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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Thursday 22nd January 2015) sold 3951 Prime Sheep including 3135 lambs selling to an average of 186.6p/kg and 816 ewes and rams. 

Lambs (3135) – Luckenburn (BTex) £104.00; West Park (Tex) £95.00; Goddens (Suff) £93.00; Woodhead of Aberdagie (Chev) £91.50; Penston (Char) £89; Sauchrie Mains (Mule) £83.00; Doldy (BF) £81.50. 

Lambs (3135) – Luckenburn (BTex) 227p; Goddens (Tex) 216p; Wardhead (Chev) 212p; Goddens (Suff) 207p; West Park (Char) 193p; Doune Farms (BF) 189p; Parks of Keillour (Mule) 188p.

Ewes (816) –West Park (Tex) £122; Forthview (BFL) £107.50; Halkerston (Suff) £102.50; Balnacree (Chev) £102.00; Balmonth (HB) £100.50; Langhill (Lleyn) £98.50; Kinloch (Mule) £96.50; Halkerston (Char) £94.50; Fallhills (X) £89.50; Glenquey (BF) £76.50.

Rams- Woodhead of Mailer (Tex) £108.50; Glendamph (BFL) £100.00; Drumardoch (BF) £67.50.


United Auctions (Wednesday 21st January 2015) sold 921 store cattle and 171 cast cows and forward cattle also forward 2044 store lambs.

Bullocks (483) - averaged 235.77p (+6.46p) to 292.60p per kg for a 311kg CHX from Barfillan and £1450 for a 698kg AAX from West Auchencarroch.

B & W Bullocks (143) – averaged 174.30p (+6.78p) to 185.30p per kg for a 483kg HFX from Boutreebush and £970 for a 562kg HFX from Inchgall. 

Heifers (295) – averaged 226.34p (+1.14p) to 277.10p per kg for a 231kg CHX from Barfillan and £1280 for a 546kg SimX from Blinkbonny. 

Cast Cows (148)– averaged 123.66p to 187.30p per kg for a AAX from Quixwood  and £1390 for a SDX from Whitsomelaws. 

Forward Cattle (23) – averaged 177.78p to 205.40p per kg for a CHX from Craigens and £1390 for a CHX from Craigens. 

Bullocks; Up to 250kgs- High Balernock £600, 259.80p 251-300kgs- Graystale £780, Barfillan 269.00p 301-350kgs- Gateside £945, 292.60p 351-400kgs- Midhouse £1070, 270.90p 401-450kgs- Farden £1140, 260.90p 451-500kgs- Mid Auchencarroch £1190, Farden 245.70p 501-550kgs- Heathfield £1320, East Saucher 241.20p 551-600kgs- Low Boydston £1290, Ravenslie 227.40p 601-650kgs –Milton £1390, 220.60p 651-700kgs –Mid Auchencarroch £1450, Heathfield 210.10p.

Heifers; Up to 250kgs- Barfillan £640, 277.10p 251-300kgs- Barfillan £740, 256.90p 301-350kg- Auchenflower £850, Silverhill 247.60p 351-400kgs- Johnshill £910, 246.60p 401-450kgs- Farden £1070, 244.30p 451-500kgs- Mid Auchencarroch £1130, 241.20p 501-550kgs-Blinkbonny £1280, 234.40p 551-600kgs- Nether Pratis £1270, Wester Arngibbon 220.40p 601-650kgs –Mid Auchencarroch £1250, 204.90p.

OTM Cows – Quixwood (AA) £1390, 187.30p; Whitsomelaws (SD) £1390, 164.70p; Balleny (CH) £1370, Balbie 151.10p; Quixwood (Lim) £1370, 181.50p; Whitsomelaws (Sim) £1170, Dalfask 182.90p; Upper Auchenlay (BRB) £1150, 150.50p; Quixwood (STX) £1130, 149.10p; Meikle Camoquill (Mo) £1010, 123.50p; Glenkiln (BS) £1010, 141.00p

OTM Bulls- South Slipperfield (Sim) £1370, 143.90p; Grange (Lim) £1350, Graystale 150.20p; Balleny (CH) £1290, Netherton 190.40p; Greenrig (BF) £1250, 120.90p.

Breeding Cattle

In Calf heifers to Saler bull (SimX) £2000, £1900, £1880, £1850 Easter Kincapple

HerX Hfr & Her Bull Calf £1550 Thorneyhills

BAX Cow & LimX HCF £1500 Wester Lochgreen


UA Stirling also had forward 2044 store and breeding sheep selling to £81.00 for SuffX hogs from Orpwood Farms and £132 for in lamb ewes from East Mains.

Leading Prices; 

Store Hoggs; Orpwood (SuffX) £81.00; Mains of Struie (TexX) £80.00; Edencroft (ChevX) £73.00; Beinn Dorrian (BF) £67.00.

Breeding Ewes; Mule ewes scanned twins £132 East Mains

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