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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Thursday 30th April 2015) sold 4275 prime sheep including 152 spring lambs and 3540 hoggs selling to an average of 160p/kg and 577 ewes and rams.

Spring Lambs (158) – Smaillholm Mains (Suff) £96; Ardachearnmore (Tex) £92.50; Pathhead (Char) £85

Spring Lambs (158) – Smaillholm Mains (Suff) 208p; Smaillholm Mains (Tex) 201p; Pathhead (Char) 192p

Hoggs (3540) – Dalchirla (Tex) £96; Luckenburn (Btex) £94; Boghall (Suff) £88.50; Boghall (Chev) £86.20; Boghall (Mules) £82; Dalchirla (BF) £80 

Hoggs (3540) –Luckenburn (Btex) 216p; Ardtornish (Tex) 193p; Over Kellie, North Kinkell, Ballinloan, Monzie, South Park (Chev) 182p; Coates (Mule) 175p; West Bracklinn (BF) 179p 

Ewes (577)- Pyeston (Suff) £119.50; Newton of Collessie (Tex) £114.50; Laigh Alticane (Chev) £113.50; Lahillcraig (Cross) £106.50; Carrat (Char) £97; Linkshead (Mule) £89.50; Lossie (BF) £66.50

Rams – South Cassingray (Tex) £109


United Auctions (Wednesday 29th April 2015) sold 2527 store cattle and young bulls plus 165 cast cows and forward cattle also sold were 467  store and breeding sheep.

Bullocks (1313) - averaged 235.22p to 297.30p per kg for a 259kg LimX from Tealing Home Farm and £1360 for a 682kg CHX from Ravenslie.

B & W Bullocks (116) – averaged 167.62p to 199.5p per kg for a 396kg BFX from Holton and £1000 for a 582kg BFX from Greenrig. 

Heifers (1034) – averaged 228.41p to 294.40p per kg for a 231kg LimX from Coalheughglen and £1240 for a 562kg LimX from Mains of Throsk.

Young Bulls (64) – averaged 192.24p per kg to 246.00p for a LimX from Gateside and £1200 for StX from Mackailston

Cast Cows (146)– averaged 125.68p to 172.90p per kg for a LimX from Traparin and £1370 for a SimX from Innerwick. 

Forward Cattle (19) – averaged 164.32p to 192.00p per kg for a LimX from West Meikle Pinkerton and £1350 for a BRBX from Ochilview. 

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs- Woodlands  £710, 293.4p 251-300kgs- Lodgehill £840, Tealing Home Farm 297.30p 301-350kgs- Boghall £960, Polquhairn 289.00p 351-400kgs-  Newton of Arbilot £1050, 280.70p 401-450kgs- Boghall £1150, 268.70p 451-500kgs- Barlaugh  £1200,  Farden 262.10p 501-550kgs- Heathfield £1200, Logan Mains 231.20p 551-600kgs- Skirling Mains £1290, Pleanmill 296.40p 601-650kgs – Yonderhaugh £1280, Plean Mill 205.60p 651-700kgs – Ravenslie £1360, 199.40p.

Heifers: Up to 250kgs- Gateside £700, Caolheughglen 294.40p 251-300kgs- Boghall £780, Fleming Hill 281.00p 301-350kg- Polquhain £870, Marchfield 273.00p 351-400kgs- Culbae £1020, Mahaar 269.00p 401-450kgs- Mains of Throsk £1060, Hardens 251.20p 451-500kgs- Farden £1190, Gilston 253.30p  501-550kgs- Mains of Throsk £1200, 238.60p 551-600kgs- Mains of Throsk £1240, 220.60p 601-650kgs – Gatehead £1100, 175.20p.

Young Bulls: Up to 250kgs- Gateside £610, 246p 251-300kgs- Brownmuir £250, 87.4p 301-350kg- Coalheughglen £820, 236.30p 351-400kgs- Nether Dalkeith £840, Elmscleugh 227.3p 401-450kgs- Gateslack £990, 225.00p 451-500kgs- Meikle Labrax £1030, 209.30p 501-550kgs- Harehead £900, 178.20p, 551- 600kgs- Harehead £1120, 193.10p 601-650kgs- Mackailston £1200, 199.30p

OTM Cows: Innerwick (SIm) £1370, Corsehope 148.60p; Todhall (Lim) £1330, Traprain 172.90p; Traprain (AA) £1150, 153.90p; Kirkton of Lundie (BS) £1150, 140.90p; The Ross (CH) £1150, 142.70p; Traprain £1130, 152.70p; Harehead (Lui) £1030, 145.10p; Mackailston (STX) £1010, 142.70p

OTM Bulls: Muirmealing (CH) £1430, 121.20p; Howfold (Lim) £1090, 119.00p

Also forward 467 store hoggs and ewes with lambs at foot

Leading prices:

Bowshiel (Suff) £72.50

Bowshiel (Tex) £66.00

Ewes with lambs at foot

East Mains £195- Tex ewes with twins at foot

Cherryfield £184- Mule ewes with Tex twins at foot

Mid Auchencarroch £179- Chev ewes with twins at foot

East Mains £142- Suff hoggs with single lambs

East Mains £138 – Tex hoggs with single lambs

East Mains £130 – Mule ewes with single lambs

East Mains £104 – BF ewes with Twin X lambs

Polnoon £81- BF ewes with single Mule lambs

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