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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Wednesday 29 October 2014) sold 1719 store cattle and 280 cast cows and forward cattle. Also 3227 store lambs.

Bullocks (858) - averaged 224.57p (+4.15p) to 279.90p per kg for a 318kg LimX from Linnhead  and £1420 for a 642kg CHX from Ladybank.

B & W Bullocks (173) – averaged 152.88p (+13.56p) to 203.30p per kg for a 546kg HFX from Mafflat and £1110 for a 546kg HFX from Mafflat. 

Heifers (688) – averaged 212.98p (+1.19p) to 266.00p per kg for a 344kg CHX from Downfield and £1360 for a 630kg LimX from Harestonehill. 

Cast Cows (257)– averaged 111.27p to 194.40p per kg for a LimX from Auchenflower and £1330 for a BRBX from Graystale. 

Forward Cattle (23) – averaged 154.62p to 187.50p per kg for a AAX from Clydeside and £1490 for a AAX from Clydeside. 

Bullocks; Up to 250kgs- Sorn Mains £490, Kilervan 206.50p 251-300kgs- Downfield £825, 275.00p 301-350kgs- Linnhead £890, 279.90p 351-400kgs- Putechan £1030, 267.30p 401-450kgs- East Green £1160, Killelan 262.60p 451-500kgs- Bargany £1200, Upper Obney 255.50p 501-550kgs- Benthall £1260, Ladybank 248.00p 551-600kgs- Wolfhill £1410, 240.60p 601-650kgs- Ladybank £1420, 221.20p; 651-700kgs- Craigowmill £1390, 210.00p.

Heifers; Up to 250kgs-Drumoider £620, 254.10p 251-300kgs- Cathpair £680, 241.10p 301-350kg- Downfield £915, 266.00p 351-400kgs- Laighpark £910, 252.10p 401-450kgs- Upper Obney £1090, 244.40p 451-500kgs- Clydeside £1230, 246.00p 501-550kgs- Craigowmill £1170, Elmscleugh 227.10p 551-600kgs- Harestonehill £1320, 221.00p 601-650kgs – Harestonehill £1360, 216.00p

OTM Cows – Midlock (CH) £1370, 161.60p; Kinneil Mill (Lim) £1350, Carslae 192.70p; West Lethans (AA) £1190, 190.90p; Wester Lochgreen (BA) £1070, 155.30p;  Bangour (Sim) £1030, 152.60p.

OTM Bulls- Cairnbog (Lim) £1410, 171.50p; Balnabroich (Sim) £1090, 104.80p; Couston (CH) £935, South Ailey 95.20p.

Also forward 3227 store lambs. 


SuffX lambs £60.05 (-£3.04  on the week)

TexX lambs £60.08 (+£1.97 on the week)

Mule lambs £57.39 (+£3.73p on the week)

BF lambs £42.99 (-£2.71 on the week)

BTexX lambs £63.00 (-£2.47 on the week)

Char lambs £63.00

Leading prices; Dullator (TexX) £68.00; Ballinkinrain (BTexX) £65.00; Cleeves (TexX) £64.50; Ballochgair (TexX) £64.50; Balnabroich (SuffX) £63.50; Pendreich (CharX) £63.00; Nae Moor (CharX) £63.00; Drumnaghiner (Mule) £62.00; Boreland (Mule) £59.50; Gartincaber (Mule) £57.50; Knowehead (BF) £55.50; Achnabat (BF) £54.00; Seggiebank (BF) £53.50.


United Auctions (Monday 27th October 2014) sold 1893 suckled calves at their annual show and sale of suckled calves.

Bullocks (892) averaged 274.64p (-4.26p on yr) to 390.40p per kg for a 228kg BBX from Upper Samieston and £1120 for a 358kg CHX from Glenrath. 

Heifers (795) averaged 259.83p (+6.59p on yr) to 378.20p per kg for a 238kg CHX from Upper Samieston and £1010 for a 330kg LimX from Auchlin.  

Leading prices per head and per kg:

Up to 250kg – Upper Samieston £890, 390.40p; 251-300kgs – Glenrath £950, Low Tirefergus 350.00p; 301-350kgs – Gelston Castle £1030, Upper Samieston 328.90p; 351-400kgs –Glenrath £1120, 312.80p; 401-450kgs- Crailloch £1100, 270.90p;  451-500kgs – Nether Guelt £1040, 224.10p; 501-550kgs – Laight £1110, 215.10p.

Up to 250kg – Upper Samieston £900, 378.20p; 251-300kg – Brandleys £820, 299.20p; 301-350kgs – Auchlin £1010, 306.10p; 351-400kgs –Townhead of Arngibbon £920, Dykes 243.00p; 401-450kgs –Posso £920, Glenrath 220.90p; 451-500kgs; Posso £980, 209.40p

Prize list judged by Ian Cruickshank, Hatton Farm

Char Bullock Calf
1st Richardson, Upper Samieston; 298kgs, £900

Char Heifer Calf
1st Richardson, Upper Samieston; 238kgs, £900
2nd Richardson, Upper Samieston; 204kgs £670

Any Other Breed Bullock Calf
1st Richardson, Upper Samieston (BLimX); 304kgs £1000
2nd Richardson, Upper Samieston (BBX); 290kgs £850
3rd Richardson, Upper Samieston (BBX); 268kgs £800

Any Other Breed Heifer Calf
1st Smith, Barmurrie (LimX); 354kgs £830
2nd Smith, Barmurrie (LimX); 266kgs £670
3rd Smith, Barmurrie (LimX); 234kgs £590

Champion; Richardson, Upper Samieston; 304kgs £1000
Reserve; Richardson, Upper Samieston; 238kgs £900


Saturday 25th October 2014

United Auctions had forward 834 commercial beef breeding cattle and pedigree and commercial Luing stock at their annual October sale.

Bulls: Castlecary Mill (LimX) £2000

Bulling heifers
Southfield (LuingX) £1120 
Stobo Home Farm (AAX) £120
Beannie (SimX) £125
Southfield (SHX) £1080; £1020; £1000

In calf heifers
Graystale (LimX) £1850; £1820
Graystale (AAX) £1850; £1700; £1650
The Gall (SHX) £1220; £1200; £1180
The Gall (SimX) £1050; £1020; £1000
Dunalastair Est (HgdXSH) £1050.

Heifers and calves
Dunalastair Est (HgdXSH) hfr & (SHX) BCalf; £1650
Dunalastair Est (HgdXSH) hfr & (SHX) Hcalf; £1600; £1500
Little Kilchatten (LimX) hfr & twin Lim calves; £2700
Little Kilchatten (LimX) hfr & (Lim) BCalf; £2600
Howfold (LimX) hfr & (Lim) BCalf; £2500
Harehead (SimX) hfr & (Lim) BCalf; £2650; £2600
Jaw (SimX) hfr & (Sim) HCalf; £2550
Arnbathie BBX) hfr & (Lim) BCalf; £2600
Crosshouse (BBX) hfr & (Lim) HCalf; £2600, £2500
Little Kilchatten (LimX) hfr & (Lim) HCalf; £2650
Harehead (SimX) hfr & (Lim) HCalf; £2750; £2700
Wester Mye (BP) hfr & (Lim) BCalf; £2450
Aitkenhead (BP) hfr & (Lim) BCalf; £2400

Cows & Calves
Drochil Castle (AAX) cow & (SalerX) BCalf; £1800, £1700
Drochil Castle (AAX) cow & (SalerX) HCalf; £1650, £1600
Graystale (BBX) cow & (LimX) BCalf; £2500
Wester Boreland (BBX) cow & (CHX) BCalf; £2300
Wester Boreland (LimX) cow & (CHX) BCalf; £3000
Wester Boreland (LimX) cow & (CHX) HCalf; £2800, £2700
Kinneil Mill (LimX) cow & (LimX) HCalf; £2750
Drochil Castle (SimX) cow & (Saler) HCalf; £1500
Kinneil Mill (SimX) cow & (LimX) BCalf; £1450
Blackbank (AAX) cow & (CHX) BCalf; £1500
Blackbank (CHX) cow & (CHX) BCalf; £2000
Wester Borland (LimX) cow & (LimX) HCalf; £3200
Kinneil Mill (LimX) cow & (LimX) HCalf; £3200
Graystale (LimX) cow & (BBX) BCalf; £2650
Glenpark (SimX) cow & (CHX) BCalf; £2900
Barrahormaid (LimXSH) cow & (Lim) BCalf; £2000

In calf cows
Ballathie (AAX) cow I/C to CH £1300
Ballathie (AAX) cow I/C scanned twins £1580
Ballathie (LimX) cow I/C to CH £1300
Barrahormaid (AAX) cow I/C to CH £1650
Barrahormaid (LimX) cow I/C to Lim £1600, £1500
Barrahormaid (RP) cow I/C to Lim £1300

A special feature of the sale was the dispersal of the Glenturk herd of pedigree Limousin cows realising top prices of £4000, £3600 and £3100 for Limousin cows with Limousin heifer calves at foot.



United Auctions (Thursday 23rd October 2014) sold 6395 prime sheep including 5187 lambs selling to an average of 147.2p/kg and 1208 ewes and rams. 

Lambs (5187) –Harviesmailing (TexX) £83.50; Doune Farms (Btex) £79.50; Easterton (BTex) £79.50; Kirkkettle (Suff) £72; Little Raith (Char) £71.50; Garvald Mains (Chev) £68.00; Sauchrie Mains (Mule) £66.00; Knock O Ronald (BF) £63.50.

Lambs (5187) –Easterton (Btex) 188p; Lower Tarr (Tex) 178p; 7 Calgary (Chev) 166p; Halkerston (Suff) 164p; Braelenny (Mule) 157p; Penston (Char) 151p; Inverdunning (BF) 144p

Ewes (1190) – Kerry Cottage (Tex) £88.00; Cumnock House (TexX) £86.50; Chalmerstone (Suff) £84.00; Tullygarth (SuffX) £80.00; Upper Auchenlay (Char) £73.50; Darroch (Mule) £67.50; Knockderry (BF) £60.00.

Rams (17)- Upper Auchenlay (Char) £97.00; Chalmerstone (Suff) £87.00; Chalmerstone (Tex) £84.00; Achnamara (BF) £61.50.


Stirling Bull Sales

Monday 20 October
Aberdeen-Angus prize list
Beef Shorthorn prize list
Limousin prize list

Monday 21 October
Simmental prize list 
Charolais prize list


United Auctions (Monday 13 October 2014) sold 1766 suckled calves at their annual show and sale of suckled calves..

Bullocks (1024) averaged 266.57p (-9.69p) to 332.60p per kg for a 224kg CharX from Wester Coilechat and £1300 for a 462kg LimX from Monzie. 

Heifers (742) averaged 252.02p (+3.86p) to 350.50p per kg for a 438kg LimX from Monzie and £1500 for a 428kg  LimX from Monzie. 

Leading prices per head and per kg:

Up to 250kg –Kinlochmoidart £810, Wester Coiliechat 332.60p; 251-300kgs – Cairncurran £910, Waterside 329.50p; 301-350kgs – Ashmark £1060, Grove Farms 316.50p; 351-400kgs –Taiglim £1180, Auchentiber 308.50p; 401-450kgs – Mid Shawton £1190, High Unthank 274.30p;  451-500kgs – Monzie £1300, 281.40p; 501-550kgs – Nether Guelt £1140, 226.20p; 551-600kgs- Shenlarich £1210, 216.80p.

Up to 250kg –High Cairn £790, Ballygroggan 333.00p; 251-300kg – Polquhairn £860, Grove Farms 299.20; 301-350kgs – Dippen £950, 293.20p; 351-400kgs – Saddlebank £1010, Mains of Creuchies 258.10p; 401-450kgs – Monzie £1500, 350.50p 451-500kgs – Mains of Creuchies £1080, 233.30p.

Prize list judged by C Malone, Pitcairn

Autumn Born Bullock
1st Monzie Farms 462kgs £1300
2nd Mains of Creuchies 466kgs £1150
3rd Mains of Creuchies 462kgs £1150

Autumn Born Heifer
1st Monzie Farms 428kgs £1500
2nd Mains of Creuchies 406kgs £1040

Spring Born Bullock
1st Malcolm, Wester Coilechat 352kgs £930

Spring Born Heifer
1st Semple, Dippen 324kgs £950
2nd Semple, Dippen 360kgs £900
3rd Semple, Dippen 400kgs £950

Champion –Monzie Farms 462kgs £1300

Reserve  - Monzie Farms 428kgs £1500

Best Perth Calf – Monzie Farms 462kgs £1300

Pen of 4 Autumn bullocks/heifers
1st Simpson, Mains of Creuchies 433kgs £1160 (Bullocks)
2nd Semple, Dippen 384kgs £1120 (Bullocks)
3rd Simpson, Mains of Creuchie 421kgs £1050 (Heifers)

Pen of 4 Spring bullocks/heifers
1st Semple, Dippen 355kg £950
2nd Finlay, Waterside 347kgs £1130

Breeding sheep (1365); 

Mule Ewe Lambs; Assloss & Frandy Farmers £88. 

Mule Gimmers; Auchenrivoch £148; Coates £141.

Tex Gimmers; Newton of Crathie £130; Auchenfoyle £120.

1 crop Tex Ewes; Auchenfoyle £120.

2 crop Tex Ewes; Rettie Farming Co £148

Correct Mule Ewes; Auchenrivoch £96; South Flanders £92.

Correct Tex Ewes; South Flanders £98; Ballachraggan £81.


United Auctions, Stirling had forward 1345 rams and ram lambs at their annual Rendezvous  sale. 

Sale was topped by M/s Wood & Hunter, Dalchirla for a TexX Btex shearling purchased by Glenalmond Estate at £1700.  

Texel section sold to £1400 from Nevis Texels and was purchased by M/s Paterson, Golland Farm. 

Blueface Leicester section was topped at £1100 twice consigned by M/s Knox, North Balloch and M/s Struthers, Greenfield. 

The Beltex section was topped by M/s Stewart, Kinninmonth at £1300 and was purchased by Ballechin Farms. 

Click here for full sale report, numbers sold and averages 


Monday 6th October 2014

United Auctions had a catalogue entry of 8773 at their annual sale of Blackface breeding sheep. A centre record was set with a pen of 24 BF reg draft ewes consigned by E McMillan, Lurg and realised £700 to M/s Barclay, Harestone. Top in the gimmer section was a pen of 10 consigned by M/s Wood & Hunter, Dalchirla purchased at £620 by M/s Barclay, Harestone.


Overall BF ewes £73.65 (+£5.24 on the year)

Acc BF ewes £74.62 (+£4.39 on the year)

Non ACC BF ewes £72.46 (+£7.04 on the year)

Acc BF Gimmers £156.23 (+£44.00 on the year)

Non Acc BF Gimmers £132.88 (+£52.72 on the year)

NC Chev Ewes £82.38 (+£33.05 on the year)

NC Chev Gimmers £121.00 (-£6.02 on the year)

Leading Prices

Acc BF Draft Ewes; West Bracklinn £120, Cromlix £110, Cromlix £102, Glenfernate £102.

Non ACC BF Draft Ewes; Outerwards £160, Lurgan £118, North Amulree £100

Acc BF Gimmers; Dalchirla £620, £540, Remony, Glenfernate, Littleport, East Bracklinn £150, Rhodders £140.

Non Acc BF Gimmers; Lurg £340; Connachan £300; Outerwards £170.

Cheviot Draft Ewes; East Green £120, £110; Dullator £79, £77; Culcreugh £77 

Cheviot Gimmers; Sunnybraes £154, £150 Westhall £147, £134; Toxside £130 

BF Stock ewes 1 crop; Jerah £112, £108; Glentrummie £98; Sligrachan £80

BF Stock ewes 2 crop; Jerah £103, £102, Glentrummie £90

BF Stock ewes 3 crop; Jerah £93, Glentrummie £84

BF Stock ewes 4 crop: Jerah £84, Sligrachan £70.


Saturday 4th October 2014

Sale of Blackface rams and ram lambs

Top price ram lamb was £11000 from Dalchirla selling to Troloss and Connachan. 

Perth BF Ram Society Sale 
152 shearlings averaged £742
49 lambs averaged £504

Stirling BF Ram Lambs
167 ram lambs averaged £815
563 Shearlings averaged £729


United Auctions (Monday 29th September 2014) sold 927 suckled calves at their Perth show and sale and also had forward 7085 Scotch Mule & ContX breeding sheep at their 2nd ewe lamb stock sheep sale. 

Bullocks (523) averaged 244.3p (-27.5p on the year) to 275.8p per kg for a 475kg LimX from Newton of Logierait and £1400 for a 622 kg SimX from Prieston. 

Heifers (404) averaged 230.6p to (-6.8p on the year) to 524.2p per kg for a 496kg LimX from Coilavoulin and £2600 for a 496kg LimX from Coilavoulin. 

Leading prices per head and per kg:

Bullocks: 301-350kgs Lodgehill £850, Bridgehouse 251.5p; – 351-400kgs – Newton of Logierait £1040, 265.3p; 401-450kgs – Newton of Logierait £1200, Monzie Farm 267.7p; 451-500kgs – Newton of Logierait £1310, 275.8p; 501-550kgs – Monzie Farms £1370, 253.7p; 551-600kgs – Coilavoulin £1320, Monzie Farms 221.8p; 601-650kgs Prieston £1400, 225.1p

Heifers: 301-350kgs – Bridgehouse £800, 241pp; 351-400kgs –Headshaw £1010, Bridgehouse 275.3p; 401-450kgs – Ballechin £1230, Coilavoulin 283.7p; 451-500kgs – Coilavoulin £2600, 542.2p 501-550kgs – Ballechin Farms £1380, 273.3p; 551-600kgs Prieston £1310, 219.1p

Prize list judged by Eric Buchan, Glenisla.

Pen of 4 stots
1 Ballechin Farms £1300, 496kgs 
2 Monzie Farms £1190, 488kgs

Pen of 4 heifers
1 Ballechin Farm £1230, 451kgs
2 J Robertson, Newton of Logierait £1190, 430kgs

Pen of Lim calves
1 Ballechin Farms £1300, 496kgs

Single stot calf
1 Monzie Farms £1280, 478kgs
2 Monzie Farms £1330, 538kgs

Single heifer calf
1 W Stevenson, Coilavoulin £2600, 496kgs
2 Monzie Farms £1180, 432kgs

Champion Charolais calf – A Doig, East Buchanty £1260, 508kgs

Champion – Monzie Farms £1280, 473kgs

Reserve - W Stevenson, Coilavoulin £2600, 496kgs

Breeding sheep (7085) UA had forward 7085 Scotch Mule & ContX breeding sheep at their 2nd ewe lamb stock sheep sale.


Scotch Mule ewe lambs £82.16 (+£8.18 on yr)

Scotch Mule gimmers £139.56 (+£22.09 on yr)

Tex X Gimmers £119.50 (+7.60 on yr) 

Leading prices;

Scotch Mule Ewe Lambs: North Denhead £130, £108; Drumnessie £98; Dyke £95; Kingledores & Burnhead £94. 

TexX Ewe Lambs: Kerry Cottage £101

Scotch Mule Gimmers: Muirston & Drumtee £152, Inchie & Dounepark & Mains of Auchleuchries £150; Middlehill & Knocknaib £148,

TexX Gimmers: Drumtee £135; Cairnhill £130; Gillmeadowland £124

SuffX Gimmers: Balbedie £139

LleynX Gimmers: TorrieHouse £108

Scotch Mule Ewes 1 crop: Mains of Auchleuchries £132; Wester Bleaton £130; High Branchal £128

Scotch Mule Ewes 2 crop: Wester Bleaton & Mains of Auchleuchries £122

Scotch Mule Ewes 3-4 crop: West Lundie £107; Wester Bleaton £102; Mains of Auchleuchries £100

Scotch Mule Ewes Correct Below: West Lundie £92; Cretlevane & Lochend £90

LleynX Ewes: Barrahormid £82.81

Bealah: Barrahormid £77.72

ChevX Ewes 1 crop: High Branchal £122

ChevX Ewes 4 crop: Beannie £78; Blackbank £76


Saturday 27th September 2014

United Auctions had an entry of 47 lots at their special September sale of pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle. 

Top price was 3000gns for a 6 year old cow from Messrs A C Grant & Sons, Varis herd. The cow, Varis Proud Petra was a daughter of Curzon Entertainer and was sold with a male calf to Mr G Colville who is establishing a new herd in Newtonards, Northern Ireland. 

The Duns-based Cheeklaw herd belonging to David Lucas sold a heifer by Easton Greys Joseph Eric with its heifer calf at foot for 2500gns to Hugh Montgomery, Assloss. 

The Eastfield herd belonging to Messers Brewis sold Eastfield Fawnia L283 a three year old cow by Rawburn Rochester for 2500gns to Mr G Colville, Newtonards. 

Maiden heifers sold to 1800gns for Cherrybank Edwina for G & A McFadzean born in March 2013. She was purchased by J Howatson, Strutherhead Farm. 

Saturday 27th September 2014

United Auctions, Stirling held their September Sale of 312 Breeding Cattle

Bulling heifers Forestmill (SimX) £1440; Falside (LimX) £1180; Greenside (SHX) £980; Carse (ContX) £1080 

Heifers and bull calves Pitcairn (BP) £3300, £3000; West Thomaston (BBX) £3200; Chesthall (AA) £2700; The Ross (Irish LimX) £3000; West Thomaston (ContX) £2900

Heifers and heifer calves West Thomaston (BG) £3200; The Ross (Irish Lim) £2900 twice; Nocknary (ContX) £2850; Corscaplie (LimX) £2400; West Thomaston (BBX) £2850

Cows and bull calves West Thomaston (Lim) £2500; Airthrey Kerse (LimX) £1550 twice.

Cows with heifer calves West Thomaston (LimX) £3050; 14 West Gernish (Lim) £1750; 14 West Gernish (BP) £17

Prize list Judge W Peters, Monzie Farm

Class 1 ContX heifer and calf
1 J McAlister, West Thomaston £3200
2 M/s Mackie, The Ross £3500

Class 2 Any other breed heifer and calf
1 G Mackie, The Ross £2800
2 G Mackie, The Ross £2200

Pair of heifers and calves
1 G Mackie, The Ross £2400, £2200
2 G Mackie, The Ross £2900, £2200

Irish Champion J McAlister, West Thomaston £3200

Class 4 home bred heifer and calf
1 C Malone, Pitcairn £3000
2 C Malone, Pitcairn £3200

Class 5 pair of home bred heifers and calves
1 G Mackie, The Ross £3000, £2800
2 J McAlister, West Thomaston £2900, £2850


Friday 19th September 2014

Beltex Prize List
Zwartbles Prize List
Full Sale report and averages


Monday 8th September, United Auctions had 1607 sheep forward at their annual Cont X, breeding and stock ewe sale .

TexX Ewe lambs £91.58 (+£20.22 on the year)
TexX Gimmers £126.11 (+£11.19 on the year)
Chev/Mule Gimmers £139.57 (+£32.06 on the year)

Leading Prices Ewe Lambs:
Greenwall (TexX) £138, Greenwall (TexX) £118, Greenwall (TexX) £112; Wedderlie (TexX) £102; Greenwall (SuffX) £120. 

Leading Prices Gimmers;
Easton (TexX) £160, Braeminzon (TexX) £160, Oxhill (TexX) £155, Braeminzion (TexX) £150, Airthrey Kerse (TexX) £148; North Balloch (Chev/Mule) £168; Ashmore (Chev/Mule) £165; Ashmore (Chev/Mule) £156; Sunnybraes (Chev/Mule) £138.

Leading Prices Stock Ewes;
3 Plean Cottages (1&2 crop Mules) £135
Killernie (1 crop TexX) £125
Killernie (1 crop Chev) £120
Tops (1 crop TexX) £112


Monday 8th September 2014

United Auctions had forward 293 Lleyn females and 14 Lleyn tups at their annual Lleyn Sheep Society show and sale on Monday 8th September 2014. The show was judged by Becky Henderson, Nether Toucks.

Lleyn gimmers averaged £161.37 with champion pen of gimmers was awarded to J A & R Geldard, Low Foulshaw making £200 selling to JA Robertson & Partners, Mid Linthills.

2nd prize pen was gimmers went to D & J Alexander, Millside realising £180 also selling to JA Robertson & Partners, Mid Linthills.

LLeyn ewe lambs averaged £92.53 with 1st prize being given to Farmstock Genetics; 2nd Prize James K Goldie, South Bowerhouses; 3rd prize H Goldie, South Bowerhouses.

Lleyn tups averaged £487.50, James K Goldie, South Bowerhouses was awarded champion, Reserve champion tup went to Hamish Goldie, South Bowerhouses and 3rd place was given to Brian Walling, Farmstock Genetics. 

Top priced ram made 700gns and was presented by Mr Brian Walling, Farmstock Genetics. 


Monday 1st September 2014

United Auctions, Stirling had a catalogue entry of 10332 breeding sheep at their annual show and sale of Scotch Mule and Blackface ewe lambs.  The sale was sponsored by J Cooper & Co. Haulage Contractors, Gartocharn and was judged by Mr W Millar, Prieston Farm. 

A new centre record was set with a pen of 24 Mule ewe lambs consigned by D Gray, Drumnessie realising £170 per head to M/s C Smith, South Flanders. 

The Blackface section was topped with a pen of 20 consigned by M/s H A Blackwood, Auldhouseburn realising £165 purchased by J Pirie, Blarnavaid/ Auldmurroch.  

Click here for full sale report and flock averages 

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