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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

Thursday 16 January 2020

United Auctions (Thursday 16 January 2020) sold 122 cattle.
BLKS (62) sold to average 221.9p per kg selling to 253.2p per kg for LimX’s from Bainshole, Huntly and to £1240 for LimX from Parrock, Rothiemay.
HFRS (40) sold to an average 212.7p per kg selling to 239.7p per kg for LimX’s from Bainshole, Huntly and to £1115 also from Bainshole.
OTMS (25) sold to an average of 118.3p per kg selling to 135.9p per kg or £1230 for a LimX cow from Bainshole, Huntly.
HFRS – 301-350kg – £740, 230.5p Bainshole, Huntly; 351-400kg - £935, 239.7 Bainshole, Huntly; 401-450kg - £990 Bainshole, Huntly, 236.7p Cluseburn, Inverbervie; 451-500kg - £1090, 220.2p Weetyfoot, Grange; 501-550kg - £1115, 212.4p Bainshole, Huntly.
BLKS – 251-300kg - £670, 239.3p Broadland, Cairnie; 351-400kg - £955, 246.6p Bainshole, Huntly; 401-450kg - £995 Easter Newton, Lumphanan, 242p Cluseburn, Inverbervie; 451-500kg - £1035, 215.6p Bainshole, Huntly; 501-550kg - £1085, 216.1p Bainshole, Huntly; 551-600kg - £1130, 193.2p Weetyfoot, Grange.
OTMS – Sim - £1190, 128.6p Upper Blairnain, Aberlour; LimX - £1130 Parrock, Rothiemay, 132.5p Waterton, Insch; SimX - £1090, 125.3p Bainshole, Huntly; ShortX - £1090, 129p Bainshole, Huntly; AA - £990, 130.3p Waterton, Insch; BULLS - £1240 Claymires, Rothiemay

Wednesday 15 January 2020

United Auctions (Wednesday 15 January 2020) sold 2799 prime sheep.

Old season lambs (1481) averaged 207.1p selling to 249p per kg for 43kg Beltex from Craighall, Cairnie and to £114 for 51kg Beltex from Craighall, Cairnie.
Ewes sold to a top of £185 on two separate occasions for Texel’s from Mid Haddo, Fyvie and Clinterty, New Aberdour.

Hoggs sold away to the dearest trade of the season thus far. Well fleshed sorts were at a premium and were keenly bid for throughout. Heavies in particular were a lot dearer on the week. Another tremendous show of ewes greeted the usual full ringside of buyers. Best pure ewes met an animated trade, regularly passing the £150 mark and many more could easily have been sold. Plenty of continental ewes crossed the £100 barrier and mule and export types were comparable on the week.

NSL – Suf – £109 Porterstown, The Mains 220p; SufX - £106 North Burreldales/Whitefolds, 211p Bruan Park; Tex - £112 Craig, 226p Speylea; TexX - £110 Sibmister/Logie Durno, 223p Craighall; Cont - £109 Woodbank, 222p Craighall; Chev - £104 52 Conval Street, 220p Dunveaden; Mule - £101.50 Brae-edge, 219p Gaich; BF - £109 52 Conval Street, 210p Gaich; Bel - £107 Craighall, 236p Lythebrae;ChM - £100 Dalrachie, 217p 120 Newlands/Dunveaden; Char - £109 Craig, 220p The Mains; CharX - £113 Craig, 216p Auchentumb; Llyn - £103 Balgreen, 223p The Mains.

EWES (1318) – Suf - £144 Lynegar; SufX - £138 Newton of Balquhain; Tex - £180 Porterstown/Mid Haddo; TexX - £170 Stripesdie/Clinterty; Cont - £163 Lynegar; Chev - £133 Lynegar; Mule - £104 The Bungalow; GF - £101 Little Millbrex;  BF - £71 Morayscairn; Cross - £160 Mid Haddo; HillChev - £96 Parrock; CHM - £127 Sibmister HB - £145 Sibmister; Bel - £150 Lythebrae; Lleyn £120 Balgreen; BFL - £108 Kennieshillock; Char - £162 Tordale; CharX - £160 Tordale; Berrichon - £140 Sauchentree; TexX - £155 Bridges; ContX - £150 Stripesdie/Hatton Cott/Dunscroft. 

RAMS – Bel - £120 East Cruichie; Cont - £120 Auchnarrow; NCC Chev - £98 Tacher; Char - £120 Balgreen; Chev - £93 120 Newlands; Tex - £130 Balgreen.

Monday 13 January 2020

United Auctions (Monday 13 January 2020) held its inaugural “Huntly Hotties” sale of pedigree in lamb female sheep 
A catalogued entry of 39 awaited a mammoth crowd where even standing room was at a premium.  A grand trade awaited the vendors and many intended purchasers went home empty handed. Topping the sale was Mr D Alexander, Millside, Ayrshire.  His pen of Blue Texel’s oozed quality throughout and sold to a top of 1100gns on two separate occasions. Firstly, for a gimmer scanned for twins, then for an outstanding gimmer carrying triplets.  Mr Alexander's pen of 6 gimmers sold to a phenomenal average of just short of 1000gns.  Topping the Texel’s was renowned breeder Mr R Wilson, North Dorlaithers, Turriff.  His pen of 15 gimmers sold to a top of 900gns for a Greenstar Alfie daughter carrying twins.  Mr B Mair of the Aviemore flock led the Beltex trade, topping at 950gns for a member of the summer show team, which was scanned carrying a single.

Barclay, Harestone 650gns, 500gns, 480gns
Knox, Haddo 580gns, 380gns 
Wilson, North Dorlaithers 650gns, 600gns,450gns

Blue Texel
Alexander, Millside 1000gns, 980gns, 900gns x 2

Mair, Aviemore 820gns, 700gns, 600gns
Williams, Tullochbeg 550gns, 520gns

Millennium Bleu
Mair, Aviemore 550gns, 450gns


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