Stirling Agricultural Centre,
Stirling, FK9 4RN
Telephone: 01786 473055

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Livestock For Sale Privately

Cattle - For Sale Privately

Prime cattle of all classes required on a daily basis - Contact Us


3 Charolais bulls - 17/18 months old. Bred for easy calving
Contact George Purves  07740 877699

10 top quality Shorthorn Cross Highland in calf heifers. Due April/May to AA bull
Health status: Member of SAC premium cattle health scheme; Herd testing BVD; Herd testing IBR; Johnes Risk Status Level 2 
Contact Raymond Kennedy 07545 207927

4 year old black Limousin bull 
40 Simmental Cross heifers due 1 March onwards to Limousin or Aberdeen-Angus bull
Contact Donald Young 07921 210492

1 Holstein Cross Friesian bull from well bred dairy herd. 14 months old, fit to work
Contact Andrew Weir 07384 514363

10 Limousin Cross Shorthorn heifers 13/14 months all out wintered
1 Charolais bull, 5 1/2 yo, Irish bred
Contact Murray Steel 07525 747439

1 Hereford Cross Simmental bull 4 yo
20 AAX bulling heifers. 12 months old. All out Blue Grey cows. Well grown. Good health status
20 Salers heifers ready to bull 18/20 months old. Excellent quality
Contact Ross Fotheringham 07387 090081

1 Simmental bull 2 years old
20 Simmental bulling heifers 2 years old
9 Salers Cross bulling heifers 2 years old
Contact Luke Holmes 07813 982063

4 Simmental Cross Limousin bulling heifers, 18 months old
1 Simmental bull 23 months old, well grown not halter broken
4 Limousin Cross bulling heifers. Bred out of BBX dairy cows. 20-22 months old (2 black, 2 blue) ready to bull. BVD and Lepto vac
ShorthornX Highland bulling heifers. High Health 
Contact David Brown 07768 152628

2 Limousin bulls, 23 months old
16 Limousin Cross heifers and 13 Limousin Cross bulls 5 to 7 months. Out of dairy cows
23 Aberdeen-Angus and Limousin Cross heifers with Limousin calves at foot. Calves 2 weeks old
7 fresh calved Holstein/Friesian heifers
10 Holstein/Friesian in calf heifers due July 
18 yearling Holstein/Friesian yearling heifers
22 Holstein/Friesian bulling heifers 18 months 
5 Holstein/Friesian heifer calves 6 weeks  
Contact Derek Anderson 07887 585321 


Sheep - For Sale Privately

Prime sheep of all classes required deadweight on a daily basis - Contact Us


Regular aged Suffolk Cross, HB and Texel Cross ewes with Suffolk and Texel lambs at foot. Lambs are 2 weeks old and some still lambing
Contact Luke Holmes 07813 982063


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