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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Wednesday 25th November 2015) sold 936 store cattle and 186 cast cows and forward cattle.

Bullocks (473) - averaged 214.91p (+5.17p)  to 271.80p per kg for a 298kg SimX from Mindork and £1300 for a 704kg AAX from Victoria.

B & W Bullocks (98) – averaged 142.23p (-1.21p) to 194.40p per kg for a 396kg HFX from Catslackburn and £870 for a 568kg BFX from Wester Highgate. 

Heifers (365) – averaged 204.21p (9.94p) to 241.10 per kg for a 282kg LimX from Hermitage and £1280 for a 638kg LimX from Over Kellie.

Cast Cows (186)– averaged 98.03p to 163.30p for a AAX from Millenderdale and £1230 for a CHX from Ballathie.

Forward Cattle (32) – averaged 145.34p to 182.50p for a BRBX from Whitesykes and £1190 for a LimX from Whitesykes.

Cast Cows (Dairy) (41)- averaged 72.10p to 1163.60p for a BFX from Holms of Caaf and £805 for a HFX from Ore Mills.

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs- Drygate £610, Highfields 259.30p; 251-300kgs- Mindork £810, 271.80p 301-350kgs- North Carnduff £850, Mindork 263.70p 351-400kgs- Easter Howgate £930, 239.70p 401-450kgs- Easter Howgate £1070, 250.00p 451-500kgs- Easter Howgate £1140, 238.00p 501-550kgs- Lodge Hill £1260, 232.50p 551-600kgs- West Montgarsood £1250, Harestonehill 211.00p 601-650kgs – West Montgarswood £1280, 202.90p 701kgs plus- Victoria £1300, 184.70p

Heifers: Up to 250kgs- Kincraigie £530, 229.40p; 250-300kgs- Hermitage £680, 241.10p; 301-350kg- Catslackburn £730, Kincraigie 221.50p 351-400kgs- Mains of Pitgur £900, 226.10p 401-450kgs- Lodge Hill £1010, Binn 230.40p 451-500kgs- West Park £1080, Binn 230.40p 501-550kgs- Yestermains £1200, East Saucher 227.10p; Harestonehill £1170, 210.10p; 601-650kgs- Over Kellie £1280, 209.60p.

OTM Cows: Ballathie (Char) £1230, 139.10p; Carrburn (Lui) £1150, 129.50p; Boreland (AA) £1030, Millenderdale 163.30p; Oremills (Cont) £1030, Ballechin 131.70p; Millenderdale (Lim) £995, 129.90p; Dunadd (Her) £975, 124.30p; Polnoon (LH) £925, 115.90p.


United Auctions (Monday 23rd November 2015) had forward 237 breeding cattle also catalogue entry of 794 store sheep 

Bulling heifers
Newmains (LimX) £1320

In calf cows/heifers
Hermitage (Lim) i/c to Char £1520; Ballathie (LimX) i/c to Char £1420 & £1220; Ballthie (BLimX) i/c to Char £1350 & £1320; Hermitage (ContX) i/c to Char £1380; Hermitage (BP) i/c to Char/Lim £1380; Ochiltree Mains (Here) £1350; Ballathie (AA) i/c to char £1320; Kynachan (Sal) i/c to Char £1300; Ballathie (SimX) i/c to Char £1220.

Cows/heifers with calves at foot
Balleny (BLimX) hfr & Sim HCF £1650; Balleny (AAX) hfr & Lim BCF £1520; Ballathie (AAX) cow & HCF i/c to AA £1200; Ballathie (AAX) cow & BCF i/c to AA £1150.

Also had forward a catalogue entry of 794 store sheep selling to £63.50 for BTexX lambs from Ballikinrain

Leading Prices
Ballinrain (BTex) £63.50; Orchill (Tex) £61.50; Orchill (Suff) £53.50; Cairns (Mule) £53.00; Ardvorlich (BF) £48.00

Stirling, United Auctions (Monday 23rd November 2015) conducted the dispersal of the Ballathie herds of pedigree Aberdeen-Angus and Charolais cattle.

Aberdeen-Angus sold to 3000gns for Ballathie Genevieve a five year old cow by Greens Premium.  She was sold with a promising heifer calf at foot to Hannah Heerema, Balavil Estate, Kingussie.

2800gns was paid for Ballathie Rosita a three year old daughter of CCL Dateline, sold with a heifer calf at foot.  She was purchased by J & MM McConachie & Son, Culfoichmore, Grantown on Spey.

Belhaven Russian, a four year old cow by Rawburn Enigma made 2600gns and was also purchased by Hannah Herrerma, Balavil Estate.

Ballathie Elba, a six year old daughter of Southland Full Throttle, with calf at foot sold for 2100gns to Hannah Heerema.

Ballathie Erica a daughter of Rawburn Elmo was sold with a bull calf at foot for 1800gns to Orkney breeders J S Baillie & Co., Sebay, Tankerness.

Charolais sold to 3000gns for Balthayock Empire a six year old bull by Balthayock Adonis.  Empire was purchased by Mr & Mrs Fox for their herd based at Hopping Farm, Youlgrave, Derbyshire.

Next top was 2800gns paid by G McFadzean, Woodhead of Mailer, Perth for an 11 month old bull calf Ballathie Juggernaut.  The calf which displayed excellent confirmation was sired by the high performing bull Balthayock Darcy.

A four year old daughter of Balthayock Darcy, Ballthie Gipsy made 2400gns and was purchased by G Russell, Lesliepark, Headswood, Denny.

Ballathie Ladybird, born January 2015, by Balthayock Darcy, sold for 2200gns and bought by  M R McConrick, Boreland, Kirkcowan, Newton Stewart.

Local breeder Andrew Hornall, Falleninch Farm, Stirling paid 1500gns for the very attractive heifer calf Ballathie Juno. The heifer was also by Balthayock Darcy.


United Auctions (Thursday 19th November 2015) sold 5509 prime sheep including 3728 lambs which averaged 147p/kg and 1781 ewes and rams. 

Lambs (3728) – Wester Balgair & Berrydyke (BTex) £84.00; South Flanders (Tex) £81.00; Little Raith (Suff) £80.00; Monzie (Chev) £72.50; Sauchrie Mains (Mule) £67.50; Darnhall Mains (BF) £64.50.

Lambs (3728) – Newton of Logierait (Tex) 183p; Berrydyke (BTex) 181p; High Machrimore (Suff) 162p; Muirmealing & Claysyke (Mule) 146p; Marvingston (BF) 144p; Philiphaugh Est (Chev) 143p.

Ewes (1759) – 2 Hill of Errol (Tex) £143.00; NetherPratis (Blue Tex) £117.00; Philiphaugh Estate (Cont) £99.50; Drumharrow (BTex) £94.50; Hill of Errol (Suff) £87.00; South Falfield (Lly) £84.50; Rossie (X) £72.50; Alton of Bandeath (Mule) £62.50; Philiphaugh Estate (Chev) £67.50; Millden (BF) £57.50; South Brownhill (BF) £55.50

Tups (26) – Alton of Bandeath (Tex) £107.00; Little Glenniston (Suff) £106.50; Philiphaugh Estate (Chev) £89.00. 


United Auctions (Saturday 14th November 2015) had a catalogued entry of 61 Suffolk and 31 Zwartbles females at their annual sale.

The sale was topped at 2100gns for a Cairness Great Expectations gimmer in lamb to Whitestone Royal Star.

A very good entry of Zwartbles were topped at 300gns for a gimmer from A J Thorburn, Holmlea.  

click here for full sale report and averages


United Auctions (Monday 9th November 2015) had forward a catalogue entry of 3216 store sheep. 


Suff - £54.71 (+£4.04 on the week)
BTex - £63.00 
Tex £52.18 (+£2.47 on the week)
Mule £46.28 (-£1.77p on the week)
BF £41.00 (+£2.40 on the week)

Top Prices
Belstruther (SuffX) £63.00; Balikinrain (BTexX) £63.00; Craigbrock (TexX) £60.00; Craigbrock (Mule) £52.50; Chesthill (BF) £48.00.

United Auctions also had forward 2822 breeding sheep at the annual second sale of Blackface and Cheviot gimmers, regular, draft and stock ewes including their final sale of Rams and Ram lambs

Blackface Draft Ewes
Kirkton £81 & £71; West Bracklin £80; Brisbane Glen £74; Todholes £68

Blackface Gimmers
Gibblaston £135 & £134; Invernoaden £108

Blackface Stock Ewes 1 crop
Invernoaden £108; Ardintinny £87

Blackface Stock Ewes 2 crop
Invernoaden £114

Blackface Stock Ewes 3 Crop
Invernoaden £108

Blackface Stock Ewes 4 Crop
Invernoaden £82

Mule Gimmers
Knowehead £148; Gibblaston £122

LLeynX Gimmers
Easton £126

Cretlevane (BFL) £420; Torrax (Tex) £360; Newton of Crathie (Tex) £330; Wester Crosshill (Tex) £300; Carroch x2 (BFL) £300; Torrax (Suff) £300; Claylands (BTexXSuff) £300; Newton of Crathie (Suff) £280; East Bracklinn (BF) £280.

Ram Lambs
Horn (Suff) £280; Millside (Lleyn) £280; Millside x2  (Blue Tex) £220


United Auctions (Monday 2nd November 2015) sold 1798 suckled calves at their annual show and sale. 

Bullocks (1115) averaged 246.22p (-16.13p on the year) to 405.40 per kg for a pen of 296kg BRBX from Dinnans and £1200 for a 296kg BRBX from Dinnans. 

Heifers (683) averaged 237.44p (-15.85p on the year) to 308.00p per kg for a 308kg SalX from Rannagulzion Farms and £950 for a 486kg CHX from Tyrie. 

Leading prices per head and per kg:

Bullocks: Up to 250kg – Glenrath £810, 334.70p; 251-300kgs Dinnans £1200, 405.40p; 301-350kgs The Ross £970, Dinnans 293.20p; 351-400kgs Lurgan £1140, Saddlebank 294.10p; 401-450kgs Whitesome Laws £1050, 258.60p; 451-500kgs- Ardtornish £1000, 207.50p

Heifers: Up to 250kg – Rannagulzion £770, 308p; 251-300kg – Ennion £840, 295.60p; 301-350kgs – Cloquhat £870, 267.700p; 351-400kgs – The Ross £940, West Quarter 257.70p; 401-450kgs – Shanry Farm £940, 228.90p; 451-500kgs- Tyrie £950, 195.50p

Prize list judged by W & H Young, Mawcarse Farm

Single Bullock Calf
1st Kennedy, Lurgan £1140, 388kgs
2nd  McGregor, Saddlebank £1100, 374kgs

Pen of 8 Bullock Calves
1st Cloquhat Farms £960, 360kgs
2nd Glenkilrie Partnership £840, 303kgs

Pen of 8 heifer calves
1st Cloquhat Farms, £870, 325kgs
2nd Mains of Stuie, £770, 316kgs

Champion: Kennedy, Lurgan £1140, 388kgs
Reserve; McGregor, Saddlebank £1100, 374kgs

United Auctions (Monday 2nd November 2015) had forward a catalogue entry of 2372 store sheep. 

Store lambs sold to £54 for SuffX Lambs from Fullarton.


Suff - £50.67 

Tex £49.71 (-£2.02 on the week)

Chev £48.84 (+0.55 on the week)

Mule £48.05 (+1.00p on the week)

BF £38.60 (-£2.16 on the week)

Leading Prices
Fullerton (Suff) £54; Balvie (Tex) £53.50; 5 Ceyzer Court (Chev) £54.50; Darroch (Mule) £50.00; Murdieston (BF) £48.00. 

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