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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

Thursday 13 June 2019

United Auctions Stirling (Thursday 13th June 2019) sold 1433 prime sheep comprising of 611 new season lambs selling to an average of 214.30p & 262 old season lambs with an average of 134.17p &  560 ewes and rams.
New Season Lambs (611) – Hill of Errol (Tex) £125.00; Lintibert (BTex) £118.00; Cherryfield (Suf) £115.00; Shanry (Cha) £109.00; Hill of Errol (Blue Tex) £106.00; Muckraw (Hamp) £96.50; Halkerston (Mule) £95.00; Badenheath (BDM) £92.00.

New Season Lambs (611) – Lintibert (BTex) 262.00ppk; Head of Balglass (Tex) 244.00ppk; Cherryfield (Suf) 235.00ppk; Badenheath (BDM) 230.00ppk; Shanry (Cha) 218.00ppk; Muckraw (Hamp) 214.00ppk; Halkerston & Ardgate(Mule) 200.00ppk. 
Old Season Lambs (262) – Cherryfield (Tex) £89.00; North Mains of Baldovan (Suf) £88.00; East Bracklinn (Ch) £88.00; Townhead (Mule) £83.00; Hill of Errol (BF) £70.00; Langfauld Steading (Easy) £61.50.
Old Season Lambs (262) – Cherryfield (Tex)164.00ppk; Lathrisk (Chev) 163.00ppk; East Bracklinn (BF) 162.00ppk; Corrigills (Cross) 156.00ppk; Townhead (Mule) 146.00ppk; Langfauld Steading (Easy) 141.00ppk.

Ewes (560)- West Carse (Tex) £116.00; Pitsundry (Suf) £94.50; Cherryfield (Cross) £90.00; Lillyburn (BFL) £89.00; Wester Coldrain (Cha) £79.00; Fairview (BTex) £78.00; Lilyburn (Mule) £69.00; Victoria (Chev) £68.00; Dyke (BF) £64.50.
Rams-  Wester Coldrain (Tex) £92.00; Auchenrivoch (BFL) £90.00; Shanry (Cha) £88.00; West Loch (BF) £84.00; Ballagan (Chev) £81.00; Hill of Errol (BTex) £74.00.

Wednesday 12 June 2019

United Auctions (Wednesday 12th June 2019) sold 332 store cattle, 96 cast cows, 164 breeding cattle.
Bullocks (178) – averaged 206.82p to 239.60p per kg for a 359kg AAX from South Milton, and to £1280 for a 716kg AAX from Castlehill.
B & W Bullocks (33) – averaged 132.98p to 142.30p per kg for a 534kg HFX from Mains, and £785 for a 785kg HOX from Mains.
Heifers (97) – averaged 192.72p to 221.20p per kg for a 339kg CHX from Woodneuk, and to £1180 for a 594kg CHX from Balbie.
Young Bulls (24)- averaged 185.99p to 207.00p per kg for a LimX from Camquhart, and £1260 for a LimX from Cowford.
Beef Cows (86) – averaged 125.91p to 178.50p per kg for a LimX from Carslae, and to £1250 for a AAX from Cally Estate.
Dairy Cows (10) - averaged 113.94p to 151.40p per kg for a MOX from Woodend, and to £795 for a HFX from Broughmore.
Bullocks: 251-300kgs- Drumoider £575, 201.00p; 301-350kgs- Woodneuk £760, South Brownhill 224.40p; 351-400kgs- South Milton £905, 239.60p; 401-450kgs- Kilbrook £935, Lettar of Ballied 216.50p; 451-500kgs- Newpark £1070, 216.20p; 501-551kgs- Midlock £1130, Newpark 210.10p; 552-601kgs– Midlock £1155, Cuttlehill 200.70p; 602-651kgs– Muirmealing £1175, 190.40p; 702+kgs – Castlehill £1280, 178.80p.
Heifers: Up to 250kgs- Drumoider £480, 203.40p; 301-350kgs- Woodneuk £750, 221.20p; 351-400kgs- Falahill £820, 216.90p; 401-450kgs- Newpark £895, Craigdhu 213.20p; 451-500kgs- Falahill £1000, 201.60p; 501-551kgs- Balbie £1140, 208.00p; 552-601kgs- Balbie £1180, 198.70p.

Young Bulls: 301-350kgs- Nether Birkwood £670, 192.50p; 351-400kgs- Camquhart £795, 207.00p; 501-551kgs- Midlock £1100, 199.60p; 552-601kgs- Cowford £1150, 195.60p; 602-651kgs- Drumoider £1130, Cowford 179.30p; 652-701kgs- Cowford £1190, 180.90p; 702+kgs- Cowford £1260, 177.00p.
OTM Cows:
£ per head- Cally Estate (AA) £1250, New Park (Sim) £1250, Carslae (Lim) £1210.
PPK- Carslae (Lim) 178.50p, New Park (Sim) £163.20p, Cally Estate (AA) 146.40p.
OTM Bulls:
£ per head- Hunting Faulds (CH) £1630, Beeches (Sim) £1470, Chapel (OTH) £1210.
PPK- Hunting Faulds (CH) 145.00p, Chapel (OTH) 122.20p, Beeches (Sim) 121.10p.

Heifer with Bull calf at foot
Whitrighill (LimX) £3600.
Derrie (BP) £2150.
Parkhouse (SimX) £1950.
Auchenflower (ContX) £1900.
Lammerview (HerX) £1850.

Heifer with Heifer calf at foot
Whitrighill (LimX) £3200.
Skeoch (SimX) £1850.
Porterstown (ContX) £1800.
Lammerview (BP) £1700.

Cow with bull calf at foot
Derrie (LimX) £1950.
Romavale (ContX) £1950.
Fairfield (AAX) £1750.
Fairfield (BP) £1750 x2.

Cow with heifer calf at foot
Derrie (LimX) £2100.
Marchfield (ContX) £1950.
Fairfield (AAX) £1750.
Fairfield (BP) £1700.

Castlehill (AA) £2400.
Whitrighill (Lim) £2350.
West Park (Char) £2000.

Thursday 6 June 2019

United Auctions (Thursday 6 June 2019) sold 1557 prime sheep comprising  764 new season lambs selling to average 207.10p & 323 old season lambs with an average of 149.50p &  470 ewes and rams.
New Season Lambs (764) – Faulds (Tex) £115.00; Little Raith (Suf) £110.00; Easter Ochtermuthill (BTex) £107.00; Wester Mye (Cross) £106.00; Noble House (Char) £96.50.

New Season Lambs (764) – Easter Ochtermuthill (BTex) 255.00ppk; North Mains of Baldovan (Tex) 243.00ppk; Campbeltown (Suf) 224.00ppk; Whitburgh (Cha) 218.00ppk; Wester Mye (Cross) 212.00ppk.
Old Season Lambs (323) – West Lundie (Tex) £95.00; Quixwood (Mule) £89.00; 2 Toxside (Cross) £89.00; Quixwood (BF) £74.00; Newra (Suf) £73.50.
Old Season Lambs (323) –Harviesmailing (Tex) 188.00ppk; East Bracklinn (Cross) 173.00ppk; Moulin (BF) 172.00ppk; Runavey (Suf) 153.00ppk; Quixwood (Mule) 148.00ppk.

Ewes (470)- Penston (Cha) £112.00; Nether Pratis (Tex) £95.00; Nether Pratis (Suf) £91.00; Wester Mye (Mule) £83.00; Kilkeddan (BFL) £78.00; Humeston (Cross) £75.00; Noble House (Chev) £65.50; Quixwood (BF) £59.00 
Rams-  Lower Terinie (Tex) £85.00; Craigton (Cross) £67.00.
.00; Glenhead (BF) £67.00.


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