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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

Wednesday 1 April 2020

United Auctions (Wednesday 1 April 2020) sold 1265 prime sheep.

Old season lambs (1092) averaged 170.8p to 192p per kg for 48kg Cheviots from Drumwhindle Mains, Ellon and to £94.50  Texels from Blairgorm, Nethybridge, 
Ewes topped at £101 for a Charollais Tup from Blairgorm, Nethybridge

Sheep trade post the start of the Covid-19 lockdown proved not as bad as firstly anticipated this week.  A full company of buyers were present and were needing fleshy sheep, albeit not at the extreme rates that have been witnessed thus far this season.  Well fleshed heavy sheep 46kgs plus were keenly bid for and many more could easily have been sold. There was a severe shortage of ewes today with every order book being unfulfilled. Trade like the hoggs is well back however they met a satisfactory return.

OSL – Suf - £93 Blairgorm, 178p Lynegar; SufX - £90.50 Blairgorm, 177p Lynegar; Tex - £93.50 Blairgorm, 191p Blairgorm/Nether Blairmaud; TexX - £90 Blairmaid/Blairgorm, 190p Blairgorm; Cont - £94 Nether Blairmaud, 185px2 Croismoraig; Chev - £90 Daies, 192p Drumwhindle Mains; Mule - £88, 186p Mains of Shevado; BF - £92, 184p Mains of Shevado; Lleyn - £88.50  North Calder, 181p Croismoraig; Char - £90.50, 186p Nether Blairmaud; CharX - £90 Daies/Little Forgue, 184p Mid Gruinards

EWES (173) – Suf - £96 Murza; SufX - £92 Lynegar; Tex - £92 Swggiecrook/Floors; TexX – Ardlewie; Cont - £91 Blairgorm; Chev - £83 Longoe; Mule - £76.50 Waterton; GF - £70.50 Lynemore; BF - £65.50 Blairgorm; Cross - £92 Nether Blairmaud; CHM - £84 Ternemny; Bel - £100 Lythebrae; ContX - £88 East Mey x2/Clerkseat; RAMS – Char - £101 Blairgorm

Saturday 28 March 2020

United Auctions on Saturday 28 March 2020 sold 723 Store Cattle and OTMs at their sale

HFRS (315) sold to an average 221p per kg selling to a top of 278.3p per kg for CharX’s from Stonedyke, Rhynie and to £1135 for LimX’s from Weetyfoot, Grange.

BLKS (403) sold to average 224.1p per kg selling to a top of 283.3p per kg for AAX’s from Avielochan, Aviemore and to £1270 from LimX’s from Upper Tillathrowie, Gartly

OTMs sold to £1110 for Shorthorn from Glenavon, Tomintoul and to £1050 for SimX from Upper Blairnain, Aberlour.

HFRS – Up to 250kg - £550, 244.4p Ardgour, Sauchen; 251-400kg - £800, 266.7p Stonedyke, Rhynie; 301-350kg - £960, 278.3p Stonedyke, Rhynie; 351-400kg - £1070, 270.9p Bush Farm, Aberlour; 401-450kg - £1040 Stonedyke, Rhynie, 245.7p Mid Fodderletter, Ballindalloch; 451-500kg - £1110, 230.3p Roebank, Grange; 501-550kg - £1135 Weetyfoot, Grange, 212.9p Cairnorrie, Methlick; 

BLKS – Up to 250kg - £600, 253.2p Moss Croft, New Deer; 251-300kg - £780 Mid Fodderletter, Ballindalloch, 283.3p Avielochan, Aviemore; 301-350kg - £890, 269.7p Mid Fodderletter, Ballindalloch; 351-400kg - £960 Ballintomb, Dulnain Bridge, 261.4p Roebank, Grange; 401-450kg - £1040 Roebank, Grange, 248.2p Mid Fodderletter, Ballindalloch; 4510500kg - £1110 Upper Tilathrowie, Gartly, 239.2p Roebank, Grange; 501-550kg - £1185, 230.1p Mid Fodderletter, Ballindalloch; 551-600kg - £1270, 213.4p Tillathrowie, Gartly; 601-650kg - £1260, 209p Upper Cook, Crudie.

Thursday 19 March 2020

United Auctions on Thursday 19 March 2020 sold 109 store cattle and OTMs.  

Store cattle sold at comparable rates, taking into account the percentage of the cattle forward being of “Non Scotch assured status” thus hindering the days averages. 

HFRS (30) sold to an average 204.8p per kg selling to a top of 236.3p per kg for a pair of 292kg SimX from 20 High Street, Archiestown. Top gross being £1030 for an AAX from Bauchlaw, Banff.

BLKS (77) sold to average 207.7p per kg selling to a top of 237.4p per kg for a pair of 337kg SimX from 20 High Street , Archiestown.  Top gross being £1200 for CharX’s from Upper Cook, Crichie. 

OTMs sold to a top of 150p per kg for a 785kg BBX from Parrock, Rothiemay.  This animal also achieved top gross price of £1180.

HFRS – 251-300kg £690, 236.3p 20 High Street, Archiestown; 301-350kg - £700, 205.9p Bauchlaw, Banff; 351-400kg - £800, 216.7p 20 High Street, Archiestown; 401-450kg - £885, 217.4p Cluseburn, Inverbervie; 451-500kg - £965 Little Cantly, 199.1p Bauchlaw, Banff; 501-550kg - £1015, 198p Ballindalloch Home Farm, Ballindalloch; 551-600kg - £1030, 185.6p Bauchlaw, Banff.

BLKS – 301-350kg – £800, 237.4p 20 High Street, Archiestown;351-400kg - £900 Auchinclech, 226.9p Braehead, Huntly; 401-450kg - £985, 226.4p Braehead, Bainshole; 451-500kg - £1005 Easter Newton, Lumphanan, 211p Weetyfoot, Grange; 501-550kg - £1110 Weetyfoot, Grange, 211.5p Easter Newton, Lumphanan; 551-600kg - £1200, 207.2p Upper Cook, Crudie.


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