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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

Thursday 20 February 2020

United Auctions (Thursday 20 February 2020) sold 6637 prime sheep comprising 4933 prime hoggs to average 230.53ppk &1704 ewes and rams.    

Old Season Lambs (4933) – Easter Octermuthill (BTex) £133.00; Kerry Cottage (Tex) £121.00; Easter Bucklyvie (Suf) £124.50; Abbey (Chev) £121.00; Auchnacloich (Cross) £120.00; Cretlevane (BFL) £115.00; Easter Bucklyvie (Mule) £112.50; Dunruchan (BF) £112.00.

Old Season Lambs (4933) – Doune Farms (BTex) £293.00ppk; Carriston (Tex) 275.00ppk; Back O Muir (Chev) 265.00ppk; Cadogan (BF) £250.00ppk; Goddens (Suf) 242.00ppk; Ardacheranmor (Mule) 241.00ppk; Keppoch (Cross) 238.00ppk.

Ewes (1704) – Dalchirla (Tex) £187.00; Torrax (Tex) £182.00; West Lundie (BTex) £148; Smaladh, Islay (Suf) £148.00; Dalchirla (BTexX) £134.00; Springfield (Mule) £117.00; Balnacree (Chev) £116.00; Langhill (Chev/Mule) £115.00; Mains of Foveran (Rom) £110.00; East Mid Lamberkin (Cross) £99.00; Redheugh (Cont) £98.00; Dykeneuk (BF) £92.00; Dalchirla (BF) £84.00; Assloss (Swale) £84.00.

Tups – Backhills (BFL) £163.00; Kilbucho Place (Tex) £143.00; Achnacree Beag (Suf) £128.00; Baleave (BTex) £106.00; West Auchenlongford (BF) £100.00; Croftintygan (BF) £98.00.

Wednesday 19 February 2020

United Auctions (Wednesday 19 February 2020) sold 1288 store cattle, 20 young bulls, 137 cast cows and 152 breeding cattle,  also 656 store sheep. 
Bullocks (673) -averaged 220.87p to 264.10p per kg for a 331kg CHX from South Glassock, and to £1330 for a 673kg AAX from Coulshill.
Dairy Bullocks (29) - averaged 147.12p to 213.90p per kg for a 374kg HFX from Newpark, and to £890 for a 544kg NORX from Sauchrie Court.
Heifers (566) – averaged 212.04p to 252.90p per kg for a 340kg LIMX from Cairnhouse, and to £1290 for a 564kg LimX from Little Spot & 608kg LimX from East Dowally.
Young Bulls (20)-averaged 223.19p to 235.10p per kg for a CHX from Upper Samieston, and to £905 for a SIM/CHX from Upper Samieston.
Beef Cows and Bulls (114) – averaged 137.68p to 184.10p per kg for a SimX from Pitcastle, and to £1490 for a LimX from Newhouse of Glamis.
Dairy Cows (23)- averaged 110.48p to 135.70p per kg for a MOX from Meikle Camoquhill, and to £1050 for a MOX from Meikle Camoquhill.

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs- Knollhead £625, 257.20p; 251-300kgs- Brownhill £650, 224.8p; 301-350kgs- Upper Samieston £900, South Glassock 264.10p; 351-400kgs- Sauchrie Court £980, Ochiltree 252.70p; 401-450kgs- Cleugh £1050, Cumnock House 238.3; 451-500kgs Logie Farm £1140, Cleugh 245.60p; 501-551kgs- Logie Farm £1210, Southfield 224.4p; 552-601kgs – Alton £1280, Lochelbank 215.5p; 602-651kgs- Alton £1330, 215.90p; 652-701kgs- Coulshill £1330, 197.6p.

Heifers: Up to 250kgs- - Knollhead £575, 237.6p; 251-300kgs- Auchlin £650, Knollhead 250.00p; 301-350kgs- Cairnhouse £860, 252.90p; 351-400kgs- Gateside £940, Coxydene 241.00p; 401-450kgs- Little Spot £1040, Airthrey Kerse 245.10p; 451-500kgs- Whitehill £1090, 234.40p; 501-551kgs- Little Spot £1215, 223.30p; 552-601kgs – Little Spot £1290, 231.90p; 602-651kgs- East Dowally £1290, 212.20p.

Young Bulls: 351-400kgs- Upper Samieston £905, 235.1p.

OTM Cows:
£ per head- Newhouse of Glamis (Lim) £1490; Bordie (AA) £1370; Eastoun (Sim) £1150; Meikle Camoquhill(MO) £1050; East Buchanty (BRB) £1030; Wester Borland (HO) £1030; East Buchanty (STX) £1030.
PPK- Pitcastle (Sim) 184.10ppk; Woodhead of Mailer (AA) 172.60ppk; Eastoun (Lim) 170.20ppk; East Buchanty (STX) 153.30ppk; East Buchanty (BRB)148.00ppk; Meikle Camoquhill (MO) 135.70ppk; Wester Borland (HO) 116.00ppk.

OTM Bulls:
£ per head – Lesserlinn (BS) £1390; Glenrig (Sim) £1330; Cowford (LR) £1170; Drumoider (Lim) £1070. 
PPK- Coliford (LR) 168.30ppk; Glenrig (Sim) 157.20ppk; Lesserlinn (BS) 124.30ppk; Drumoider (Lim) 117.80ppk.

Breeding Cattle
Culraven Farms 
In-calf Cows- HerX- £1240, £1160, £1140; AAX- £1100.
In-calf Heifers- HerX- £1120; AAX- £1120x2, £1100x2.

In-calf Cows- SimX- £1320; LuingX- £1280, £1060; SimX- £1080, LuingX- £1040.
Heifers- SimX- £1200.
Also sold 656 store and feeding sheep.

Leading Hogg Prices- Moleigh (Suf) £98.00 & £81.50; Orchard Farm (Tex) £99.00; Moleigh (Tex) £98.50; Moleigh (Cross) £97.50; Midhouse (Mule) £89.00; Moleigh (Mule) £85.50; Moleigh (BF) £85.00; Midhouse (BF) £85.00.


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