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Livestock Sales Reports - Oban

Tuesday 1 December 2020

United Auctions (Tuesday 1st December) sold 579 store cattle and 14 Breeding Cattle.

Bullocks sold to £1280 for a 306kg, LimX from A & I MacInnes, Ruaig, Tiree to average £673.90 (+£6.67) and Heifers sold to £2100 for a 306kg, LimX from the same home to average £693.85 (+£65.14). The same Bullock topped the sale per kilo selling at 418.3p/kg to average 237.39p/kg (+12.65p) and the same heifer topped the sale at 686.3p/kg to average 256.93p/kg (+31.59p).  A good show of quality bred cattle sold well and to a strong force of buyers.  An increased number of calves with future show potential sold extremely well, in particular heifers, giving purchasers a second option for top class breeding animals.  A feature of the sale was the consignment of cattle from Ruaig, Tiree which proved to be in high demand. 

BULLOCKS – AAx - £950, 11 Eoligarry, Barra. BSHx - £925, Glenbeg. BRBx - £1100, £900(2), Strathnafanaig.  CHARx - £885(3), Ballochgair. LIMx - £1280, £1120, Ruaig, Tiree; £1080, Achnacree Beag; £1000, Tyree; £1000, Barcaldine HF; £980, Low Dunashery; £980, Woodend; £950, Balligarve; £950, Achnacree Bay; £910, Achnaba; £900, Strathnafanaig; £900, Ardtur. LUIx - £750(2), Scammadale. SIMx - £1010, Achnacreemore; £970, Keil, Duror; £950, Achnacreemore. SHx - £885, Balure of Shian.  
HEIFERS – AAx - £980, Ruaig; £885, Keil, Southend. BRBx - £1750, Ruaig; £1550, Tyree; £1550, Strathnafanaig; £1500, Lephinchapel; £1320(2), Tyree; £1320, Strathnafanaig; £1250, £1180(2), Lephinchapel; £1180, £1120, Tyree; £1020, Strathnafanaig; £1000, £920, Lephinchapel. CHARx - £840(2), Ballochgair. LIMx - £2100, £2000, Ruaig; £1650, Woodend; £1420, Ruaig; £1350, £1250, Tyree; £1100, Ruaig; £1050, Tyree; £1040, Achnacree Beag; £1000, Achadhbeag; £980, Balnagown; £950, Ruaig; £940(2), Achnaba.   

BULLOCKS – AAx – 290p(2), Ballymeanach; 266p(2), Dalrannoch; 265p(2), Ballymeanach; 245p, 241p(2), Dalvuie. BSHx – 257p, 250p(2), Homefield; 247p(9), 246p(9), Tayvallich Estate. BRBx – 309p, Strathnafanaig; 280p, Low Dunashery; 276p(2), Tyree; 263p(2), Strathnafanaig. CHARx – 269p(6), Kildalloig; 267p, 259p(2), Stronacroibh. LIMx – 418p, Ruaig; 322p, Woodend; 318p, Ruaig; 317p, Woodend; 314p, Kintraw; 297p(2), East Hynish; 296p, 289p, Tyree; 286p, Woodend; 284p, Tyree; 283p, Balnagown; 282p, Ardachy; 281p(2), Low Dunashery. LUIx – 269p, Kildalloig; 248p(2), Scammadale; 245p(8), Kildalloig. SALx – 244p(5), Fiart. SIMx – 271p(2), Ardencaple; 268p(5), Inshaig; 265p(3), Ballard; 264p, Scammadale; 256p(4), Inshaig; 254p(4), 250p, Ballard; 249p(3), 248p(5), Knockvologan. SHx – 248p(3), Tayvallich; 234p(2), Achnalarig.  
HEIFERS – AAx – 272p, Ruaig. BSHx – 281p(7), 258p(5), 249p(4), Tayvallich. BRBx – 532p, 516p, Tyree; 503p, Strathnafanaig; 494p, Ruaig; 460p, Lephinchapel; 425p, 415p, 407p, Tyree; 393p, Strathnafanaig; 351p, 345p, 329p, 297p, 296p, Lephinchapel; 285p, Strathnafanaig; 277p, Lephinchapel. CHARx – 239p, Stronacroibh. LIMx – 686p, Ruaig; 670p, Woodend; 633p, Ruaig; 435p, Tyree; 399p, Ruaig; 357p, Tyree; 331p, Ruaig; 328p, Tyree; 300p, Balnagown; 296p, 287p, Woodend; 287p, Kintraw; 283p(2), Ardachy; 281p, Ruaig; 279p, Innisaig; 277p(2), Turnault; 273p, Achuaran; 272p, Tyree; 271p(9), Turnault; 271p(2), Aird. SIMx – 279p(2), Scammadale; 276p, Assapol; 271p, Aird.  
BREEDING CATTLE – IN CALF COWS - £900 6 Goular, North Uist.  


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