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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Thursday 7th December 2017) sold 6480 prime sheep comprising 4717 lambs selling to an average of 165.0ppk and 1763 ewes and rams. Including 380 show Blackface Lambs judged by Mr A Argo who awarded Champion pen to Messrs Ferguson, Mid Rottearns realising £80 to the judge.  

Lambs (4717) Errol Enterprises (Tex) £108; Doune Farms (BTex) £103; Gaisland (Suff) £83; MacFarlane Farms (Char) £80; Coulshill (Chev) £78.50; MacFarlane Farms (Mule) £77; Hillhead (BF) £77. 

Lambs (4717) Harviesmailing (Tex) 221p; Doune Farms (BTex) 207p; Burnshot (BF) 177p; Ancaster Est (Suff) 177p; Old Faskally (Char) 171p; Coulshill (Chev) 162p; Auchenrivoch & Assloss (Mule) 161p.

Ewes (1727)- Kingsfield House (Tex) £125; Lilyburn (Suff) £126; Calfward (X) £69.50; Easter Middleton (HB) £81; North Balloch (BFL) £84; Upper Kinneil (Mule) £74; Glenkilrie (BF) £56; Cumnock House (Che) £55.50; Southfield (Cha) £107.   

Rams- Kindrum Park (Suff) £98; Assloss (Bel) £92; Hill of Errol (Tex) £118; Kindrum Park (Bf) £53. 


United Auctions (Wednesday 6th December 2017) held their annual in lamb female show and sale, forward for sale were 90 Texel gimmers and 18 Suffolk ewes and gimmers.

The Texel show was judged by David Morrison, Dalwyne and his awards are as follows:

1st Killyvolgan RRY 160 1511, a gimmer by Auldhouseburn WackoJacko and sold at 1800gns to John Connell Farms,

2nd Milnbank Lym 1602215, a gimmer by Glenside WillyNilly and sold for 1100gns to Mr W Watson, Northern Ireland

3rd Knapp CKP 1600756 and sold for 600gns to Mr Backhouse, Cumbria

Leading the trade was Lot 17 a gimmer from Michael Leggat, Foremanhill by Aman Vyrnwy in lamb to Strathbogie Yes Big Boy and sold for 3000gns to C Asher, Ashbourne.

Second top price again from Foremanhill Lot 16 was a gimmer by Strathbogie William Wallace selling for 2400gns selling to A Jack, Kilcroy

Other leading prices include lot 48, a gimmer from Midlock sired by Dechmont triple chance selling for 1800gns to G Wilson, Hawick.

Strathbogie took the next highest bid selling Lot 26, a gimmer by Aman Vrynwy selling to Mr A Jack, Kilcroy for 1700gns.

United Auctions (Wednesday 6th December 2017) sold 496 store cattle, also 286 cast cows and forward cattle.  

Bullocks (280) -averaged 216.36p to 244.10ppk for a 381kg LimX from Humeston and to £1410 for 698kg AAX from Gairdrum. 

B&W Bullocks (32) - averaged 140.71p to 164.10ppk for a 384kg HFX from Gateside, and to £950 for a 410kg HFX from South Brackenridge. 

Heifers (184) – averaged 201.89p to 229.70ppk for a 468kg BAX from Knockeen, and to £1260 for a 590kg LimX from West Park.

Cast Cows (245) - averaged 132.06p to 189.00ppk for a SimX from Ruaig and to £1530 for a ContX from Drumoider. 

Dairy Cows (32) - averaged 97.53p and to 114.90ppk for a BFX from East Bangour, and to £915 for a BFX from East Bangour. 

Forward Cattle (9) – averaged 142.51p and to 200.20ppk for a LimX from Muirhouses, and to £1730 for a LimX from Muirhouses.  

Bullocks: 251-300kgs- Kepculloch £670, 223.30p; 301-350kgs- Kepculloch £800, 236.70p; 351-400kgs- Humeston £930, 244.10p; 401-450kgs- Clydeside £1020, 228.70p; 451-500kgs- Millands £1070, 228.40p; 501-550kgs- Auchnoteroch £1285, 237.10p; 551-600kgs – Westerton £1300, 225.70p; 601-650kgs- Gairdum £1240, 202.00p; 651-700kgs- Gairdrum £1410, 202.00p. 

Heifers: 250-300kgs- Kepculloch £620, 212.30p; 301-350kg- Sorn Mains £620, 216.10p; 351-400kgs- Logie £850, 222.50p; 401-450kgs- Mid Knockglass £960, 220.70p; 451-500kgs- Knockeen £1075, 229.70p; 501-550kgs- West Park £1190, 221.20p; 551-600kgs- West Park £1260, 213.60p; 601-650kgs- West Langfaulds £1230, 196.50p. 

Cow Prize List:

Cross Beef Cow
1st MacInnes, Ruaig £1530
2nd West Knock Farms £1450
3rd McLaren, Muirhouses £1230

Pedigree Beef Cow
1st Burnett, Upper Spittalton £1410
2nd Burnett, Upper Spittalton £1510
3rd Inglis, Dalachy £1510

Dairy Cow
1st Mair, Kinnermit £905

Beef Bull
1st McLaren, Muirhouses £1730
2nd Inglis, Dalachy £1750 

OTM Cows: 

£ per head – Ruaig (Cont) £1530; Dalachy (Sim) £1510; Upper Spittalton (Lim) £1510; Balmyle (CH) £1470; Schivas Est (AA) £1470; Drumodier (SH) £1130; Clydeside (Sal) £1090; Cairncurran (BRB) £1070; Currburn (Lui) £1050; Glenkiln (BS) £1050.

PPK- Drumoider (Sim) 189.00p; Upper Spittalton (Lim) 186.00p; Saddle (CH) 180.50p; Muirhouses (Cont) 176.70p; Muirsland (AA) 172.60p; Goddens (BRB) 168.80p; Clydeside (Sal) 157.10p; Drumoider (SH) 153.10p; Drumoider (Lui) 147.70p; Glenkiln (BS) 129.60p 

OTM Bulls:

£ per head- Dalachy (Sim) £1750; Little Raith (AA) £1250; Kirkstead (GA) £1030.

PPK- Dalachy (Sim) 171.20p; Kirkstead (GA) 133.10p; Little Raith (AA) 117.50p. 


United Auctions (Monday 27th November 2017) sold 7127 store sheep at their first Martinmas sale.

Store Sheep 


Suff - £61.08 (+£1.35 on the week)

BTex - £65.10 (+£2.47 on the week)

TexX - £60.53 (+£2.70 on the week)

Mule - £56.53 (+£0.30 on the week)

BF - £38.56 (£7.42 on the week) 

Top Prices

Carroch (Suff) £70.00, Dalmahoy (Suff) £68.00, Mains of Struie (Suff) £65.50; East Buchanty (Bel) £79.00, Ballikinrain (Bel) £71.00, Kippen (Bel) £67.00, Auchenrivoch (Tex) £74.00, Cnoc (Tex) £71; Raemoor (Char) £65.00; Killellan (Chev) £64.50; Auchenrivoch (Mule) £70.00, Carroch (Mule) £67, East Buchanty (Mule) £65.50; Monzie (BF) £52, Uigle (BF) £49, Wrightpark (BF) £48. 


United Auctions (Monday 13th November 2017) sold 8747 store and breeding sheep.

Store Sheep 


Suff - £59.15 (+£1.35 on the week)

BTex - £62.63 (-£1.57 on the week)

TexX £57.83 (+£1.19 on the week)

Mule £56.23 (+£3.41 on the week)

BF £31.14 (£2.32 on the week) 

Top Prices

Pitmurthly (Tex) £76.00; Drumbarrow (Suff) £75.00; Ceyzer Court (Chev) £64.00; Mains of Struie (BTex) £63.00; Colony (BF) £60.00 

Also second sale of regular, draft and stock ewes including their final sale of rams and ram lambs 

Blackface Draft Ewes

Glenlethnot £73; Shenlarich £65 & £64; Chesthill £50.50. 

Blackface Gimmers

Shieldhill £116; Newton of Crathie £106 

Chev Mule Gimmers

Carroch £125  

Shearlings- Bolfracks (Tex)£700; Carroch (BFL) £620; Carroch (BFL) £600; Bolfracks (Tex) £600 x2; Quninnyhall (BFL) £500; Newton of Crathie (Suff) £420; Southfield (Suff) £420; Newton of Crathie (BF) £400 & £350 ; East Bracklin £300 x2      

Tup Lambs- Millside (Blue Tex) £380 x2; Menteith Crescent (BFL) £380; Millside (Tex) £300, Millside (Lleyn) £250 .


United Auctions (Saturday 11th November 2017) held its annual sale of In Lamb Suffolk Females and Ewe Lambs. 

Despite a reduced but quality entry of sheep, a full ringside of buyers ensured a satisfactory trade throughout. Topping the in lamb females was a gimmer, scanned in lamb, scanned with a single from Mr J Douglas, Cairness and realised 900gns. Ewe Lambs topped at 300gns from J Bignal, Smaladh, Islay.

Principle Prices:

In Lamb Females 750gns, 650gns, 600gns, 420gns – Cairness

Ewe Lambs 240gns, 220gns Smaladh


United Auctions (Monday 6th November 2017) sold 941 suckled calves at their annual show and sale of suckled calves also forward 4252 store and feeding sheep.

Bullocks (526) averaged 263.41p to 319.70p per kg for a 297kg CHX from The Ross and £1070 for a 380kg CHX from The Ross. 

Heifers (415) averaged 249.51p to 347.50p per kg for a 236kg SalX from Rannagulzion and £1090 for a 445kg CHX from Shanry Farms.  

Leading prices per head and per kg:

Bullocks- Up to 250kg-  Woodburn £695, East Buchanty 287.40p; 251-300kgs – The Ross £940, 319.70p; 301-350kgs – Cloquhat £990, East Buchanty 297.10p; 351-400kgs – The Ross £1070, Mountquhanie 284.90p; 401-450kgs- Parkhouse £1020, 246.40p; 451-500kgs- Dunruchan £1030, 217.30p.  

Heifers- Up to 250kg – Rannagulzion £820, 347.50p; 251-300kg – Doldy Farms £940, Rannagulzion 335.90p; 301-350kgs – Cloquat £1080, 314p; 351-400kgs – Culdees £930, The Ross 247.2p; 401-450kgs –Shanry £1090, 245.70p. 

Prize list judged by D Rennie, Clatto, Cupar

Single Bullock Calf

1st  Kennedy, Lurgan £1000, 366kgs

2nd Kennedy, Tom O Cluny £980, 334kgs

3rd Kennedy, Lurgan £930, 318kgs 

Single Heifer Calf

1st  Cloquat Farms £1080, 344kgs

2nd Kennedy, Tom O Cluny £930, 310kgs

3rd More, Easter Garden  £920, 310kgs

Champion: Kennedy, Lurgan £1000, 366kgs

Reserve: Cloquhat Farms £1080, 344kgs 

Pen of 8 Bullock Calves

1st Cloquhat Farms £990, 345kgs

2nd Cloquhat Farns £990, 350kgs

3rd Doldy Farms £900, 341kgs

Pen of 8 Heifer Calves

1st Shanry Farms £1090, 445kgs

2nd Shanry Farms £900, 366kgs

3rd Cloquhat Farms £950, 312kgs

Best Pen of 8 Calves

1st  Cloquhat Farms Bullocks £990, 345kgs 

Also forward a catalogue entry of 4252 store lambs and feeding sheep.


BTex £64.20 (+£2.18 on the week)

SuffX £57.07 (+0.89p on the week)

Tex £56.64 (-0.39p on the week)

Mule £52.82 (-£1.70 on the week)

BF £33.46 (-0.70p on the week)

Leading Prices

Langfauld (BTex) £74.00; Carroch (Tex) £72.00; Carroch (Suff) £70.00; Cairncurran (Mule) £58.00; Rhodders (BF) £52.50.  

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