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Livestock Sales Reports - Lairg

Tuesday 2 October 2018

United Auctions (Tuesday 2 October 2018) sold 7916 North Country Cheviot gimmers and ewes at their annual sale.  A full company of buyers were in force once again representing all corners of the UK. A steady trade was witnesses among the ewes with buyers being very selective. The best bred sheep were cashing in at similar rates on the year.  Gimmers proved to be the hardest commodity to cash this year, as with the ewe buyers were very selective, the lack of keep and money seems to be the driving force behind this hesitance.

1733 Gimmers sold to average £81.12 (-£23.16) selling to a top of 178 for a pen of Hill NCC from K MacLennan, Rannoch, Tain.  Park type NCC sold to a top of £145 from A MacKay, South Balkeith, Tain.

6135 Ewes (-613) sold to average £64.63 (-£4.33) selling to a top of £142 for correct ewes from Achentoul Farms, Kinbrace.

Full report and averages


Tuesday 11 September 2018

United Auctions (11 September 2018) sold 6562 lambs at their second sale quality stronger lambs with plenty of stretch were short of requirements with all lambs being lighter than last year.

5124 Wedder lambs sold to average £46.80 (down £0.55 on the year) selling to a top of £62.50 for NCC from Rhanich, Edderton and £62 for TexX from 246 Torrisdale, Skerray.

1432 Ewe Lambs sold to average £50.72 (down £10.33 on the year) selling to £90 for NCC from Latheronwheel Mains, Latherton

Leading Prices
Wether Lambs NCC
£61 Latheronwheel Mains, Latheron
£60 Migdale, Bonar Bridge
£60 Cartomie, East Amat
£58.50 Rhanich, Edderton
£58.50 The Green, Durness
£58.50 Gruinard, Ardgay
£58.50 Balnakeil
£58 Tormore, Dunbeath

Ewe Lambs NCC
£88 Inkstack
£85 186 Migdale, Bonar Bridge
£76 Cassley, Rosehall
£70 Armadale, Thurso
£70 Bardnaclavan, Thurso
£69 Welbeck

Tuesday 14 August 2018

United Auctions (Tuesday 14 August 2018) sold 12694 lambs with lambs not as well grown and more 2nd and 3rd draws forward combined with the lack of grass in the south trade surpassed expectation.

8944 wedder lambs averaged £51.11 (+£0.05 on the year) selling to £72 for TexX from Heatherlea, Ardgay and £70 for NCC from Drummuie, Golspie.

3750 ewe lambs averaged £76.54 (+£0.02 on the year) selling to £166 for NCC park type from South Balkeith, Tain and to £138 from NCC hill type from Armadale, Thurso

NCC Wedder Lambs
£70.00 Dummuie, Golspie; £69.50 13 Inverbreckie Drive; £68.00 Carnich, Sutherland; £67.00 Armadale, Thurso; £64.00 1 Balcharn, Lairg; £63.00 South Balkeith; £62.00 West Durcha, Rosehall; £62.00 Armadale, Thurso; £62.00 South Balkeith; £61.50 Achentoul, Kinbrace; £61.50 Amat, Ardgay; £61.50 Achentoul, Sutherland; £61.50 Tulloch, Bonar Bridge; £61.50 3 Borgie, Lairg; 

NCC Ewe Lambs
£166 South Balkeith, Tain; £138 Armadale, Thurso; £135 Tormore, Dunbeath; £135 Dunbeath Farms, Dunbeath; £130 3 Borgie, Lairg; £128 Badanloch Estate, Sutherland; £122 13 Inverbreckie Drive, Invergordon; £120 Achley, Dornoch; £115 Armadale, Thurso; £112 South Balkeith, Tain; £112 Armadale, Thurso; £110 Achentoul, Sutherland.

Rams and Riggs
£52 Armadale, Thurso; £52 200 Kinlochbervie, Lairg; £50.50 26 Durine, Durness; £50.00 17 Achnairn, Shiness; £50.00 Inkstack, Barrock



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