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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Thursday 16th of February 2017) sold 4549 prime sheep including 3246 hoggs selling to an average of 162.47ppk and 1303 ewes and rams. 

Hoggs (3246) – Wardhead (Suff) £86; Berrydyke (Btex) £96; Ballechin (Tex) £93; Westwood (Char) £74.50; Woodhead of Aberdalgie (Chev) £84; Kaemuir (Mule) £76;  Luss Estate(BF) £75.50

Hoggs (3246) – Machriemore(Suff) 174p; Berrydyke (Btex) 216p; Ballechin (Tex) 215p; Westwood (Char) 173p;  Westwood (Chev) 178p;  Clunebeg East (Mule) 161p; West Lethans (BF) 166p

Ewes (1303) – Allanfauld (Tex) £108; North Balloch (Suff) £96; Easter Greenhill (Chev) £89; North Balloch (BFL) £85; Mains of Balhall (Char) £84; Middlehill (Mule) £73.50; Longcarse (BF) £65; Kilwinnet (Btex) £59; Wester Coldrain (Zwart) £52. 

Rams – Lathones (Cross) £97; Quixwood (Btex) £89; Hillhead (Tex) £88; Lathones (Char) £85; Hillhead (BFL) £85; Quixwood (Zwart) £59; Glenfernate (BF) £56.50

United Auctions (Wednesday 15th  February 2017) sold 1902 store cattle including the Aberfeldy show and sale sponsored by Starlyne Feeds Ltd,  123 cast cows and forward cattle and 1564 store and breeding sheep. 

Bullocks (1127) - averaged 230.85p to 354.20p per kg for a 384kg LimX from Newton of Logierait and £1390 for a 650kg LimX from Stanley.

B & W Bullocks (52) – averaged 149.74p to 161.9p per kg for a 379kg HF from Mahaar and £750 for a 506kg HF from Gatehead.. 

Heifers (723) – averaged 225.46p to 295.5p per kg for a 440kg LimX from Glendamph and £1480 for a 528kg LimX from Wester Bonhard.

Cast Cows (92)– averaged 138.30p to 218.80ppk for a LimX from Upper Spittalton and £1570 for a LimX from Quixwood.

Cast Cows (Dairy) (31)- averaged 98.03p to 129.40p for a BF from Craigend and £955 for a BF from Craigend.

Forward Cattle (8) – averaged 152.73p to 167.20p for a MOX from Claylands and £1130 for a MOX from Claylands.

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs-Gateside £650, 260p; 252-300kgs- Westerhall £790, Hartside 338.5p; 301-350kgs– Ballochgair £970, Polquhairn 286.6p;  351-400kgs- Newton of Logierait £1360, 354.2p;  401-450kgs- Newton of Logierait £1210, Loanhead of Duchally 291.4p; 451-500kgs- Monzie £1300, Ballechin Farms 271.7p; 501-550kgs- Ballechin Farms £1310, Glendamph 247p;  551-600kgs- Pittentian Farming £1340, 235.9p; 601-650kgs- Leoch Farmers £1350, 215p; 651-700kgs – Stanley £1390, Leoch Farmers 206.9p. 

Heifers: Up to 250kgs – Duirland £510, 207.3p; 251-300kgs- Polquhairn £700, Gateside 251.9p; 301-350kgs- Golland £840, The Ross 247.7p; 351-400kgs- Newton of Logierait £1030, 271.1p; 401-450kgs- Glendamph £1300, 295.5p; 451-500kgs- Stanley £1260, 269.2p; 501-550kgs- Wester Bonhard £1480, 280.3p; 551-600kgs- Stanley £1420, 244p; 601-650kgs- Stanley £1400, 229.1p; 651-700kgs – Airthrey Kerse £1230, 186.9p

OTM Cows: 
£ per head- Quixwood (Lim) £1570; Balleny (AA) £1310; Woodmill (Sht) £1250; South Hill of Dripps (BrB) £1230; Meadowflatt (Sim) £1210; Woodmill (Sal) £1070

Ppk- Upper Spittalton (Lim) 218.8p; Quixwood (AA) 182.5p; Balleny (BrB) 154.4p; Meadowflatt (Sim) 150.9p; Woodmill (Sht) 150.2p; Woodmill (Sal) 143.8p.

OTM Bulls:  
£ per Head- Westerhill (Lim) £1350; Briarlands (Char) £1310; West Auchleskine (AA) £1170; Quixwood (BS) £1090

Ppk- Westerhill (Lim) 149p; West Auchleskine (AA) 116.3p; Quixwood (BS) 101.5p; Briarlands (Char) 101.4p

Aberfeldy Show prize list

Single Blk:
1st J Prentice, Pittentain 568kgs £1340
2nd Monzie Farms, 492kgs £1300
3rd Monzie Farms, 500kgs £1280

Single Hfr:
1st Cameron, Wester Bonhard 504kgs £1260
2nd Robertson, Newton of Logierait 518kgs £1310
3rd Monzie Farms, 480kgs £1240

Pen of 4 Blks:     
1st Ballechin Farms, 544kgs £1310
2nd Robertson, Newton of Logierait, 419kgs £1190
3rd Cameron, Wester Bonhard 453kgs £1230

Pen of 4 Hfrs:
1st Ballechin Farms, 521kgs £1230
2nd Ballechin Farms, 523kgs £1325
3rd Robertson, Newton of Logierait, 380kgs £1030

Overall Champion: J Prentice, Pittentian 568kgs £1340

Reserve Champion: Cameron, Wester Bonhard 504kgs £1260

Champion pen of 4: Ballenchin Farms, 544kgs £1310

Store Sheep

United Auctions Stirling also sold 1564 store hoggs and breeding sheep. 

Store Hoggs:  Sauchrie Mains (Suff) £77.00; Townhead (Mule) £68.50; Easter Clunie (Tex) £67.00; Townhead (BF) £66; Plean (X) £56; Maam (Chev) £52.

Breeding Sheep:  Girvan Mains; I/L to Tex/Btex/TexXBtex; Gimmers (Mule) £148; 1 Crop Ewes (Mule) £126; 2 Crop Ewes (Mule) £116 Yorkston; I/L to Suff; Gimmers (Mule) £128; 1 Crop Ewes (Mule) £122; 2 Crop Ewes (Mule) £115.

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