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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Saturday 21st May 2016) had forward 418 breeding cattle at their second May sale. 

Bulls: Nether Pratis (Sim) £1500

Bulling Hfrs:  Skirling Craig (BLimX) £1550; Skirling Craig (BBX) £1400; Balgone Mains (BLimX) £1220; Fallside (BLimX) £1180; Tullygloom (BBX) £1100.

Heifers and Calves: Derrie(BBX hfr & Lim BCF) £2750;  The Ross (LimX hfr & Lim HCF) £2650; West Park (LimXBB hfr & Lim BCF) £2650; Little Kilchatten (LimX hfr & Lim BCF) £2600; Witton Home Farm (LimX hfr & Lim HCF) £2500; Little Kilchatten (LimXFr hfr & Lim HCF) £2500; The Ross (BBX hfr & Lim BCF) £2450; Easter Greenhill (BBX hfr & Lim HCF) £2400; Crosshouse (BBX hfr & Lim HCF) £2400; West Park (SimX hfr & BCF) £2350; West Park (SimX hfr & HCF) £2300.

Cows and Calves:  South Kirklane (SimX cow & Calf) £1900; South Kirklane (SimX Cow & Calf) £1850; Ardlebank (BBX Cow & BCF) £1850.


United Auctions (Thursday 19th May 2016) sold 2826 prime sheep including 2002 hoggs and selling to an average of 154.7p/kg and 143 spring lambs at 194.98p/kg and 702 ewes and rams.

Lambs (143)- Blinkbonny (Tex) £108; Easter Ochtermuthill (Suff) £99; Easter Ochtermuthill (BTex) £90.50 
Lambs (143)- Easter Ochtermuthill (Suff) 223p; Blinkbonny (Tex) 220p; Easter Ochtermuthill (Btex) 208p 

Hoggs (2002) – Luckenburn (Btex) £90; Parks of Keillour (Tex) £84; Busses (Suff) £88.50; Stanley (Chev) £84; Daleagles (BF) £86  
Hoggs (2002) – Luckenburn (Btex) 214p; Parks of Keillour (Tex) 195p; Busses (Suff) 172p; Over Kellie (Chev) 193p; Head of Moullin (BF) 177p 

Ewes (702) – West Lethans (Btex) £100; Stanley (Suff) £94.50; Blairnavaid & Coilavoulin (Tex) £90; Hill of Errol (Chev/Mule) £88.50; Hallhill (Chev) £77.50; Coxydene (Mule) £71.50; Glenhead & Elmscleugh (BF) £70.50 

Tups – Holehouse (BFL) £125; Abercairney (Tex) £123; Fleurs (Tex) £115; Greenlands (Chev) £115; Kipperoch (Zwart) £95; Glenhead & Easter Howgate (BF) £89

United Auctions (Wednesday 18th May 2016) sold 1754 store cattle also forward 199 cast cows and forward cattle also forward 286 store and breeding sheep.

Bullocks (858) averaged 228.07p to 281.60p per kg for a 261kg LimX from Wee Carlton and £1250 for a 604kg BRB from Holehouse.
B & W Bullocks (107) averaged 143.22p to 180.30p per kg for a 477kg BFX from Carscallan and £865 for a 573kg BFX from Broompark. 
Heifers (789) averaged 217.19p  to 275.20p per kg for a 298kg CHX from Glenrath and £1190 for a 491kg CHX from Milton. 
Cast Cows (172) averaged 126.01p to 189.90p per kg for a AAX from Fasque Home Farm and £1310 for a SimX from Boghall. 
Dairy Cattle (27) averaged 100.22p to 114.10p per kg for a HOX from Bandirran and £975 for a HOX from Bandirran. 
Forward Cattle (8) averaged 151.15p to 170.00p per kg for a SimX from Gateside and £1030 for a AAX from Fasque Home Farm.

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs-  Bankhead £660, Lodge Hill 268.90p; 251-300kgs- Glenrath £820, Wee Carleton 281.60p; 301-350kgs- Auchgoyle £880, 273.30p; 351-400kgs – Claylands £990, Auchgoyle 257.10p; 401-450kgs- Gordonian £1130, 258.00p; 451-500kgs- Millantae £1140, 246.70p; 501-550kgs- Holehouse £1190, Auchgoyle 228.50p; 551-600kgs- Holehouse £1210, Gordonian 214.00p; 601-650kgs- Holehouse £1250, 207.00p.

Heifers: Up to 250kgs- Bolfracks £460, 234.70p; 251-300kg- Glenrath £820, 275.20p; 301-350kg- Glenrath £920, 242.90p; 351-400kgs- East Moneyacres £940, 242.90p; 401-450kgs- Claylands £1020, Gordonian 248.80p; 451-500kgs- Gordonian £1190, 242.40p; 501-550kgs- Golland £1180, 220.10p; 551-600kgs- Milton £1190, 199.00p; 601kgs-650kgs- West Park £1140, 188.10p.

 OTM Cows:
£ per head- Boghall (Sim) £1310; West Meikle Pinkerton (Lim) £1270; Boghall (CH) £1130; West Lethans (AA) £1110; Skelpie (SH) £1030
Ppk- Fasque (AA) 189.90p; Greenside (Sim) 167.20p; Boghall (Lim) 146.80p; Boghall (CH) 146.80p; Skelpie (SH) 128.80p

OTM Bulls:

£ per head – Traprain (Lim) £1710; Assloss (CH) £1350. 
Ppk – Traprain (Lim) 173.10p; Assloss (CH) 132.10p. 

United Auctions also had forward 286 store and breeding sheep.

Kengharair (Chev) ewe hogs £75.00.
Smiddyhill- £156 – Mule ewes with twin TexX lambs.
Craighead - £148- BF ewes with twin mule lambs
Ardlebank- £112- Cross ewes with singles lambs
Craighead - £102- BF ewes with single mule lambs



United Auctions (Monday 16th May 2016) had a catalogue entry of 8133 breeding sheep

Scotch Mule dry hoggs sold to a top of £136 per head for a pen of 20 consigned by Hartside Farms purchased by Cathpair Farms.

Pure Texel ewe hoggs sold to a top of £520 purchased by Dalchirla.

A new centre record for BF ewe hoggs was consigned by M/s Blackwood, Auldhouseburn for a pen of 3 at £2000 purchased by C Paterson, Aberuchill Est. Followed by a pen of 6 consigned by Dalchirla Farms at £1100 to Sam Wallace, Northern Ireland, and a pen of 5 from M/s Kay, Gass at £540 to M/s Watson, 28 Knockbrech

Scotch Mule ewe hoggs with lambs at foot sold to a top of £218 from M/s McNee, Over Finlarg.

Texel Cross ewe hoggs with lambs at foot topped at £192 from M/s Hamilton, Allanton.


Dry Mule ewe hoggs £110.80 (-14.27) on the year

Dry Tex ewe hoggs £108.69 (-20.02) on the year

Dry Chev ewe hoggs £86.81 (-15.28) on year 

Dry BF ewes hoggs £96.54 (-34.16) on the year

Scotch Mule hoggs with lambs £163.67 (-5.61) on the year

Texel Cross hoggs with lambs £152.34 (-21.90) on the year

Other Leading Prices

Mule gimmers with lambs at foot - £192 Gartness

Mule gimmers with lambs at foot - £171 Little Drumquharn

Mule ewes with lambs at foot - £ 163 North Moorhouse

Mule ewes with lambs at foot - £162 Wester Borland

TexX ewes with lambs at foot £167 Pitnacree

TexX ewes with lambs at foot £158 Nweton of Logirait

Chex ewes with lambs at foot £150 - Findatie

click here for full sale report including flock names, number sold and averages


United Auctions (Monday 02/05/2016) held the Scottish Simmental Club annual show and sale of breeding cattle sponsored by Carrs Billington and sold 368 breeding cattle.

Bulling heifers: East Merkland (Sim) £1420; Holydean (SimX) £1420; Srathisla (Ped Sim) £1400; Strathisla (Ped Sim) £1380; Holydean (SimX) £1380; Boghall (SimX) £1320; West Mains (Ped Sim) £1300 & £1280; Strawfank (Lim) £1220; Barbarafield (ShtX) £1200.

In calf heifers: Skerrington Mains (SimX) £1280

Heifers and bull calves:  West Thomaston (LimX) £3450; West Thomaston (BRBx) £3000; Learielaw (BRBX) £2600; Strawfank (Pure Lim) £2550; The Ross (LimX) £2450 & £2400 x2; Kinneil Mill (LimX) £2300; Chartershall (X) £2200; Huntingdaulds (Sim) £2050.

Heifers and heifer calves:  West Thomaston (LimX) £3400; Pitcairn (LimXBB) £3000 x2; East Bangour (LimXBF) £2350; Huntingfaulds (Sim) £2150. 

Cows and bull calves: Balfornaught (SimX) £2000; Ardlebank (Cont) £1800; Newton of Logierait (Lim) £1700; Grange of Aberbothrie (AA) £1600.

Cows and heifer calves: Kinneil Mill (LimX) £2050; Newton of Logierait (BRBX) £2000; Grange of Aberbothrie (Sim) £1850; Grassmillside (BRBX) £1550.


Prize List judged by David Blair, Little Inch

Pen of 4 SimX bulling hfrs, under 15 months.

1st Short, Balquhadly - £840

2nd Short, Balquhadly - £800

Pen of 4 SimX bulling hfrs, over 15 months.

1st Dyet, East Merkland - £1420

2nd Strathisla Farms - £1380

Simmental Heifer and Calf.

1st Millar, Huntingfaulds- £2000

2nd Millar, Huntingfaulds - £2150 


United Auctions Multi Breed Show & Sale- Sunday 1 May 2016 & Monday 2 May 2016

Highland Show and Sale - Judge, Mr Jim McMillan, Craigmore, Farnell, Brechin. Out of the 20 Entries, 13 Highland Cattle were forward, 8 Bulls and 5 Females.

The sale on Monday 2nd May was positive and a good start for a new sale. It was conducted excellently by Mr Raymond Kennedy with 9 beasts selling to a top price of 1600 guineas for the Reserve Male Champion from Messrs Brown to Mr David Smith of the Congash Fold.

Please click here for full sale report on Highland Cattle Society website 

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