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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

Saturday  30th August 2014

United Auctions, Stirling had forward 4569 at their annual show and sale of Scotch Mule Gimmers. Champion pen and winner of the Nan Miller Memorial Trophy was shown by M/s H & J Paterson & Sons, East Dykes and realised a centre record of £185 per head and purchased by the show judge Mr I MacDonald, Threepland. 

Prize list:

1st H & J Paterson, East Dykes £185

2nd D Gray, Drumnessie £176

3rd Lochty Farms £158

4th Duke of Montrose, Gartincaber £180

5th P J Laidlaw & Sons, Knowehead £165

Acc Scotch Mule gimmers  £161.66 (+£17.47 on the year)
Non Acc Scotch Mule gimmers £161.44 (+£4.85 on the year)
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United Auctions (Thursday 28th August 2014) sold 5906 prime sheep including 4334 lambs which averaged 159p/kg and 1572 ewes and rams. 

Lambs (4334) – Goddens (BTex) £88.00; Grassmainston (Tex) £88.00; South Flanders (Suff) £83; South Flanders (SuffX) £83; Cretlevane (SuffX) £82.50; Fisherton (Char) £72.50; Doune Farms (Mule) £68.00; Gartincaber £68.00; Uigle £63.50.

Lambs (4334) –Woodhead of Aberdagie (BTex) 189p; Victoria (Tex) 184p; Whitehill (TexX) 183p; Ballymenoch (Suff) 170p; Fisherton (Suff) 170p; Fisherton (Char) 168p; Hillhead (Char) 156p; Uigle (BF) 149p.

Ewes (1572) – Connachan (Tex) £138.50;  Brockholes (Suff) £94.50; Wester Middleton (HB) £93.50; Upper Auchenlay (BTex) £96.50; Upper Auchenlay (Char) £104.50; South Annan (X) £100.00; West Park (Chev) £85.50; Clunebeg (BFL) £84.50; Wester Middleton (Mule) £77.50; Derrie (BF) £62.50; West Park (Chev/Mule) £69.50.


United Auctions (Wednesday 27th August 2014) sold 1427 store cattle and 119 cast cows and forward cattle. Also 7966 store sheep

Bullocks (804) - averaged 216.76 p (-1.90p) to 260.90p per kg for a 276kg BAX from Drumelzier and £1540 for a 750kg CHX from Forest Farming.

B & W Bullocks (100) – averaged 142.48p (+0.05p) to 183.20p per kg for a 464kg HFX from Gartentruach and £850 for a 464kg HFX from Gartentruach. 

Heifers (508) – averaged 208.72p (-2.62p) to 241.80p per kg for a 273kg LimX from Brae Eynort and £1320 for a 606kg AAX from Trowdale. 

Young Bulls (15) – averaged 181.10p to 205.50p per kg for a SHX from Innerdunning and £1260 for a BSHX from Braes of Grandtully. 

Cast Cows (138)– averaged 129.09p to 179.00p per kg for a ParX from Drumelzier and £1370 for a AAX  from West Lethans.

Forward Cattle (10) - averaged 164.83p to 200.00p per kg for a AAX from Trowdale and £1230 for a SimX from Innerdunning.

Bullocks; Up to 250kgs- Brae Eynort £530, 259.80p 251-300kgs- Drumelzier £720, 260.90p 301-350kgs- Borland £850, Brae Eynort 252.40p 351-400kgs- Milton of Larg £930, Longyester 242.70p 401-450kgs- Little Kype £1055, 234.40p 451-500kgs- Millhouse £1160, 235.80p 501-550kgs- Graystale £1200, 234.80p 551-600kgs- Trowdale £1260, Gillmill 222.00p 601-650kgs- Barnhouse Bungalow £1310, Mollandhu 207.60p 651-700kgs- Mollandhu £1380, Mollinhillhead 207.60p 700kgs +; Forest Farming £1540, 205.30p.

Heifers; Up to 250kgs- Brae Eynort £490, 236.70p 251-300kgs- Brae Eynort £660, 241.80p 301-350kg- Dougall Est £790, Mailingsland 236.90p 351-400kgs- Dovecot £880, Daldorch 231.60p 401-450kgs- Flenders £1020, Dovecote 234.70p 451-500kgs- Longyester £1080, 218.20p 501-550kgs- Craigend £1150, 215.40p 551-600kgs- West Gormack £1200, Longyester 210.00p 601-650kgs; Trowdale £1320, 217.80p. 

Young Bulls; 251-300kgs- Gateside £670, 234.00p 301-350kg- Gateside £680, 198.80p 351-400kgs- Innerdunning £900, 205.50p 501-550kgs- Wester Balgair £1030, 190.00p 551-600kgs- Braes of Grantully £990, 176.80p 700kgs +;Braes of Grandtully £1260, 172.10p.

OTM Cows – Whitsome Laws (SD) £1370,155.70p; West Lethans (AA) £1370, Riccarton 148.50p; Drumelzier (Par) £1350, 179.00p; Invervack (Sim) £1330, Whitsome Laws 156.20p; Drumelzier (Lim) £1250, Lammerview 159.80p; South Brownhill (BA) £1250, 153.60p; Graystale (BB) £1190, 178.70p; Hood (Her) £1130, 128.10p; Traprain £1050, 162.00p; Drumelzier (BS) £1010, Glenkiln 137.40p

OTM Bulls- South Brownhill (BA) £1450, 129.20p; Longfauld (Lim) £1350, 129.31p; Inglewood (Sim) £1350, 127.12p; Mackiesmill (Char) £1310, 109.53p; Forneth Est (SD) £1240, 104.38p

Also forward 7966 store sheep


SuffX lambs £58.86 (+£1.09 on the week)

TexX lambs £57.79 (+£0.36 on the week)

Mule lambs £51.06 (-£2.66p on the week)

BF lambs £41.00 (+£3.00 on the week)

Btex lambs £60.80 (+£2.42 on the week)

Chev lambs £49.11 (+£3.88p on the week)

Leading prices; Drumaghiner (TexX) £70.00; Easter Greenhill (TexX) £66.50; Mount (TexX) £65; Glenhead (BtexX) £65.00; South Ailey (BTexX) £63.00; Bordland (BTexX) £62.00; Craighead & Knowehead (Mule) £55.50; Fechan (Mule) £54.50; Balgowan (Mule) £53.50; Knowes (SuffX) £69.00; Rossieochill (SuffX) £68.00; Drumaghiner (SuffX) £61.50; Torrie House (lleyn) £62.00; Culfargie (lleyn) £60.00; Knockendon (Chev) £59.50; Brae Eynort (Chev) £52.00; Hardridge (Chev) £50.00; Letar (BF) £52.00; Tullochan £49.50; Drumloist (BF) £47.00.

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