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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Wednesday 23rd July 2014) sold 614 store cattle and 157 cast cows and forward cattle.

Bullocks (211) - averaged 220.73p (-6.46p) to 271.60p per kg for a 243kg CHX from Drumoider and £1430 for a 698kg LimX from Deerpark Farms.

B & W Bullocks (151) – averaged 149.31p (+2.67p) to 155.30p per kg for a 557kg HFX from Gatehead and £910 for a 647kg HOX from Glencraigs.

Heifers (252) – averaged 207.82p (-0.98p) to 250.00p per kg for a 304kg BBX from Upper Samieston and £1080 for a 530kg CHX from Merkins.

Forward Cattle (21) - averaged 157.12p to 203.50p per kg for a AAX from Balsaggart and £1290 for a SHX from Drumoider.

Cast Cows (136) – averaged 120.27p to 168.70p per kg for a LimX from Drumoider and £1470 for a CHX  from Graystale.

Bullocks; Up to 250kgs- Drumoider £660, 271.60p 251-300kgs- Greenyards £730, 250.90p 301-350kgs- Upper Samieston £850, Mid Craigton 248.50p 351-400kgs- Auchenflower £970, 250.00p 401-450kgs- Auchenflower £990, East Saucher £231.90p 451-500kgs- Grassfield £1080, Coalhill 222.90p 501-550kgs- Gardrum £1140, 212.70p 551-600kgs- Mid Craigton £1270, 212.40p 601-650kgs-Mid Craigton £1340, 208.70p 651-700kgs- Deerpark Farms £1430, 204.90p.

Heifers; 251-300kgs- Grassfield £680, Drumoider 250.00p 301-350kg- Polquhairn £790, Wee Carlton 228.60p 351-400kgs- Upper Samieston £910, 250.00p 401-450kgs- Gardrum £910, Wee Carlton 212.70p 451-500kgs- Balsaggart £1060, 218.10p 501-550kgs- Merkins £1080, Balsaggart 208.90p.

OTM CowsGraystale (CH) £1470, 142.40p; Hallcroft (Lim) £1150, Drumoider 168.70p; Woodhall (Sim) £1090, Craiglaw 142.30p; Meikle Camoquill (MO) £1010, 129.20p; Woodlands (BSH) £965, 137.10p.

OTM Bulls- Knocknagael £1450, 138.40p; Woodlands £1400, Netherton 126.20p; Knocknagael £1290, 121.00p; Drumhead £1210. 120.80p; Gateside £1150, 111.20p.


United Auctions (Thursday 17th July 2014) sold 4752 Prime Sheep including 2740 lambs and 2012 ewes and rams.

Lambs (2740) – Goddens (Suff) £100; South Flanders (SuffX) £96; Coilavoulin (Tex) £97; Wester Highgate (TexX) £96; Mid Rottearns (Cont) £90; Spittalhill (Mule) £74; Inchgarth (BF) £65; Doune Farms (Btex) £92.

Lambs (2740) –Dalowie (Suff) 200p; Keil (SuffX) 197p; Glenlyon (Tex) 201p; Kipperoch (TexX) 199p; Dalowie (Cont) 192p; Corran (Mule) 181p; Inchgarth (BF) 175p; Goddens (Btex) 200p. 

Ewes (2012) – Halkerston (Suff) £94.50; Knock O’ Ronald (Lleyn) £70.50; Muirpark (BFL) £86.50; Carriston (Tex) £128.50; Humeston (Chev) £90; Humeston (Mule) £90; Coilavoulin (Cross) £75.50; Bank (Zwart) £73.50; Catcune (Chev/Mule) £83.50; Craigton (BF) £67.50

Rams – Kinaldy (BFL) £116.50; Dyke (Tex) £118.50; Dalowie (Char) £73.50; Innergellie (Chev) £76.50; Braehead (Easy Care) £89.50; Muirpark (BF) £71.50 



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