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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

Saturday 12 October 2019

United Auctions (Saturday 12 October 2019) sold 301 head of cattle at the dispersal sale on behalf of A&W Davidson, Main of Colliethie a packed ringside saw trade peak at £3500 for a BBX Cow with a LimX black calf at foot and a LimX cow with a Baz heifer calf at foot.
Cow with heifer calves at foot £2650, £2600 And £2400 Mains of Colliethie 
Cow with bull calf at foot £2700, £2500 Mains of Colliethie
In Calf Heifers SimX - £1650 and £1640 Headrooms, Lonmay; BaxX £1420 Mains of Colliethie; LimX £1380; Heifer £1000, £980, £940 Mains of Colliethie

Wednesday 9 October 2019

United Auctions (Wednesday 9 September 2019) sold 2694 prime sheep.
New season lambs (1786) sold to 164p per kg for 46kg Beltex from 18 Richmond Gardens, Rhynie and to £83 Tex for 56kg Cont from Mains of Tillymorgan, Culsalmond.
A larger show of lambs forward saw trade similar to that of last week.  Ewes met a firm enquiry and were sharper on the week.
NSL – Suf – £80 Greenstyle/Little Forgue/Kirkfield, 156p Belnoe; SufX - £80 The Bungalow/Easter Calcotts, 155p Greenstyle/Mains of Tillymorgan; Tex - £80.50, 164p Birchlea; TexX - £80 Craigiebrae/Hilton of Culsh, 160p Hamewith/Hillhead; Cont - £81 Raws, 161p Hatton Cottage/103 Moss Street; Chev - £80 Little Forgue, 150p 52 Conval Street; Mule - £75 Raws, 151p West Derrybeg; BF - £68.50 52 Conval Street, 148p Bomakelloch; Bel - £80, 164p 18 Richmond Gardens; Char - £80 Bridges, 155p Auchenbreddie; CharX - £81.50 Brae Edge, 160p Craigieview;
EWES (908) – Suf – £90 Kennieshillock/Logie Durno; SufX - £115 Logie Durno; Tex - £122 Brae Edge; TexX - £130 Hilton of Culsh/Logie Durno; Cont - £120 Logie Durno; Chev - £86 Achscrabster; Mule - £70 18 Richmond Gardens; BF - £51 Clashnoir; Cross - £100 Garline/Logie Durno; CHM - £97 Logie Durno; Bel - £119 Logie Durno; Logie - £100 Logie Durno; Char - £133 Logie Durno; CharX - £13 Logie Durno; RAMS – Suf - £91 Little Forgue; Tex - £100 Tombreck; Chev - £95 Kintradwell Est

Thursday 3 October 2019

United Auctions Huntly 3rd October 2019 sold 1848 store lambs and breeding sheep 
Store lambs (1501) sold to £66 for Tex from Ganslet, Thrumster
Ewe Lambs (122) sold to £71 for Mules from Gaich, Grantown on Spey
Gimmers (105) sold to £130 for Mules from Kirkland, Forgue
Ewes (120) sold to £95 for Tex from Whitehill, Cairnie
A smaller show of breeding sheep sold to a full ringside of buyers and sold away at comparable rates.  A full company of store lambs were present, all classes showed an increase in values on the fortnight.
Blackface £50.50 Auchnerran
Char £60 Ganslet
Chev £60 Ganslet
Cont £62 Rinnachat
Mule £54 Gaich
Suff £61 Blairindinnie
Tex £61 Lynebain
TexX £60.50 Lynebain

Saturday 28 September 2019

United Auctions (Saturday 28 September 2019) sold a catalogued entry of 500 Rams and Ram Lambs at their Annual Show & Sale. 

A fantastic entry of rams was forward for the pre sale show once again.  Judging duties this year were in the hands of TV celebrity Melissa Irvine, Braehead.  Every class forward held tremendous quality throughout and after an unenviable task our judge TAPPED OUT THE Champion to the texel shearling belonging to Harvey Stuart, Belnoe,  Melissa then awarded the Reserve overall ticket to another young consignor Jordon Green, Drumburn.  A packed ringside provided an electric trade all the way through the day and the £1000 barrier was smashed on no fewer than 20 occasions.

Prize List:

Suffolk Shearling
1st Shepherd Stoneyford £900
2nd Wilson Barnyards £500
3rd Young & Noble Bareflathills £600

Suffolk lamb
1st Wilson Bogs of Paithnick £300
2nd Young & Noble Bareflathills £420
3rd Young & Noble Bareflathills £420

Texel Shearling
1st Stuart Belnoe £1000
2nd Innes Dunscroft £700
3rd Stuart Belnoe £1000

Texel Lamb
1st Green Drumburn £480
2nd Bradley Tillyminate £600
3rd Wilson North Dorlaithers £420

Blueface Leicester Shearling
1st Fotheringham Westhall £1400
2nd Neill Broadleys £1000
3rd Seed Home Farm £500

leading flock averages

Thursday 26 September 2019

United Auctions (Thursday 26 September 2019) sold 550 store/weaned calves & OTM cattle at the show & sale of top draw weaned calves kindly sponsored by Ollie ATV and A&L Harper Fabrication. 
Calves forward were of a high quality and although the decrease in pence per kilo on the corresponding sale last year, most cattle weighed in heavier resulting in a satisfying trade considering present circumstances within the beef sector.
Champion of the day as selected by the judge Mr William Cameron, Burnside of Edingight was 510kg CharX heifer from Auchnascraw, Glenlivet.  Selling for £1160 to the judge.  Reserve champion was a 415kg LimX heifer from Loanhead, Logie Coldstone.  Realising £940 again to the judge.
HFRS (222) sold to average 189.5p per kg selling to a top 232p per kg for 510kg Char from Auchnascraw.  Top gross being £1160 for the same animal.  

BLKS (312) sold to average 200.6p per kg.  Selling to a top of 238.2p per kg for a 445kg LimX from 
Loanhead, Logie Coldstone.  Top gross being £1190 for a 625kg LimX from Hilton of Cush, New Deer. 

OTMS (16) sold to a top of 144.7p per kg for a 750kg LimX from Cobbleheugh, Dinnet. Top gross being £1250 for a Sim from Delfur, Rothes.

HFRS – Up to 250kg - £420, 178.7p Lynemore, Grantown on Spey; 301-350kg - £740, 211.4p Wedderburn, Huntly; 351-400kg - £775 Boghead, Dufftown, 201.7p Loanhead, Logie Coldstone; 401-450kg - £940, 227.2p Loanhead, Logie Coldstone; 451-500kg - £1160, 232p Auchnascraw, Glenlivet; 501-550kg - £1050, 198.9p Auchnascraw, Glenlivet; 551-600kg - £1160, 202.4p Auchnascraw, Glenlivet

BLKS - £510, 210.3p Lynemore, Grantown on Spey; 301-350kg - £740, 211.4p Stripeside, Benrinnes; 351-400kg - £860, 219.4p Cobbleheugh, Dinnet; 401-450kg - £1060, 238.2p Loanhead, Logie Coldstone; 451-500kg - £1100 Wedderburn, 224.5p Auchnascraw, Glenlivet; 501-550kg - £1095, Auchnascraw, Glenlivet, 210.7p Hilton of Culsh, New Deer; 551-600kg - £1150 Hilton of Culsh, New Deer, 203.4p Auchnascraw, Glenlivet601-650kg - £1190, 190.4p Hilton of Culsh, New Deer. 

Thursday 19 September 2019

United Auctions (Thursday 19 September 2019) sold 3395 breeding and store sheep.

A packed ringside of buyers was present for all classes of sheep today. All classes sold at a grand trade. Store lamb purchasers however were very selective today and trade would be easier on the fortnight.

Top Prices 
Store lambs (1456) sold to £69 for Suf from Ardlewie, Cabrach
Ewe Lambs (608) sold to £102 for Tex from Woodside Croft, Inverness
Gimmers (427) sold to £160 for BF from Ashburn, Brechin
Ewes (904) sold to £112 Mules from Towiemore, Keith and £112 Tex from Luchairt, Gamrie.

Correct BF Ewe £75, £74 Harestone, £70 Glenrinnes Est
Chv/Mule £98 Harestone
Tex £112 Luchairt
Suff £95 Towiemore
HB £95 Towiemore
Mule  £112 Towiemore, £108 Luchairt, £102 Harestone
Tex BMCB £85 Inchgreen, £76 Auchnarrow
Mule BMCB £76 Inchgreen, £70 Auchnarrow

Ewe Lambs
BF - £70 Marchmar
Char - £92 Auchnarrow
Chev - £82 Tombreck
Cont - £91 Harestone
Bltx - £101 Auchnarrow
Mule  - £80 Bomakelloch
Suf - £98 Auchnarrow
Txl - £100 Loanend
Ch/M - £92 Harestone £82 Tombreck

Store Lambs 
Suff - £57.50 Greenland Mains
Cont - £57 x 2 Greenland Mains
Beltex - £58 Lythebrae
Tex - £60 29 Claddich
Char - £59 3 Houghgarry
Chev - £58 Tillylodge
Mule - £54.50 Aldunie
BF - £43 3 Houghgarry
Ch/m - £59 Tillylodge/Gaich
Cross – £55 Greenland Mains/North Calder
ContX - £61.50 Gaich

Breeding Sheep
BF - £160 Ashburn/£142 Ballindalloch HF, £120 Marchmar/£115 Corshelloch
Chev/Mule - £112 Rennieshill
Mule - £118 Rennieshill
Tex - £142 Woodside Croft
TexelX - £132 Woodside Croft

Thursday 12 September 2019

United Auctions (Thursday 12 September 2019) held its fortnightly sale of store cattle and OTMs.  

Heifers sold to a top of 184.4p per kg for a 320kg SHX.  Top gross being £710 for a SHX both being consigned by South Whitehall, Strichen.  Bullocks sold to a top of 190.2p per kg for 447kg SHX .  Top gross being £850 for 447kg SHX’s both being consigned by Hillhead of Denend, Strichen.  OTMS sold to a top of £1190 for a 925kg SimX .  Topping at 132.9p per kg for 820kg Sim from Corskie.


Saturday 7 September 2019

United Auctions (Saturday 7 September 2019) sold 4032 sheep at their Annual Show & Sale of Breeding Sheep sponsored by Iain MacEachen Transport. Judging proceedings amongst the gimmers today lay in the capable hands of Mr Grant Dinnie, Bridgton.  No fewer than 22 pens were put in front of todays judges and after much deliberation he awarded the champion ticket to regular consignors EM Smith & Sons, Towiemore, Keith.
On the other side of the market was a hotly contested ewe lamb show, where Mr David Johnstone of Ballindalloch Home Farm had the unenviable task of placing the pens of 20.  In the mule section the champion ticket was awarded to Mr Chris Millican, Newton of Hassiewells.  Just as strong a class awaited the judge in the cheviot mule section and for the second year running the champion ticket went to Messrs Barclay, Harestone. 
Overall all classes of mule gimmers met a satisfactory trade, however despite a packed ringside of buyers from all over the North of Scotland they were more hesitant than in recent years.  The cheviot mule and continental gimmers however met a buoyant trade and many more could have easily been sold.  Both mule and cheviot mule ewe lambs met a firm enquiry with averages for both breeds being up on the year and all in the ewe lambs averaged just over £100 per head.

Mule Gimmers (1303) averaged £126.26 (-£7.36 on the year)
Tex Gimmers (282) averaged £150.06 (+£12.87 on the year)
Suff Gimmers (106) averaged £142.19 (+£3.34) 
Chev Mule (201) averaged £139.10 (-£3.58)

Price List
1st Smith Towiemore £152
2nd Wink 4 Richmond Terrace £138
3rd Dunphail Estate £130

Principal Prices:
Mule: £145 Towiemore, £142 Cairncoullie, Logie, £140 Towiemore, £138 Cairncoullie, Altyre Cottage, Logie, 4 Richmond Terrace, £135 Towiemore, Cairncoullie, £132 Ballindalloch, Home Farm, Stonekiln, 4 Richmond Terrace, Meikle Folla x 2, Wardhead.
Tes - £165x3 Coxton, Rinaitin, £160 4 Stewart Lane, £155 4 Richmond Terrace, Croftdhu, £150 Meikle Begshill.
Suff - £160 South Balrachie, £145 St Johns Wells, £140 Croftdhu.
CH/Mule - £165 St Johns Wells, £160 4 Richnmond Terrace, £155 TOwiemore£140 Hatton Cottage, Tombreck, £138 Rivestone, £1356 3 Haddoch Cottage

Mule Ewe Lambs
1st Millican, Newton of Hassiewells £116
2nd Ruthven Farms £110
3rd Gaich £103

Cheviot Mule
1st Barclay Harestone £146
2nd Forbes Dalrachie £136
3rd Bradley Tillyminate £118

Mule Ewe Lambs (866) averaged £97.39 (+£0.77)
£116 Bomakelloch, £114 Raws, £112 Bomakelloch, £110 Ruthven, £106 Bomakelloch, £104 Ruthven
Cheviot Mule ewe lambs (518) averaged £110.10 (+£6.35) £125 Harestone, £118 Tillyminate, £115 Harestone, £114 Bogside, Dalrachie, Harestone, £112 Gaich, Tillyminate

Tex £104 Harestone, £102 Connage
Suff £106 Dalrachie

Breeding Ewes 
Mules BMCB £72 x 2 Auchnarrow
TexBMCB £75 Auchnarrow
Cont Correct £90x2 Overhill


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