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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Thursday 30th June 2016) sold 3204 Prime Sheep including 2101 lambs and selling to an average of 196.07p/kg, and 1103 ewes and rams.

Lambs (2101) – South Flanders (Suff) £106.50; Easter Ochtermuthill (Btex) £99; Blackburn (Tex) £105; Shanry Farms (Char) £95.50; Peattieshill (Mule) £84; Touch Trust (BF) £60. 
Lambs (2101) – South Flanders (Suff) 215p; Easter OChtermuthill (Btex) 225p; Ayton (Tex) 228p; Ayton (Char) 207p; Longcarse (Mule) 187p; Muirpark (BF) 177p.  

Ewes (1103) –Lossit (Tex) £117.50; Easterton (Btex) £114.50; Wester Mye (Cont) £105.50; West Carse (Suff) £95.50; Mollandhu (Chev/Mule) £90.50; Easter Balgeddie (Mule) £84.50; Pathcondie (Chev) £77; West Bracklinn (BF) £67.50 
Tups (33) – Mosshead (Cont) £131; Easter Balgeddie (Tex) £109.50; Braeleny (Cross) £117; West Bracklinn (BF) £81


United Auctions (Wednesday 29th June 2016) sold 365 store cattle, native bred cattle and young bulls. Also forward 81 cast cows.

Bullocks (149)- averaged 219.79p to 245.10p per kg for a 306kg SimX from Greenhaugh and £1160 for a 513kg SimX from Snaigow. 
B & W Bullocks (8)- averaged 146.60p to 150.1p per kg for a 473kg HFX from Floors and £790 for a 556kg BFX from Barfillan. 
Heifers (163)- averaged 208.29p  to 257.20p per kg for a 276kg LimX from Greenhaugh and £1240 for a 617kg AAX from Glencraigs. 
Young Bulls (53) – averaged 160.90p to 227.40p per kg for a AAX from Mid Finnery and £1340 for a SimX from Woodhall. 
Cast Cows (71)- averaged 128.10p to 153.70p per kg for a CharX from Carwood and £1250 for a ContX from Loanhead of Duchally.
Dairy Cows (10)- averaged 96.96p to 109.50p per kg for a BFX from Bangour and £845 for a BFX from Bangour.

Bullocks301-350kgs- Greenshaugh £850, 245.10p; 351-400kgs – Snaigow £890, 229.4p 401-450kgs- Gowstone £1000, 235.8p; 451-500kgs- Glencraigs £1140, 231.2pp; 501-550kgs- Snaigow £1160, Gartcosh 227.1p; 551-600kgs- Glencraigs £1100, 190.3p.  
Heifers: Up to 250kgs- Kidshielhaugh £440, 193p; 251-300kgs- Greenhaugh £710, 257.2p; 301-350kgs Graystale £780, 228.1p; 351-400kgs- Barfillan £960, 239.4pp; 401-450kgs- Gartcosh £1010, 223.9p; 451-500kgs- Gartcosh £1130, Milton 229.7p; 501-550kgs- Gairdrum £1170, Milton 218.4p; 551-600kgs- Glencraigs £1170, 197p; 601-650kgs- Glencraigs £1240, 201p.

OTM Cows: 
£ per head- Loanhead of Duchally (Cont) £1250; Greenshaugh (Lim) £1110; Bangour (Char) £1110; Torhouskie (AA) £1090; Derculich (Sim) £1070; Derculich (Sal) £1050.
Ppk- Carwood (Char) 153.70p; Carwood (Lim) 150.30p; Drumelzier (AA) 141.10p; Loanhead of Duchally (Cont) 140.40p; Derculich (Sal) 138.7p; Windyedge (Sim) 133.70p

OTM Bulls: 
Carwood (Char) £1470, 139.70p; Ardnave (BA) £1010, 114.80p


United Auctions (Wednesday 22nd June 2016) sold 324 store cattle also forward 151 cast cows and forward cattle.

Bullocks (142)- averaged 209.76p to 264.10p per kg for a 284kg SimX from Wester Kepdowrie and £1340 for a 620kg SimX from Balwherrie. 
B & W Bullocks (62)- averaged 133.33p to 162.70p per kg for a 467kg BFX from Benston and £815 for a 528kg BFX from Benston. 
Heifers (120)- averaged 207.14p  to 246.00p per kg for a 293kg LimX from Berryknowe and £1185 for a 604kg BRBX from Bencloich. 
Cast Cows (101)- averaged 124.87p to 170.60p per kg for a LimX from Wester Mye and £1310 for a LimX from Teasses Est.
Dairy Cows (50)- averaged 92.65p to 117.20p per kg for a HFX from Woodend and £885 for a HFX from Kaemuir. 
Forward Cattle (7)- averaged 158.68p to 199.80p per kg for a SimX from Teasses Est and £1250 for an BSX from Kincraigie.

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs- Dyke £570, 250.00p; 251-300kgs- Wester Kepdowrie £750, 264.10p; 301-350kgs- Wester Kepdowrie £800, Cockerstone 242.90p; 351-400kgs – Dalhanna £940, 252.70p; 401-450kgs- Higham £995, Gillmill 243.20p; 451-500kgs- Knockeffrick £1005, Muirmealing 220.30p; 501-550kgs- Dalfask £1190, 236.10p; 551-600kgs- Stewarton £1245, 222.30p; 601-650kgs- Balwherrie £1340, 216.10p; 652-700kgs- Ladylands £1320, Benston 193.30p.
Heifers: Up to 250kgs- Dyke £570, 228.00p; 251-300kgs- Berryknowe £590, 223.50p; 301-350kgs- Higham £770, 237.70p; 351-400kgs- Dalhanna £800, 219.40p; 401-450kgs- Kirkpatrick £810, 187.90p; 451-500kgs- Dalfask £1130, 232.00p; 501-550kgs- Dalfask £1130, 216.90p; 551-600kgs- Dalfask £1160, 204.90p; 601-650kgs- Bencloich £1185, 196.20p.

OTM Cows: 
£ per head- Classlochie (Lim) £1250; Kincraigie (BS) £1250; Leoch (CH) £1190; Classlochie (ContX) £1190; Teasses Est (AA) £1170; Leoch (Sim) £1170. 
Ppk- Wester Mye (Lim) 170.60p; Graystale (Sim) 160.50p; Balwherrie (AA) 146.50p; Classlochie (ContX) 141.70p; Leoch (CH) 129.10p; Kincraigie (BS) 123.80p. 


United Auctions (Thursday 16th June 2016) sold 2023 prime sheep including 937 lambs and selling to an average of 179.38p/kg, 268 hoggs and 818 ewes and rams.

Lambs (937) - West Forret (Tex) £99; Easter Ochtermuthill (BTex) £93; Halkerston (Suff) £95.50; West Gormck (Tex) £96.50. 

Lambs (937) - West Gormck (Tex) 213p; Easter Ochtermuthill (BTex) 214p; Merryhill, Penston, Carribber Mill, Little Raith (Suff) 184p; Carribber Mill (Tex) 212p.  

Ewes (818) – Dippen (Tex) £89.50; Nether Falla (Cont) £85.50; Easter Mye (TexX) £88.50; Woodhead of Aberdalgie (Suff) £91.50; Hill of Errol (Chev/Mule) £67.50; Wester Forrest (Mule) £66.00; Hallhill (Chev) £72.50; Bamff (BF) £55.50.

Tups (25) – Wester Clunie (Tex) £97; Craigbrock (Suff) £91: Ben Lawers (BF) £71.50.



United Auctions (Wednesday 15th June 2016) sold  388 store cattle also forward 149 cast cows and forward cattle.

Bullocks (171)- averaged 232.71p to 292.00p per kg for a 262kg CHX from Drumoider and £1280 for a 602kg SimX from Harestonhill.

B & W Bullocks (50)- averaged 148.86p to 177.20p per kg for a 333kg BFX from Murroch and £815 for a 548kg HFX from Balsaggart. 

Heifers (167)- averaged 223.48p  to 254.80p per kg for a 263kg LimX from West Park and £1230 for a 513kg LimX from Nether Dalkeith.

Cast Cows (149)- averaged 128.16p to 209.50p per kg for an AAX from Drumoider and £1270 for a BRBX from Nochnary. 

Dairy Cows (9)- averaged 89.20p to 104.90p per kg for a HFX from Easter Greenhill and £855 for a HOX from Claylands.

Forward Cattle (7)- averaged 163.40p to 207.00p per kg for a LimX from Easter Greenhill and £1130 for an AA from Meikle Camoquhill.

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs- Gateside £600, 254.20p; 251-300kgs- Drumoider £765, 292.00p; 301-350kgs- Laighpark £980, 289.90p; 351-400kgs – Laighpark £1020, 264.20p; 401-450kgs- Laighpark £1050, 255.50p; 451-500kgs- West Quarter £1150, Graystale 232.80p; 501-550kgs- Graystale £1200, 239.00p; 551-600kgs- Harestonhill £1260, 225.80p; 601-650kgs- Harestonhill £1280, 212.60p.

Heifers: Up to 250kgs- Gateside £565, 236.40p; 251-300kgs- Drumoider £700, West Park 254.80p; 301-350kgs- Berrylaw £830, 250.00p; 351-400kgs- Berrylaw £940, 248.00p; 401-450kgs- West Park £1010, 248.80p; 451-500kgs- Airdrie £1100, 226.30p; 501-550kgs- Nether Dalkeith £1230, 239.80p.

OTM Cows: 

£ per head- Nochnary (BRB) £1270; Woodhead of Mailer (ContX) £1250; Nochnary (Lim) £1170; Claylands (Mo) £1070. 

Ppk- Airthrey Kerse (Lim) 185.10p;  (Mo) 167.50p; Woodhead of Mailer (ContX) 164.90p; Nochnary (BRB) 148.00p.

OTM Bulls:

£ per head- East Banknock £1350, Pitkevy (Sim) £1250; Noble House (CH) £1170; Meikle Camoquhill (AA) £1130.

Ppk- Noble House 144.40p; East Banknock 128.80p; Easter Greenhill (Sim) 120.90p; Meikle Camoquhill (AA) 98.10p

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