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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

United Auctions (Wednesday 25th November 2015 ) sold 1765 prime sheep.

New Season Lambs (1008) sold to 170p per kg for 43.5kg Tex  from Wardhead, Strichen and to £80 gross for 67kg Tex from Bogside, King Edward.

Leading prices per head and kg.

NSL: Suf – £74 Little Forgue, Forgue, Cairnton, Fordyce, Clashnoir, Glenlivet, 162p East Murkle, Thurso; SufX - £73 Bogside, King Edward, 151p Wardhead, Strichen; Tex - £77 Hilton of Culsh, New Deer, 165p Upper Lybster, Lybster;  TexX - £74.50 Hilton of Culsh, New Deer, 165p Upper Lybster, Lybster; Cont - £74 x 2 Clashnoir, Glenlivet, 157p Overhill, Rothienorman; Chev - £74 Little Forgue, Forgue, 164p East Murkle, Thurso; Mule - £72.50- Clashnoir, Glenlivet, 154p Boghead, Dufftown, Mains of Skeith, Deskford; BF - £71.80 Auchnarrow, Glenlivet, 149p Boghead, Dufftown; HB - £68, 158p East Murkle, Thurso; CharX - £75, 159p  Strichen Mains, Strichen.

EWES: (757)  - Tex – Suf - £96 Burn of Cake, Crudie; SufX - £93 Auchenbreddie, Insch; Tex - £110 Hilton of Culsh, New Deer; TexX - £105 Auchenbreddie, Insch; Cont - £98 Meikle Begshill, Drumblade; NCC Chev - £93 East Murkle, Thurso; Chev - £89 Granton Mains, Bower; GF - £68 Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill; Mule - £65 Bogside, King Edward; BF - £58 North Balnoon, Forgue; Cross - £95 Auchenbreddie, Insch; CHM - £91 Hilton of Culsh, New Deer; HB - £80 Bogside, King Edward; Llyen - £89 Wardford, Methlick.


United Auctions (Thursday 19th November) sold 220 cattle at their sale of store and OTM cattle.

A smaller but high quality show of store cattle sold to a strong ringside of buyers.

BLKS (89) sold to average 221.8p per kg selling to a top of 244.8p per kilo for a 435kg LimX from Roebank, Grange. Top gross being £1205 for 565kg Lim from Wester Laggan, Dulnain Bridge.

HFRS (86) sold to average 208.8p per kg selling to 232.8p per kg for 305kg LimX’s from Mains of Pronie, Tarland.  Top gross being £1130 for 520kg CharX from Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay.

OTMS (36) sold to average 119.4p per kg.  Selling to  a top of 179.4p per kg for a 630kg AAX from Easter  Bauds, Fochabers.  Top gross being £1240 for a 740kg AAX also from Easter Bauds, Fochabers.  

Store lambs (210) sold to a top £56 for TexX’s from Upper Lybster, Caithness.

BLKS – Up to 250kg - £530 216.3p Knockando, Tomatin; 301-350kg - £755, 235.9p Auchinclech, Grange; 351-400kg - £945, 242.3p Burnside, Marypark; 401-450kg - £1080, 244.8p Roebank, Grange; 451-500kg - £1145, 229P Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay; 501-550kg - £1190 Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay, 231.1p Bainshole, Colpy; 551-600kg - £1205, 213.3p Wester Laggan, Dulnain Bridge.

HFRS – 250-300kg - £610, 210.3p 20 High Street, Archiestown; 301-350kg - £750 20 Main Street, Archiestown, 232.8p Mains of Pronie, Tarland; 351-400kg - £875 Roebank, Grange, 224p Auchinclech, Grange; 4012-450kg - £1010, 229.5p Craighall, cairnie; 451-500kg - £1110, 225.5p Bainshole, Colpy; 501-550kg - £1130, 217.3p Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay;551-600kg - £1120 Wester Laggan, Dulnain Bridge, 201.8p Hillhead of Mornish, Glenlivet.

OTMS – AA - £1240, 179.4p Easter Bauds, Fochabers; Sim - £1090, 178.7p Bainshole, Colpy; Lim - £980 Kincraigie, Lumphanan, 122.7p Rosarie, Keith; BS - £910, 124.4p Kincraigie, Lumphanan; HE - £870, 117.9p Glenavon Estates, Tomintoul; Sal - £800, 115.1p Easter Bauds, Fochabers; HI - £610, 89.3p Glenavon Estates, Tomintoul; BULL – CH - £1020, 95.8p Blelack, Dinnet.


United Auctions (Thursday 12th November  2015) sold 828 store sheep.

Store lambs (828) sold to £64 for Cheviots  from Drumbain, Rothes.

Plenty of long keep lambs were forward and met a sound trade throughout.

Store Lambs –  Char - £55 Kinchurdy, Boat of Garten; Chev - £57 Achairn, Stirkoke; Cont - £54 Upper Towie, Glenkindie; Cross - £54 Glenrinnes Estate, Dufftown; Mule - £52 Mains of Skeith, Deskford; Suff - £58 Kinchurdy, Boat of Garten; Tex - £57 Glenrinnes Estates, Dufftown.


United Auctions (Thursday 5th November 2015) had forward 255 breeding cattle at their special sale incorporating the dispersal sale of ARMS pedigree Aberdeen Angus herd on behalf of ARM Smith.

The sale was topped at 4200gns when Arms Ginnie an April 2012 born cow with her heifer calf at foot selling to Miss Angela MacGregor.

Next top was 3700gns paid for Duchess P924 a yearling heifer purchased by Schivas Estates.

Mr George Ritch of Fingask Farm, Old Meldrum purchased the next top price animal ARMS Duchess M728 with her heifer calf at foot for 3600gns. 

Also purchased by Mr Ritch were ARMS Fanny M742 with her heifer calf at 2600gns and ARMS Ginnie N791 with her bull calf at foot at 2200gns.

ARMS Ginnie N836 with heifer calf realised 2600gns to Mr G Miller, Birkenbower.

At 2000gns was ARMS Duchess H455 a 2008 born cow with her heifer calf selling to N Massie, Blelack.

Also the Dispersal of the Arndilly Estates Craigellachie Limousine Cattle on behalf of Ariane Vilaseca which was topped at 1900gns by French born Galopade a 2011 born cow to Messrs Michie, Birselassie followed at 1880gns for a 2006 born cow purchased by R Miller, Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill. 

Top price was paid at 3000gns for 2007 born bull purchased by P Duncan, Tulloch, Alford.

Messrs McInnes, Rinmore, Glenbuchat also sold 19 pedigree Shorthorn bulling heifers selling to £1520 to Messrs Barclay, Ardiecow and to £1400 selling to Mr Hardie, Gates of Birselassie.

In the conventional section heifers with calves at foot sold to £2450 for SimX heifer with a LimX bull calf at foot and £2200 for a HerX heifer with a bull calf both lots from AR Mathers & Son, Wardes.

LimX heifer with calf at foot to £1850 from Lythebrae, Aberchirder.


United Auctions (Thursday 5th November 2015) sold 241 store & OTM cattle at their  weekly sale.

Hfrs (108) sold to average 209.5p per kg selling to 250.8p per kg for  SimX’s from Wester Elchies, Aberlour and to £1270 for CharX’s from Milton of Edinglassie, Strathdon.


Blks (112) sold to average 219.4p per kg selling to 265.8p per kg for SimX from Wester Elchies, Aberlour and £1230 for CharX from Sheep Park, Aberchirder.

Blks: 251-300kg - £800, 265.8p Wester Elchies, Aberlour; 301-350kg - £860, 249.3p Overhall, Fyvie; 351-400kg - £900 Overhall, Fyvie, 246.6p Wester Elchies, Aberlour; 401-450kg - £890, 211.9pHome Farm Haughton, Alford; 451 – 500kg - £1100, 234p Arndilly Estates, Craigellachie; 501-550kg - £1230, 223.6p Sheep Park Farms, Bridge of Marnoch.

Hfrs: Up to 250kg - £450, 217.4p Lynemore, Spey Bridge4; 251-300kg – £740, 250.8p Wester Elchies, Aberlour; 301-350kg - £740, 217.6p Mains of Collithie, Gartly; 351-400kg - £900, 240p Arndilly Estates, Craigellachie; 401-450kg - £975 Mains of Collithie, Gartly, 231p Lythebrae, Aberchirder; 451-500kg - £1035, 214.6p Milton of Edinglassie, Strathdon.

OTMs (21) sold to a top of 116.8p per kg selling to £940 for a LimX from Ditchhead, Dallas.

OTMs – AA £930 Pitlurg, Keith; SimX - £910 Hatton Cottage, Dallas; LimX - £890 Upper Tillathrowie, Gartly. 


United Auctions  (Thursday 29th October 2015) sold 2161 store sheep.

Store lambs (2161) sold to £60.50 texels from Cardnach, Knockando.

A grand show of lambs was once again presented to a ringside full of buyers. All classes would be sharper than the last sale, however Blackface lambs were slightly harder to cash.

Store Lambs –  BF - £46 Dunphail Estate, Forres;  Char - £55.50 Kinchurdy, Boat of Garten; Chev - £51.50 Mybster, Watten, Toftingall, Watten; Cross  - £55 Greenland Mains, Castletown; Cont - £56 Ballintomb, Dulnain Bridge; Mule - £55 Aldunie, Cabrach; Suff - £60 Highlands, Craigmansie Huntly; Texel - £59.50 Cardnach, Knockando; SuffX - £59 Kinchurdy, Boat of Garten; TexX - £57 Cardnach, Knockando; BF-£46 Dunphail Estate, Forres.


United Auctions (Saturday 24th October 2015) sold 1082 spring born calves at their show and sale sponsored by John Wink Design and Judged by Ron Turkington, Dyke Farm, Symington.

Champion and Reserve were the the 1st prize CharX and 1st  prize LimX bullocks both from Messrs Cruickshank, Coleburn, Elgin scaling 420kg and 435kg selling at£1180 and £1220 to N Smith, Claymires.

Champion pen of 4 bullocks LimXs from A Duncan, Hillocks of Keig which scaled 365kg and £970, 265.7p per kg.

Champion pens of 4 heifers CharX’s from R MacDonald, Castle Grant Home Farm, Grantown on Spey 335kg at £880 262.8p per kg.

585 bullocks sold to average 255.47p per kg (down 8.5p per kg on the year) selling to 366.7p per kg for a pen of CharX’s from Oldmill, Strichen or £1200 for CharX from Coleburn, Elgin.

497 heifers sold to average 245.1p per kg (down 5.5p per kg on the year) selling to 552.6p per kg or £2100 for 380kg LimX from S Rainnie, Loanhead, Logie Coldstone.

Leading prices per head and per kg

Blks: Up to 250kg –£790, 366.7p Oldmill, Strichen; 251-300kg - £900 Newton of Crathie, Crathie, 313p Raws Farm, Dufftown; 301-350kg - £1050, 338p Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill; 351-400kg - £1050 Raws Farm, Dufftown, 282.3p Cobbleheugh Farms, Dinnet; 401-450kg - £1220, 281p Coleburn, Elgin; 451-500kg - £1060Raws Farm, Dufftown, 225.8p Aldunie, Cabrach; 501-500kg - £1220, 232.4p Gladesgreen, Banff.

Hfrs: Up to 250kg – £710 Raws Farm, Dufftown, 304.3p Oldmill, Strichen; 251-300kg - £1080, 423.5p Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill; 301-350kg - £1020, 318.8p Loanhead, Logie Coldstone; 351-400kg £2100, 552.6p Loanhead, Logie Coldstone; 401-450kg - £1120, 260.5p Coleburn, Elgin; 451-500kg - £1010 122 Main Street, Aberchirder, 211p Slydie, Sauchen;501-550kg - £910, 178.4p Mill of Towie Farm, Cullen.

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