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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Thursday 18th December 2014) sold 6955 Prime Sheep including 4860 lambs selling to an average of 175.8p/kg and 2095 ewes and rams. 

Judge Jamie Scott, Paisley awarded Champion Pen to 10 BTex lambs from Simpson, Berrydyke selling at £100 to the judge. Reserve again to Berrydyke for another pen of BTex lambs selling at £95 again to J Scott, Paisley.

Lambs (4860) – Coilavoulin (BTexX) £116.00; South Flanders (TexX) £94.00; Netherton (Char) £90.00; South Flanders (SuffX) £89.00; Monzie (Chev) £85.00; Sauchrie Mains (Mule) £78.50; Viewmount (BF) £77.00. 

Lambs (4860) –Coilavoulin (BTex) 263p; Bogengarrie (Tex) 213p; Easter Craigduckie (Char) 195p; Penston (SuffX) 192p; Monzie (Chev) 183p; St Mungoes (BF) 182p; Lilyburn (Mule) 172p.

Ewes (2060) –Southfield (Suff) £121.50; West Lethans (Tex) £127.50; Brennanlea (BFL) £104.50; West Lundie (BTex) £102.50; Formal (X) £99.50; Southfield (Char) £95.50; Balmonth (HB) £94.50; Penston (Chev) £92.50; Meadowbank (Mule) £91.50; West Lethans (lleyn) £91.50; Killochries (BF) £80.00.

Rams (35)- Southfield (Char) £129.50; Merryhill (Suff) £110.50; Ballochraggan (Tex) £105.00; Brennanlea (BF) £88.50.


United Auctions (Wednesday 17th December 2014) sold 207 store cattle and young bulls and 109 cast cows and forward cattle also forward 1216 store lambs.

Bullocks (103) - averaged 225.07p (-1.10p) to 250.00p per kg for a 436kg LimX from Wester Balgedie and £1390 for a 718kg AAX from Wester Coldrain.

B & W Bullocks (17) – averaged 163.24p (p) to 170.20p per kg for a 517kg HFX from Bourtreebush and £910 for a 549kg BFX from Borone. 

Heifers (104) – averaged 225.01p (+9.24p) to 267.00p per kg for a 206kg BSX from Drygate and £1250 for a 624kg LimX from Wester Coldrain. 

Cast Cows (98)– averaged 116.69p to 170.10p per kg for a BRBX from Whitrighill and £1290 for a LimX from Whitrighill. 

Forward Cattle (11) – averaged 195.92p to 210.90p per kg for a BAX from Smeaton shaw and £1610 for a SimX from Whitrighill. 

Bullocks; Up to 250kgs- Broom £460, 215.00p 251-300kgs- Hardridge £610, 203.30p 301-350kgs- Drygate £810, Bogleys 241.30p 351-400kgs- Overton £900, 244.60p 401-450kgs- Springfield £1090, 250.00p 451-500kgs- Bourtreebush £1090, Bougang 234.40p 501-550kgs- Springfield £1230, 225.30p 551-600kgs- Wester Coldrain £1180, Bourtreebush 203.50p 700kgs+- Wester Coldrain £1390, 193.60p.

Heifers; Up to 250kgs- Drygate £650, 267.00p 251-300kgs- Bogleys £680, 254.70p 301-350kg- Drygate £700, 210.80p 351-400kgs- Dyke £900, 232.50p 401-450kgs- Springfield £985, Overton 221.40p 451-500kgs- Overton £1110, Springfield 227.70p 501-550kgs-Springfield £1130, 224.70p 551-600kgs- Wester Coldrain £1210, 208.60p 601-650kgs –Wester Coldrain £1250, 200.30p.

OTM Cows –Monzie (BRB) £1250, Whitrighill 170.10p; Whitrighill (Lim) £1290, 160.60p; Hexpath (BS) £1170, 145.90p; Meikle Camoquill (Mo) £1110, 148.00p; Ballinloan (Lui) £1090, 160.30p; Dalfask (Sim) £1030, 135.20; Whitrighill (BA) £1030, 138.40p.

OTM Bulls- Greenrig (Lim) £1270, 118.50p; Stuck (BS) £1090, 106.20p

UA Stirling also had forward 1216 store lambs.

Leading Prices; Milkieston (Chev) £76.00; Crofthead (SuffX) £69.50; Crofthead (Tex) £67.50; Craighead (Mule) £64.00; Glenprosen (BF) £61.50.

Breeding ewes; Alcan (BF) £49.00.


United Auctions (Thursday 11th December 2014) sold 6268 Prime Sheep including 4626 lambs selling to an average of 181p/kg and 1622 ewes and rams. Including 440 show Blackface lambs judged by Mr A Argo who awarded champion pen to M/s Braes, Burnshot realising £90 to the judge reserve pen went to Remony realising £86 again selling to the judge. 

Lambs (4646) – Harviesmailing (TexX) £100.00; Isle Cottage (SuffX) £93.00; Doune Farms (BTex) £91.00; Laigh Alticane (HB) £86.00; Ormiston Mains (Chev) £84.00; Snawdon (Mule) £84.00. 

Lambs (4646) –West Quarter (Tex) 233p; Doune Farms (Btex) 207p; Old Cambus (Suff) 200p; Easter Harprew (Mules) 181p; Ormiston Mains (Chev) 179p; Laigh Alticane (HB) 167p.

Ewes (1612) –Newton Of Collessie (Suff) £110.00; Whitehouse (Tex) £113.50; Coulshill (Chev) £99.50; Noble House (Char) £98.50; Shearerston (X) £95.50; Blegbie (HB) £91.50; South Falnders (Mule) £88.50; Coulshill (BFL) £83.50; Markethill (BF) £80.50.

Rams (10)- Shearerston (Tex) £118.50; Wester Ballochearn  (Char) £112.50; Wester Ballochearn (X) £105.50; Markethill (BF) £77.50. 


United Auctions (Saturday 15 November 2014) had a catalogued entry of 290 Suffolk and 22 Zwartbles females at their annual sale.    

The sale was topped at 6000gns for a Cairness Diamond Geezer gimmer in lamb to Mountford Mustang purchased by Oliver Deane.  Cairness also sold at 4500gns for a Cairness Diamond Jubilee gimmer in lamb to Ballygarvan stud Flashdance, with further three selling at 2200gns and another at 2000gns.

Deveronside’s consignment peaked at 5000gns for a Rhaeder Roger Ram Jet gimmer selling to Rachel Wilson, Turriff. Further sales at 3200gns for another Roger Ram Jet daughter bought by Craig Paterson, Cranna Bridge and 3000gns to Ross Lawrence, Devon.

W H Sinnett & Sons, Stockton sold his consignment of ewe lambs to peak at 4000gns to G Troup, Whitestone.  G Stuart & Sons, Birness selling for the first time sold to a top of 1100gns to J Nisbet, Sorn Mains.  G Christie, Balqhain topped at 950gns to Sarah Finnie.   John Christie, West Carse annual consignment sold to 800gns.

A feature of the sale were the dispersals from W Lennox, Netherholm and R Neill, Rossiebank.  Netherholm ewes sold to 450gns for ewes and for gimmers with ewe lambs to 280gns.  A cracking flock of Suffolks from Rossiebank were well received with enthusiastic bidding throughout with ewes, gimmers and ewe lambs all peaking at 1100gns.

A very good entry of Zwartbles were easily selling to 400gns and 350gns for gimmers from A J Thorburn, Holmlea. 

Click here for top prices and averages 


United Auctions (Monday 03/11/2014) sold 1617 suckled calves at their annual show and sale and 2822 breeding sheep. 

Bullocks (1049) averaged 263.3p (-1.3p on the year) to 323.4 per kg for a pen of 201kg LimX from Mains of Struie and £1100 for a 394kg CharX from West Quarter. 

Heifers (568) averaged 255.1p (+3.44p on the year) to 620p per kg for a 250kg LimX from Cloquhat Farms and £1550 for a 250kg LimX from Cloquhat Farms.   

Leading prices per head and per kg:

Up to 250kg – Dunruchan £760, Mains of Struie 232.4p; 251-300kgs Tom of Cluny £880; Kynachan 305.1p; 301-350kgs Cloquhat Farms £980, 308.2p; 351-400kgs West Quarter £1100, 279.2p; 401-450kgs West Quarter £1090, Cameron 253.3p

Up to 250kg – Cloquhat Farms £1550, 620p; 251-300kg – Montquhanie Farms £850, Kynachan 305.1p; 301-350kgs – Glenkilrie £1380, 457.1p; 351-400kgs – West Quarter £1010, 280.6p; 401-450kgs – West Quarter £1070, 241p

Prize list judged by Duncan Henderson, Whitehouse Farm

Single Bullock Calf
1st G McGibbon, West Quarter £1100, 394kgs
2nd  G McGibbon, West Quarter £1000, 390kgs

Single Heifer Calf
1st Glenkilrie Partnership £1380, 302kgs
2nd G McGibbon, West Quarter £1010, 360kgs

Pen of 8 Bullock Calves
1st Glenkilrie Partnership £980, 331kgs
2nd Glenkilrie Partnership £840, 300kgs

Champion: Glenkilrie Partnership £1380, 302kgs
Reserve; G McGibbon, West Quarter £1100, 394kgs

United Auctions had forward 2822 breeding sheep at the annual second sale of Blackface and Cheviot gimmers, regular, draft and stock ewes

Blackface Draft Ewes Kirkton £81 & £71; West Bracklin £80; Brisbane Glen £74; Todholes £68

Blackface Gimmers Gibblaston £135 & £134; Invernoaden £108

Blackface Stock Ewes 1 crop Invernoaden £108; Ardintinny £87

Blackface Stock Ewes 2 crop Invernoaden £114

Blackface Stock Ewes 3 Crop Invernoaden £108

Blackface Stock Ewes 4 Crop Invernoaden £82

Mule Gimmers Knowehead £148; Gibblaston £122

LleynX Gimmers Easton £126 

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