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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Thursday 1st December 2016) sold 6200 prime sheep including 4863 lambs selling to an average of 156.41p and 1337 ewes and rams. 

Lambs (4863) – Goddens (Bel) £96.00; South Flanders (Tex) £90.00; Snawdon (Suff) £78.00; Ecllaw (Char) £76.00; West Loch (BF) £71.00; Muirside (Mule) £69.50.

Lambs (5485) – Goddens (Bel) 218p; Wester Balgair (Tex) 195p; Lilyburn (Suff) 173p; Arnicle (Mule) 160p; Doune Farms (BF) 157p; Ashfeild (Char) 148p.

Ewes & Tups (1236) – Ballochneck Farm (Tex) £110.00; Barbarafield (Suff) £80.00; Springfeild Farm (Chev) £76.00; Balmonth (HB) £75.00; Raemore Farm (Cross) £68.00; Lathockar Mains Farm (Hamp) £65.00; Blackcastle (Zwar) £60.00; Lathockar Mains Farm (Mule) £60.00; Goldenlea Farmers (Lley) £58.00; Hatton Knowe (BFL) £35.00.

Tups- Strathnafanaig(Tex) £86.00; West Balnacree Farm (Chev) £75.00; North Glen Farm (Lley) £71.00; Crossibeg (Cross) £47.00; Stonefield Farms (Cross) £40.00; Braes of Ardenaig (Zwar)£37.00 



United Auctions (Wednesday 30th November 2016) sold 1130 store cattle, native bred cattle and young bullsalso forward 191 cast cows and forward cattle.

Bullocks (641)- averaged 210.28p to 259.40p per kg for a 266kg CHX from Crailloch and £1390 for a 656kg AAX from Starr.

B & W Bullocks (46)- averaged 129.67p to 158.90p per kg for a 472kg HFX from Inchbelle and £820 for a 566kg BFX from Wester Highgate. 

Heifers (402)- averaged 207.59p  to 269.50p per kg for a 282kg LimX from Shielhill and £1220 for a 674kg SHX from Kirkettle.

Young Bulls (41)- averaged 196.33p to 217.60ppk for a SimX from Graystale and £1130 for a CHX from Muirmealing. 

Cast Cows (149)- averaged 110.17p to 140.00ppk for a LimX from Garvald Mains and £1190 for a CHX from The Ross. 

Dairy Cows (42)- averaged 73.69p to 130.80ppk for a BFX from Bankhead and £825 for a HFX from Inchgall.

Forward Cattle (8)- averaged 175.65p to 191.20p per kg for a AAX from Glenkiln and £1190 for a SimX from Clydeside.

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs – Crailloch £550, 258.20p 251-300kgs- Torhousekie £750, Crailloch 259.40p; 301-350kgs- Torhousekie £830, Shielhill 251.60p; 351-400kgs– Torhousekie £920, Southwick 232.50p; 401-450kgs- Garvald Mains  £1080, Clydeside 247.60p; 451-500kgs- Hillhead of Careston £1090, 230.90p; 501-550kgs- Woodlands £1200, 231.50p; 551-600kgs- Starr £1330, 222.00p; 601-650kgs- Starr £1340, 221.50p; 651-700kgs- Starr £1390, 211.90p.

Heifers: Up to 250kgs – Crailloch £530, 219.00p 251-300kgs- Shielhill £760, 269.50p 301-350kgs- Southwick £830, 238.50p; 351-400kgs- Dyke £880, Southwick 226.10p; 401-450kgs- Mindork £1000, Sothwick 233.30p; 451-500kgs-Clydeside £1110, 227.50p; 501-550kgs- Dyke £1120, Starr 217.80p; 551-600kgs- Kirkettle £1140, 199.60p; 601-650kgs- Kirkettle £1190, 197.00p; 651-700kgs- Kirkettle £1220, 181.00p.

Young Bulls: 251-300kgs- Borenich £400, 143.90p; 301-350kgs- Graystale £740, 217.60p; 351-400kgs- Elmscleugh £850, 21.50p; 401-450kgs- Elmscleugh £910, 206.00p; 451-500kgs- Easter Greenhill £925, 192.70p; 501-550kgs- Easter Greenhill £960, 183.90p; 650-700kgs- Muirmealing £1130, 173.30p.

OTM Cows: 

£ per head- Whitrighill (Lim) £1570; Meikle Camoquhill (MO) £1150; Back O Muir (Sim) £1110; Southwick (STX) £1010; Dougall Est (AA) £995.

Ppk- Easter Greenhill (AA) 184.60p; Carslae (Lim) 182.30p; Meikle Camoquhill (Mo) 166.70p; Easter Greenhill (Sim) 159.40p; Southwick (STX) 122.60p.

OTM Bulls:

£ per head- Mid Rossburn (Lim) £1370; Balgay (BS) £1350.

PPK- Mid Rossburn (Lim) 143.90p; Balgay (BS) 132.40p.


United Auctions (Monday 28th November 2016) had forward a catalogue entry of 7745 store and feeding sheep. 


BTexX £61.62 (+£3.12 on the week)

Mule £58.10 (+£7.83 on the week)

SuffX £57.88 (+£3.49 on the week)

TexX £56.99 (+£3.49 on the week)

Chev £56.16 (+£5.89 on the week)

BF £39.27 (-£4.00 on the week)

Leading Prices

Dalfoil (Mule ewe lambs) £78.00; South Moorhouses (Tex) £76.00; Rainheath (Chev) £72.00; East Buchanty (Mule) £70.00; Middle Deuglie (Tex) £70.00; Glencairn (Tex) £70.00; Dalfoil (Mule) £69.00; Hardieston (BTexX) £66.00; East Buchanty (BTex) £65.00; Tullochville (Chev) £65.50; Whitehill (BTexX) £64.00; Harley Seeds (Suff) £62.50; Mains of Struie (Suff) £62.00; Grantsbank (Suff) £62.00; Monzie (Chev) £60.00; Knockandhu (BF) £59.00; Knockandhu (BF) £54.00; Drumachar (BF) £54.00.



United Auctions (Monday 14th November 2016) had forward a catalogue entry of 2265 store lambs.


SuffX lambs £57.03 (+£1.38 on the week)

TexX lambs £56.92 (+£1.97 on the week)

Btex lambs £61.37 (+£7.33 on the week)

BF lambs £38.12 (-£2.88 on the week)

Leading Prices

Middle Steads (Suff) £66; ARdlebank (Suff) £64; Wester Ochtermuthill (Btex) £75 & £70.50; Inch Cottage (Btex) £70; Inch Cottage (Tex) £65; Finnich Blair (Tex) £64; Millhouse(TexX) £62; Tulchan Croft (Chev) £55; Middle Steads (Mule) £57; Gartencaber (Mule) £52; Millhouse (BF) £49.50; Inch Cottage (BF) £46; Middle Steads (BF) £44  


United Auctions (Saturday 12th November 2016) had a catalogued entry of 72 Suffolks and 4 Zwartbles at their annual in lamb sale. 

Buyers were present from as far as Wales and as North as Caithness. The sale was topped at 2500gns for a Cairness gimmer in lamb to Cairness Sir William. 

A smaller entry of Zwartbles topped the sale at 150gns for a ewe from M/s Simpson & Gillon, Tardoes. 

Click here for full sale report and averages


United Auctions (Monday 7th November 2016) had forward a catalogue entry of 7534 store and breeding sheep.

Suff - £55.65
BTex - £68.70
Tex £54.95
Mule £45.61
BF £41.00

Top Prices
Newton of Logierait (Tex) £78, Balikinrain (BTex) £72, Harley Seeds, Wester Jawcraig, Dunmore, Cluny (Suff) £65, Auch Estate (Mule) £62, Glenalmond (BF) £52 

United Auctions also had forward breeding sheep at the annual second sale of Blackface and Cheviot gimmers, regular, draft and stock ewes including their final sale of Rams and Ram lambs

Blackface Draft Ewes
Abercairney £66; Edinburgh University £64; Glenfernate £60; Tullochan £60; Tomchulan £64

Blackface Gimmers: Glenfernate £122; Littleport £106 

Blackface Stock Ewes: 
West Loch £100 (Gimmers) 
West Loch £110 (1 Crop) 
West Loch £128 (2 Crop)
West Loch £92 (1 Crop) 
Mule Gimmers: Pitmurthly £130
Chev Gimmers: Lilac Cottage £130 
Chev Mule: Whinnyhall £160 

Shearlings: Kinclaven £850 (Tex) Chalmerston £550 £520 (Tex); £800 Whinnyhall (BFL); Newton of Crathie £500(Char); Southfeild £280 & £250 (Suff); Newton of Crathie £250 (Chev); East Bracklinn £320 & £200 (BF)    

Ram Lambs: Millside £280, (Lleyn); Horn £150 (BFL);  Millside £380, 350 (BlueTex)


United Auctions (Wednesday 2nd November 2016) sold 1041 store cattle cast cows and forward cattle.

Bullocks (549)- averaged 203.60p to 242.40p per kg for a 396kg CHX from Hatton of Newtyle and £1320 for a 666kg BRBX from Cuttlehill.

B & W Bullocks (90)- averaged 122.48p to 150.70p per kg for a 574kg HFX from Aitkenhead and £865 for a 574kg HFX from Aitkenhead. 

Heifers (359)- averaged 195.13p  to 231.60p per kg for a 380kg LimX from Auchgoyle and £1360 for a 672kg CHX from Todpark.

Cast Cows (261)- averaged 99.14p to 165.20ppk for an AAX from Standhill and £1310 for a LimX from Greenshields. 

Dairy Cows (90)- averaged 82.42p to 110.20ppk for a HFX from Meikle Camoquhill and £765 for a BFX from Ormsiston Mains.

Forward Cattle (10)- averaged 149.30p to 179.40p per kg for a BRBX from Nether Braco and £1130 for a BRBX from Nether Braco.

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs – Millands £210, Inshanks 91.70p 251-300kgs- Drumoider £685, Drumelzier 231.60p; 301-350kgs- Auchgoyle £795, Gateside 239.90p; 351-400kgs – Hatton of Newtyle £960, 242.40p; 401-450kgs- Auchgoyle £1050, 239.70p; 451-500kgs- Hatton of Newtyle £1105, 237.50p; 501-550kgs- Hardens £1170, Midlock 224.00p; 551-600kgs- Elmscleugh £1250, Crookedstonemuir 214.30p; 601-650kgs- Blackburnrigg £1260, 206.60p; 651-700kgs- Cuttlehill £1320, 198.20p.

Heifers: 251-300kgs- East Gartfarren £645, 214.00p 301-350kgs- Drumelzier £730, Auchgoyle 216.00p; 351-400kgs- Auchgoyle £890, 231.60p; 401-450kgs- Foodie £990, Mahaar 222.80p; 451-500kgs-Hatton of Newtyle £1050, Walton Park 2.10p; 501-550kgs- Elmscleugh £1150, 214.70p; 551-600kgs- Rulesmains £1170, Fullarton 203.50p; 651-700kgs Todpark £1360, 202.40p. 

OTM Cows: 

£ per head- Greenshields (Lim) £1310; Ecclaw (AA) £1130; Blackburnrigg (Sim) £1050; Dunglass Est (ContX) £935.

Ppk- Ecclaw (AA) 165.20p; Greenshields (Lim) 160.10p; Dunglass Est (Sim) 139.90p; Dunglass Est (ContX) 124.30p.

OTM Bulls:

Todpark (CH) £1490; Stuck (BRB) £1310; Knocknagael (Lim) £1210; Ecclaw (LR) £1070; Otter Est (Sim) £1070; Knocknagael (AA) £1050.

Ecclaw (LR) 177.70p; Todpark (CH) 146.90p; Stuck (BRB) 131.30p; Knocknagael (Lim) 128.50p; Otter Est (Sim) 106.20p; Knocknagael (AA) 99.10p


United Auctions (Monday 31st October 2016) sold 2226 suckled calves at their annual show and sale of suckled calves also forward 3281 store and feeding sheep.

Bullocks (1358) averaged 247.76p to 301.7p per kg for a 348kg LimX from Cloquhat Farms and £1050 for a 348kg LimX from Cloquhat Farms. 

Heifers (868) averaged 237.19p to 461p per kg for a 308kg LimX from Barmurrie and £1420 for a 308kg LimX from Barmurrie.  

Leading prices per head and per kg:

Bullocks- Up to 250kg-  East Buchanty £720, 289p; 251-300kgs – Dalchirla £870, 294p; 301-350kgs – Cloquhat £1050, 301.7p; 351-400kgs – Barmurrie £990, Glenrath 261p; 401-450kgs- Kildavaig £990, 241.5p;  

Heifers- Up to 250kg –  Boreland £640, Mains of Struie 304.6p; 251-300kg – Dalchirla £840, 290.9p; 301-350kgs – Barmurrie £1420, 461p; 351-400kgs –  Glenrath £920, 246p; 401-450kgs –Shanry £940, Binzian 221.4p. 

Prize list judged by W Hamilton, Bee Edge Farm, Coldingham

Single Bullock Calf
1st  Cloquhat Farms £1050, 348kgs
2nd McKerrow, Nochnary £860, 316kgs
3rd Doig, East Buchanty £900, 328kgs 

Single Heifer Calf
1st  Smith, Barmurrie £1420, 308kgs
2nd Cloquhat Farms £850, 342kgs
3rd Cloquhat Farms £980, 324kgs

Champion: Smith, Barmurrie £1420, 308kgs
Reserve: Cloquhat Farms £1050, 348kgs 

Pen of 8 Bullock Calves
1st Cloquhat Farms £940, 341kgs
2nd Atholl Estate £800, 310kgs
3rd Doldy Farms £860, 323kgs

Pen of 8 Heifer Calves
1st Cloquhat Farms £890, 318kgs
2nd Cloquhat Farms £760, 286kgs

Best Pen of 8 Calves
1st  Cloquhat Farms Bullocks £940, 341kgs 

United Auctions also had forward a catalogue entry of 3281 store lambs and feeding sheep. .

BTex  £66.36 
SuffX  £60.41
Tex £58.41 
Chev £51.77
Mule £50.57
BF £40.46

Leading Prices

Cluny Estate (Suff) £66.50; Stralochy (Suff) £60; Borland (Suff) £59; Wester Ochtermuthill (Btex) £72; Saddlebank (Btex) £69; Easter Clunie (Btex) £67; Borland (Tex) £67.50; Saddlebank & Easter Clunie (Tex) £65; Kinburn (Tex) £64; Lude (Chev) £55; Borland (Mule) £56.50; Darroch (Mule) £54.50; Spittalhill (Mule) £52; Fechan (BF) £49; Todholes (BF) £48; Auch & Craigend (BF) £46  


United Auctions (Wednesday 12th October 2016) sold 2399 store cattle, native bred cattle, young bulls ,cast cows and forward cattle.

The show was judged by Robin Ferguson, East Camps Farm, Dunfermline. 

The Champion was awarded to W Dunlop, Elmscleugh for a char bullock 568kgs £1250.

Reserve Champion was awarded to A & R Paton, Easter Greenhill for a Lim heifer 452kgs £1010

Prize List

1st W Dunlop, Elmscleugh 568kgs £1250
2nd A & R Paton, Easter Greenhill 475kgs £1085

1st A & R Paton Easter Greenhill 452kgs £1010
2nd A & R Paton Easter Greenhill 428kgs £950
3rd A & R Paton Easter Greenhill 434kgs £950

Pen of 4 bullocks
1st A & R Paton Easter Greenhill 452kgs £1010

Pen of 4 heifers                
1st A & R Paton Easter Greenhill 398kgs £900

Pen of 8 bullocks
1st A & R Paton Easter Greenhill 418kgs £980


United Auctions (Monday 24th October 2016) sold 2365 suckled calves at their annual show and sale of suckled calves also forward 5315 store and feeding sheep.

Bullocks (1561) averaged 248.00p to 318.50p per kg for a 270kg LimX from Upper Samieston and £1000 for a 458kg CHX from Windshiels. 

Heifers (804) averaged 233.01p and to 301.50p per kg for a 272kg CHX from Upper Samieston and £900 for a 439kg CHX from Glenrath.  

Leading prices per head and per kg:

Bullocks- Up to 250kg- Harplaw £730, Muirhouse 294.90p; 251-300kgs – Upper Samieston £950, 318.50p; 301-350kgs – Gelston Castle £920, Auchlin 280.00p; 351-400kgs –Gelston Castle £970, 267.40p; 401-450kgs- Posso £1000, 245.10p;  451-500kgs – Windshields £1000, 218.30p.

Heifers- Up to 250kg – Carslae £650, Muirhouse 286.50p; 251-300kg – Harplaw £820, Upper Samieston 301.50p; 301-350kgs –Upper Samieston £870, 277.10p; 351-400kgs – Dyke £870, Glenrath 238.60p; 401-450kgs –Glenrath £900, 205.00p.

Prize list judged by Anderson Waddell, Herdmanston Farm

Char Bullock Calf
1st  Gelston Castle Farms £940
2nd Richardson, Upper Samieston,  £910
3rd Richardson, Upper Samieston, £880 

Char Heifer Calf
1st Richardson, Upper Samieston, £870
2nd Richardson, Upper Samieston, £820

Any Other Breed Bullock Calf
1st  Richardson, Upper Samieston, £950
2nd Richardson, Upper Samieston, £780

Any other breed Heifer Calf
1st Robb, Townhead £680

Champion: Richardson, Upper Samieston, £950

Reserve: Gelston Castle Farms £940

United Auctions also had forward a catalogue entry of 5315 store lambs and feeding sheep. Store lambs sold to £75.50 for BTex Lambs from Balinkinrain.


BTex £71.17 

SuffX £58.77

Tex £58.03 

Chev £49.37 

Mule £51.46 

BF £39.58 

Leading Prices

Balikinrain (BTex) £75.50; Wester Ochtermuthill (BTex) £74.50; Old House of Orchil (TexX) £73.00; Drumla & Cnoc (TexX) £72.00; Balafark & Overhill (BTex) £72.00; Glenside (SuffX) £70.00; Overhill (TexX) £68.50; Old House of Orchil (SuffX) £68.00; North Allerton & Lanfauld (SuffX) £67.00; Craigraineach (Mule) £58.50; Bogside (Mule) £57.00; Monzie (Chev) £57.00; Garthland (Chev) £56.50; Newbigging (Mule) £56.50; Killean (Chev) £54.00; Smiddy (BF) £53.00; Dykes (BF) £47.00; Killelan (BF) £45.50.  


United Auctions (Saturday 22nd October 2016) had forward 659 commercial beef breeding cattle at their annual October sale.

Bulling Heifers Tillyrie (Sim) £1200; Saddlebank (BBX) £1160.

In Calf Heifers Graystale (LimX) i/c to Lim £1800, £1750; Glenfinglas (Sim/Luing) i/c to Luing £1900, £1850, £1800.

Heifers and calves

The Ross (LimX) hfr & Lim bull calf £2950 & £2900; Harehead (SimX) hfr & Lim heifer calf £2750; Chartershall (BPX) hfr & Lim bull calf £2700; Gartness (LimX) hfr & Char bull calf £2700; The Ross (LimX) hfr & Lim heifer calf £2600; Little Kilchattan (LimX) hfr & Lim heifer calf £2550; West Park (AAX) hfr & Lim heifer calf £2550; Crosshouse (AAX) hfr & Lim heifer calf £2500; Harehead (SimX) hfr & Lim bull calf £2450; Saddlebank (BBX) hfr & Lim heifer calf £2400; Balmonth (SimX) hfr & SimX bull calf £2350. 

Cows & Calves

MacQueston (AAX) cow and Cont heifer calf £2700; MacQueston (LimX) cow & Char bull calf £2600; McQueston (LimX) cow & Char bull calf £2500; Gartness (BLimX) cow & heifer calf £2450; Gartness (BLimX) cow & bull calf £2400; Saddlebank (BBX) Cow & BLim heifer calf £2350; Boreland (SimX) cow & Char heifer calf £2150; Boreland (SimX) cow & CharX bull calf £2100; Harehead (SimX) cow & Sim bull calf £2050; Balmonth (SimX) cow & SimX heifer calf £2000; Mains of Pitgur (LuingX) cow & Char heifer calf £2000.


United Auctions (Wednesday 12th October 2016) sold 2399 store cattle, native bred cattle, young bulls ,cast cows and forward cattle.

Bullocks (1604)- averaged 206.70p to 315.90p per kg for a 364kg CHX from Compstonend and £1450 for a 670kg AAX from Goddens.

B & W Bullocks (75)- averaged 130.20p to 143.10p per kg for a 531kg HFX from Hillend and £785 for a 550kg HFX from Croftjane. 

Heifers (720)- averaged 201.53p  to 241.00p per kg for a 444kg BRBX from Carslae and £1390 for a 762kg CHX from Midlock.

Cast Cows (136)- averaged 116.60p to 167.70ppk for a SimX from Eastoun and £1530 for a CHX from Balleny. 

Dairy Cows (17)- averaged 91.60p to 111.00p pk for a BFX from North Bankhead and £795 for a HFX from Nyadd.

Forward Cattle (13)- averaged 168.84p to 200.90p per kg for a LimX from Chartershall and £1370 for a LimX from Chartershall.

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs – Orchard £560, 224.00p 251-300kgs- Carslae £750, 265.0p; 301-350kgs- Carslae £870, 266.90p; 351-400kgs – Compostend £1150, 315.90p; 401-450kgs- Buteland £1090, 246.60p; 451-500kgs- Innerwick £1115, Humeston 237.10p; 501-550kgs-Compostend £1200, Castlehill 225.10p; 551-600kgs- Kirkkettle £1280, Elmscleugh 220.10p; 601-650kgs- Goddens £1340, 218.20p; 651-700kgs- Goddens £1450, 216.40p

Heifers: Up to 250kgs – Edinbeg £470, 195.80p 251-300kgs- Edinbeg £680, 233.40p; 301-350kgs- Carslae £765, 229.70p; 351-400kgs- Carslae £920, Buteland 237.60p; 401-450kgs- Carslae £1070, 241.0p; 451-500kgs- Midfield £1160, Buteland 235.80pp; 501-550kgs- Midfield £1170, 225.5p; 551-600kgs-  High Unthank £1230, 208.5p; 601-650kgs- Kirkettle £1280, 205.8p; 651-700kgs- West Lethans £1280, 195.00p; 701kgs plus- Midlock £1390, 182.00p.

OTM Cows: 

£ per head- Balleny (CH) £1530; Pardovan (Lim) £1510; Innerwick (Sim) £1410; The Ross (AA) £1170; Glenhead (Sal) £1110.

Ppk- Eastoun (Sim) 167.70p; Pardovan (Lim) 167.10p; Balleny (CH) 159.40p; Glenhead (Sal) 138.80p; The Ross (AA) 138.00p

OTM Bulls:

Nochnary (BRB) £1210; Craigens (Lim) £1130; South Cassingray (AA) £1110.

Nochnary (Lim 172.00p; Nochnary (BRB) 138.40p; South Cassingray (AA) 84.30p.


United Auctions (Monday 10th October 2016) sold 1822 suckled calves at their annual show and sale of suckled calves..

Bullocks (1093) averaged 251.90p to 316.90p per kg for a 284kg CHX from Auchlin and £1120 for a 444kg LimX from Mains of Creuchies. 

Heifers (729) averaged 232.14p to 273.10p per kg for a 271kg CHX from Grove Farms and £1080 for a 414kg CHX from Dippen. 

Leading prices per head and per kg:


Up to 250kg –Gribloch £700, 291.70p; 251-300kgs – Auchlin £900, 316.90p; 301-350kgs – Little Kilmory £960, Craig 293.70p; 351-400kgs – Shenlarich £1060, 277.60p; 401-450kgs – Mains of Creuchie £1120, Shanry 264.70p;  451-500kgs – Shanry £1110, 240.80p; 501-550kgs – Fullarton £1110, 215.10p.


Up to 250kg– Murdieston £600, Townhead 256.50p; 251-300kg – Dippen £760, Grove Farms 273.10; 301-350kgs – Dippen £905, Mid Shawton 271.60p; 351-400kgs – Percival £980, Taiglim 246.60p; 401-450kgs – Dippen £1080, 260.90p 451-500kgs – Mains of Creuchies £985, 210.00p; 501-550kgs- Coilavoulin £1190, 234.30p.

Prize list judged by C Malone, Pitcairn Farm

Champion – Semple, Dippen 414kgs £1080

Reserve  - Warnock, Mid Shawton 329kgs £880

Best Perth Calf – Simpson, Mains of Creuchie 420kgs £1080

Autumn Born Bullock

1st Semple, Dippen 352kgs £900

2nd Simpson, Mains of Creuchies 420kgs £1080

Autumn Born Heifer

1st Semple Dippen 414kgs £1080

Spring Born Bullock

1st Warnock, Mid Shawton 362kgs £840

2nd Semple, Dippen 352kgs £900

Spring Born Heifer

1st Warnock, Mid Shawton 329kgs £880 

2nd Semple, Dippen 350kgs £820

3rd Warnock, Mid Shawton 326kgs £800

Pen of 4 bullocks/heifers

1st Simpson, Mains of Creuchies 444kgs £1120 (bullocks)

2nd Shanry Farms 426kgs £1110 (bullocks)

3rd Simpson, Mains of Creuchie 436kgs £1020 (bullocks)

United Auctions also had forward a catalogue entry of (4663) store, breeding and feeding sheep. 


BTexX £68.09 (-0.11p on the week)

SuffX £64.99 (+£4.03 on the week)

Tex £61.00 (-0.77p on the week)

Mule £55.01 (-£1.48 on the week)

Chev £44.84 (-£6.69 on the week)

BF £43.97 (+£1.08 on the week)

Leading prices

Newton of Logierait (BTex) £75.00; Wester Ochtermuthill (BTex) £74.00; Kippen HF (BTex) £73.00; Strathnafanaig (TexX) £71.00; Todholes (TexX) £70.00; Rossieochil (SuffX) £70.00; Balikinrain (TexX) £69.00; Wester Jawcraig & East Buchanty (SuffX) £69.00; North Brownhill (mule) £65.50; Clochkan (Chev) £60.00; Ashfield (mule) £58.50; Redburn (mule) £56.50; Todholes (BF) £54.50; Lettre (BF) £51.00; Garvie (BF) £50.50.


United Auctions (Monday 3rd October 2016) had forward 11567 store and breeding sheep.


Store lambs:

BF lambs £42.89 (-1.12 on the week)
Scotch Mule £56.49 (-1.06 on the week)
Suffolk £60.96 (-1.19 on the week)
Texel £61.77 (+2.19 on the week)
Cheviot £51.53 (-2.55 on the week)
Beltex £68.20 (-1.27 on the week)

Cheviot £130.32 (+38.46 on the year)
Mule £130.20 (+21.02 on the year)

Ewe lambs:
Scotch Mule £78.95 (+5.16 on the year)

Leading prices:

BF lambs: £56.50 Achnabatt; £49.00 Invervack; £48.50 Craigend

Mule £63.50 Coldoch; £63.00 Millglen; £61.00 Spittalhill

Suffolk £72.50 Violla Cottage; £70.00 Drumnaghinier & Kellie; £66.50 Dalmahoy

Texel £75.00 Newbigging; £73.50 Ronachan & Orchil; £72.00 Mill of Ardoch

Cheviot £58.50 Monzie; £55.00 Innerwick; £53.50 Fairview

Beltex  £85.00 Newton of Logierait; £78.00 Balafark; £75.50 Wester Ochtermuthill

Scotch Mule ewe lambs £101.00 Glenquey; £88.00 Drumtee; £82.00 Gartencaber

 Scotch Mule gimmers £148.00 Glenquey; £140.00 Clunebeg; £132.00 Oxhill

Texel gimmers £130.00 Mains of Pitgur; £122.00 Laighmuir

Cheviot gimmers £160.00 Sunnybraes; £154.00 Over Finlarg; £152.00 Westhall

Texel ewes £130.00 Drumharrow; £115.00 Mains of Pitgur; £112.00 Lower Welton

Mule ewes £118.00 Ballindalloch Moor; £112.00 Mains of Pitgur & Kippen Home Farm 


United Auctions had an entry of 1287 rams and ram lambs at their annual rendezvous sale on Saturday 1st October. 

Top price TexelXBeltex made £1600 sold by Dalchirla Farms Ltd to J Forbes, Clunebeg. 

Top price Cheviot was £1600 sold by A D Matthewson, Soutra to M/s Jordan, Moortown, Devon. 

The Texel section was topped at £1400 from J Buchan, Torrax and selling to M/s Wood and Son, Newton of Nydie. 

Top price Suffolk was £1000 from G Berwick, Barbarafield to M/s McArthur, Lossit. 

The BFL section was topped at £1000 for a ram lamb sold by A & J Adam, Newhouse of Glamis and bought by M/s McClymont, Kirkstead. 

Average Shearlings

Suffolk £374.48 (+£29.11 on the year)

LLeyn £216.49 (-£53.51 on the year)

Beltex £408.45 (+£56.34 on the year)

Texel £485.93 (£116.59 on the year)

Charollais £223.33 (-£73.03 on the year)

BFL £403.27 (+£84.24 on the year)

Cross £505.60 (+£84.24 on the year)

Ram Lambs

Suffolk £196.92 (-£24.85 on the year)

Texel £339.46 (+£93.83 on the year)

BFL £272.38 (+£30.24 on the year)

Cross £203.33 

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