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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Monday 16th October 2017) sold 5407 store and feeding sheep.


Store lambs:

Mule £50.20 (+1.23 on the week)

BF lambs £32.58 (-1.58 on the week)

Texel £54.56 (+0.20 on the week)

Beltex £63.20 (+1.81 on the week)

Suffolk £55.66 (-0.12 on the week)

Leading prices:

Store Lambs - Malling (Suff) £64.00; Balafark (BTex) £67.00; Greensburn (Tex) £64.50; Bennan (Mule) £55.50; Rhodders (BF) £47.50.


United Auctions (Thursday 12th October 2017) sold 7171 prime sheep including 5074 lambs selling to an average of 153.3ppk and 2003 ewes and rams. 

Spring lambs (5074) Doune Farms (BTex) £98; Errol Enterprises (Tex) £95; Little Raith (Suff) £85.00; Fullarton (Mule) £84.00; Lathones (Char) £81.50; Fullarton (X) £81.50; Cretlavane (BFL) £76.00. 

Spring Lambs (5074) West Park (Tex) 211p; Lochend (BTex) 208p; Easter Greenhill (Suff) 174p; Lathones (Char) 163p; Fullarton (X) 163p; Newbigging (Zwart) 162p; Fullarton (Mule) 162p. 

Ewes (2003)- Wester Balgair (Tex) £101; Lochend (BTex) £95.00; Trean (Suff) £84.00; Wedderlie (BF) £76; East Cammock (Chev) £70.00; South Biggart & Outerston (Mule) £69.50; Yorkston (BFL) £68.00.

Tups – Broadleys (BFL) £93; Crosslaw (Suff) £78; Uigle (BF) £65.00.


United Auctions (Wednesday 11th October 2017) sold 1806 store cattle, native bred cattle and young bulls also 125 cast cows and forward cattle. 

Bullocks (1098) -averaged 202.09p to 250ppk for a 380kg LimX from Humeston, and to £1430 for a 756kg AAX from West Lethans.

B&W Bullocks (87) - averaged 136.80p to 161.10ppk for a 450kg BFX from Sorbie and to £750 for a 506kg BFX from Lochlands.

Heifers (579) – averaged 198.36p to 268.10ppk for a 386kg BRBX from Head of Moulin and to £1280 for a 613kg CHX from Gateside.

Young Bulls (42) -  averaged 131.75p to 245.20ppkg for a LimX from Jaw and to £1200 for a SimX from Innerwick. 

Cast Cows (125) - averaged 116.80p to 185.90ppk for a BAX from Welton of Creuchies, and to £1290 for a CHX from Burnhead.

Dairy Cows (9) - averaged 92.44p to 126.20ppk for a HFX from Hillend and to £795 for a HFX from Carneil. 

Bullocks: 251-300kgs- Kilfillan £555, 193p; 301-350kgs- Kipperoch £860, 247.0p; 351-400kgs- Humeston £950, 250p; 401-450kgs- Sunnycroft £1000, Kipperoch 233p; 451-500kgs- Borland £1150, South Milton 239.1p; 501-550kgs- Elmscleugh  £1190, East Skeichan 225p; 551-600kgs – Monzie £1270, Borland 200p; 601-650kgs- South Milton £1280, Elsmcleugh 206p; 650-700kgs- West Lethans £1340, Kirktonhill 192p. 

Heifers: 250-300kgs- Gateside £640, 219ppk;  301-350kg- Gateside £740, 219p; 351-400kgs- Moulin £1035, 268p; 401-450kgs- Moulin £1080, 261p; 451-500kgs- Barlae £1090, Moulin 237p; 501-550kgs- Borland £1120, Hexpath 214p; 551-600kgs- West Lethans £1200, 206p; 601-650kgs- Middleton £1275, 199p; 651-700kgs- Middleton £1240, 180p

Bulls: 250-250kgs- CJM Services £320, 127ppk;  301-350kgs- Mains of Struie £610, 194ppk;  351-400kgs- Jaw £890, 245ppk;  401-450kgs-CJM Services £460, 105ppk; 451-500kgs- Monzie £1060, 215ppk;  650-700kgs- Woodhall £1190, 176ppk;  700kgs+ - Innerwick £1200,169ppk 

OTM Cows: 

£ per head- Burnhead (CH) £1290; Sibster Burn (BRB) £1230; Welton of Creuchies (BA) £1190; Clatto (Lim) £1170; Yester Mains (AA) £1150; Traprain (Sim) £1070; Ashfield (Sal) £1050.

PPK- Welton of Creuchies (BA) 185.90p; Sibster Burn (BRB) 178.30p; Clatto (Lim) 172.00p; Burnhead (CH) 162.90p; Traprain (Sim) 149.90p; Yester Mains (AA) 146.70p.

OTM Bulls:

£ per head- Burnhead (Lim) £1610; Craigend (Sim) £1330; South Brownhill (BA) £1270; Glenrig (HO) £1030. 

PPK- South Brownhill (BA) 189.00p; Burnhead (Lim) 177.30p; Craigend (Sim) 126.40p; Glenrig (HO) 76.90p.


United Auctions (Monday 9th October 2017) sold 1783 suckled calves at their annual show and sale of suckled calves..

Bullocks (1039) averaged 251.50p to 308.00p per kg for a 276kg LimX from Carslae and £1140 for a 500kg LimX from Chesthill Farms and Fullarton. 

Heifers (744) averaged 233.90p to 383.60p per kg for a 378kg CharX from Dippen and £1450 for a 378kg CharX from Dippen. 

Leading prices per head and per kg:


Up to 250kg – Townhead £700, 291.70p; 251-300kgs – Auchlin £895, Carslae 308.00p; 301-350kgs – Dippen £985, 307.90p; 351-400kgs – Shanry Farms £1050, 275.60p Knowhead; 401-450kgs – Mains of Creuchie £1090, 259.70p;  451-500kgs – Chesthill Farms £1140, 243.00p; 501-550kgs – Fullerton £1140, Merkins  214.80p.


Up to 250kg– Grove £690, 300.00p; 251-300kg – Cairncurran £960, 340.40; 301-350kgs – Westerton £890, 287.10p; 351-400kgs – Dippen £1450, 383.60p; 401-450kgs – Percival £1060, 248.80p 451-500kgs – West Park £940, 203.90p; 501-550kgs- West Park £1040, 203.90p.

Prize list -  judged by T Miller, High Gameshill

Champion – Semple, Dippen 378kgs £1450

Reserve and Champion Autumn Born  - Simpson, Mains of Creuchie 478kgs £1120

Autumn Born Bullock

1st  Simpson, Mains of Creuchies 478kgs £1120

2nd  McDiarmed, Shenlarich 380kgs £950

3rd Chesthill Farms 500kg £1140

Autumn Born Heifer

1st McDiarmed, Shenlarich 380kg £890

Spring Born Bullock

1st Semple, Dippen 315kg £970

2nd Semple, Dippen 315kg £970

3rd  Shanry Farms 468kg £1110

Spring Born Heifer

1st Semple, Dippen 378kg £1450

2nd Dick, Westerton 310kg £890

Pen of 4 bullocks/heifers

1st Shany Farms 386kgs £1050 (Spring Born Char Bullocks)

2nd Simpson, Mains of Creuchie 381kgs £1010 (Autumn Born Lim Heifers)

3rd Simpson, Mains of Creuchie 404kgs £1040 (Autumn Born Lim Bullocks)

United Auctions (Monday 9th October 2017) had a catalogue entry of 5296 store and feeding sheep.


Store lambs:

BF lambs £34.16 (-2.80 on the week)

Mule £48.97 (-1.69 on the week)

Texel £55.36 (-2.08 on the week)

Cheviot £49.10 (-4.48 on the week)

Beltex £61.39 (-1.56 on the week)

Suffolk £55.78 (-3.68 on the week)

Leading prices:

Store Lambs -  Ragged Edge (Suff) £64.50; Balikinrain (BTex) 69.50; East Buchanty (Tex) £73.50; Clockan (Chev) £58.00; Aberarder (Mule) £55.50; Achnabat (BF) £55.50. 


United Auctions (Saturday 7th October 2017) had an entry of 1276 rams and ram lambs at their annual rendezvous sale. 

Top price in the Texel section was a Texel Ram Lamb which was realised at £1800 and equals the centre record sold by J Wight & Son, Midlock and sold to B Nicholson, Knock Farming.

Texel Shearling made £1200 twice, firstly sold by M Jack, Carriston to W Patterson, Golland and secondly from R Cockburn, Hill of Errol to S Durno, Croftbain

Beltex shearlings sold to a top of £1200 and £1150 from Isle Cottage to R Laird, East Dowally and C J Roots, Kilnford Croft.  

Top price TexelX Beltex made £1200 twice sold by Dalchirla Farms Ltd to J & A Robb, Westerhall, and Glenalmond Farms.

Top price Suffolk made £1000 for a shearling from Stewart of Kinnimouth bought by R I Dewar, Drumdowie

Top price Cheviot made £900 for a shearling from Philiphaugh Estate bought by I O Warren, Ballinaby

Top price BFL made £800 five times, twice form H Brown, Toxside selling to M Fletcher, Coates.  Twice again from  A Smellie, Posso selling to Cadogan Est and M Fletcher, Coates and finally from R A MCClymont, Kirkstead selling to L Steele, Liscleugh

Top price Lleyn made £700 for a shearling from Farmstock Genetics to A Smith, The Leys.

Click here for full sale report and flock averages


United Auctions (Thursday 05th October 2017) sold 5794 prime sheep including 4110 lambs selling to an average of 163.8ppk and 1684 ewes and rams. 

Spring lambs (4110) Doune Farms (Bel) £114; Victoria (Tex) £103; Pitkindie & Wester Middleton (Suff) £91; Easter Greenhill (X) £84.50; Keil (Char) £83; Langhill (Chev) £82.50; Easterton (Mule) £74.50. 

Spring Lambs (4110) Coilavoulin (Bel) 255p; Wester Ochtermuthill (Tex) 210p; Langhill (Chev) 186p; Goddens (Suff) 183p; Keil (Char) 178p; Easter Greenhill (X) 176p; Pitkevy (Mule) 161p. 

Ewes (1684)- Orchilmore (Tex) £100; Marigold (Suff) £84 (twice); Lilyburn (BFL) £81; Marigold (HB) £76.50; Easter Auchencarroch (Mule) £70; Auchentiber (Chev) £66; Auchnafree (BF) £38.50; Kirkton (BF) £38.50.

Tups – Blairfad (BFL) £86; Cochno (Tex) £84; Auldhouseburn (BF) £63.


United Auctions (Wednesday 4th October 2017) sold 1198 store cattle at their Show and Sale of Store Cattle, also 135 cast cows and forward cattle. 

Bullocks (711) -averaged 216.82p to 246.50ppk for a 432kg LimX from Balgray, and to £1340 for a 702kg BRBX from Wintemuir.

B&W Bullocks (30) - averaged 138.36p to 181.10ppk for a 497kg AYX from Low Drummore and to £900 for a 497kg AYX from Low Drummore.

Heifers (457) – averaged 204.29p to 257.40ppk for a 408kg LimX from Easter Greenhill, and to £1400 for a 692kg CHX from Midlock.

Cast Cows (99) - averaged 117.17p to 177.10ppk for an AAX from Quixwood, and to £1610 for a LimX from Wester Bonhard.

Dairy Cows (31) - averaged 93.62p to 126.20ppk for a HOX from Bandirran and to £1030 for a HOX from Bandirran.

Forward Cattle (5) -  averaged 108.94p to 136.00ppkg for a LimX from Walton, and to £955 for a LimX from Walton.  

Bullocks: 1-250kgs- Drumelzier £540, 217.7p; 251-300kgs- Drumelzier £590, 220.9p; 301-350kgs- Riccarton £775, 237.0p; 351-400kgs- Cumnock House £950, Castlehill 245.9p; 401-450kgs- Balgray £1065, 246.5p; 451-500kgs- Easter Greenhill £1190, 245.4p; 501-550kgs- Lochfield £1290, 238.6p; 551-600kgs – Gateside £1295, 224.0p; 601-650kgs- Blairfad £1200, 196.1p; 701-750kgs- Wintermuir £1340, 190.9p. 

Heifers: 301-350kg- Riccarton £740, 219.9p; 351-400kgs- Easter Greenhill £990, 255.2p; 401-450kgs- Midlock £1100, Easter Greenhill 257.4p; 451-500kgs- Balgray £1170, Ashkirktown 249.5p; 501-550kgs- Easter Greenhill £1260, 238.6p; 551-600kgs- Gateside £1120, Bughtknowes 198.2p; 601-650kgs- Wintermuir £1240, 204.6p; 651-700kgs- Midlock £1400, 202.3p; 701-750kgs- East Borland £900, 127.1p

OTM Cows: 

£ per head- West Bonhard (Lim) £1610; Mid Cambushinnie (CH) £1490; Mid Cambushinnie (AA) £1330; Woodhead of Aberdalgie (Sim) £1270; Wester Bonhard (BRB) £1150; South Hill of Dripps (Cont) £1070; Bandirran (HO) £1030.

PPK- Quixwood (AA) 177.10p; Wester Bonhard (Lim) 169.80p; Mid Cambushinnie (CH) 162.70p; Easter Greenhill (Cont) 152.80p; Smeaton Shaw (Sim) 150.30p; Wester Bonhard (BRB) 141.60p; Bandirran (HO) 126.20p.

OTM Bulls:

£ per head- Smeaton Shaw (BA) £1210; Quixwood (Lim) £1090. 

PPK- Smeaton Shaw (BA) 133.0p; Quixwood (Lim) 128.50p.

Prize List


1st – Paton, Easter Greenhill 486kg £1160

2nd – Nelson, Cuttlehill 416kg £960 

3rd – Nelson, Cuttlehill 410kg £920


1st – Paton, Easter Greenhill 528lg £1260

Pen of 4 Bullocks:

1st – Paton, Easter Greenhill 488kg £1130

Pen of 4 Heifers:

1st – Paton, Easter Greenhill 408kg £1050


United Auctions (Monday 2nd October 2017) had a catalogue entry of 11335 store and breeding sheep.


Store lambs:

BF lambs £36.96 (+0.43 on the week)

Suffolk £59.43 (+4.08 on the week)

Mule £50.66 (+3.27 on the week)

Texel £57.44 (+3.47 on the week)

Cheviot £52.58 (+10.43 on the week)

Beltex £62.95 (-5.20 on the week)

Leading prices:

Store Lambs -  South Ailey (Suff) £70.00; Outerston (Suff) 66.50; Monzie & Mill of Ardoch (BTex) £68.00; Glenearn (Tex) £69.00; Outerston (Tex) £66.50; Monzie (Chev) £57.00 & £55.00; Viola Cottage (Mule) £53.00; Knowes (Mule) £52.00; Dykes (BF) £50.00; Hillhead(BF) £49.00.

Ewe Lambs – Ronnachan (Tex) £65.00; Tullochan (Tex) £62.00; Rossieochill (Suff) £63.00 & £62.00; Drumnessie (Mule) £88.00 & £86.00; Gartincaber (Mule) £82.00.

Gimmers – Claish (Mule) £138.00; Mill of Ardoch (Mule) £130; Claish (Mule) £130.00; Kilwinnet (Tex) £150 & £125; Toxide (Chev) £145; South Park (Chev) £142; Sunnybraes (Chev) £132.

Stock Ewes- Gilston Bridge (Mule) £122.00; Forneth (Mule) £108; Borland (Tex) £115.00; Gilston Bridge (Tex) £100.00; Craigend (BF) £92.00 & £95.00


United Auctions (Saturday 30th September 2017) had 328 breeding cattle and a catalogue entry of 7941 at their annual sale of BF draft ewes and gimmers. Top price of the day went to E MacMillan, Lurg with a pen 10 gimmers realising at £480 per head to M/s Warren, Badachro. He also topped the ewe section at £310 with a pen of 25 purchased by M/s Brannigan, Co Tyrone. 


Windsole (Lim 2yo) £2400; Nairn Farms (AA 4 ½ yo) £2200

Heifers and Bull Calves

West Thomaston (BBX) £3100; The Ross (LimX) £3050; the Ross (ContX) £2900; Woodhead of Mailer (AAX) £2400; Porterstown (SimX) £1900 twice. 

Heifers and Heifer Calves

West Thomaston (LimX) £3700; Pitcairn (BPX) £2900; Chartershall (ContX) £2800; Chartershall (AAX) £2750; Parkhouse (BBX) £2500. 

Cows and Bull Calves

Pitcairn (LimX) £3050; Nairn Farms (AAX) £1700; Knock O Ronald (SimX) £1900; Pitcairn (BBX) £2200. 

Cows and Heifer Calves

Knock O Ronald (SimX) £2050; Kaemuir (AAX) £2000; Kilmux (HereX) £1750; Buchannan Street (LimX) £2000. 

In-Calf Cows

Knock O Ronald (AAX) £1500; Knock O Ronald (LimX ) £1300; Knock O Ronald (SimX) £1350; Knock O Ronald (ContX) £1200. 

Stock Cows and Calves

Classlochie (LimX &HCF) £4000 & £3500; Classlochie (BBX & BCF) £3600; Classlochie (BBX & HCF) £3300; Classlochie (LimX & BCF) £3300 & £3000.

Midfield (BBX & BCF) £1900; Midfield (LimX & BCF) £1900; Midfield (LimX & HCF) £1750; Midfield (ContX & HCF) £1600. 

Stock Bulls

Classlochie (BB)  £6400

Prize List

Heifers bred in S.Ireland

ContX heifer & Calf

1st McAllister, West Thomarston £3100

2nd McAllister, West Thomarston £2800 

CBF Trophy Overall Champion Irish

McAllister, West Thomarston £3100 

Home Bred Heifer & Calf

1st Malone, Pitcairn £3050

2nd McAllister, West Thomarston £2800 

Pair of Home bred heifers & calves

1st Malone, Pitcairn £2900, £2800

2nd Malone, Pitcairn £2500, £2500 

Overall Average ewes

Acc BF ewes £64.12 (-13.09 on the year)

Non Acc BF ewes 47.33 (-£34.33 on the year)

Acc BF gimmers £87.80 (-£15.76 on the year)

Non Acc BF gimmers £95.58 (-£41.92 on the year) 

Other Leading Prices

BF ewes

Dullator £102.00; Glenfernate & Rhodders £98.00; West Bracklinn £90.00 

BF gimmers

Nunnerie £320.00; Auchloy £310.00; Dalchirla £300.00; Connachan £260.00; Outerwards £240.00.


United Auctions (Monday 25th September 2017) sold 1198 suckled calves and also had forward 6310 store lambs and breeding sheep.

Bullocks (703) averaged 239.28p (+8.76p on the year) to 290.00p per kg for a 369kg LimX from Newton of Logierait and £1420 for a 554kg CharX from Ross Farms. 

Heifers (495) averaged 231.34p (+2.46p on the year) to 347.40p per kg for a 426kg LimX from Newton of Logierait, which also realised the top price of  £1480.  

Leading prices per head and per kg:

Bullocks: 302-351kgs- East Buchanty £910, 267.90p; 352-401kgs- Dykehead £1070, Newton of Logierait 290.00p; 402-451kgs – Headshaw £1170, Newton of Logierait 270.30p; 452-501kgs – Coilavoulin £1280, 271.60p;  502-551kgs – Ballechin Farms £1340, 246.30p;  552-601kgs – Ross Farms £1420, 256.30p; 602-651kgs – Newton of Logierait £1390, 230.90p.

Heifers: 252-301kgs- Low Tirfergus £690, 234.70p 302-351kgs – Coilavoulin £850, 247.10pp; 352-401kgs –Headshaw £1190, Low Dunashery 306.30p; 402-451kgs – Newton of Logierait £1480, 347.40p; 452-501kgs – Ballechin £1330, 286.60p 502-551kgs – Dippen £1380, 264.40p;  552-601kgs Newton of Logierait £1310, 229.80p.

Prize list judged by Mr J Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill.

Champion and winner of the Alexander Gibson Perpetual trophy and the Scottish and Northern Charolais Breeders Assoc Perpetual cup: DW Semple, Dippen 522kg £1380

Reserve Champion and winner of the Scottish Limousin Cattle Breeders Assoc salver for best Limousin calf: J Robertson & Co, Newton of Logierait, 426kg £1480

Char Bullock 

1st Ross Farms, Wester Middleton  554kgs £1420

2nd Monzie Farms   458kg   £1150

3rd DW Semple, Dippen   482kg   £1195

Char Heifer

1st DW Semple, Dippen  522kgs £1380

2nd DW Semple, Dippen  478kgs £1150

3rd DW Semple, Dippen  438kgs £1050

Lim Bullock 

1st  TA Hamilton, Bridge House 540kgs £1300

2nd J Robertson & Co, Newton of Logierait  450kgs £1130

3rd R Currie, Low Dunashery  434kg   £1130

Lim Heifer 

1st J Robertson & Co, Newton of Logierait 426gs £1480

2nd Ballechin Farms  464kg   £1430

3rd I Lammie Longhouse 430kg  £1110 

Any other breed Bullock

1st Pittentian Farming  402kgs £980

Pen of 4 bullocks 

1st  Ballechin Farms  544kgs £1340

2nd Ross Farms, Wester Middleton  557kgs £1280

3rd J Robertson & Co, Newton of Logierait 543kgs £1280

Pen of 4 heifers 

1st  Ross Farms, Wester Middleton 463kgs £1300

2nd Monzie Farms 437kg £1100

3rd Ballechin Farms 453kg £1230

McKerral Cup for Best Knapdale and Kintyre Calf: DW Semple, Dippen (Char Hfr) 522kgs £1380

H Davidson & Sons Cup best pen of 4 calves and winner of the Limousin Cattle Society voucher: Ballechin Farms 544kgs £1340

UA also had forward 6310 store lambs and breeding sheep.


BTexX - £68.15 (+11.83p) on the week

TexX - £54.02 (-0.57p) on the week

SuffX - £55.35 (-3.19p) on the week

Chev - £42.15 (-5.92) on the week

Mule - £47.39 (-4.88p) on the week

BF – £36.75 (-3.90) on the week

Leading prices

Store Lambs –  Balafark (BTex) £71.50; Ballikinrain (BTex) £64.00; Cruachan (Tex) £67.00; Outerston (Tex) £63; Kipperoch (Tex) £60.50; Gateside (Suff) £67.00; Rossieochill (Suff) £58.50; Herbertshaw (Suff) £58.50; Parbroath (Chev) £55.00; Outerston (Chev) £53.50; Rossieochill (Mule) £55.00; Malling (Mule) £53.50; Strathgarry & Middleton (Mule) £50.50; Lethanwater (BF) £45.00; Outerston & Arnburn (BF) £44.00; Fealar & Craighead (BF) £43.50.


United Auctions (Tuesday 19th September 2017) had a catalogue entry of 10052 breeding sheep.

Top price of the day in Scotch Mule section went to G Donald, North Deanhead for his Show Lamb realising £200 to K Dickson, Strewiebank. The Texels also topped at £200 for a pen of TexX Gimmers consigned by Dalchirla Farms and bought by Messrs Weir, Whitfield. 

Averages    Ewe Lambs

Scotch Mule Ewe Lambs £77.12 (-£5.78 on the year)

TexX Ewe Lambs £61.54

BF Ewe Lambs £57.24 (+£6.96 on the year)


Scotch Mule Gimmers £123.82 (-£11.51 on the year)

Chev/Mule Gimmers £139.93 

TexX Gimmers £120.91 (-£1.71 on the year)

Other Leading Prices

Ewe Lambs

Scotch Mules: North Denhead £136 +£128, Drumnessie £116, Brennanlea & Pitcairn £92; 

TexX: Drumheldric £85, Thomanean £72; 

BF: North Denhead £95, £80 West Glenalmond, East Bracklinn £78.


Scotch Mule: Duncairnie & Dreva £158, Woodhall £155, Croftintygan £152;

TexX: Dalchirla £170, Strathallan & Hill of Errol £152;

Chev/Mule: Sunnybraes £150, Lathockar Mains £135.

Stock Ewes

1 Crop: Dumyat £138, Wester Clunie & Shearerston £120;

2 Crop: Dumyat £135, Shearerston £124;

3 Crop: Dumyat £122,  Shearerston £95;

4 Crop: Doune Farms £94, Dumyat £92, Shearerston £84;

Stock Rams: Shearerston £260.

Individual flock averages and top prices



United Auctions (Monday 18th September 2017) had a catalogue entry of 7332 Store Lambs and Feeding Sheep.


BTexX - £56.32 (-5.83p) on the week

TexX - £54.59 (-2.61p) on the week

Mule - £52.27 (-0.11p) on the week

SuffX - £58.54 (-1.43p) on the week

Chev - £48.07 (-5.01) on the week

BF – £40.65 (-1.15) on the week

Leading prices

Store Lambs –  Yarlside (SuffX) £74.00; Wr Greenside (SuffX) £61.50; Drumnaghiner & Over Newton (SuffX) £59.00; Dell (BTexX)  £64.00; Newbigging (BTexX) £58.00; Yarlside (TexX) £78.00; Thomanean (TexX) £70.00; Campbeltown (TexX) £60.50; South Park (Mule) £61.00; Outerston (Mule) £60.00; Knowhead (Mule) £57.00; Cosyden (Chev) £56.00; Waterloo (Chev) £53.00; Hazelwood (Chev) £46.00; The Smiddy (BF) £55.50; South Park (BF) £50.50; Merkins (BF) £50.00.

Ewes- Hazelwood (TexX) £71.00; Glenkiln (BF) £37.00


United Auctions (Saturday 16th September 2017) had a catalogue entry of 870 rams and females. .

Centre record was smashed with a Blueface Leicester shearling consigned by J Pirie, Blarnavaid realising £5500 split between Messrs Shennan, Farden and McQuiston, Barnshangen.

Texel section was topped by Messrs D Strachan and son East Shawtonhill purchased by Monzie Farms at £1400.

Beltex Cross section sold to £1300 sold by Messrs More Townhead purchased by Cloquhart Farms.

Suffolk shearlings also made a centre record being realised £1300 sold by R Bryce Chalmerston purchased by N. Douglas Catslackburn.

Overall averages


Blueface Leicester £645.68 (+£44.04 on the year)

Texel £542.67 (+£26.30 on the year)

Suffolk £374 (-£50.19 on the year)

Beltex Cross £446.85 (-£160.29 on the year)

Ram lambs

Blueface Leicester £292.67 (+£21.38 on the year)

Texel  £338.28 (+£40.78 on the year)

Suffolk  £240 (+£52 on the year)

click here for full sale report and flock averages

Sale report by Zwartbles Sheep Society

Although the weather was fine and dry it acted against the ZSA Stirling sale as many potential buyers were kept at home harvesting. As a result, many of the show animals failed to meet their reserves. Included in these was the show champion, a very smart ewe lamb, Greystone Emblem from Mr A Baird and Ms M McLaren.

The sale topper was the first prize Aged Tup , Dyfi Adam a Beech Hay Tornado son bred by Miss S Rowlands, from Mr J Thorburn, Holmlea selling at 500gns to M J Clarke,East Tullyfergus, Alyth. This was followed at 420gns for the second prize ewe lamb, Torranyard Eliza, a February born lamb by Corrybrae Discovery out of the Brace Serena daughter Torranyard Carina from Mrs Lorraine Crum and purchased by G McCornick, Stewarton, Kirkinner, Newton Stewart. Mrs Crum also received the top price for the Flock ewes  at 200gns selling the Brace Serena daughter Torranyard Bethany to J Chapman, Skipton. Mrs Chapman then when on and bought the top price Gimmer at 400gns from M & J Simpson, Tardoes. This second prize gimmer was the Brimar Cuthbert daughter Billesley Dee-Berty bred by Mrs Murphy.

The next best male, pricewise, was the first prize tup lamb and reserve male champion Craigies Ee By Gum from Mr Stuart Craig. This Wallacetown Tristan son out of Eildon Hill Carisma going back to East Middle made 300gns, selling to K R Howman, Borland, Blairgowrie.

Thanks must go to our Judge for the day, Mrs R Megarell who travelled all the way from Northern Ireland , the inspectors and other helpers, the market and lastly all the new breeders and purchasers who helped to put a solid base on the trade.


Aged Tup (1) 500gns

Shearling Tups (2) 150gns

Tup Lambs (5) 158gns

Flock Ewes (4) 112gns

Gimmers (3) 266gns

Ewe Lambs (23) 152gns


United Auctions (Monday 11th September 2017) had forward 490 Lleyn sheep at their annual show and sale.

Judges Mr John Kingan and  Julie Robertson awarded Champion Females to H Goldie, South Bowerhouses for his pen of gimmers. 1st prize Ewe Lambs went to Farmstock Genetics and 1st prize Ram also awarded to Farmstock Genetics.

327 Lleyn Gimmers averaged £139.92, selling to £180 from F McGown, Incheoch.
125 Lleyn Ewe Lambs averaged £91.60, topping at £100 from Farmstock Genetics.
22 Lleyn Rams averaged £442.39, peaking at 700gns to H Goldie, South Bowerhouses. 

United Auctions (Monday 11th September 2017) had forward a catalogue entry of 9495 store lambs, breeding and feeding sheep.

SuffX lambs- £59.97  (-0.31) on the week
TexX lambs - £57.20  (-1.93) on the week
BTexX lambs- £62.15  (-1.39) on the week
Chev lambs - £53.09  (+1.23) on the week
Mule lambs - £52.38  (-4.74) on the week
BF lambs - £42.16  (-0.54) on the week 

Store Lambs:
Malling (Suff) £67.00; Dalmahoy (Suff) £66.00; Low Craigton (Suff) £63.50; Dykebrae (Tex) £73.00; Gartincaber (Tex) £71.00; Dalmahoy (Tex) 69.50; Newbigging (BTex) £66.00; Monzie (BTex) £62.00; Old House of Orchil (BTex) £58.00; Cloquhat (Chev) £61.50; Monzie (Chev) £58.00; Waterloo (Chev) £53.00; Shields (Mule) £57.50; Gartincaber (Mule) £55.50; East Laggan (Mule) £55.00; Todholes (BF) £64.00; Merkins (BF) £57.00; Haugh & Gartincaber (BF) £50.00.

Ewe lambs:
Ballikinrain (BTex) £77.00; Rossieochil (Suff) £80.00; Knowes (Suff) £78.00; Drumnaghinier (Suff) £68.00; Nicol Drive (Pure Tex) £135; Knowes (Tex) £110.00; Sundhope (Tex) £102; Wedderlie (Tex) £92.00; Auldallan (Chev/Mule) £108.00; Lathockar Mains (Chev/Mule) £100.00.


United Auctions (Monday 4th September 2017) had a catalogue entry of 9245 store lambs and feeding sheep including Blackface Wedder Show, ably Judged by Mr J Wyllie, Ladyurd and sponsored by Blackface Sheep Breeders Association.

Prize List 

1st prize went to M/s Bennie, Merkins and purchased by M/s Braes, Burnshot for a pen of 61 realising £66.50.

2nd M/s Malcom, Cromlix - £55.50

3rd M/s Fleming Shawhead - £50.50


BF - £42.78 (+0.32) on the week 

Mule - £57.12 (+3.39) on the week

SuffX - £60.28 (-1.71) on the week 

TexX - £59.13 (-0.09) on the week

BTexX - £63.54 (-3.72) on the week

ChevX - £51.86 (+1.38) on the week 

Leading Price 

Knowes (Suff) £78; Balliemenach (Suff) £75; Murdiston (Suff) £74; Monzie (BTex) £66.50; Overhill (BTex) £65; Wr Culbowie (BTex) £61.50; Balnacoole (Tex) £72; Lossit (Tex) £67.50; Bogside (Tex) £67; Tulchan Croft (Chev) £69.50; Wr Croachy (Chev) £64.50; Cosyden (Chev) £58.50; Campbeltown (Mule) £66.50; Wr Croachy (Mule) £64; Lands of Drumhead (Mule) £63; (BF Out With Prize List) - Spittalhill (BF) £56; Rashiehill (BF) £55; Drumachar (BF) £54


United Auctions (Saturday 2nd September)  had a catalogue entry of 10795 breeding sheep at their annual show and sale of Scotch Mule and Blackface ewe lambs.

The sale was sponsored by J Cooper & Co. Haulage Contractors, Gartocharn and was judged by Mr I Baxter, Home Farm Troup, who awarded the championship to D Gray, Drumnessie and went on to purchase them at £170 per head. 

Overall Averages

Acc Scotch Mule Ewe Lambs - £97.16 (+£1.28p on the year)

Non Acc Scotch Mule Ewe Lambs - £94.72 (-£1.19p on the year)

Acc Blackface Ewe Lambs - £73.69 (+£2.60p on the year)

Non Acc Blackface Ewe Lambs - £63.10 (-£7.66p on the year)

Click here for full sale report and flock averages

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