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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Thursday 19th January 2017) sold 4321 prime sheep including 3204 lambs selling to an average of 163.8ppk and 1117 ewes and rams. 

Lambs (3204) – Coilavoulin (Tex) £105; Doune Farms (Bex) £98.50; Easter Buchlyvie (Suff) £78; Westwood (Cha) £76; Roughlands (Lley) £75; Coulshill (Chev) £75; Old Faskally (X) 74; Little Camoquholm (Berr) £74; Easter Buchlyvie (Mule) £73; Coulshill (BF) £72.50

Lambs (3204) – Doune Farms (BTex) 249p; Easter Mye (Tex) 224p; Kinneil Mill (Chev) 187p; East Bracklinn (Cross) 180p; Snawdon (Suff) 179p; Little Camoquhill (Berr) 173p; East Saucher (Mule) 172p; Old Faskally (Cha) 169p; Coulshill (BF) 165p

Ewes (1117) – Elmscleugh (Tex) £110; Neuk  (Suff) £88; Balmonth (Chev) £83; Philiphaugh Estates (BFL) £82; Marvingston (HB) £78; North Field (BTex) £76; Philiphaugh (Chev/Mule) £71;  Elmscleugh (BF) £64; Easter Garden (Mule) £60.   

Tups- Philiphaugh (Tex) £88; Lossit (BFL) £71; Elmscleugh (BF) £64 


United Auctions (Wednesday 18th January 2017) sold 1055 store cattle, 200 cast cows and forward cattle and 1518 store and breeding sheep. 

Bullocks (626) - averaged 223.43p to 283.50p per kg for a 224kg CHX from Ashfield and £1330 for 632kg CHX from Holehouse.

B & W Bullocks (134) – averaged 134.81p to 165.80p per kg for a 392kg BFX from Girthill and £1010 for a 468kg BFX from Lochlands. 

Heifers (295) – averaged 219.06p to 280.30p per kg for a 289kg LimX from Gateside and £1180 for a 531kg CHX from Ladybank.

Cast Cows (172)– averaged 130.16p to 196.40ppk for a SimX from Innerwick and £1430 for a SimX from Innerwick.

Cast Cows (Dairy) (20)- averaged 95.28p to 108.90p for a BFX from North Bankhead and £895 for a HFX from Kaimhill.

Forward Cattle (8) – averaged 168.47p to 222.40p for a LimX from Carslae and £1290 for a LimX from Ballikinrain. 

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs – Ashfield £635, 283.5p; 252-301kgs- Berrylaw  £820, 280.3p; 302-351kgs– Auchlin £910, 278.3p;  352-401kgs-  Carslae £980,  248.1p;  402-451kgs-  Formal £1070, 252.4p;  452-501kgs- Blairmore £1160, 240.2p;  502-551kgs- Cuttlehill £1200, 233.5p;  552-601kgs-  Crookedstonemuir £1245, 212.5p;  602-651kgs- Holehouse £1330, 210.4p; 700kgs+ - Holmbyre £1380, 193p. 

Heifers: Up to 250kgs – Ashfield £525, 243.1p  251-300kgs- Berrylaw £810, 280.3p  301-350kgs- Letham £835, 255.7p;  351-400kgs- Auchenbothie £920, 240.5p;  401-450kgs-  Formal £1050, 234.4p;  451-500kgs- Ladybank £1085, Formal 224.9p;  501-550kgs- Ladybank £1180, 222.2p;  551-600kgs- Ladybank £1170, Parkhouse 201.8p;  601-650kgs-  Eastside £1190, 185.9p.

United Auctions Stirling also sold 1518 store and breeding sheep. 

Store lambs: Drumaghinier (Suff) £67.50; Springfield (Tex) £74; Kippen Home Farm (Char) £63; Strachurmore (BF) £55

Breeding sheep: Regular aged TexelX ewes – East Mains £110

1 crop Mule ewes – East Mains £124

Correct Mule ewes – East Mains £105

Correct Below Mule ewes – East Mains £88  

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