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Livestock Sales Reports - Stirling

United Auctions (Thursday 19th April 2018) sold 2350 prime sheep comprising of 70 new season lambs average of 277.30p & 1740 old season lambs average of 224.50p & 540 ewes and rams. 

New Season Lambs (70) – Catcune (Suff) £157; Hallhill (Suff) £151; Inverae (Char) £151; Greystone (Zwa) £128; Castleton (Rye) £111.  

New Season Lambs (70) – Smailholm Mains (Suff) 318p; Catcune (Suff) 317p; Castleton (Rye) £281; Whitehouse (Zwa) 261p. 

Old Season Lambs (1740) – Milton of Durris (Tex) £130;  Luckenburn (BTex) £129; Catcune (Suff) £124; Strone (X) £120; Elmscleugh (BF) £117; The Green (Chev) £113; Easter Bucklyvie (Mule) £110; Assloss (BFL) £108;  Auchenrivoch (Char) £103. 

Old Season Lambs (1740) – The Green (Tex) 288p; Luckenburn (BTex) £287p; Over Kellie (Chev) 266p; Clonrae (Suff) 252p; Harviesmailing (Mule) 242p;  Whirrieston (BF) 235p; Auchenrivoch (Char) 234p; Groan (X) 234p;  Assloss (BFL) 184p; 

Ewes (540) –  Blinkbonny (Tex) £148; Barabrafield (Suff) £146; Chalmerstone (Char) £110; West Mains (X) £108; Dalachy (BTex) £100; Kepculloch (BFL) £100; Muirsland (Lly) £98; Longcarse (Mule) £94; Stack (BF) £73. 

Rams – Muirsland (Lly) £129; Muirsland (Tex) £126; Auchenrivoch (BFL) £120; Clatto (Ber) £88; Tollieshill (BF) £70.


United Auctions (Wednesday 18th April 2018) sold 1867 store cattle and young bulls, also 190 cast cows and forward cattle and 1019 store and breeding sheep.

Bullocks (867) - averaged 229.33p to 289.50p per kg for a 247kg LimX from Sorn Mains and £1390 for a 626kg CHX from Nether Falla.

B & W Bullocks (141) – averaged 169.97p to £990 for a 549kg HFX from Woodend. 

Heifers (840) – averaged 219.31p to 275.50p per 392kg for a kg LimX from Easter Frew and £1340 for a 660kg AAX from 5 Auchenkiln.

Young Bulls (19)- averaged 186.42p to 197.70p per kg for a CHX from Drumoider and £780 for a AAX from Drumoider

Beef Cows (172)– averaged 150.72p to 226.40p per kg for a LimX from Drumoider and £1730 for a LimX from Middle Ballat. 

Dairy Cattle (16) – averaged 117.69p to 145.20p per kg for a HFX from Traprain and £1130 for a HFX from Traprain.

Forward Cattle (2)- averaged 184.61p to 197.60p per kg for a LimX from Bordie and £1170 for a LimX from Bordie.

Bullocks: 0-250kgs- Sorn Mains £715, 289.5p; 251-300kgs- Dyke £760p; 301-350kgs- Clydeside £890, 265.7p; 351-400kgs- West Glengyre £1010, Longyester 258.0p; 401-450kgs- Longyester £1140, 255.8p; 451-500kgs- Buteland £1215, Longyester 247.3p; 501-551kgs- Strath £1255, Bridge House 239.0p; 552-601kgs –Croftjane £1370, 230.0p; 602-651kgs- Croftjane £1390, 222.0p, 652-701kgs- Nether Falla £1390, 211.9p.

Heifers: Up to 250kgs- Sorn Mains £600, Gateside 241.6p; 251-300kgs- Sorn Mains £730, Dyke 267.4p; 301-350kg- Auchlin £840, 249.2p; 351-400kgs- Easter Frew £1080, 275.5p; 401-450kgs- Gateside £1070, 247.7p;  451-500kgs- New Mains £1150, 247.3p; 501-551kgs- Glentilt £1260, 233.3p; 552-601kgs- Netherton £1290, 216.0p; 652-701kgs- 5 Auchenkiln £1340, 203.0p. 

Young Bulls: 251-300kgs- Drumoider £520, 183.7p; 301-351kgs- Drumoider £550, 178.6p; 351-400kgs- Drumoider £700, 197.7p; 401-450kgs- Drumoider £780, 194.0p.

OTM Cows: 

£ per head- Middle Ballat (Lim) £1730, Middle Ballat (CH) £1710, Snaigow (Sim) £1610, Snaigon (SD) £1470, Sibster Burn (AA) £1350, Wemyss Farm (BS) £1190, Traprain (HF) £1130, Snaigow (SH) £1120, Sorn Mains (BRB) £1110, Traiprain (Cont) £1110.

Ppk – Drumoider (Lim) 226.4p, Middle Ballat (CH) 214.8p, Snaigow (Sim) 202.5p, Lower Luthrie (AA) 195.6p, Snaigow (SD) 181.6p, Wemyss Farm (BS) 176.5p, Drumoider (BRB) 172.4p, Snaigow (SH) 155.6p, Traprain (HF) 145.2p, Traprain (Cont) 144.9p.

OTM Bulls: 

£ per head – Quixwood (AA) £1350, Snaigow (Sim) £1330, South Brownhill (BA) £1250.

Ppk – Quixwood (AA) 174.0p, East Cauldcoats (Sim) 172.9p, South Brownhill (BA) 157.8p.

Also forward 1019 store hoggs and breeding sheep.

Store hoggs – Drumoider (Suff) £98, Craigens (Tex) £88, Drumoider (BF) £77.

Ewe Hoggs- Craig (Swa) £79.

Feeding Ewes – Drumoider £121.

Ewes and Lambs

Easter Garden, Tex Gimmer with single lamb at foot £154.

Easter Garden, Tex Gimmer with twin lambs at foot £184.


United Auctions (Monday 16th April 2018) sold 1005 store cattle at their annual Perth show and sale sponsored by W. Walker, Haulage Contractor, Strathkinness and judged by George McFadzean, Woodhead of Mailer, Perth.

Bullocks (580) – averaged 238.97p to 309.50p per kg for a 420kg LimX from Pittentian and £1310 for a 464kg LimX from Pittentian.

Heifers (425) – averaged 236.89p to 307.30p per kg for a 410kg LimX from Coilavoulin and £1380 for a 472kg LimX from Stanley. 

Leading prices per head and per kg:

Store Cattle

Bullocks; 301-350kgs- Meadows of Ballied £850, Nochnary 258.10p; 351-400kgs- Ballechin Farms £1160, 291.50p; 401-450kgs- Pittentian £1300, 309.50p; 451-500kgs- Pittentian £1310, 282.30p; 501-550kgs Boghall £1300, Little Inch 255.00p; 551-600kgs- Wester Kinloch £1310, 232.30p.

Heifers; 251-300kgs- Monzie Farms £690, 233.10p; 301-350kgs- Monzie £860, 253.70p; 351-400kgs- Wester Bonhard £1050, 269.90p; 401-450kgs Coilavoulin £1260, 307.30p; 451-500kgs Stanley £1380, 292.40p; 501-550kgs- Lochhead £1270, Monzie 250.00p; 551-600kgs Boghall £1130, 203.20p; 601-650kg- North Strathy £1200, 198p.

Show prize list;

Champion: Monzie Farms 480kgs £1290

Reserve Champion: Monzie Farms 504kgs £1260

Best Charolais: Monzie Farms 476kgs £1220

Single Heifer

 1st Monzie Farms 504kgs £1260

2nd Monzie Farms 452kgs £1220

Single Bullock 

1st Monzie Farms 480kgs £1290

2nd Prentice Pittentian 464kgs £1310

Pen of 8 Bullocks/Heifers

1st Monzie Farms (blks) 427kgs £1180

2nd Wester Kinloch Farms (blks) 451kgs £1170

Pen of 4 Heifers

1st Monzie Farms 420kgs £1250

2nd Cameron, Wester Bonhard 431kgs £1170.

Pen of 4 Bullocks

1st Cameron, Wester Bonhard 509kgs £1270.

2nd Monzie Farms 463kgs £1260

Best Pen of 4 (W Walker Cup)

Cameron, Wester Bonhard (blks) 509kgs £1270

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