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Stirling, FK9 4RN
Telephone: 01786 473055

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Livestock For Sale Privately

Cattle - For Sale Privately

Prime cattle of all classes required on a daily basis - Contact Us


35 stock LimX & BBX heifers & young cows with August born Lim/Char calves at foot - BVD & Lepto vac
The above is a rare opportunity to purchase genuine stock from one of our top suckled calf sellers

15 pedigree AA cows with spring born AA calves at foot, running with AA bull also 4 maiden heifers
9 British Blue Cross cows, 2nd calvers with May born Shorthorn Cross calves at foot, running with Shorthorn bull
1 Limousin bull 5 years old
1 Charolais bull 3 years old 
1 Simmental bull 30 months old
Contact: David Brown - 07768 152628

1 Shorthorn bull 2 years old
1 Simmental bull 2 years old

Contact: George Purves - 07740 877699

1 Simmental bull 7 years old
35 quality beef bred Simmental and Angus bulling heifers. 15/16 months old
6 SimX / SalersX heifers in calf to Limousin due October
12 Sim Luing heifers in calf to Limousin due November
22 Simmental Cross cows with Charolais calves at foot, sold running with bull

Contact:  Ross Fotheringham - 07387 090081

25 Shorthorn heifers with Shorthorn calves. All May born running with Simmental bull
1 Shorthorn bull 4 years old
1 Salers bull 21 months old
10 black Limousin Cross heifers and calves, outwinterd hardy types
10 Shorthorn Cross Highland bulling heifers

Contact: Derek Anderson - 07887 585321 


Sheep - For Sale Privately

Prime sheep of all classes required deadweight on a daily basis - Contact Us


For Sale at Stirling on 1 October
500 Hill Sheep Stock 
Hisha accredited. Tick acclimatised. Last 3 years lambing average over 128%. High bred vigour believed to be the reason for lambing percentage. BF - Swaledale - Highland - and now Cheviot. Gimmers - 1 crop and 2 crop being mainly Cheviot Crosses.
Contact Peter Wood 07799 644905

250 Romney Cross Texel gimmers 
10 quality pedigree Texel gimmers

Contact Richard Close 07769 644690 

250 stock Mule ewes (regular ages) 

Contact Ross Fotheringham 07387 090081

100 pure Lleyn ewe lambs (non MV acc)
300 Suffolk Cross ewe lambs (ex Mule)
80 organic Texel Cross gimmers
85 Mule gimmers (in conversion)
200 Cheviot gimmers 
300 Blackface gimmers
400 Lairg hill type Cheviot ewe lambs. Well bred. Can be split to suit
500 Mule ewes 1/2/3 crop (bar,  60 4 crop)
Good quality strong ewes. Available early August

Contact: George Purves - 07740 877699


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