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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Wednesday 12th October 2016) sold 2399 store cattle, native bred cattle, young bulls ,cast cows and forward cattle.

Bullocks (1604)- averaged 206.70p to 315.90p per kg for a 364kg CHX from Compstonend and £1450 for a 670kg AAX from Goddens.

B & W Bullocks (75)- averaged 130.20p to 143.10p per kg for a 531kg HFX from Hillend and £785 for a 550kg HFX from Croftjane. 

Heifers (720)- averaged 201.53p  to 241.00p per kg for a 444kg BRBX from Carslae and £1390 for a 762kg CHX from Midlock.

Cast Cows (136)- averaged 116.60p to 167.70ppk for a SimX from Eastoun and £1530 for a CHX from Balleny. 

Dairy Cows (17)- averaged 91.60p to 111.00p pk for a BFX from North Bankhead and £795 for a HFX from Nyadd.

Forward Cattle (13)- averaged 168.84p to 200.90p per kg for a LimX from Chartershall and £1370 for a LimX from Chartershall.

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs – Orchard £560, 224.00p 251-300kgs- Carslae £750, 265.0p; 301-350kgs- Carslae £870, 266.90p; 351-400kgs – Compostend £1150, 315.90p; 401-450kgs- Buteland £1090, 246.60p; 451-500kgs- Innerwick £1115, Humeston 237.10p; 501-550kgs-Compostend £1200, Castlehill 225.10p; 551-600kgs- Kirkkettle £1280, Elmscleugh 220.10p; 601-650kgs- Goddens £1340, 218.20p; 651-700kgs- Goddens £1450, 216.40p

Heifers: Up to 250kgs – Edinbeg £470, 195.80p 251-300kgs- Edinbeg £680, 233.40p; 301-350kgs- Carslae £765, 229.70p; 351-400kgs- Carslae £920, Buteland 237.60p; 401-450kgs- Carslae £1070, 241.0p; 451-500kgs- Midfield £1160, Buteland 235.80pp; 501-550kgs- Midfield £1170, 225.5p; 551-600kgs-  High Unthank £1230, 208.5p; 601-650kgs- Kirkettle £1280, 205.8p; 651-700kgs- West Lethans £1280, 195.00p; 701kgs plus- Midlock £1390, 182.00p.

OTM Cows: 

£ per head- Balleny (CH) £1530; Pardovan (Lim) £1510; Innerwick (Sim) £1410; The Ross (AA) £1170; Glenhead (Sal) £1110.

Ppk- Eastoun (Sim) 167.70p; Pardovan (Lim) 167.10p; Balleny (CH) 159.40p; Glenhead (Sal) 138.80p; The Ross (AA) 138.00p

OTM Bulls:

Nochnary (BRB) £1210; Craigens (Lim) £1130; South Cassingray (AA) £1110.

Nochnary (Lim 172.00p; Nochnary (BRB) 138.40p; South Cassingray (AA) 84.30p.


United Auctions (Monday 10th October 2016) sold 1822 suckled calves at their annual show and sale of suckled calves..

Bullocks (1093) averaged 251.90p to 316.90p per kg for a 284kg CHX from Auchlin and £1120 for a 444kg LimX from Mains of Creuchies. 

Heifers (729) averaged 232.14p to 273.10p per kg for a 271kg CHX from Grove Farms and £1080 for a 414kg CHX from Dippen. 

Leading prices per head and per kg:


Up to 250kg –Gribloch £700, 291.70p; 251-300kgs – Auchlin £900, 316.90p; 301-350kgs – Little Kilmory £960, Craig 293.70p; 351-400kgs – Shenlarich £1060, 277.60p; 401-450kgs – Mains of Creuchie £1120, Shanry 264.70p;  451-500kgs – Shanry £1110, 240.80p; 501-550kgs – Fullarton £1110, 215.10p.


Up to 250kg– Murdieston £600, Townhead 256.50p; 251-300kg – Dippen £760, Grove Farms 273.10; 301-350kgs – Dippen £905, Mid Shawton 271.60p; 351-400kgs – Percival £980, Taiglim 246.60p; 401-450kgs – Dippen £1080, 260.90p 451-500kgs – Mains of Creuchies £985, 210.00p; 501-550kgs- Coilavoulin £1190, 234.30p.

Prize list judged by C Malone, Pitcairn Farm

Champion – Semple, Dippen 414kgs £1080

Reserve  - Warnock, Mid Shawton 329kgs £880

Best Perth Calf – Simpson, Mains of Creuchie 420kgs £1080

Autumn Born Bullock

1st Semple, Dippen 352kgs £900

2nd Simpson, Mains of Creuchies 420kgs £1080

Autumn Born Heifer

1st Semple Dippen 414kgs £1080

Spring Born Bullock

1st Warnock, Mid Shawton 362kgs £840

2nd Semple, Dippen 352kgs £900

Spring Born Heifer

1st Warnock, Mid Shawton 329kgs £880 

2nd Semple, Dippen 350kgs £820

3rd Warnock, Mid Shawton 326kgs £800

Pen of 4 bullocks/heifers

1st Simpson, Mains of Creuchies 444kgs £1120 (bullocks)

2nd Shanry Farms 426kgs £1110 (bullocks)

3rd Simpson, Mains of Creuchie 436kgs £1020 (bullocks)

United Auctions also had forward a catalogue entry of (4663) store, breeding and feeding sheep. 


BTexX £68.09 (-0.11p on the week)

SuffX £64.99 (+£4.03 on the week)

Tex £61.00 (-0.77p on the week)

Mule £55.01 (-£1.48 on the week)

Chev £44.84 (-£6.69 on the week)

BF £43.97 (+£1.08 on the week)

Leading prices

Newton of Logierait (BTex) £75.00; Wester Ochtermuthill (BTex) £74.00; Kippen HF (BTex) £73.00; Strathnafanaig (TexX) £71.00; Todholes (TexX) £70.00; Rossieochil (SuffX) £70.00; Balikinrain (TexX) £69.00; Wester Jawcraig & East Buchanty (SuffX) £69.00; North Brownhill (mule) £65.50; Clochkan (Chev) £60.00; Ashfield (mule) £58.50; Redburn (mule) £56.50; Todholes (BF) £54.50; Lettre (BF) £51.00; Garvie (BF) £50.50.


United Auctions (Thursday 6th October 2016) sold 5777 prime sheep including 3996 lambs selling to an average of 162.16p and 1781 ewes and rams. 

Lambs (3996) – Easter Ochtermuthill (Btex) £100; West Park (Tex) £90; Old House of Orchil (Suff) £84.00; Lathrones (Char) £80; Doune Farms (Mule) £72; 22 Hollybush Rd (BF) £70.00

Lambs (3996) – Easter Ochtermuthill (Btex) 223p; Netherurd (Tex) 185p; Kilbucho Place (Suff) 172p; Lathrones (Char) 164p; Pitkevy (Mule) 151p; Glenmeran (BF) 165p. 

Ewes & Tups (1781)- Wester Blagair (Tex) £90.00; Baldovie (Suff) £72.00; South Brownhill (Mule) £66.00; Greenland (Chev) £67.00; Hillhead of Carriston (Chev/Mule) £67.00; Auchessan (BF) £55.00.

Tups (20) – Braendam (Tex) £102.00; Old House of Orchil (Suff) £98.00; West Lundie (BTex) £90.00; Mount (BF) £60.00; Braendam (LLy) £85.00. 


United Auctions (Monday 3rd October 2016) had forward 11567 store and breeding sheep.


Store lambs:

BF lambs £42.89 (-1.12 on the week)
Scotch Mule £56.49 (-1.06 on the week)
Suffolk £60.96 (-1.19 on the week)
Texel £61.77 (+2.19 on the week)
Cheviot £51.53 (-2.55 on the week)
Beltex £68.20 (-1.27 on the week)

Cheviot £130.32 (+38.46 on the year)
Mule £130.20 (+21.02 on the year)

Ewe lambs:
Scotch Mule £78.95 (+5.16 on the year)

Leading prices:

BF lambs: £56.50 Achnabatt; £49.00 Invervack; £48.50 Craigend

Mule £63.50 Coldoch; £63.00 Millglen; £61.00 Spittalhill

Suffolk £72.50 Violla Cottage; £70.00 Drumnaghinier & Kellie; £66.50 Dalmahoy

Texel £75.00 Newbigging; £73.50 Ronachan & Orchil; £72.00 Mill of Ardoch

Cheviot £58.50 Monzie; £55.00 Innerwick; £53.50 Fairview

Beltex  £85.00 Newton of Logierait; £78.00 Balafark; £75.50 Wester Ochtermuthill

Scotch Mule ewe lambs £101.00 Glenquey; £88.00 Drumtee; £82.00 Gartencaber

 Scotch Mule gimmers £148.00 Glenquey; £140.00 Clunebeg; £132.00 Oxhill

Texel gimmers £130.00 Mains of Pitgur; £122.00 Laighmuir

Cheviot gimmers £160.00 Sunnybraes; £154.00 Over Finlarg; £152.00 Westhall

Texel ewes £130.00 Drumharrow; £115.00 Mains of Pitgur; £112.00 Lower Welton

Mule ewes £118.00 Ballindalloch Moor; £112.00 Mains of Pitgur & Kippen Home Farm 


United Auctions had an entry of 1287 rams and ram lambs at their annual rendezvous sale on Saturday 1st October. 

Top price TexelXBeltex made £1600 sold by Dalchirla Farms Ltd to J Forbes, Clunebeg. 

Top price Cheviot was £1600 sold by A D Matthewson, Soutra to M/s Jordan, Moortown, Devon. 

The Texel section was topped at £1400 from J Buchan, Torrax and selling to M/s Wood and Son, Newton of Nydie. 

Top price Suffolk was £1000 from G Berwick, Barbarafield to M/s McArthur, Lossit. 

The BFL section was topped at £1000 for a ram lamb sold by A & J Adam, Newhouse of Glamis and bought by M/s McClymont, Kirkstead. 

Average Shearlings

Suffolk £374.48 (+£29.11 on the year)

LLeyn £216.49 (-£53.51 on the year)

Beltex £408.45 (+£56.34 on the year)

Texel £485.93 (£116.59 on the year)

Charollais £223.33 (-£73.03 on the year)

BFL £403.27 (+£84.24 on the year)

Cross £505.60 (+£84.24 on the year)

Ram Lambs

Suffolk £196.92 (-£24.85 on the year)

Texel £339.46 (+£93.83 on the year)

BFL £272.38 (+£30.24 on the year)

Cross £203.33 

Click here for full sale report and flock averages


United Auctions (Monday 26th September 20160 sold 707 suckled calves at their Perth show and sale and also had forward 5773 store lambs and feeding sheep.

Bullocks (410) averaged 233.50p (-7.1p on the year) to 272.90p per kg for a 370kg LimX from Coilavoulin and £1260 for a 552kg LimX from Monzie Farms. 

Heifers (297) averaged 235.90p to (+3.1p on the year) to 337.90p per kg for a 438kg LimX from Newton of Logierait and £1560 for a 548kg LimX from Pittentian.  

Leading prices per head and per kg:

Bullocks: 251-300kgs- Cloquhat Farms £710, 248.20p; 301-350kgs- Cloquhat £860, West Shawtonhill 253.00p; 351-400kgs – Newton of Logierait £1050, Coilavoulin 272.90p; 401-450kgs – Loanhead of Duchally £1110, 262.40p;  451-500kgs – Ballechin Farms £1190, Newton of Logierait 253.30p;  501-550kgs – Newton of Logiearit £1230, Ballechin 239.10p; 551-600kgs – Monzie Farms £1260, 228.30p.

Heifers: 251-300kgs- Cloquhat £650, 225.70p 301-350kgs – West Shawtonhill £830, Glenkilrie 242.20pp; 351-400kgs –Newton of Logierait £1050, Monzie Farms 267.40p; 401-450kgs – Newton of Logierait £1480, 337.90p; 451-500kgs – Newton of Logierait £1500, 313.80p 501-550kgs – Newton of Logierait £1560, Pittentian 284.70p;  551-600kgs Golland £1140, 202.10p. 

Prize list judged by Scott Watson, Carnoustie.

Champion – J Robertson & Co, Newton of Logierait £1500, 478kgs Reserve Champion - J Robertson & Co, Newton of Logierait £1480, 438kgs

Single stot calf

1st  Monzie Farms £1260, 552kgs

2nd J Robertson & Co, Newton of Logierait £1160, 458kgs 3rd Ballechin Farms £1210, 506kgs 

Single heifer calf

1st J Robertson & Co, Newton of Logierait £1500, 478kgs 2nd J Robertson & Co, Newton of Logierait £1480, 438kgs 3rd J Robertson & Co, Newton of Logierait £1150, 456kgs

Pen of 4 stots

1st Ballechin Farms £1190, 477kgs

2nd J Robertson & Co, Newton of Logierait £1150, 469kgs 3rd Monzie Farms £1170, 466kgs 

Pen of 4 heifers

1st Monzie Farms £1180, 456kgs

2nd J Robertson & Co, Newton of Logierait £1060, 421kgs 3rd J Robertson & Co, Newton of Logierait £1070, 419kgs 

Champion Pen of 4 Lim calves

Ballechin Farms (blks) £1190, 477kgs 

Champion Limousin Calf – J Robertson & Co, Newton of Logierait £1500, 478kgs Champion Charolais calf – Monzie Farms £1090, 472kgs

UA also had forward 5773 store lambs and feeding sheep.


BTexX £69.47 (+£3.03 on the week)

SuffX £62.15 (-£1.92 on the week)

TexX £59.58 (-£3.20 on the week)

Mule £57.55 (+£1.15p on the week)

ChevX £55.08 (+£3.23 on the week)

BF £44.01 (+0.57p on the week)

Leading Prices

Blairgorm (SuffX) £71.50; Culteuchar (BTexX) £70.50; Balvie (TexX) £70.00; Rossieochil (Suff) £68.00; Newbigging (BTexX) £67.00; Balirgorm (TexX) £65.50; Remony (TexX) £65.00; Birch Lane & Ballinluig (Suff) £64.50; Balirgorm (Mule) £63.00; Knowes, Craigbrock & Malling £62.50; Shields £62.00; West Deloraine (ChevX) £61.00; Tombreck (BF) £55.50; Wester Jawcraig (Chev) £55.00; Auchnafree (BF) £54.00; Leithen Water (BF) £53.50.


United Auctions (Saturday 24th September 2016) had 341 breeding cattle and a catalogue entry of 7492 at their annual sale of BF & Chev draft ewes, gimmers and stock ewes. Top in  the Blackface ewe section was a pen of 20 ewes consigned by E MacMillan, Lurg realising £580 per head and purchased jointly by O’Brannigan and Stroanbrack Farms Ltd, Co Tyrone. The gimmer section was topped by Dalchirla Farms Ltd selling a pen of 10 at £600 and purchased by C Phillips, Draperstown.

Bulling Heifers

Dalfask £1180 & £1080 (Sim) £1080; Henderston (SalX) £1000; Fallside (BLim) £1000; West Tarbrax (BB) £990.

Heifers and Calves

West Thomaston (BBX & HCF) £3700; West Thomaston (BBX & Lim BCF) £3400; West Thomaston (BBX & BCF) £3200; Pitcairn (LimX & HCF) £3150 & £3050; The Ross (ContX & BCF) £2800 & £2700; The Ross (ContX & HCF) £2750 & £2650; Crosshouse (LimX & AA BCF) £2700;Crosshouse (LimX & AAHCF) £2550 & £2450; Parkhouse (LimX & HCF) £2500 & £2400; Corscaplie (LimXFr & BCF) £2450 x3; West park (SimX & HCF) £2350. 

In Calf Cows & Heifers

Middleton (SimX) £1450, £1380, £1320; Derculich (SalX) £1400, £1250.

Cows and Calves 

Saddlebank (BBX & HCF) £2700 & £2650; Saddlebank (BBX cows & BCF) £2550 & £2150; Middleton (SimX & BCF) £2450; Derculich (SalX & BCF) £2400 & £2350 & £2300 & £2250; Dercullich (SalX & HCF) £2300 & £2250; Middleton (SimX & HCF) £2150 & £2100. 

Stock Bulls

Saddlebank (Lim) £4100; Derculich (Sim) £1800.

Prize List

Heifers bred in S.Ireland

ContX heifer & Calf

1st McAllister, West Thomarston £3200

2nd McAllister, West Thomarston £3700

Pair of Heifers with calves

1st McAllister, West Thomarston £3050, £2900.

CBF Trophy Overall Champion Irish 

McAllister, West Thomarston £3200

Home Bred Heifer & Calf 

1st Malone, Pitcairn £3150

2nd McAllister, West Thomarston £3400

Pair of Home bred heifers & calves 

1st Malone, Pitcairn £3000, £2900

2nd McFadzean, Woodhead of Mailer £2800, £2600


Overall Average ewes £79.50 (-+£11.57 on the year)

Acc BF ewes £77.21 (+£3.18 on the year)

Non Acc BF ewes £81.66 (+£20.86 on the year) 

Acc BF gimmers £103.56 (+£44.48 on the year) 

Non Acc BF gimmers £137.50 (+£40.64 on the year)

Other Leading Prices 

Acc BF ewes 

West Bracklinn £135, Glenfernate £114, Crosswoodhill £94

Non Acc BF ewes 

Glenrinnes Farms £108, Outerwards £98, North Amulree £92

Acc BF gimmers 

Glenfernate £150, Dall £150, Letar £132. Merkins £130

Non Acc BF gimmers 

Dalchirla £450 & £400, Lurg £380 & £220, Connachan £200, Dukes Road £180, Outerwards £135,


United Auctions (Tuesday 20 September 2016) had a catalogue entry of 8793 breeding sheep at their 2nd sale of Scotch Mule ewe lambs and gimmers also 2nd sale of BF ewe lambs

Top price of the day in Scotch Mule ewe lambs section went to G Donald, North Deanhead at £155 per head to Croy Cunningham Farms. The gimmer section topped at £180 from C M Reid, Borland, purchased by M/s Galbraith, Upper Kinneil. 


Scotch Mule Ewe lambs £82.90 (+£8.38 on the year)

Scotch Mule Gimmers £135.33 (+£29.05 on the year)

BF Ewe lambs £50.28 (-0.16p on the year)

TexX Gimmers £122.62 (+£41.86 on the year)

click here for full report and averages


United Auctions (Monday 19 September 2016) sold 1008 suckled calves at their first show and sale also forward 7322 store and feeding sheep.

Bullocks (711) averaged 227.55p (-5.75p on the year) to 278.30p per kg for a 424kg LimX from Low Dunashery and £1300 for a 600kg CHX from Wester Middleton.

Heifers (536) averaged 221.87p (-4.53p on the year) to 382.80p per kg for a 418kg LimX from Lawhead and £1600 for a 418kg LimX from Lawhead.

Prize list judged by John Graham, Mains of Burnbank 

Champion; M/s Orr & Partners, Lawhead 418kg £1600

Reserve Champion; R Currie, Low Dunashery 424kg £1180

Char Bullock 

1st Ross Farms, Wester Middleton  484kgs £1190

Char Heifer

1st DW Semple, Dippen  484kgs £1180

2nd Ross Farms, Wester Middleton 424kgs £1080

3rd Ross Farms, Wester Middleton 426kgs £1090

Lim Bullock 

1st  R Currie, Low Dunashery 424kgs £1180

2nd R Warnock, High Bent 338kgs 

3rd R Warnock, High Bent 428kgs £1090

Lim Heifer 

1st M/s Orr & Partners, Lawhead 418kgs £1600

2nd DW Semple, Dippen 446kgs £1100

3rd JJ & C MacCallum, Strathnafanaig 448kgs £1070

Any other breed Bullock

1st J McGarva, Nether Abington 578kgs £1260

2nd JJ & C MacCallum, Strathnafanaig 484kgs £1100

3rd JJ & C MacCallum, Strathnafanaig 416kgs £1080

Pen of 4 bullocks 

1st  Ross Farms, Wester Middleton 516kgs £1180

2nd J McGarva, Nether Abington 521kgs £1160

3rd Ross Farms, Wester Middleton 513kgs £1210

Pen of 4 heifers 

1st  Ross Farms, Wester Middleton 462kgs £1110

2nd Ross Farms, Wester Middleton 441kgs £1070

McKerral Cup for Best Knapdale and Kintyre Calf; R Currie, Low Dunashery (Lim blk) 424kgs £1180

H Davidson & Sons Cup best pen of 4 calves; Ross Farms, Wester Middleton 516kgs £1180

Leading prices per head and per kg:

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs- Killervan £530, 219.90p; 251-300kgs- Croy Cunningham £650, 239.00p; 301-350kgs- Low Dunashery £905, 264.60p; 351-400kgs – Middle Ballat £1000, Point 269.00p; 401-450kgs – Low Dunashery £1180, 278.30p; 451-500kgs – Wester Middleton £1190, 245.90p  501-550kgs –Wester Middleton £1210, 235.90p; 551-600kgs – Wester Middleton £1300, Nether Abington 218.00p.

Heifers: 251-300kg – Wester Borland £740, 246.70p; 301-350kgs – Gribloch £820, 233.60p; 351-400kgs – Low Dunashery £1000, 280.90p; 401-450kgs – Lawhead £1600, 382.80p; 451-500kgs – Dippen £1180, 243.80p, 501-550kgs – Macharioch £1070, 213.10p; 601-650kgs- Bridge House £1190, 196.40p.

United Auctions also had forward 7322 store lambs and feeding sheep.


BTexX lambs £66.44 (+£1.58p) on the week

TexX lambs £62.78 (-0.93p) on the week

Mule lambs £56.40 (-0.85p) on the week

Chev lambs £51.85 (-£4.29p) on the week

BF lambs £43.44 (+0.23p) on the week

SuffX lambs £64.07 (+£1.98) on the week

Leading Prices

Ballikinrain (BTex) £75.00; Monzie (BTexX) £73.00; Carroglen (BTexX) £72.00; Borenich (TexX) £71.00; Drumharrow (TexX) £70.50; Craigannet (TexX) £70.00; Toraston (Mule) £70.00; Arileod (ChevX) £70.00; Drumharrow & Outerston (SuffX) £66.50; Outerston (Mule) £65.50; Herbertshaw & Swallowbrae (Suff) £65.00; Old House of Orchil (Suff) £64.50; Newbigging (Mule) £63.50; Borenich (Chev) £63.00; Wester Jawcraig (Chev) £60.00; Smiddy Cottage & Merkins (BF) £58.00; Spittalhill £51.00; Killernie (BF) £50.00. 


United Auctions Stirling (Saturday 17th September 2016) had a catalogue entry of 1063 rams, ram lambs and Blue Leicester females at their annual ram sale. The top price of the day went to M/s Campbell, Claylands with a BFL shearling at £2,200 purchased by M/s Struthers, Gribloch. 

The Texel section was topped at £1100 consigned by R Close and purchased by A Armour, Lossit. 

The Beltex’s were topped at £950 from J Buchan, Torrax and bought by M/s Strachan, Shawtonhill. 

Suffolks were topped at £800 consigned by M/s Bryce, Chalmertone and purchased by R Allison, Lesserlin. 

Overall averages

Suffolk rams £424.19 (+£51.35 on the year)

Texel rams £516.37 (+£50.12 on the year)

BFL rams £601.64 (+£60.54 on the year)

Beltex rams £607.14 (+£85.89 on the year)

Suffolk ram lambs £188 (+£29.25 on the year)

BFL ram lambs £271.92 (+£37.48 on the year) 

Texel ram lambs £297.50 (+£86.39 on the year) 

Full sale report and averages


United Auctions (Monday 12th September 2016) had forward a catalogue entry of 11467 store lambs, breeding and feeding.


SuffX las - £62.09 (-2.80) on the week

TexX las - £63.71- (63.71) on the week

BTexX las- £64.86 (-0.06) on the week

Chev las - £58.14 (+2.53) on the week

Mule las - £57.25 (-1.40) on the week

BF - £43.21 (-2.19) on the week

Ewe Lambs

SuffX las - £72.77 (+6.76) on the year

TexX las - £80.04 (+5.61) on the year

Chev/Mule - £68.00

Leading Prices

Store Lambs:

Low Craigton (SuffX) £66.50; Easter Lumbennie (SuffX) £65.00; Malling (SuffX) £64.50; Auldhall (TexX) £75; Drumla (TexX) £71.50; Knowhead (TexX) £70.50; Shenlarich & Hillhead (BTexX) £70.50; Craigannet (BTexX) £68; Auchenflower (BTexX) £67.00; Craigbarnet Mains (CharX) £68.50; Wester Cloquhat (Chev) £64; Parbroath (Chev) £63.50; Lude (Chev) £63; Dalfoil (Mule) £64.50; Over Newton (Mule) £62.50; Hillhead (Mule) £60.50; Millhouse (BF) £65.00; Todholes (BF) £57.00; Merkins & Glencorse (BF) £55.00.

Ewe Lambs: 

Knowes (SuffX) £92.00; Rossieochill (SuffX) £82.00; Low Craigton (SuffX) £78.00; Wedderlie (TexX) £118.00; Bankfoot (TexX) £102.00; East Laggan (TexX) £85.00; Sunhope (Chev/Mule) £88.00.

Also sold were 963 gimmers and stock ewes and breeding tups. Texel Gimmers sold to a top of £240 from J Allison, Easton.


TexX - £172 – Kirkhill

Chev/Mule - £145 – Sunnybrae

Mule- £136 – Saddlebank

Stock Ewes:

Tex - £140 twice– Kirkhill (1 Crop)

Tex – £128 – Kirkhill (2 Crop)

Mule - £122 – Saddlebank (2 Crop)

Mule - £116 – Saddlebank (1 Crop)

Tex - £110 – Kirkhill (Reg ages)


United Auctions Stirling (12th September 2016) had forward 545 Lleyn females and 32 Lleyn tups at their annual show and sale.

The show was judged by John Blakey, Netherton Northside, Thropton, Morpeth.

Lleyn gimmers averaged £160.45

Ewe lambs averaged £99.41.

Champion pen of gimmers being awarded to John Harrison, Lockerbie selling to £165 to Carmont Valley Livestock. Second place was awarded to J A & R G Eldard making £270 to M Anderson Farming. 

1st place pen of Ewe lambs were awarded to J Graham & Sons, Greenshields selling to £110 to Urquhart, Soutra. The second place pen went to Farmstock Genetics and sold for £110 to Younger, Old Leckie.

Lleyn Tups averaged £456.25

Champion was awarded to W G Henderson, Nether Toucks and sold for 550gns. 

Reserve champion was from M/s Johnson, Bensfield and was sold for 800gns.

Top price tups 

R Johnston, Bensfield 800gns

Laga Farms 700gns

R Johnston, Bensfield 650gns 


United Auctions (Wednesday 7th September 2016) sold 1197 store cattle also 157 cast cows and forward cattle.

Bullocks (669)- averaged 216.37p to 260.00p per kg for a 325kg LimX from Easterton and £1310 for a 621kg AAX from Balgreggie.

B & W Bullocks (173)- averaged 143.76p to 162.80p per kg for a 470kg BFX from Midhouse and £860 for a 546kg BFX from Balegreggan. 

Heifers (455)- averaged 211.98p  to 261.20p per kg for a 356kg CHX from Pokellyhill and £1270 for a 574kg LimX from Bencloich.

Cast Cows (112)- averaged 129.84p to 188.30ppk for a LimX from Newton of Logierait and £1350 for a LimX from Newton of Logierait. 

Dairy Cows (11)- averaged 100.05p to 119.20ppk for a BFX from East Bangour and £895 for a BFX from East Bangour.

Forward Cattle (6)- averaged 156.90p to 197.70p per kg for an AAX from Wester Culbowie and £1230 for an AAX from Wester Culbowie.

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs- Balnagleck £265, 123.30p; 251-300kgs- Poltalloch £740, 250.00p; 301-350kgs- Matinley Farms £910, Easterton 260.00p; 351-400kgs – Poltalloch £970, Ashfield 251.40p; 401-450kgs- Succothmore £1110, Drumtee 248.20p; 451-500kgs- Cowans £1120, 237.30p; 501-550kgs-Glenartney £1225, West Flakefield 235.10p; 551-600kgs- Bencloich £1230, Balgreggie 218.50p; 601-650kgs- Balgreggie £1310, Glenartney 215.50p.

Heifers: Up to 250kgs- Pokellyhill £440, 203.70p; 251-300kgs- Drumoider £680, 237.80p; 301-350kgs- Nether Dalkeith £840, 252.30p; 351-400kgs- Laighpark £990, Pokellyhill 261.20p; 401-450kgs- Ladybank £1050, Succothmore 234.10p; 451-500kgs- Ladybank £1160, Laighpark 243.40p; 501-550kgs- Sandilands £1160, 228.80p; 551-600kgs- Bencloich £1270, 221.30p; 601-650kgs- Crookedstonemuir £1160, 190.80p.

OTM Cows: 

£ per head- Newton of Logierait (Lim) £1350; Carwood (CH) £1330; Graystale (Sim) £1210; Carwood (SD) £1130; Muirsland (Cont) £1070; Golland (STX) £1050; Pokellyhill (AA) £985.

Ppk- Newton of Logierait (Lim) 188.30p; Carwood (CH) 158.00p; Carwood (SD) 157.80p; Forneth (SH) 155.40p; Muirsland (Cont) 151.60p; Golland (STX) 146.60p; Forneth (Sim) 145.80p; Pokellyhill (AA) 132.40p.


United Auctions (Monday 5th September 2016) had forward 10444 store lambs and feeding sheep including Blackface store lamb show. Judges by A Coventry, New Barns and sponsored by Blackface Sheep Breeders Association.

1st prize M/s Bennie, Merkins and purchased by M/s Braes, Burnshot for a pen of 44 realising £68.

2nd M/s McClymont, Kirkstead - £66.50

3rd M/s Malcom, Cromlix - £66


BF - £45.40 (+1.97) on the week 

BTexX - £64.92 (-0.90) on the week

SuffX - £64.89 (+2.37) on the week 

TexX - £62.54 (+1.18) on the week

ChevX - £55.61 (-0.68) on the week

Mule - £58.65 (+2.53) on the week 

Leading Price 

Monzie (BTexX) £71.50; Greenhill (BTexX) £68.00; Topps (BTexX) £65.50; Ballymenach (SuffX) £79.00; Knowes (SuffX) £77.00; Auchenhew (SuffX) £70.00; Ronnachan, Lenamhor & Island View (TexX) £73.00; Monzie (TexX) £71.00; Ballochgraggan (TexX) £70.50; Craigannet (ChevX) £67.50; Monzie (ChevX) £65.00; Rossieochil (ChevX) £62; Ballymenach (Mule) £63.50; Sheddock (Mule) £63.00; Lossit (Mule) £62.00.


United Auctions (Saturday 3rd September 2016) had a catalogue entry of 10548 breeding sheep at their annual show and sale of Scotch Mule and Blackface ewe lambs.  The sale was sponsored by J Cooper & Co. Haulage Contractors, Gartocharn and was judged by Mr A Sim, Parks of Aldie who awarded the championship to D Gray, Drumnessie and realised £168 per head. These were purchased by Mr G Smith, Towiemore. 

Overall Averages:

Acc Scotch Mule ewe lambs £95.88 (+£7.67 on the year)

NonAcc Scotch Mule ewe lambs £95.61 (+£7.79 on the year)

Acc Blackface ewe lambs £71.09 (+£13.48 on the year)

Non Acc Blackface ewe lambs £70.76 (+£6.24 on the year)

Click here for full sale report including prize list and flock averages 

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