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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Thursday 21st August 2014) sold 4309 prime sheep including 3212 lambs which averaged 158p/kg and 1097 ewes and rams. 

Beltex prime lamb show was judged by Mr Robert Lawson. The champion was awarded to D Rattray Livestock, West Park realising £81.00, Reserve Champion came from Messrs Kirk, Oatfield making £75.00.

Lambs (3212) – West Park (Tex) £87.00; Luckenburn (Btex) £84.00; Cretlevane (Suff) £80; Mill of Ardoch (SuffX) £80; Golland (TexX) £77.50; Doune Farms (Mule) £71.00; Shanry (Char) £70.00; Lothian Hill Farmers £57.50.

Lambs (3212) –West Park (BTex) 179p; Golland (Tex) 177p; Wester Middleton (TexX) 175p; Daldorn (Suff) 172p; Auchlinn (SuffX) 171p; Kipperoch (Mule) 160p; Shanry (Char) 159p. 

Ewes (1097) – Newton of Collessie (Suff) £97.50; Wester Newburn (Tex) £89.00; Shanry (Chev/Mule) £86.50; Harley Seeds (Cont) £83.50; Wester Middleton (HB) £83.50; Drumharrow (BTex) £78.50; Wester Newburn (Mule) £71.50; Ashfield (Char) £71.50; Lettre (BF) £55.50.

Rams – Outerston (Tex) £77.50; Outerston (Suff) £63.50; Crossiebeg (BF) £54.00


United Auctions (Wednesday 20th August 2014) sold 984 store cattle and 119 cast cows and forward cattle. Also 7840 store sheep.

Bullocks (454) - averaged 218.66 p (+3.00p) to 259.52p per kg for a 420kg BRBX from Bargany Farms and £1410 for a 627kg AAX from Easter Langhill.

B & W Bullocks (197) – averaged 142.43p (-1.89p) to 161.92p per kg for a 562kg HFX from Piersland and £910 for a 562kg HFX from Piersland. 

Heifers (333) – averaged 211.34p (-0.78p) to 241.30p per kg for a 489kg CHX from Barfillan and £1260 for a 568kg AAX from Wright houses. 

Cast Cows (119)– averaged 112.30p to 155.90p per kg for a BBX from Glenartney and £1150 for a AAX  from Hallmre Mains.

Forward Cattle (6) - averaged 161.13p to 171.00p per kg for a BFX from Nether Lethame and £1050 for a AAX from Graystale.

Bullocks; 251-300kgs- Scart £770, 258.40p 301-350kgs- Glenkiln £850, 252.20p 351-400kgs- Barfillan £1000, 253.20p 401-450kgs- Bargany £1090, 249.50p 451-500kgs- Ladybank £1180, Barfillan 245.80p 501-550kgs- Garden £1250, 237.60p 551-600kgs- Mollindhu £1280, 219.20p 601-650kgs- Easter Langhill £1410, 225.00p 651-700kgs- Mollindhu £1360, 208.00p.

Heifers; 251-300kgs- Scart £640, Glenartney 224.40p 301-350kg- South Cathkin £800, 231.20p 351-400kgs- Knockendale £910, 228.10p 401-450kgs- Ladybank £1000, Glenartney 225.50p 451-500kgs- Barfillan £1180, 241.30p 501-550kgs- Greenview £1210, 233.10p 551-600kgs- Wright Houses £1260, 221.80p; 601-650kgs; Mollinhead £1150, 191.00p. 

OTM Cows – Whitfield (Lim) £1150,150.90p; Whitfield (Lui) £1050, 132.90p; Whitfield (Sim) £1090, 145.30p; Garvald Mains (BRB) £1050, 155.90p; Hallmyre Mains (AA) £1150, 142.70p.

OTM Bulls- Flass (AA) £1390, 129.20p; Woodburn (Sim) £1230, 98.40p.

Also forward 7840 Store Sheep


SuffX lambs £57.77 (-£1.91 on the week)

TexX lambs £57.43 (-£2.51 on the week)

Mule lambs £53.72 (+£0.13p on the week)

BF lambs £38.00 (-£2.00 on the week)

Btex lambs £58.38 (-£1.95 on the week)

Char lambs £45.23 (-£5.87p on the week)

Leading prices; Balgowan (TexX) £66.50; Springfield (TexX) £66.00; Luss Estates (SuffX) £65; Low Tirfergus (BtexX) £64.50; Mount (TexX) £62.50; Glenhead (BTexX) £62.00; Blarnavaid (Mule) £62; Glencrosh (SuffX) £60.50; Greenhill (BTexX) £60.00; Glencrosh (SuffX) £60.00; Ardchatton (Mule) £58; Glenkiln (Mule) £56.50; Clockan (Char) £53.50; Carbost (Char) £51.50; Craigview (BF) £44.50; Balcurrich (BF) £42; Drumardoch £41.

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