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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Thursday 26th February 2015) sold 4810 prime sheep including 3699 hoggs selling to an average of 182.53p/kg and 1111 ewes and rams. 

Lambs (3699) –  Nevis Texels (Tex) £150.00; Doune Farms (BTex) £100.00; Wester Forret (Suff) £93.00; Milton (Suff) £93.00; Forneth (Cha) £89.50; Abbey (Chev) £87.50; Pitsundry (BF) £85.00; Coulshill (Mule) £83.00. 

Lambs (3699) –Easter Ochtermuthill  (BTex) 224p; Longfauld (Tex) 211p; Overhillhouse (Chev) 206p; Hatton Farm (Suff) 202p; West Bracklinn (BF) 191p; South Park (Mule) 187p; Wardhead (Char) 187p.

Ewes (1063) – Gaurdbridge (Tex) £156.50; Torrax (Suff) £142.50; Balnaguard (X) £122.00; Old Cambus (Chev) £115.50; Ballinloan (HB) £107.50; Lynn (Mule) £105.50; Torrax (BTex) £102.50; Kilbucho Place (Leic) £100.50; Sauchrie Mains (BFL)  £95.50; Dalfoil (BF) £90.50.

Rams- (48) Howpark (Suff) £139.00; Daldravaig (Tex) £125.00.


United Auctions (Wednesday 25th February 2015) sold 2132 store cattle, young bulls and 171 cast cows and forward cattle also forward 1289 store and breeding sheep.

Bullocks (1159) - averaged 240.81p (-5.20p) to 323.70p per kg for a 241kg CHX from KIldalloig and £1500 for a 640kg LimX from Harestonehill.

B & W Bullocks (85) – averaged 172.42p (-6.89p) to 215.20p per kg for a 381kg BFX from Little Bennane and £1010 for a 559kg BFX from Balegreggan. 

Heifers (829) – averaged 232.18p (-3.12p) to 277.60p per kg for a 263kg SimX from High wexford and £1320 for a 572kg LimX from Ladybank. 

Young Bulls (59) – averaged 222.12p to 279.90p per kg for a SalX from Knockendale and £1440 for a CHX from Millhouse. 

Cast Cows (160)– averaged 125.32p to 182.80p per kg for a MoX from Meikle Camoquill and £1310 for a SimX from Whitsome Laws. 

Forward Cattle (11) – averaged 171.63p to 188.80p per kg for a SimX from Woodlands and £1310 for a AAX from Woodlands. 

Bullocks; Up to 250kgs- Kildalloig £780, 323.70p 251-300kgs- Kildalloig £855, 303.20p 301-350kgs- Upper Samieston £990, 300.90p 351-400kgs- Crookston £1080, Upper Samieston 275.40p 401-450kgs- Easter Greenhill £1160, Crookston 261.70p 451-500kgs- Thornyhills £1240, Easter Greenhill 261.00p 501-550kgs- Dunglass Home Farm £1280, Gateside 247.10p 551-600kgs- Balegreggan £1340, 231.80p 601-650kgs –Harestonehill £1500, 234.40p 651-700kgs –Oatridge College £1380, 197.70p. 

Heifers; Up to 250kgs- Boreland £600, Killdaloig 270.30p 251-300kgs- Kildalloig £855, 303.20p 301-350kg- Woodend £885, Upper Samieston 275.30p 351-400kgs- Edinbeg £970, Mid Cambushinnie 250.00p 401-450kgs- Cairnhouse £1080, Crookston 248.80p 451-500kgs- East Saucher £1170, 239.30p 501-550kgs- Neuk £1230, Edinbeg 236.40p 551-600kgs- Rosemount Cottage £1320, 230.80p 601-650kgs- Victoria £1290, 209.80p 651-700kgs- Victoria £1290, 192.00p.

Young Bulls; Up to 250kgs- Knockendale £645, 279.90p 251-300kgs- West Park £700, 270.30p 301-350kg- Mid Cambushinnie £740, Oaklea 228.60p 351-400kgs- Tillyrie £850, Wester Aldie 230.30p 451-500kgs- Gateslack £1130, 243.00p 551-600kgs- Airthrey Kerse £1100, 184.60p 601-650kgs- Parbroath £1300, 200.00p; 651-700kgs- Millhole £1440, 210.50p.

OTM Cows – Whitsome Laws (Sim) £1310, Muirsland 177.20p; Meikle Camoquill (Mo) £1210, 182.80p; Woodlands (AA) £1170, Little Inch 162.60p; Traprain (Lim) £1090, 168.80p; South Moorhouses (CH) £1090, 140.10p; Gaisland (BRB) £1010, Graystale 148.10p 

OTM Bulls- Upper kidston (BS) £1130, 108.90p; Rossbank (Lim) £1290, Over Kellie 128.20p.

Also forward 1289 store and breeding sheep

Leading Prices; 

Store Hoggs; Sauchrie Mains (Mule) £80.00; Westerhall (TexX) £75.00; Sauchrie Mains (Mule) £74.00; Ardlebank (SuffX) £73.00; Daleagles (BF) £72.50; Lude (Chev) £66.00.

Breeding Sheep; Lephinchapel (BTex) gimmers i/l twins to Btex £158; Culcreuch (Mule) gimmers i/l twins to Hamp £130; Lephinchapel (BFL) Gimmers i/l twins to BFL £128.00; Lephinchapel (BTex) ewes i/l twins to BTex £144.00; Culcreuch (Mule) ewes i/l to Hamp £124.00; Lephinchapel (BF) 5 yr old i/l to BFL £76.00.

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