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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

United Auctions (Wednesday 22nd February 2017) sold 1996 sheep.

Old season lambs (993) to 183p per kg for 42kg Tex from Overhill, Rothienorman and to £85.50 for 55kg Tex from Auchenbreddie, Insch and 60kg Cont from Home Farm Troup, Banff.

Hogg trade was easier on the week for all classes. An increased number of ewes forward saw an abundance of little cheviot and BF types forward. All classes however were slightly easier, but heavy types still remain easy to cash.

Leading prices per head and kg.

OSL: Suf - £81.50 Auchnarrow, 171p Tofthills; SufX - £80.50 Little Forgue, 163p Greencraig; Tex - £81 Burnside of Gight/Croftdhu, 171p Tofthills; TexX - £80 Tigh Na Mara, 170p Greencraig; Cont - £82-50 Tofthills, 171p Wardhead; Chev - £81 Nether Blairmaud, 171p Wardhead; Mule - £78.50 Dualts/Barnyards of Badenyouchers, 161p North Balnoon; BF - £78.50 Auchdregnie, 167p Diaes, CharX - £85 Elrick, 169p Burnside of Gight.

EWES (1003) SufX - £91 Auchenbreddie; Tex - £124 Davmor; TexX - £111 Auchenbreddie; Cont - £100 Auchenbreddie; Chev - £80 Tister; Mule - £71 Skirza Head; BF - £48.50 Croughly; Cross - £90 Burnside of Gight; CHM - £86 Auchenbreddie.

RAMS: Tex - £100 Auchenbreddie; BEL - £95 Barflat, BF - £77 Auchnascraw, BFL - £92 Auchnascraw.

United Auctions (Thursday 16th February 2017) sold 373 Store & OTM cattle.

A good show of both continental and native sired cattle met a brisk trade throughout.  Well bred forward cattle and naturally presented  yearlings were in particular demand from a well supported ringside of buyers.

BLKS (213) sold to average 227.6p per kg selling to a top of 275.9p per kg for a 290kg LimX from Alvie, Kincraig. Top gross being £1260 for a LimX from Birselawsie , Midmar.

HFRS (150) sold to average 217.4p per kg selling to a top of 270.8p per kg for 253kg LimX from Tofts of Tain, Castletown. Top gross being £1135 for a CharX from Gates of Birselawsie, Midmar.

OTMS (10) sold to average 121.1p per kg selling to a top of 151.2p per kg for a 615kg BBX from Bush farm, Aberlour.  Top gross being £1110 for a LimX from Kinminity Lane, Newmill.

BLKS – Up to 250kg - £430, 179.2p Hopewell Cottage, Grogarry; 251-300kg - £800, 275.9p Alvie Estate, Kincraig; 301-350kg - £910, 271.6p Cobbleheugh, Dinnet; 351-400kg - £1055, 267.1p Myreton, Insch; 401-450kg £1060 Cobbleheugh, 254.9p North Balnoon, Forgue; 451-500kg - £1125 Mid Third, Drummuir, 241.8p Upper Blairnain, Aberlour; 501-550kg - £1200, 233p Poolside, Rothiemay; 551-600kg - £1260, 227p Birselawsie, Midmar; 601-650kg - £1195, 198.5p Gates of Birselawsie, Midmar.

HFRS –  Up to 250kg – £400, 190.5p 99 Carnan, Uist; 251-300kg - £700, 270.8p Tofts of Tain, Castletown; 301-350kg - £790 Tofts of Tain, Castletown, 238.6p Upper Towie, Glenkindie; 351-400kg - £910 Cobbleheugh, Dinnet, 240p Myreton, Insch; 401-450kg - £975, 229.4p Cobbleheugh, Dinnet; 451-500kg - £1075, 224.2p Birselawsie, Midmar; 501-550kg - £1135 Gates of Birselawsie, 212p Nethermills, Grange; 

OTMS -  Lim - £1110 Kinminity Lane, Newmill; Sim - £1010 Upper Wheedlemont, Rhynie; LimX - £1000 3 Kinminity Lane, Newmill; AA - £960 99 Carnan, Uist; BRB - £930 Bush Farm, Aberlour. 

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