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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Thursday 26th March 2015) sold 6282 prime sheep including 4825 lambs selling to an average of 179p/kg and 1457 ewes and rams.

Lambs (4825) – Ballechin (BTex) £103.00; Ballochneck (Tex) £94.50; Coulshill (Chev) £89.50; Easter Buchlyvie (Suff) £86.80; Dalbrack (Char) £86.00; Dalbrack (BF) £83.50; Dalbrack (Mule) £83.00. 

Lambs (4825) –Netherwood (BTex) 226p; Longfauld (Tex) 220p; Stanley (Chev) 211p; Ardtornish (Suff) 203p; Otter Est (Char) 198p; Glenfernate (BF) 186p; Craigalbert (Mule) 183p . 

Ewes (1457) – Netherton (Char) £151.00; Monzie (Chev) £149.00; Foodie (Tex) £143.00; Foodie (Suff) £129.00; Priestfield (HB) £110.50; Strone (X) £104.50; Strone (Mule) £100.50; Netherwood (BTex) £96.50; Chamberswells (BF) £91.50. 

Rams – Merkins (Tex) £132.50; Plains (BF) £109.00. 


United Auctions (Wednesday 25th March 2015) sold 1714 store cattle and 163 cast cows and forward cattle also forward 535 store and breeding sheep.

Bullocks (1055) - averaged 229.89p (-4.31p) to 303.30p per kg for a 244kg LimX from Bolfracks and £1380 for a 640kg SimX from Barbarafield.

B & W Bullocks (103) – averaged 169.07p (-6.18p) to 192.20p per kg for a 281kg HOX from Muirhead and £930 for a 593kg HOX from Drumbuie. 

Heifers (496) – averaged 227.79p (+1.60p) to 285.70p per kg for a 238kg AAX from West Park and £1380 for a 546kg ChX from Cuilt. 

Young Bulls (60)– averaged 226.51p to 273.20p per kg for a LimX from Gateside and £1210 for a SimX from Shawsmill. 

Cast Cows (143)– averaged 133.06p to 171.20p per kg for a LimX from Traprain and £1370 for a ContX from Blairmore. 

Forward Cattle (20) – averaged 161.76p to 195.80p per kg for a ChX from Dykes and £1410 for a ChX from Dykes. 

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs- Bolfracks £740, 303.30p 251-300kgs- Lude £800, Luss Est 295.00p 301-350kgs- Auchenflower £920, Graystale 278.10p 351-400kgs- Shacklehill £1000, 273.20p 401-450kgs- Easter Ochtermuthill £1140, Rowanhill 259.30p 451-500kgs- Gateside £1200, 247.90p 501-550kgs- Devon £1340, 260.70p 551-600kgs- Preston £1350, West Muirhouse 232.00p 601-650kgs –Barbarafield £1380, Victoria 221.00p 651-700kgs – Kilmux £1300, 196.40p 701kgs plus-  Netherton £1370, Netherton 190.80p.

Heifers: Up to 250kgs- West Park £680, 285.70p 251-300kgs- Gateside £765, 269.40p 301-350kg- Gateside £850, 264.00p 351-400kgs- North Baldutho £1000, 256.40p 401-450kgs- Berrylaw £1010, Letter 240.30p 451-500kgs- Midfield £1230, 246.00p 501-550kgs- Cuilt £1380, 252.70p 551-600kgs- Carlhurlie £1270, 213.10p 601-650kgs- Victoria £1270, 210.60p. 

Young Bulls: Up to 250kgs- Glenlyon £190, 101.10p 251-300kgs- Glenlyon £570, 202.80p 301-350kg- Gateside £855, 273.20p 351-400kgs- Ashfield £940, 253.40p 401-450kgs- Gateside £1010, Gateslack 247.50p 451-500kgs- Gateslack £1100, 232.10p 551-600kgs- East Merkland £1140, 206.10p 601-651kgs- Shawsmill £1210, 195.20p. 

OTM Cows: Blairmore (Cont) £1370, Ashkirktown 146.70p; Newhouse (AA) £1290, Holmbyre 159.40p; Badenheath (Sim) £1290, 168.80p; Traprain (Lim) £1270, 171.20p; Kilmux (Sal) £1170, 154.40p; Whitsome Laws (Cont) £1150, 139.90p; Meikle Camoquill (Mo) £1090, 139.70p; Middle Coldrain (Ch) £1070, Dykes 147.00p; Benchallum Est (Lui) £1070, 154.90p.

OTM Bulls: Teasses Est (Char) £1430, 129.80p; Garvald (Lim) £1330, Blairmore 183.20p; The Ferme (AA) £1230, 122.30p; Teasses Est (Sim) £1210, 176.40p

Also forward 535 store and breeding sheep

Leading Prices: 

Store Hoggs: Kippen Home Farm (Tex) £88.00; Lochty (Mule) £77.00; Lochty (Suff) £76.00; Drumloist (BF) £68.00; Craigalbert (X) £66.00. 

Breeding Sheep: Tex ewes with Twin Berrichon lambs at foot £178 Lamberton; Suff ewes with twin berrichon lambs at foot £173 Lamberton; Mule ewes with twin berrichon lambs at foot £170 Lamberton.


United Auctions (Wednesday 25th March 2015)  held their annual Perthshire & Fife Young Farmers Calf Wintering Competition with 44 calves in total being brought forward for show and sale. The competition ran from October through to March with the majority of the calves being owned for 149 days. Judge for the day was Mr I Sim, Kincraig Farm, Brechin.

Average Prices – 44 calves £1097 (+£17.50 on the year)

Bullocks (28) – averaged £1104

Heifers (16) – averaged £1085

Average Profit (44) £220

Prize list:


James Peters, Cuilt House, Crieff (Strathearn JAC) CharX hfr 546kgs £1380

Reserve Champion

Sandy Dawson, Devon Farm, Fife (Bell Baxter ADS) LimX blk 514kgs £1340

Best presented entry Perthshire

James Peters, Cuilt House, Crieff (Strathearn JAC) CharX hfr 546kgs £1380

Best animal from Perthshire (Ripercol Rosebowl)

James Peters, Cuilt House, Crieff (Strathearn JAC) CharX hfr 546kgs £1380

Best Animal from Fife & Kinross (Bayne & Wood Trophy)

Sandy Dawson, Devon Farm, Fife (Bell Baxter ADS) LimX blk 514kgs £1340

Animal showing best return from Fife & Kinross (Reekie Motor Trophy)

David Lawrie, Cuthill Towers, Milnathort (Kinross JAC) CharX hfr 514kgs £1220

Bullock showing best return on capital invested

1st L Mercer, Berrylaw (Strathearn JAC) £1170, 38%

1st Paul Rattray, West Park (Strathearn JAC) £1120, 38%

2nd Paul Rattray, West Park (Strahearn JAC) £1150, 37%

3rd S Rattray, West Park (Strathearn JAC) £1130, 36%

Heifer showing best return on capital invested

1st R Brown, Strageath (Strathearn JAC) £960, 60%

2nd James Peters, Cuilt farm, (Strathearn JAC) £1380, 53%

3rd C Mercer, Berrylaw (Strathearn JAC) £950, 38%

Best daily live weight gain in bullock classes

1st Michael Rattray, West Park (Strathearn JAC) 1.30kgs per day

2nd P Rattray, West Park (Strathearn JAC) 1.28kgs per day & I Thomson, Kinnaird (Strathearn JAC) 1.28kgs per day

3rd Ruth Brown, Strageath, (Strathearn JAC) 1.26kgs per day

Best daily live weight gain in heifer classes

1st James Peters, Cuilt, (Strathearn JAC) 1.32kgs per day.

2nd Ruth Brown, Strageath (Strathearn JAC) 1.14kgs per day.

3rd.John Penny, East Saucher (Strathearn JAC) 1.11kgs per day.

Haltered Heifer

1st James Peters, Cuilt House, Crieff (Strathearn JAC) CharX hfr 546kgs £1380

2nd Alexander Marshall, North Baldutho, (Aberfeldy & District JAC) LimX hfr 390kgs £1000

3rd Craig Drysdale, Kinnesswood (Kinross JAC) LimX hfr 534kgs £1190

Best Lightweight Heifer

1st Ruth Brown, Strageath (Strathearn JAC) LimX 382kgs £960

2nd Nick Andrew, Letter (Aberfeldy JAC) LimX 378kgs £950

3rd Louise Mercer, Berrylaw, (Strathearn JAC) LimX 426kgs £1010

Best Heavyweight Heifer

1st David Lawrie, Cuthill Towers, (Kinross JAC) CharX 514kgs £1220

2nd Angus Nelson, McBain Place (Kinross JAC) CharX 530kgs £1120

3rd John Penny, East Saucher (Strathearn JAC) CharX 504kgs £1160

Haltered Bullock

1st Callum McIntyre, Devol House (Kinross JAC) LimX 408kgs £1050

2nd A Marshall, North Baldutho (Aberfeldy) LimX 494kgs £1190

Best Lightweight Bullock 

1st James Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill (Strathearn JAC) LimX 440kgs £1140

2nd Paul Rattray, West Park (Strathearn JAC) LimX 490kgs £1120

3rd Sarah Rattray, West Park (Strathearn JAC) LimX 480kgs £1130

Best Mediumweight Bullock

1st Ian Cullens, Dollarbank (Kinross JAC) LimX 398kgs £970

2nd Michael Rattray, West Park (Strathearn JAC) CharX 498kgs £1190

3rd David Thomson, Kinnaird (Strathearn JAC) CharX 496kgs £1100

Best Heavyweight Bullock 

1st Sandy Dawson, Devon (Bell Baxter ADS) LimX 514kgs £1340

2nd Michael Sands, Milton (Carse of Gowrie JAC) LimX 496kgs £1090

3rd Jamie McLaren, Classlochie (Kinross JAC) LimX 500kgs £1140

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