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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

Thursday 9 July 2020

United Auctions (Thursday 9 July 2020) sold 3637 prime sheep comprising 2331 new season lambs selling to average 218.70p also 130 prime hoggs averaged 162.09ppk and 1176 ewes and rams.

New Season Lambs (2331) – South Flanders (Suf) £120.00 & £116.00; Woodhead of Aberdalgie (Suf) £115.00; Wester Ochtermuthill (BTex) £118.50; Easter Craigduckie (BTex) £118.00; Goddens (BTex) £115.50; Cumnock House (Tex) £117.00; Faulds (Tex) £115.50; South Flanders (Tex) £115.00; Priestfield (HB) £105.00 & £96.00; Meadowbank (Cross) £100.00; Wester Moffat (Cross) £94.50; Bangour (Cha) £97.00 & £93.50; Cretlevane (Mule) £90.00; Blarnavaid (Mule) £88.00; Greystone (Zwa) £93.00; Low Tirfergus (BF) £77.00.

New Season Lambs (2331) – Easterton (BTex) 253.00ppk; Goddens (BTex) 249.00ppk & 248.00ppk; South Dundonald (Tex) 249.00ppk & 241.00ppk; Ardoch & Threepland (Tex) 241.00ppk; Woodhead of Aberdalgie (Suf) 242.00ppk; South Flanders (Suf) 238.00ppk; Kincraigie (Suf) 236.00ppk; Bangour (Cha) 222.00ppk & 220.00; Wester Moffat (Cross) 217.00ppk; Meadowbank (Cross) 215.00ppk; Priestfield (HB) 215.00l Cretlevane (Mule) 214.00ppk; Blarnavaid (Mule) 204.00ppk; Strewiebank (Hamp) 201.00ppk. 

Ewes (1176) – Westhall (Tex) £166.00; Carse of Trowan (Tex) £163.00; Chalmerstone (TexX) £143.00; Townhead (TexX) £140.00; Townhead (Cont) £135.00; Dippen (Cont) £130.00; Easter Ochtermuthill (BTex) £130.00 & £122.00; Chalmerstone (Suff) £120.00 & £116.000; Kinloch (SuffX) £108.00; Fleurs (SuffX) £107.00; Townhead (BFL) £113.00; Hunting Faulds (Mule) £94.00; Carroch & Fullfordlees  (Mule) £92.00; Greystone (Zwa) £94.00; Priistfield (HB) £93.00 & £90.00; West Dron (Chev) £89.00; Bogburn (Chev) £84.00; Innischeroch (Cross) £80.00; Middleton (Cross) £73.00; Blarnaviad (BF) £70.00; Old Manse (BF) £54.00.


Wednesday 8 July 2020

United Auctions (Wednesday 8 July 2020) sold 633 store cattle, native bred cattle and young bulls, 87 breeding cattle and 103 out of spec cattle, cast cows and bulls.  

All cows met an increased trade on the week with 19 buyers in attendance. Beef cows averaged 150.08p per kg, and Dairy cows averaged 114.00p per kg.
Bullocks (323) – averaged 217.46p to 309.60p per kg for a 218kg BRBX from High Bellochantuy, and to £1340 for a 615kg AAX from High Unthank.
Dairy Bullocks (71) – averaged 172.72p to 206.20p per kg for a 422kg MOX from Caddell, and to £1025 for a 582kg HFX from Dykehead.
Heifers (230)– averaged 214.34p to 269.80p per kg for a 202kg BRBX from High Bellochantuy, and to £1130 for a 569kg BSX from Crookedstonemuir.
Young Bulls (9)- averaged 191.21p to 218.20p per kg for a AAX from Bows, and to £1165 for a AAX from Bows.
Beef Cows and Bulls (91) – averaged 150.08p to 208.10p per kg for a LimX from Carslae, and to £1530 for a BAX from Chapel.
Dairy Cows (10)- averaged 114.16p to 133.90p per kg for a HFX from Wester Borland, and to £1095 for a HFX from Wester Borland.
Out of Spec Cattle (2)- averaged 176.79p to 189.10p per kg for a LimX from Glenartney, and to £1150 for a LimX from Glenartney.

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs- High Bellochantuy £675, 309.60p; 251-300kgs- Meikle Ittington £765, High Bellochantuy 268.10p; 301-350kgs- Gateside £835, High Bellochantuy 246.80p; 351-400kgs- Craigievern £980, 246.20p; 401-450kgs- Newpark £985, 233.30p; 451-500kgs- Newpark £1155, Tanhill 237.00p; 501-551kgs- Garvald Mains £1180, 226.90p; 552-601kgs- Tanhill £1200, Ballieston 211.50p; 602-651kgs- High Unthank £1340, 217.90p.

Heifers: Up to 250kgs- High Bellochantuy £600, 269.80p; 251-300kgs- Meikle Ittington £710, 257.20p; 301-350kgs- Fallside £765, 227.00p; 351-400kgs- Fisherton £890, Glenturk 225.90p; 401-450kgs- Newpark £960, Fisherton 226.30p; 451-500kgs- Fisherton £1120, 234.30p; 501-551kgs- Crookedstonemuir £1090, Candermains 205.20p; 552-601kgs- Crookedstonemuir £1130, 201.00p.
Young Bulls: 301-350kgs- Caddell £700, 214.70p; 401-450kgs- Hyndford Road £940, 216.10p; 501-551kgs- Bows £1165, 218.20p; 602-651kgs- Mosshall £1150, 182.00p.

OTM Cows:                             
£ per head- Chapel (BA) £1530, Newhouse of Glamis (CH) £1510, Woodhead of Mailler (Cont) £1450, Airthrey Kerse (Sim) £1490, Carslae (Lim) £1290, Mosshall (AA) £1170, Hyndford Road (BS) £1130, Wester Borland (HF) £1095, Gibsley (SH) £1070.
PPK- Carslae (Lim) 208.10p, Mollandhu (AA) 201.90p, Laigh Alticane (Sim) 192.70p, Chapel (BA) 168.30p, Woodhead of Mailer (Cont) 161.10p, Glenartney (CH) 159.70p, Glenartney (BS) 156.10p, Hatton of Newtyle (HE) 150.70p, Gibsley (SH) 145.00p.  

OTM Bulls:
£ per head– .Easter Frew (Lim) £1550, Peattieshill (AA) £1070.
PPK- .Peattieshill (AA) 198.10p, Craigbarnet (Lim) 160.00p. 

Out of Spec Cattle:
£ per head- Glenartney (Lim) £1150, Glenartney (MO) £975
PPK- Glenartney (Lim) 189.10p, Glenartney (MO) 164.10p. 

Breeding Cattle:
Whitelaw Dispersal
SimX Cows & Bull Calves at foot £2400, £2350 x3, £2450.
SimX Cows & Heifer Calves at foot £2500, £2300, £2200.
AAX Cows & Bull Calves at foot £2400 x2, £2050.
AAX Cows & Heifer Calves at foot £1950 x2, £1800.
SDX Cows & Bull Calves at foot £2000.
SDX Cows & Heifer Calves at foot £1900.
AA Bull 2 ½ yo £2900.


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