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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Wednesday 1st July 2015) sold 305 store cattle and 103 cast cows and forward cattle 

Bullocks (121) - averaged 248.43p to 293.40p per kg for a 217kg CHX from Dyke and £1440 for a 674kg BRBX from Baldastard.

B & W Bullocks (44) - averaged 181.87p to 188.80p per kg for a 400kg HOX from Muirhead and £1000 for a 585kg HOX from Bandirran.

Heifers (140) – averaged 234.19p to 252.90p per kg for a 340kg BRBX from Dyke and £1280 for a 618kg CharX from Berryhill.

Cast Cows (92)– averaged 125.87p to 191.10p per kg for a LimX from Graysdale and £1330 for a LimX from Graysdale. 

Forward Cattle (11) – averaged 164.49p to 203.20p per kg for a SimX from Bangour and £1290 or a SimX from Blackburn. 

Bullocks: up to 250kgs- West Park £800, 277.80p 251-300kgs- Scart £930, Dyke 293.40p 301-350kgs- Scart £1010, Dyke 277.80p 351-400kgs- Mid Knockglass £1150, 268.20p 401-450kgs- Mid Knockglass £1200, 261.10p 451-500kgs- Bandirran £1090, 212.90p 501-550kgs- Scart £1330, 222.40p 551-600kgs- Baldastard £1320, 208.50p 601-650kgs – Baldastard £1440, 213.60p. 

Heifers: Up to 250kgs- Overton £440, 205.60p 251-300kgs- West Park £690, 243.40p 301-350kg- Dyke £870, 252.90p 351-400kgs- Scart £975, 244.40p 401-450kgs- Garvald Mains £1090, 246.60p 451-500kgs- Garvald Mains £1230, t 245.50p 501-550kgs- Garvald Mains £1200, 235.80p 551-600kgs- Berryhill £1280, 207.10p.

OTM Cows: Graysdale (Lim) £1330, 191.10p; Blackburn (Sim) £1235, 158.70p; Kinclune (Sal) £1050, 153.30p; Traprain (BRB) £995, 142.10p; Garvald mains (AA) £935, Bangour 143.40p

OTM Bulls: Ashmere (BG) £1030, 167.20p; Castles Est £1090, 100.70p; Claylands £1030, 195.50p



United Auctions (Thursday 25th June 2015) sold 1741 prime sheep including 882 spring lambs averaging 153.0p/kg and 291 hoggs and 568 ewes and rams.

Spring Lambs (882) – Middle Coldrain (Tex) £84.00; Goddens (BTex) £83.50; Priestfield (Suff) £72.00.

Spring Lambs (882) –Goddens (BTex) 176p; Wester Mye (Tex) 172p; Blackcastle (Suff) 162p.

Ewes (548) – North Mains of Baldovan (Tex) £111.50; Catcune (Suff) £97.50; Fulfordlees (X) £89.50; Boorachbeg (Char) £83.50; Grange of Airlie (Mule) £73.50; Elmscleugh (BF) £68.50.

Rams (20) – Lochelbank (Tex) £157; Bangour (Cont) £137; Garvald Mains (Chev) £117


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