigging (Mule) 188.00ppk; Hillhead & Auchenrivoch (Mule) 187.00ppk.

Ewes (3111) – Weston (Tex) £135.00; Kilwinnet (Tex) £120.00; Overton & Hyndford Well (TexX) £110.00; West Park (TexX) £109.00; Isle Cottage (Suff) £106.00 & £105.00; Abbey St Bathans (SuffX) £93.00; Easter Middleton (SuffX) £90.00; Coilavoulin (BTex) £100.00; Drumlochy (BTex) £91.00; Easter Middleton (HB) £99.00; Seggiebank (Chev) £97.00; Ardyne (Chev) £79.00; Wester Arngibbon (Cross) £86.00; Blackcastle (Cross) £82.00;  Ballymenach (Mule) £80.00; Shire-End (Mule) £75.50; Rowantree (BF) £76.00; Glenkilrie (BF) £66.50; Dalchirla (BF) £66.00.

Tups – Kilwinnet (Tex) £106.00; South Ardittie (Tex) £104.00; West Carse (Suff) £104.00; Easter Middleton (HB) £91.00; Forter (Chev) £81.00; Dalchirla (BF) £76.00.


Wednesday 23 September 2020

United Auctions (Wednesday 23 September 2020) sold 1327 store cattle, and 103 out of spec cattle, cast cows and bulls. 

 Bullocks (746) – averaged 219.96p to 258.20p per kg for a 364kg LimX from Dollarbank, and to £1370 for a 672kg LimX from East Banknock.
Dairy Bullocks (77) – averaged 155.89p to 194.20p per kg for a 448kg MOX from Holton, and to £1140 for a 628kg MOX from Bandirran.
Heifers (504)– averaged 215.30p to 249.30p per kg for a 357kg SimX from Castle Cary Mill, and to £1325 for a 600kg LimX from East Banknock.
Beef Cows and Bulls (74) – averaged 141.40p to 204.70p per kg for a LimX from Ballikinrain, and to £1550 for a CHX from Haughhead.
Dairy Cows (29)- averaged 103.88p to 178.20p per kg for a HOX from Claylands, and to £1030 for a HOX from Claylands. 

Bullocks: 251-300kgs- Almont £740, 246.70p; 301-350kgs- Newpark £840, 244.00p; 351-400kgs- Derrie £1010, Dollarbank 258.20p; 401-450kgs- Laight £1080, Almont 244.30p; 451-500kgs- Longfauld £1160, 234.80p; 501-551kgs- Wester Middleton £1250, Forneth Livestock 229.00p; 552-601kgs- Laight £1340, Priestfield 226.60p; 602-651kgs- Wester Middleton £1300, 209.00p; 652-701kgs- East Banknock £1370, 203.90p. 

Heifers: 251-300kgs- Castle Cary Mill £695, 240.50p; 301-350kgs- Priestfield £745, 234.30p; 351-400kgs- Trowdale £890, Castle Cary Mill 249.30p; 401-450kgs- Borgue House £1020, Derrie 238.10p; 451-500kgs- North Woodend £1160, Gateside 237.30p; 501-551kgs- Derrie £1210, Cretlevane 227.70p; 552-601kgs- East Banknock £1325, 220.80p. 

Young Bulls: 602-651kgs- Innerwick £1160 

OTM Cows:                             
£ per head- Haughhead (CH) £1550, Wester Bonhard (Lim) £1470, Craegorry (Sim) £1410, Lochend (BS) £1330, Lindertis Farms (AA) £1170, Clatto (Sal) £1150, Renton Home Farm (SH) £1130, Loanfoot (HE) £1070, Claylands (HO) £1030.
PPK- Ballikinrain (Lim) 204.70p, Lindertis Farms (Sim) 192.90p, Claylands (HO) 178.20p, Haughhead (CH) 160.50p, Quixwood (BS) 155.50p, Renton Home Farm (SH) 147.10p, Lindertis Farms (AA) 144.40p, Wester Bleaton (BRB) 144.40p, High Mathernock (Sal) 142.70p. 

OTM Bulls:
£ per head– Haughhead (CH) £1530, Quixwood (Lui) £1410, Forest (Lim) £1370.
PPK- Haughhead (CH) 183.90p, Forest (Lim) 151.50p, North Shields (HI) 144.70p

Saturday 19 September 2020

United Auction Saturday 19 September 2020 sold 903 rams and females at Stirling Agricultural Centre.

The sale was topped by a BFL shearling consigned by J Pirie, Blarnavaid purchased by H Fergsuon, Dykeneuk farm realising £5000.
Accredited Section
Top price in the Texel section was £1700 from A Campbell, Strawfrank, selling to C Little, East Bracklinn.
Top price in the Suffolk section was £1200 realised from R Bryce, Chalmerstone Farm selling to  A Ronald, Ballymeanoch.
Non-Accredited Section
The non-accredited section was topped by a Texel X Beltex shearling from C Little, East Bracklinn realising £1150 to, Balmirmer Farms.
Beltex Society
Top price was a shearling from A MacLean, Heylipol (Tiree) realising 1600gns to D Fisher, Groan.
LLeyn Society
Top price was a shearling from H Goldie, South Bowerhouses realising 1150gns to S G Mair, Kinnermit, Turriff.
Dutch Spotted Society 
Top price was a Gimmer from D Scott, Speyside realising 1900gns to W Linton, Thirstane, Crawfordjohn.
Overall averages
Blueface Leicester £873.84 (+£319.52 on the year)
Texel£672.10 (+ £122.26 on the year)
Suffolk  £630.72 (+£201.30 on the year)
Beltex Cross  £615.43 (+ £243.43 on the year)
Ram lambs
Blueface Leicester £517.33 (+£316.13 on the year)
Texel    £370.00 (+£58.26 on the year)
Suffolk  £314.81

Beltex Society 
42 Beltex Shearlings  £856.70 (+£177.11 on the year)

Llyen Society
195 Females £175.71
22 Shearlings   £706.36 (+£69.90 on the year)   

Dutch Spotted Sheep Society 
7 Females    £1140 .00
2 Shearlings  £147.00            
4 Ram lambs  £111.50

all averages 

Tuesday 15 September 2020

United Auctions (Tuesday 15 September 2020) sold 7053 breeding sheep.
Top price of the day in Scotch Mule ewe lamb section went to G & F Donald, North Deanhead for a pen of 45 realising £130.
Top price of the day in Scotch Mule gimmer section went to  M Smyth, Shields for a pen for 12 realising £188. 
The Texels were topped at £190 for a pen of 12 from W Stevenson, Auchenflower. 

Ewe Lambs
Scotch Mule Ewe Lambs £95.69 (+£19.56 on the year)
BF Ewe Lambs £68.93 (+£11.66 on the year)

Scotch Mule Gimmers £152.12 (+£33.31 on the year)
TexX Gimmers £177.24 (+£51.73 on the year)

Other Leading Prices
Ewe Lambs
Scotch Mules: Stobbs & Posso £125.00; North Deanhead £122.00 & £115.00; Woodhall £110.00.
TexX: Pannell £128.00 & £125.00.
BF: Kirkton £98.00; West Glenalmond £95.00; Kirkton £88.00; East Bracklinn £85.00. 

Scotch Mule: Shields & Carroch £185.00; Townhead £182.00; Carroch & Townhead £180.00.
TexX: Auchenflower £182.00; Lower Killernie £170.00

Stock Ewes
1 Crop: Wardhead £140.00 &138.00
2 Crop: Wardhead £100.00
3 Crop: Wardhead £125.00; West Mains £120.00

4 Crop – East Mid Lamberkin -  £150.00

2 Crop: Smiddyhill - £122.00 
3 Crop: Smiddyhill - £120.00

flock averages


Saturday 12 September 2020

Sale report for Dunsrye reduction, Mottistone dispersal and pedigree females


Saturday 5 September 2020

United Auctions (Saturday 5 September 2020) sold 10771 breeding sheep at their annual sale of Scotch Mule and Blackface ewe lambs.  

Mule ewe lambs were topped by an outstanding pen of 30 consigned from M/s Wight, Townfoot (Midlock) realising £200 to Moir Livestock, Home Farm, Cairness.
The Blackface section was topped by a select character pen of 5 selling at £360 from D Rock, Knock O Ronald to F Ronald,  Duntuim, Aberfeldy.

Overall Averages
Scotch Mule Ewe Lambs -£111.98 (+£25.32 on the year)
Blackface Ewe Lambs - £84.88 (+£15.62 on the year)

Section Averages
Acc Scotch Mule Ewe Lambs - £114.95 (+£28.93 on the year)
Non Acc Scotch Mule Ewe Lambs - £111.07 (+£24.80 on the year)
Acc Blackface Ewe Lambs - £92.23 (+£20.75p on the year)
Non Acc Blackface Ewe Lambs - £74.46 (+£9.68p on the year)

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