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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

Friday 19th September 2014

Beltex Prize List

United Auctions (Thursday 18th September 2014) sold 5524 Prime Sheep including 3961 lambs and 1563 ewes and rams. 

Lambs (3961) –Carse of Trowan (Suff) £75; Cretlevane (Tex) £80; Doune Farms (Btex) £90; Shanry Farms (Char) £66.50; Doune Farms (Mule) £64

Lambs (3961) –South Brownhill (Suff) 151p; Victoria (Tex) 182p; Wester Mye (Btex) 184p; Shanry Farms (Char) 142p; Newbigging (Mule) 138p 

Ewes (1537) – Pathhead (Suff) £80; Blairquhamrie (Suffx) £75; Catcune (Tex) £93.50; Ochiltree Place (TexX) £92.50; Knockendon (Chev) £66.50; Over Enoch (Mule) £88.50; Succothmore (BF) £58.50; Blairquhamrie (Cross) £62.50; Geiselittle (CHM) £58; Fullarton (BFL) £70

Rams (26) - Catcune (Suff) £158; Northfield (Btex) £105.50; Glen Finglass (BF) £65.50


United Auctions (Wednesday 17th September 2014) sold 1853 store cattle and 169 cast cows and forward cattle. Also 7497 store lambs.

Bullocks (1057) - averaged 222.01p (-0.29p) to 257.00p per kg for a 498kg BBX from Goddens and £1460 for a 606kg CHX from Hayfield.

B & W Bullocks (149) – averaged 150.27p (+3.30p) to 169.00p per kg for a 494kg BFX from Balegreggan and £990 for a 588kg BFX from Balegreggan. 

Heifers (667) – averaged 212.59p (+0.51p) to 253.00p per kg for a 498kg CHX from Hayfield and £1310 for a 620kg CHX from Beild. 

Cast Cows (169)– averaged 120.16p to 184.00p per kg for a LimX from Eastmill and £1770 for a CHX  from Mid Cambushinnie.

Forward Cattle (28) - averaged 168.79p to 206.60p per kg for a LimX from Quixwood and £1350 for a SimX from Benthead.

Duke of Montrose Trophy

Pen of 8 Bullocks

1st Drumloist  £1340, 560kg; 2nd Ormsary £1130, 504kg; 3rd Drumloist £1240, 521kg

Pen of 8 Heifers

1st Eastfield £1185, 560kg.

Single Bullock

1st Hayfield £1460, 606kgs; 2nd Lurg £1400, 631kgs; 3rd Lurg £1400, 294kgs.

Single Heifer

1st Hayfield £1260, 498kgs 2nd Bargany £1090, 467kg.

Bullocks; 251-300kgs- Gateside £685, 237.00p 301-350kgs-Garpel £850, 256.00p 351-400kgs- Skelmorlie Mains £980, 254.50p 401-450kgs- Farden £1120, 1 Broynach 255.60p 451-500kgs- Goddens £1280, 257.00p 501-550kgs- Hayfield £1340, 245.50p 551-600kgs- Drumloist £1340, 245.50p 601-650kgs- Hayfield £1460, 240.90p; 651-700kgs- Crooked Stonemuir £1400, Ledrishbeg 209.50p.

Heifers; Up to 250kgs- Portencalzie £390, 171.10p 251-300kgs- Gateside £510, 183.50p 301-350kg- Wester Ochtermuthill £800, 233.90p 351-400kgs- Carslae £940, 239.80p 401-450kgs- Hayfield £1260, 253.00p 451-500kgs- Hayfield £1260, 253.00p 501-550kgs- Eastfield £1210, 230.50p 551-600kgs- Beild £1200, 216.60p 601-650kgs; Beild £1310, 211.30p. 

OTM Cows – Mid Cambushinnie (CH) £1770, 150.80p; Eastmill (Lim) £1450, 184.00p; Innerwick (Sim) £1330, 157.20p; Wester Cloquhat (BP) £1230, 154.10p; Drumoider (AA) £1190, 148.10p; Whitrighill (BRB)£1030, 148.40p.

OTM Bulls- Gilkercleugh (CH) £1410, 135.60p; Hilton of Aldie (BRB) £1150, 137.20p.

Also forward 7497 store lambs. 


SuffX lambs £54.58 (-£4.58 on the week)

TexX lambs £55.87 (-£1.57 on the week)

Mule lambs £50.88 (+£3.07p on the week)

Btex lambs £61.25 (+£5.25 on the week)

Chev lambs £55.05 (+£2.62p on the week)

BF lambs £40.73 (-£0.84 on the week)

Leading prices; Monzie (BTexX) £65.50; Strathview (TexX) £61.00; Greenlands (ChevX) £60.00; Merkins (BF) £60.00; Rossieochil (SuffX) £60.00; Derculich(TexX) £60.00; Knowehead (TexX) £60.00; Invervack (TexX) £59.50; Rainheath (Chev) £59.00; Outerston (SuffX) £58.50; Malling (SuffX) £58.00; Rossieochill (Chev) £58.00; Herbertshaw (Mule) £57.50; Wester Croachy (Mule) £55.00; Spittalhill (Mule) £54.00; Dykes (BF) £48.00; Tullochan (BF) £47.00.


Monday 8th September, United Auctions had 1607 sheep forward at their annual Cont X, breeding and stock ewe sale .

TexX Ewe lambs £91.58 (+£20.22 on the year)
TexX Gimmers £126.11 (+£11.19 on the year)
Chev/Mule Gimmers £139.57 (+£32.06 on the year)

Leading Prices Ewe Lambs:
Greenwall (TexX) £138, Greenwall (TexX) £118, Greenwall (TexX) £112; Wedderlie (TexX) £102; Greenwall (SuffX) £120. 

Leading Prices Gimmers;
Easton (TexX) £160, Braeminzon (TexX) £160, Oxhill (TexX) £155, Braeminzion (TexX) £150, Airthrey Kerse (TexX) £148; North Balloch (Chev/Mule) £168; Ashmore (Chev/Mule) £165; Ashmore (Chev/Mule) £156; Sunnybraes (Chev/Mule) £138.

Leading Prices Stock Ewes;
3 Plean Cottages (1&2 crop Mules) £135
Killernie (1 crop TexX) £125
Killernie (1 crop Chev) £120
Tops (1 crop TexX) £112


Monday 8th September 2014

United Auctions had forward 293 Lleyn females and 14 Lleyn tups at their annual Lleyn Sheep Society show and sale on Monday 8th September 2014. The show was judged by Becky Henderson, Nether Toucks.

Lleyn gimmers averaged £161.37 with champion pen of gimmers was awarded to J A & R Geldard, Low Foulshaw making £200 selling to JA Robertson & Partners, Mid Linthills.

2nd prize pen was gimmers went to D & J Alexander, Millside realising £180 also selling to JA Robertson & Partners, Mid Linthills.

LLeyn ewe lambs averaged £92.53 with 1st prize being given to Farmstock Genetics; 2nd Prize James K Goldie, South Bowerhouses; 3rd prize H Goldie, South Bowerhouses.

Lleyn tups averaged £487.50, James K Goldie, South Bowerhouses was awarded champion, Reserve champion tup went to Hamish Goldie, South Bowerhouses and 3rd place was given to Brian Walling, Farmstock Genetics. 

Top priced ram made 700gns and was presented by Mr Brian Walling, Farmstock Genetics. 


Monday 1st September 2014

United Auctions, Stirling had a catalogue entry of 10332 breeding sheep at their annual show and sale of Scotch Mule and Blackface ewe lambs.  The sale was sponsored by J Cooper & Co. Haulage Contractors, Gartocharn and was judged by Mr W Millar, Prieston Farm. 

A new centre record was set with a pen of 24 Mule ewe lambs consigned by D Gray, Drumnessie realising £170 per head to M/s C Smith, South Flanders. 

The Blackface section was topped with a pen of 20 consigned by M/s H A Blackwood, Auldhouseburn realising £165 purchased by J Pirie, Blarnavaid/ Auldmurroch.  

Click here for full sale report and flock averages


Saturday  30th August 2014

United Auctions, Stirling had forward 4569 at their annual show and sale of Scotch Mule Gimmers. Champion pen and winner of the Nan Miller Memorial Trophy was shown by M/s H & J Paterson & Sons, East Dykes and realised a centre record of £185 per head and purchased by the show judge Mr I MacDonald, Threepland. 

Prize list:

1st H & J Paterson, East Dykes £185

2nd D Gray, Drumnessie £176

3rd Lochty Farms £158

4th Duke of Montrose, Gartincaber £180

5th P J Laidlaw & Sons, Knowehead £165

Acc Scotch Mule gimmers  £161.66 (+£17.47 on the year)
Non Acc Scotch Mule gimmers £161.44 (+£4.85 on the year)
Click here for flock averages



Saturday 30 September 2014   Hazelden Dispersal

The Hazelden dispersal on behalf of Lochlea Pedigree Livestock took place at Stirling Agricultural Centre on Saturday 30 August 2014.

With 175 lots forward this represented one of the largest dispersals in the recent history of the breed which attracted interest from pedigree and commercial buyers from throughout the UK.

The herd was formed in 2001 with an initial draft of females from the Skerrington herd.

Top price of 9000gns was the much fancied mother and son combination (Lot 98) Hazelden Rachel by the famous Whitemire King Kong, the calf by Grangewood Brandon was knocked down to Neil Shand for his Cairnorrie herd based at Methlick. 

8200gns was next highest price for the 2010 national show champion Hazelden Carina, by Sterling Flint.  The proceeds of this cow were donated to a charity of M/s Allan’s (Glenturk) choice.  The new owners were R & C Simmers, Wester Pettmarcus, Peterhead.

4600gns was the price for (Lot 46) Hazelden Diamond 2nd with a heifer calf at foot, by Kilbride Farm Tweed.  She was purchased by Pitgavey Farms, Elgin.

4500gns (Lot 50) Hazelden Juliet found a new home to M/s Green, Corskie.

Gavin Brown, Springfield purchased Hazelden Jingle 7th (Lot 100) for 4200gns followed by her calf Jingle 40th at 3600gns.

Another young cow Hazelden Jingle 30th was sold to David Lowrie, Kelldrum herd, Carnwath for 4000gns.

Hazelden Judy 10th daughter of Omorga Volvo sold for 4800gns to M/s McLaren, Dalgill.  

Stock bulls sold to 6600gns for Grange woof Brandon this very muscly bull was purchased by Jim McLaren for his Dargill herd at Crieff 

Hazelden Rachel 4th a very promising yearling heifer calf (Lot 150) by Delfur Avenger made 3400gns and was purchased by Jim and Patricia Goldie, Newbie Mains.


86 cows and calves £2648

19 in calf cows £2857

13 heifers and calves £2633

7 in calf heifers £2025

35 maiden heifers £1661

6 Calves £2083

4 stock bulls £4043

5 AAX Sim cows & calves £2184

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