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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

United Auctions (Wednesday 9 April  2014) sold 2442 prime sheep.

Old season lambs (2064) sold to 249p per kg for 38.5kg Tex from Wardhead, Strichen and to £106.00 for 63.3kg Suf from Oldmill, Strichen.

SQQ up to 45.5kg (1662) averaged 223.26p per kg.

Well fleshed fed hoggs met a sound demand and were sharper on the week. Heavy hoggs sold at comparable rates and leaner sorts proved harder to cash. Ewes sold away at a brisk trade, all classes sold at dearer rates and many more could have easily been sold. 

Leading prices per head and per kg.

OSL: Suf – £101.50 Easter Badentyre, Turriff, £101.50 Little Forgue, Huntly, Wardhead, Strichen 231p; SufX - £100 Earlsfield, Kennethmont, Strichen Mains, Strichen, 228p; Tex - £104.5 Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay, 238p; TexX - £102.80 West Cranloch, Ythanwells, Allaloth, Clochan 233p; Cont - £102 Allaloth, Clochan, 243p; Chev - £102 Little Forgue, Huntly, 238p; Mule - £96.50 Mill of Newton, Old Rayne, Muirfield House, Auchnagatt, 220p; BF - £96 Midtown of Haddo, Inverkeithny, Glencorrie, Dufftown 215p, Muirfield House, Auchnagatt 215p; BelX - £100, Allaloth, Clochan, Muirfield House, Auchnagatt 246p; llyen - £99 Cranoch, Buckie, Overhill, Rothienorman 229p; Char - £100 Nether Blairmaud, Cornhill, £100 Auchenbreddie, Auchenbreddie, Insch 228p; CharX - £99.50 Muirfield House, Auchnagatt, Little Forgue, Huntly 237p.

Ewes: (378) Suf – £133 Oldmill, Strichen; SufX - £130 Oldmill, Strichen; Tex - £112 Craigiebrae, Aberchirder, £112 Castlehill, Rhynie; TexX - £107 Iriewells, Udny; Cont - £111 Oldmill, Strichen; Chev - £97 Home Farm, Aberlour; Mule - £83 Iriewells, Udny; GF - £90.50 Ternemny, Knock; BF - £77.50 Iriewells, Udny; Cross - £102 Meikle Begshill, Drumblade; Swale - £76 Thorax, Cornhill; CHM - £98.50 Castlehill, Rhynie; HB - £100 Willowbank Croft, Turriff; Llyen - £101 Home Farm Haughton, Alford; Char - £100 Craigiebrae, Aberchirder; RAMS – Tex - £94 Broadmyre, Clatt; BF - £85 Glencorrie, Dufftown. 


United Auctions (Saturday 5 April 2014)  held their annual spring show and sale incorporating their annual show and sale of young farmers overwintered cattle selling 1599 cattle. 

BLKS (948) sold to an average 245.1p per kg selling to 330.9p per kg for a LimX from Coleburn, Elgin. Top gross being £1500 for LimX  from Broadmyre, Clatt.

HFRS (624) sold to an average 234.6p per kg selling to 759.5p per kg for a LimX from Parrock, Rothiemay at £3000.

OTMS (32) cast cows and bulls, selling to an average of 144.2p per kg.  Cows sold to a top of £1300 for a SimX from Kincraigie, Lumphanan. Top price per kilo was 209.6p for a CharX also from Kincraigie, Lumphanan. Bulls sold to a top of £1380 for a Char from Kincraigie/Nether Balfour or 116.1p per kg for a BSH from Kincraigie.

In the pre-sale Show sponsored by Norvite, AM Philips and Seafield Vets Group and judged by W Hamilton, Bee Edge.

Champion was a BLimX bullock which scaled 450kg and sold at £1450 or 322.2p per kg from G Carroll, Edendiack, Huntly selling to the Judge.

Reserve Champion a BLimX heifer from M/S George, Parrock, Rothiemay she scaled 395kg selling at £3000 to W Cameron.

Champion Pen of 4 heifers were CharX scaling 467kg selling at £1140or 244.1p per kg from Craigroy, Dallas.

19 Young Farmers Overwintered Cattle forward sold to average £1264.28 or 258.4ppkg 

Champion Young Farmers Animal was a LimX bullock from John Connon, Broadmyre it scaled 500kg selling at £1500 to W Hamiltom, Bee Edge.

Reserve Champion LimX bullock from Gary Raeburn , Bogie Street , Huntly scaling 500kg at £1320 to N Smith, Claymires.

Leading prices per head and per kg
Blks: Up to 250kg - £540 Alexander, Hillhead, South Briggs, Forglen, 263p; 251-300kg - £840 Roebank, Grange, 298.9p; 301-350kg - £990 Bainshole Farms, Huntly, 295.2p; 351 – 400kg - £1200 Edendiack, Gartly, 315.8p; 401-450kg - £1450 Edendiack, Gartly, Coleburn, Elgin 330.9p; 451-500kg - £1500 Broadmyre, Clatt, 300p; 501-550kg –£1400 6 Morvenview, Gardenstown,268.6p Inverlochy Farm, Tomintoul 268.6p; 551-600kg - £1480 Newtack, Grange, 257.4p; 601-650kg - £1260 Whitehill, Grange, 199.4p; 600+kg – £1460 Stonedyke, Rhynie, 217.9p.

Hfrs: 251-300kg – £760 South Briggs, Forglen 286.8p; 301-350kg - £1180 Inverlochy Farm, Tomintoul, 352.2p; 351 – 400kg - £3000 Parrock Farm, Rothiemay, 759.5p; 401-450kg - £1390 Coleburn, Elgin, 315.9p; £1310 Parrock Farm, Rothiemay 281.7p; 5-1-550kg - £1400 Nethermills, Grange, 269.2p; 551-6—kg - £1340 Hatton Cottage, Dallas, 241.4p; 601-650kg – £1270 Stonedyke, Rhynie, Tullochleys, Clatt 209.1p.

OTMS: BSH - £1080 Kincraigie farms, Lumphanan, 205.7p; BB - £1060 Craigwillie, Huntly, Kincraigie, Lumphanan 175.2p; Char - £1140 Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay, 180.3p; Lim  - £1100 Kincraigie, Lumphanan, 201.6p; Sim - £1120 Kincraigie, Lumphanan, Aldunie, Cabrach 179.9p; Saler - £1090 Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay 179.2p; 


United Auctions (Wednesday 2 April 2014) sold 2709 prime sheep

Old season lambs (2022) sold to 231p per kg for 43kg Belex from Everton of Auchry, Cuminestown and to £104.50 for 49kg Tex from Netherton, Huntly. 

SQQ up to 45.5kg (1555) averaged 216.83p per kg.

A larger show of hoggs sold to the usual full ringside of buyers, export weights once again were keenly bid for and sold at increased rates on the week. Heavier types were slightly easier however they were sharper than some centres towards the end of last week. A large number of export ewes were forward and would be £5 - £6 sharper. Heavier sorts sold away at recent high rates.

Leading prices per head and per kg.

OSL: Suf – £100.50 Auchenbreddie, Insch, Wardhead, Strichen 222p; SufX - £98 Gibston, Huntly , £98 Placemill, Forgue, Muirfield House 217p, Strichen Mains 217p; Tex - £103 Netherton, Huntly, Wardhead, Strichen 227p; TexX - £101 Overhill, Rothienorman, Craigieview, Aberchirder 226p, Belcherrie 226p; Cont - £100 Placemill, Forgue, £100 Parrock, Rothiemay, Muirfield House, Auchnagatt 229, Placemill, Forgue 229p; Chev - £99.50 Little Forgue,Huntly, Little Forgue, Huntly 227p, Overhill, Rothienorman 227p; Mule - £100 Wardhead, Strichen, Bush, Crathie 213p; BF - £93.50 Clashnoir, Glenlivet, £93.50 Craighall, Cairnie, Bush, Crathie 214p; Bel - £100 Wardhead, Strichen 228p; Cross - £99 Placemill, Forgue, Greenstyle, Kildrummy 225p; Llyen - £100 Rivefold, Ythanwells, Wardhead, Strichen 224p; Char - £100 Auchenbreedie, Insch, Netherton, Huntly 222p; CharX - £99.50 Strichen Mains, Strichen £99.50 Auchenbreddie, Strichen Mains, Strichen 223p.

EWES (687) Suf – £120 Newton of Broomhill, Drumblade; SufX - £120 Minonie, Gamrie; Tex - £112 Clashnoir; TexX - £105 Milton of Gollanfield, Inverness; Cont - £103 Clashnoir, Glenlivet; Chev - £ 100 Clashnoir, Glenlivet; Mule - £91 Clashnoir, Glenlivet; GF - £84 Greenstyle, Kildrummy, £84 Clashnoir, Glenlivet; BF - £78 Clashnoir, Glenlivet; Cross - £102 Parrock, Rothiemay, £102 Clashnoir, Glenlivet; BFL - £94 Clashnoir, Glenlivet; CHM - £95 Parrock, Rothiemay; HB - £97 Minonie, Gamrie; Lleyn - £103 Milton of Gollanfield, Inverness; Char - £99 Nether Dallachy, Spey Bay.

RAMS – Suf - £118 Clashnoir, Glenlivet; BF - £80 Clashnoir, Glenlivet.

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