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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Wednesday 16th April 2014) sold 2001 store cattle, forward cattle and cast cows also 171 store sheep.

Bullocks (972) - averaged 235.02p (+2.53p) to 297.90p per kg for a 327kg CHX from Glenrath and £1280 for a 535kg CHX from Hatton of Newtyle.

Heifers (960) – averaged 222.40p (+0.36p) to 255.80p per kg for a 258kg CHX from Burn and £1400 for a 672kg LimX from Titwood. 

B&W Bullocks (68) – averaged 150.11p (-2.74p) to 182.70p per kg for a 394kg HOX from Dykehole and £820 for a 510kg BFX from Kirminnoch.

Forward Cattle (24) – averaged 162.03p to 179.80p per kg for a AAX from Southside and £1085 for a LimX from Drumoider.

Cast Cows (127)– averaged 132.77p to 187.50p per kg for a BSHX from Quixwood and £1410 for a SimX  from Traprain.

Bullocks; Up to 250kgs-Tomnagairn £700, 291.70p 251-300kgs- Tomnagairn £800, Netherthird 276.40p 301-350kgs- Glenrath £980, 297.90p 351-400kgs- Stobswood £1050, 277.80p 401-450kgs- Bonshawside £1110, Castlehill 265.50p 451-500kgs- Hatton of Newtyle £1160, 247.90p 501-550kgs- Hatton of Newtyle £1280, 239.30p 551-600kgs-Low Boydston £1260, 227.80p. 

Heifers; Up to 250kg- Bonshawside £570, 241.50p 251-300kgs-Threepwood £740, 255.80p 301-350kg-Pitcairlie £860, 251.50p 351-400kgs- Castlehill £940, 255.40p 401-450kgs- Stobswood £1040, 241.30p 451-500kgs- West Balmirmer £1140, 237.00p 501-550kgs- Hatton of Newtyle £1230, 237.90p 551-600kgs- Titwood £1400, 208.30p. 

OTM Cows – Traprain (Sim) £1410, 175.80p; Quixwood (BSH) £1410, 187.50p; Traprain (Lim) £1290, Quixwood 153.80p; Kinneil Mill (BRB) £1270, 159.90p; Quixwood (AA) £1250, 182.20p; Woodmill (CH) £1210, 152.00p; Woodmill (Sal) £1050, 131.60p.

OTM Bulls – Kinneil Mill (Lim) £1430, 181.50p.

Also forward 171 store hoggs and ewes with lambs at foot.

Store Hoggs; Moleigh (Tex) £70; Wester Ochtermuthill (Suff) £65; Rhodders (BF) £61; Auchensalt (BF) £57. 

Ewes with lambs; Mule gimmers with twin lambs at foot, £192, East Mains.

Broken Mouth Mule with twin lambs at foot, £170, Dykehole.

Correct Tex ewe with single lamb at foot, £146 East Mains.

Broken Mouth Ewe with single lamb at foot, £142 East Mains


United Auctions (Thursday 10th April 2014) sold 9342 Prime Sheep including 8467 hoggs, selling to an average of 200.34p/kg, 21 spring lambs and 854 ewes and rams.

Spring Lambs (21) – Old Medwyn (Suff) £122, Broadleys (Suff) £120 Hallhill (Suff) £118.

Spring Lambs (21) – Hallhill (Suff) 260p, Hallhill (Suff) 247p, Old Medwyn (Suff) 210p.

Hoggs (8405) – Easter Ochtermuthill (BTex) £120.00; Easter Ochtermuthil (Tex) £116.00; Newmains (Chev) £102.50; Boghall (Suff) £101.50; Balleny (X) £98.50; Upper Auchenlay (Char) £98.00; Burnshot (BF) £96; Croftgarry (BF) £96; Clunebeg (Mule) £95.

Hoggs (8405) – Luckenburn (Tex) 266p; Easter Ochtermuthill (BTex) 262p; Newmains (Chev) 242p; Monzie (X) 221p; Dowries (Mule) 220p; Hatton of Cargill (Suff) 217p; Croftgarry (BF) 213p; Dalbrack (Chev/Mule) 200p.

 Ewes (854) – Strathview (Tex) £138.50; Eastside (BF) £127.50; Hole o Clean (Chev) £126.50; Morvingston (Suff) £120.00; Easter Middleton (HB) £112.50; Craigend (Chev) £105.50; South Lodge (BTex) £98.50; Lowmuir (X) £94.50; South Flanders (Cont) £94.50; Hole o Clean (Chev/Mule) £94.50; Gateside of Broomhill (Zwar) £76.50; Bankhead (Jacob) £65.50.

Rams – Ejay (Tex) £144.50; Chalmerstone (Suff) £137.50; South Flanders (Cheviot) £122.50; Over Enoch (Hamp) £98.50; Derrie (BFL) £94.50; Dalbrack (BTex) £92.50; Kinaldy (X) £92.50. 

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