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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Thursday 22nd  February) sold 5069 prime sheep comprising 3307 old season lambs selling to an average of 210.23 ppkg and 1762 ewes and rams.

Old season lambs (3307)- Harviesmailing (Btex) £124; Balleny (Tex) £117.00, Drumdowie (Suff) £113.00; Wester Thomaston (Chev) £112; Penston (Char) £109.00; Burnhead (BF) £105; Kerry Cottage (Mule) £104.00; Philiphaugh (Chev/Mule) £104.

Old season lambs (3307)- Harviesmailing (Btex) 286p; Stanley (Tex) 249p; Woodhead of Aberdalgie (Chev) 247p; Woodhead of Aberdalgie (TexX) 245p; Ardtornish (Suff) 229p; Gilston (Chev/Mule) 221p; Redheugh (Char) 216p; West Lethans (BF) 214p; Kerry Cottage (Mule) 212p. 

Ewes (1762) Cherryfield (Tex) £144.00; Southfield (Suf) £118.00; Kinaldy (Chev) £100.00; Ardtornish (Mule ) £95.00; Cherryfield (BFL) £91.00; Philiphaugh (Chev/Mule) £88.00; Fullfordlees (BF) £75.00.

Rams - Southfield (Suff) £116.00; Ejay (Tex) £110.00; Redheugh (Cross) £110.00; High Mildovan (BFL) £89.00; High Mildovan (BTex) £83.00; Auchnafree (BF) £70.00 


United Auctions (Wednesday 21st February 2018) sold 1050 store cattle and young bulls, 126 cast cows and forward cattle and 1882 store and breeding sheep.  

Bullocks (561) -averaged 230.97p to 294.7ppk for a 308kg CHX from Ashmark, and to £1400 for a 718kg LimX from Balcaskie.

B&W Bullocks (50) - averaged 157.7p to 190.2ppk for a 418kg HOX from Meikle Camoquhill, and to £850 for a 574kg HFX from Easter Frew.  

Heifers (387) – averaged 225.85p to 266.4ppk for a 289kg CHX from Ashmark, and to £1340 for a 666kg CHX from Newmill of Castleton. 

Young Bulls (52) – averaged 203.4p to 253.5ppk for a SimX from Gateside, and to £1280 for a LimX from Drumtorber.

Beef Cows (91) - averaged 150.8p to 211.9ppk for a AAX from Burnside of Balhaldie and £1730 for a BRBX from Netherton. 

Dairy Cows (20) - averaged 114.52p to 140.4ppk for a HOX  from Claylands and to £895 for a HFX from High Branchal.  

Forward Cattle (15) - averaged 177.32p to 200.9ppk for a LimX from Hatton of Cargill and to £1370 for a LimX from Hatton of Cargill. 

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs- Cairncurran £560, 243.5p; 251-300kgs- Langbank of Balhaldie £780, 265.3p; 301-350kgs- Dalhanna Farming £940, Ashmark 294.7p; 351-400kgs- Winfield £1030; Ochiltree Place 266.4p; 401-450kgs- Boydston £1100; Milton 261.2p; 451-500kgs- Balnaguard £1250; Craigview 250.0p; 501-551kgs- Craigview £1250; Wray House 240.4p; 552-601kgs – Balcaskie Farms £1320; Auchenkiln 229.5p; 602-651kgs – Balcaskie Farms £1320, 214.3p; 652-701kgs – Myroch £1320; Balcaskie Farms 200.9p; 702-999kgs – Balcaskie Farms £1400, 195.0p 

Heifers: Up to 250kgs- Gateside £575; Barney Mains 243.2p; 251-300kg – Crailloch £780; Ashmark 266.4p; 301-350kg- Ashmark £860, 250.0p 351-400kgs- Ochiltree Place £950; Ashmark 252.8p; 401-450kgs- Balnaguard £1150; Nether Dalkeith 262.4p; 451-500kgs- Auchengarth £1200; Balnaguard 242.6p; 501-551kgs- Auchengarth £1225; Craigview 233.9p; 552-601kg- Auchengarth £1275, Gillmill 217.0p; 602-651kgs- Newmill of Castleton £1280, 209.2p; 652-701kgs- Newmill of Castleton £1340, 201.2p. 

Young Bulls: 351-400kgs- Knocknagael £800, 223.5p; 401-450kgs- Knocknagael £965, 229.7p; 451-500kgs- Knocknagael £950, 206.5p; 552-601kgs- Knocknagael £900, 159.0p; 602-651kgs- Drumforber £1280, 200.9p. 

OTM Cows: 

£ per head – Threeburnford (AA) £1170; Burnside of Balhaldie (BS) £1050; Netherton (BRB) £1730; Cairncurran (Her) £1030; Nochnary (Lim) £1150; North Balluderon (Sim) £1310; Craigend (Cont) £1210.  

PPK- Burnside of Balhadie (AA) 211.9p; Burnside of Balhaldie (BS) 200.6p; Netherton (BRB) 189.3p; Cairncurran (HER) 132.4p; Kenmuir (Lim) 195.3p; North Balluderon (Sim) 163.8p; Craigend (Cont) 151.3p. 

OTM Bulls:

£ per head- Threeburnford (AA) £1450; Shanry (CH) £1490; Redwells (Her) £1310; Mount (Lim) £1330; Drumsleed (Sim) £1710. 

PPK- Threeburn ford (AA) 153.0p; Shanry (CH) 118.1p; Redwells (Her) 180.4p; Mount (Lim) 183.7p; Drumsleed (Sim)195.2p.

United Auctions also sold 1882 store & breeding sheep.

Store Sheep

Whitehill (Suff) £77.00; Broadsheen (BTex) £71.00; The Green (Tex) £86.50; Stirches Mains (Char) £80.00; Bowleys (Cross) £96.00; Rigg (Mule) £85.50; Rhodders (BF) £69.50

Breeding sheep

2-3 crop Suff ewes, scanned 175% - £119 – East Mains

1-2 Crop BF ewes, scanned in-lamb to BFL £70 – Shepherds Cottage

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