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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Wednesday 29th March 2017) sold 2022 store and native bred cattle, young bulls also 156 cast cows and forward cattle and 708 store and breeding sheep.

Bullocks (1226) - averaged 228.66p to 294p per kg for a 253kg CHX from South Port O Spittal and £1360 for a 725kg SimX from High Currochtrie.

B & W Bullocks (71) – averaged 165.74p to 191.20p per kg for a 340kg AyrX from Stoopshill and £740 for a 489kg HFX from Nether Pratis. 

Heifers (668) – averaged 220.44p  to 263.90p per kg for a 269kg CHX from South Port O Spittal and £1300 for a 578kg CHX from Moolies.

Young Bulls (57) – averaged 202.43p to 226.40p per kg for a AAX from Titwood and £1090 for a SimX from South Slipperfield.

Cast Cows (146)– averaged 140.05p to 197.50p per kg for a LimX from Goddens and £1410 for a SimX from Binn. 

Dairy Cattle (16) – averaged 109.74p to 125.40p per kg for a BFX from Craigend and £995 for a HFX from Easter Greenhill.

Forward Cattle (8)- averaged 174.25p to 191ppk for a LimX from Clydeside and £1030 for a LimX from Clydeside.

Bullocks: 0-250kgs- Springfield £680, 290.6p 251-300kgs- Springfield £780, South Port O Spittal 294p 301-355kgs- Kirkland £885, South Flanders 268.4p 351-400kgs- The Hill  £1000, Hall 265.5p 401-450kgs- Longyester £1080, Derrie 247.5p 451-500kgs- Longyetser £1145, 240.1p 501-550kgs- Victoria £1285, Mains of Balhall 243.1p  551-600kgs –West Mains £1285, 231.9p 601-650kgs- Forneth Estate £1300, Victoria 212.6p 651-700kgs Cuttlehill £1300, 199.4p; 700kgs +  - High Currochtrie £1360, 187.6p   

Heifers: Up to 250kgs- South Port O Spittal £570, 254.5p 251-300kgs- Glenkiln £730, South Port O Spittal 263.9p 301-350kg- Auchenflower £850, Polquhairn 258.5p 351-400kgs- Longyester £950, 250p 401-450kgs- Upper Obney £1100, 243.9p 451-500kgs- Moolies £1160, 238.2p 501-550kgs- Moolies £1200, 233p 551-600kgs- Moolies £1300, 224.9p 601-650kgs- Couplaw £1290, 200.9p; 651kgs + Blairmore £1150, 173.7p

OTM Cows: 

£ per head- Binn (Sim) £1410; West Park, Aberfeldy (Lim) £1390; Quixwood (AA) £1390; Binn (BRB) £1390; Binn (Cont) £1270; Loaning  (SH) £1030 

Ppk – Goddens (Lim) 197.50p; West Park, Aberfeldy (BRB) 194.30p; Trowdale (Sim) 191.10p; Quixwood (AA) 175.10p; Binn (Cont) 150.50p; Loaning (SH) 135.90p.

OTM Bulls: 

£ per head –Aberdona Mains (CH) £1430; Longyester (HF) £1190; Quixwood (Sim) £1170; Rednock (Sal) £1130.  

Ppk – Rednock (Sal) 129.90p; Aberdona Mains (CH) 120.20p; Longyetser (HE) 107.20p; Quixwood (Sim) 105p

Store Hoggs; Deuchar  (Tex) £86.50; Cruachan (X) £65; Morenish (Mule) £65; Cherryfeild (Suff) £63.50; Glenfernate (BF) £61.50; Morenish (Swa) £48. 

Ewes with lambs at foot; Dalowie (TexX with twin lambs) £162, (TexX with single) £108, (SuffX with single) £129.


United Auctions (Thursday 23rd March 2017) sold 5882 prime sheep including 4336 hoggs selling to an average of 173.71ppk and 1546 ewes and rams 

Hoggs (4336)- Downan (Btex) £109;  Bordie (Tex) £96.50; Nether Migvie (Suff) £88.50; Coulshill (Chev) £89; Murray Place (Char) £82; Coulshill (Mule) £80;  Waterside (BF) £86

Hoggs (4336)- Downan (Btex) 234p; Mount Stewart (Tex) 218p;  Pitsundry (Suff) 194p; Calfward (Chev) 196p;  Murray Place (Char) 167p; Coates (Mule) 185p; West Bracklinn (BF) 195p 

Ewes (1546)-  Castle Cary Mill (Tex) £140; Garvald Mains (Suff) £117; Balkello (Btex) £109; Garvald Mains (HB) £103; Kinlock (Cross) £90; Garvald Mains (Chev) £88; Nisbet (Mule) £86.50; Bows (BF) £68; Doldy (Char) £65; Shannocher (BFL) £77; Tamsacre (Lleyn) £55. 

Tups – Mains of Callender (Hamp) £114; Castle Cary Mill (Tex) £99; Langfauld Steading (Lleyn) £79; Langfauld (Cross) £70. 

United Auctions, held their annual Perthshire & Fife & Kinross Young Farmers Calf Wintering Competition with 32 calves in total being brought forward for show and sale. The competition ran from October through to March with the majority of the calves being owned for 149 days. Judge for the day was Mr A Paul, Ballingall Mill, Leslie.  

Average Prices – 32 calves £1121.81 (+£117.81 on the year)   
Bullocks (23) – averaged £1104.35 
Heifers (9) – averaged £1153.33 
Average Profit (46) £267.18

 Overall Champion was a March born CharolaisX heifer scaling 448kgs from Miss Alison Peters (Strathearn JAC). The calf was purchased in October and bred by I Richardson, Upper Samieston realising £1300. This combination also won the Ripercol Rosebowl trophy for the best animal within Perthshire.

Reserve Champion went to Craig Drysdale (Kinross JAC) with a April born BrB bullock bred by M/s Templeton, Carslae selling to £1120.

Taking overall in the best return on capital invested was James Orr, (Bell Baxter ADS) with a LimX bullock bought for £200 and selling to £760 gaining a profit of 280%. Second in this class was Ruth Brown, (Strathearn JAC) with a Limx heifer bought for £680 and selling to £940 gaining a profit of 60%. Third in this class was James Orr (Bell Baxter ADS)

The daily live weight gain was won by Ruth Brown, (Strathearn JAC) with a March born Lim heifer, bred at Townhead. This reached a daily live weight gain of 1.34kgs and was later sold scaling 460kgs at £1090.  

 Prize list:

Alison Peters, Cuilt Farmhouse, (Strathearn JAC) Char hfr 448kgs £1300. 

Reserve Champion 
Craig Drysdale, Kinnesswood (Kinross JAC), Lim blk 440kgs £1120

 Best animal from Perthshire (Ripercol Rosebowl) 
Alison Peters, Cuilt Farmhouse, (Strathearn JAC) Char hfr 448kgs £1300. 

Best Animal from Fife & Kinross (Bayne & Wood Trophy) 
Craig Drysdale, Kinnesswood (Kinross JAC), Lim blk 440kgs £1120

Animal showing best return from Fife & Kinross (Reekie Trophy) 
James Orr, Foodie Farm, (Bell Baxter ADS), Lim blk 346kgs £760.

Animal showing best return on capital invested 
1st James Orr, Foodie, (Bell Baxter ADS), £760 280% 
2nd Ruth Brown, Strageath, (Strathearn JAC) £1090, 60% 
3rd James Orr, Foodie, (Bell Baxter ADS), £950, 52%

Best daily live weight gain 
1st Ruth Brown, Strageath (Strathearn JAC) 1.34kgs per day
2nd Paul Rattray, West Park (Strathearn JAC) 1.31kgs per day
3rd Isla Thomson, Kinnaird (Strathearn JAC) 1.30kgs per day

 Class 1 – Bullock 370-460kgs
1st Iain Redpath, East Pitcorthie (East Fife JAC) BrB 530kgs £1200 
2nd Sandy Dawson, Devon (Bell Baxter ADS) AA 572kgs £1270 
3rd Sandy Dawson, Devon (Bell Baxter ADS) AA 550kgs £1200

Class 2 – Bullock 320-360kgs 
1st Sarah Rattray, West Park (Strathearn JAC) Lim 536kgs £1190
2nd John Penny, East Saucher (Strathearn JAC) Lim 504 £1150 
3rd Michael Rattray, West Park (Strathearn JAC) Sim 488kgs £1140

Class 3 – Bullock 320-360kgs 
1st James Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill (Strathearn JAC) Lim 518kgs £1180 
2nd Nathan Boyne, West Kenknock (Aberfeldy JAC) Lim 514kgs £1150 
3rd John Penny, East Saucher (Strathearn JAC) BrB 494kgs £1160

Class 4 – Bullock 248-300kgs 
1st Craig Drysdale, Kinnesswood (Kinross JAC) Lim 440kgs £1120 
2nd Ishbel Taylor, Dall, (Aberfeldy JAC) Lim 462kgs £1080
3rd Ailsa Taylor, Dall, (Aberfeldy JAC) BrB 432kgs £1070

Class 5 – Heifer 301-380kgs 
1st Alexander Marshall, North Baldutho Farm (Aberfeldy JAC) Lim 448kgs £1280 
2nd Alexander Marshall, North Baldutho Farm (Aberfeldy JAC) Lim 430kgs £1280 
3rd James Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill (Strathearn JAC) Lim 504kgs £1180

Class 6 – Heifer 230-300kgs 
1st Isla Thomson, Kinnaird (Strathearn JAC) BrB 476kgs £1180 
2nd Ruth Brown, Strageath (Strathearn JAC) Lim 406kgs £1090 
3rd Ruth Brown, Strageath (Strathearn JAC) Char 446kgs £940

Haltered Heifer 
1st Alison Peters, Cuilt Farmhouse, (Strathearn JAC) Char hfr 448kgs £1300. 
2nd Craig Drysdale, Kinnesswood (Kinross JAC) Char hfr  370kgs £900

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