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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

Thursday 8th November 2018

United Auctions sold 219 breeding, store and OTM cattle on Thursday 8th November 2018.  Store cattle and OTM cows met a selective trade for long keep sorts, reflecting in the high forecasted winterfeeding costs. Breeding cattle sold well to a keenly supported ringside.
HFRS – (89) sold to average 200.01p per kg selling to a top of 212.1p per kg for 422kg LimX from Horsebog, Grange. Top gross being £1050 for SHX’s from Rattray, Peterhead.
BLKS – (73) sold to average 205.02p per kg selling to a top of 221p per kg for a 405kg LimX from Stripeside, Benrnnes.  Top gross being £1230 for a SHX from Rattray, Peterhead.
Breeding Cattle – (21) sold to a top of £1380 for a Sim/Luing from Edingarioch, Premnay.
OTMS (36) sold to average 116.3p per kg selling to a top of £131.7p per kg for a 820kg from Corskie, Garmouth.  Top gross being £1120 again for a SimX from Corskie, Garmouth.
HFRS – 301-350kg – £680, 194.3p Ballintomb, Dulnain Bridge; 351-400kg - £805, 209.1p Hillhead of Stevensburn, New Deer; 401-450kg - £920 Home Farm Rattray, Peterhead, 212.1p Horsebog, Keith; 451-500kg - £1020 Home Farm Rattray, Peterhead, 211.3p Cardnach, Knockando; 501-550kg - £1050, 194.4p Home Farm Rattray, Peterhead.
BLKS - 301-350kgs – £650, 194p Finnygaud, Aberchirder; 351-400kg - £810 Cushlachie, GLenkindie, 215p Old Stirkoke, Wick; 401-500kg - £940 Ballintomb, Dulnain Bridge, 221p Stripeside, Benrinnes; 451-500kg - £1030 Finnygaud, Aberchirder, 215.2p Horsebog, Keith; 501-550kg - £1080, 208.1p Home Farm Rattray, Peterhead; 601-650kg - £1230, 193.7p Home Farm Rattray, Peterhead.
OTMS (36) SIM - £1110, 131.7p Corskie, Garmouth; SIMX - £1100, 127.4p Corskie, Garmouth;  BS - £1090, 122.5p Corskie, Garmouth; LIM - £1080 Stripeside, Aberlour, 128.9p Upper Tillathrowie, Gartly; AA - £950, 118.6p Ballintomb, Dulnain Bridge; BRB - £950, 118.8p Upper Tillathrowie, Gartly; SH - £830, 112.4p Upper Tillathrowie, Gartly;  CH - £780, 106.8p Glenrinnes Estate, Dufftown; SAL - £680, 105.6p Balnault, Crathie.

Wednesday 7th November 2018

United Auctions 7th November 2018 sold 1381 prime sheep.
New season lambs (681) sold to 176p per kg for 38kg Tex from Sibmister & Stainland, Thurso and to £84 for 60kg Tex from Cranna Bridge, Aberchirder.
Lambs were easier on the week for all classes.  Ewes also slightly less apart from the very best continental types.
NSL – Suf – £82 Roebank, 156p Mains of Paithnick; SufX - £80 Roebank, 164p Honeyneuk; Tex - £80 Netherton Cottage, 170p Honeyneuk; TexX - £78 18 Richmond Gardens, 168p Muirton; Cont - £81 North Calder/Gateside, 165p Hillhead of Mornish; Chev - £76.50 Gateside, 163p Sutherland & Sibmister; Mule - £75 Followsters, 157p Hillhead of Mornish/22 Cranna View; BF - £70 Rivestone, 154p Glenrinnes Estate; 
EWES – (700) Suf – £113 Bogs of Paithnick; SufX - £90 Allarburn/Cranna Bridge; Tex - £100 Everton of Auchry; TexX - £96 Allarburn; Cont - £120 Everton of Auchry; Chev - £90 Granton Mains; Mule - £70 Everton of Auchry; BF - £48 Clashnoir; Bel - £118 Everton of Auchry; BeltexX - £117 Everton of Auchry; Cross - £100 Everton of Auchry; CH/Mule - £95 Sibmister & Stainland; CharX - £101 West Cranloch.

Thursday 1st November 2018) 

United Auctions (Thursday 1st November 2018) sold 1509 store sheep

Store lambs (1509) sold to £70 for Suffolks from The Rectory, Cairness

A full company of buyers were present once again.  Strong types met a firm enquiry whereas leaner and long keep lambs proved harder to cash.
Store Lambs
Beltex - £64 Glenrinnes Estate
Blackface - £50 Gaich
CharollaisX - £67 Glenrinnes Estate
Cheviot - £65 New Barns
Continental - £65 Braehead 
Cross - £67 Aswanley
Mule - £62 Glenrinnes Estate
Suffolk - £67 2 Broynach, Glenrinnes Estate
Texel - £66.50 Aswanley
SuffolkX - £64x2 2 Broynach
TexX - £65.50 Aswanley

Saturday 27th October 2018

United Auctions (Saturday 27th October 2018) sold 926 Weaned and Suckled Calves at its principle Show and Sale of Spring Born Calves  sponsored by “John Wink Design” Judge for the day was Mr Steven Smith, Sunnyhill.  Champion on the day was awarded to a 365kg (575.3p per kg) LimX heifer from Loanhead, Logie Coldstone which realised for £2100 to the judge. Reserve Champion was awarded to a 370kg Red LimX from Loanhead, Logie Coldstone, which realised for £1500 (405.4p per kg) also to the judge. Champion pen of 4 bullocks CharXs from Broadland Farm, Cairnie scaling 323 kg selling at £860 (266.3 ppkg). Champion pen of 4 heifers also CharX from Raws, Dufftown scaling 382kg selling to £930 (243.4 ppkg)

Bullocks (513) sold to average 239.4p per kg selling to a top of 405.4 per kg £1500 for a 370kg LimX Loanhead, Logie Coldstone.

Heifers (413) sold to average 228.9p per kg selling to a top of 588.2 per kg from Fodderletter Farms, Tomintoul.  Top gross being £2100 for 365 kg LimX Loanhead Logie Coldstone.

BLKS: 251-300kg - £860 Raws, Dufftown, 289.3p Fodderletter Farms, Tomintoul; 301-350kg - £930 Lynemore, Strathdon, 276.9p Raws, Dufftown; 351-400kg - £1500, 405.4p Loanhead, Logie Coldstone; 401-450kg - £1080,266.7p Raws, Dufftown; 451-500kg - £1165,245.3p Whiteinches, Pitcaple; 501-550kg - £1100 Raws, Dufftown, 209.8p Upper Glasslaw, New Pitsligo; 551-600kg - £1210, 201.70p Townhead of Balmakelly, Marykirk.

HFRS: Up to 250kg - £660 Newseat, Strichen, 272.70p Towie Farm, New Aberdour; 251-300kg £1500, 588.20p Fodderlettter Farms, Tomintoul; 301-350kg - £1000, 294.10p Barnyards of Badenyoucher Cornhill; 351-400kg - £2100, 575.30p Loanhead, Logie Coldstone; 401-450kg - £1100, 258.8p Newton of Crathie, Ballater; 451-500kg - £1050, 212.10p Whiteinches, Pitcaple

Saturday 29th September 2018

United Auctions (Saturday 29th September 2018) sold a catalogued entry of 524 rams and ram lambs at their annual show & sale

Judging proceedings today were in the hands of Miss Amy Reid, Overhill.  Quality was oozing in every class and in particular the Texel classes.  After much deliberation the champion ticket was awarded to the Suffolk lamb from regular consignors Stuart, Milltown of Birness, selling at £420.  Reserve overall was found among an extremely strong Blueface Leicester class owned by Mr R McNee, Over Finlarg and realised £1100.  A packed ringside was present once again.  Purchases were a little more selective this year with top lots exceeding vendors expectations and the £1000 per head barrier was exceeded on no fewer than 16 occasions.
Prize List
Suffolk Shearling
1st Milne, Kennieshillock £550
2nd Wilson Barnyards £700
3rd Milne Kennieshillock £500
Suffolk lamb
1st Stuart Milltown of Birness £420
2nd Young & Noble, Bareflathills £600
3rd Stuart Milltown of Birness £480
Texel Shearling
1st Gill, Rinatin £1100
2nd Brown, Hilton of Culsh £1400
3rd Davies Hillhead of Cannahars £400
Texel Lambs
1st Wilson, North Dorlaithers £500
2nd Innes Dunscroft £400
3rd Leggat Cairnton £1000
Blueface Leciester Shearling
1st McNee Over Finlarg £1100
2nd Fotheringham Westhall £600
3rd Low West Mains

Non MV Shearling
1st Robertson Conval Street £600
2nd Taylor Middle Weachyburn £520
3rd MacKay Biggins £420


Thursday 27th September 2018

United Auctions (Thursday 27th September 2018) sold 680 weaned calves, store and OTM cattle at its Show and Sale kindly sponsored by A M Phillips and ably judged by GS Smeaton, Cotton of Overstone, Forfar.  Quality stronger types met a firm demand while small long keep cattle proved harder to cash.
Champion and winner of the Harold Murray Trophy was a 470kg CharX bullock from WJ&M Hunter, West Cairnhill, Culsalmond which sold at £1200 (255.3p per kg) to the Judge.  Reserve Champion was from JK Hunter, Wedderburn, Huntly a 420kg LimX selling at £1045 (248.8p per kg) to W Cameron.
Champion pens of 4 both went to McGillvary, Auchnascraw, Glenlivet.  4 bullocks 541kg @ £1260 (233p per kg) to the Judge and 4 heifers were 527kg @ £1170 (222.1p per kg) to P McKilligan, Mahon.
OTMS (7) sold to average 132.8p per kg selling to 153.8p per kg from Milton Farm, Glenbuchat on to £1170 from Ballintomb Farms, Grantown on Spey.
BLKS (392) sold to average 215.1p per kg (down 8.4p per kg on the year) selling to 273.8p per kg for LimX from Deershill, Cuminestown and to £1390 for Char’s from Hilton of Culsh, New Deer.
HFRS (281) sold to average 204.6per kg (down 8.9p per kg on the year) selling to a top of 237.2p per kg for LimX’s from Loanhead, Logie Coldstone and to £1255 for CharX’s from Auchnascraw, Glenlivet.
BLKS - 301-350kgs – £890, 273.8p Deershill, Cunimestown; 351-400kg - £990, 250.6p Bush Farm, Aberlour; 401-450kg - £1070 Haddoch Farm, Rothiemay, 248.8p Wedderburn, Huntly; 451-500kg - £1200, 255.3p West Cairnhill, Culsalmond; 501-550kg - £1260, 239p Auchnascraw, Glenlivet; 551-600kg - £1300 Keithmore, Dufftown, 224.6p Greenhill, Alford; 601-650kg - £1390 Hilton of Culsh, New Deer, 225.6p Auchnascraw, Glenlivet.
HFRS – 301-350kg - £720, 205.7p West Cairnhill, Culsalmond; 351-400kg - £895, 229.5p 122 Main Street, Aberchirder; 401-450kg - £1035, 237.2p Loanhead, Logie Coldstone; 451-500kg - £1110 Auchnascraw, 231.1p Leschangie Lodge, Kemnay; 501-550kg - £1185 Auchnascraw, Glenlivet, 227.7p Hilton of Culsh, New Deer; 551-600kg - £1255, 216.4p Auchnascraw, Glenlivet


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