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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

United Auctions  (Wednesday 17th September 2014) sold 966 prime sheep.

New Season Lambs (278) sold to 153p per kg for  37.2kg Tex from Ballintomb, Dulnain Bridge and to £73 for  56kg Tex from Maryhill, Mulben.

“Once again the prime lamb ring mostly consisted of heavy types which affected the days average. All classes sold away at comparable rates on the week. Another grand show of ewes were presented to a larger than usual ringside of buyers. Heavy ewes were dearer and lean types were similar to last weeks trade”.

Leading prices per head and kg.

NSL: - SufX  -  £69 2A Richmond Place, Portgordon, 147p Hillview, Huntly; Tex - £70 Monlettie, Methlick, 151p Ballintomb, Dulnain Bridge; TexX  - £69.50 Maryhill, Mulben, 150p 2A Richmond Place, Portgordon; Cont - £69 Blackhillock Croft, Keith, 149p x 2 Aswanley Farms, Glass, Stripeside, Aberlour; Mule - £66 Hillview, Huntly, 146p Tombreakachie, Glenlivet.

Ewes (688) – Suf - £110 Comisty, Forgue; SufX £100 – Keithmore, Keith; Tex – £112 Auchenbreddie, Insch; TexX – £108 Auchenbreddie, Insch; Cont  - £105 Auchenbreddie, Insch; Chev - £100 Milton of Auchenhove, Lumphanan; Mule - £84 Keithmore, Keith; GF - £74 Comisty, Forgue; BF - £57 Belnoe, Glenlivet; Cross – £100  Wester Allathan, New Deer; Shet/Ch - £67  Barrogill Mains, Mey; CHM - £102 Willowbank Croft, Turriff; HB - £95 Willowbank Croft, Turriff; LLeyn - £99 Keithmore, Keith.

RAMS – Tex - £104 Auchenbreddie, Insch.



United Auctions (16th September 2014) sold 2459 sheep at their sale of Breeding and Feeding sheep.

BF Gimmers sold to a top of £135 for a pen from I & S Shearer, Hillhead of Mornish and averaged £112.85 (+ 0.32p on the year).

Leading Prices
BF Gimmers: £130 Ashburn, Brechin; £124 Tombreackachie, Glenlivet; £122 Hillhead of Mornish, Glenlivet; £122 Biggins, Wick

Mule Gimmers: £158 Meikle Beggshill, Drumblade; £155 Bogiebrae, Rhynie; £148 Wardhead, Strichen

TexX Gimmers: £178 Meikle Beggshill, Drumblade; £160 Ord, Rhynie; £145 Towiemore, Drummuir

Cheviot Gimmers: £106 Newton of Crathie, Ballater


BF Warr: £105, £98 Glenrinnes Farms, Dufftown

Mule Cor: £75 Glenrinnes Farms, Dufftown; Mule BMCB: Bogharvey, Aberchirder

Ewe lambs

BF: £68 Denhead, Lonmay

Mule: £112, £104,£102 Raws, Dufftown, £100 Wedderburn, Huntly, £98 Bomakelloch, Drummuir

CHM : £90 Bogside, King Edward

TexX: £88 Bogside, King Edward

HB: £85 Bogside, King Edward

Store lambs

SufX/Cheviot -  £62 Kinchurdy, Boat a Garten; SufX - £62 Provost Drive, Rothes; CheviotX - £58 Drumbain, Rothes; TexX - £61 Provost Drive, Rothes; GF - £54.50  Elrick, Cabrach; Mule - £51 Greenhill, Lonmay.


United Auctions (Thursday 11th September 2014) sold 157 cattle at their sale today.  Store cattle  sold at recent rates for a show of cattle mainly off grass.

Blks (75) sold to a top of 255.6p per kg for a 270kg LimX from Lynemore, Spean Bridge. Top gross being £1370 for a 690kg LimX from Brodie Croft, Aberlour.

Hfrs (50) sold to a top of 220.4p per kg for a 363kg CharX from Aldourie, Dores. Top gross being £940 for a 440kg Char from Aldourie, Dores.

OTMS (29) sold to a top of 151.2p per kg for a 615kg BSHX from Kincraigie, Lumphanan. Top gross being £1150 for a 805kg Lim from Brodie Croft, Aberlour. Top for Bulls (3) 130.7p per kg per kg for a 635kg SimX from Honeybarrel, Killdrummy top gross being £1100 for a 945kg Lim from Weets, Wardhouse.

Leading prices per head and per kg

Blks: Up to 251-300kg – £690, 255.6p Lynemore, Spey Bridge; 301-350kg - £790, 232.4p Lynemore, Spey Bridge; 351-400kg - £900, 234.7p Aldourie, Dores; 401 – 450kg - £950, 228.9p Fordmouth, Tomintoul; 451 – 500kg - £1070, 227.2p Aldourie, Dores; 501-550kg - £1140, 210.3p Drum Farm, Lumsden; 551-600kg - £1190, 207p, Drum Farm, Lumsden; 651-700kg - £1370, 198.55p Brodie Croft, Aberlour.

Hfrs: 300-350kg - £770, 220p Chapelton Farm, Leslie; 351-400kg - £880, 220.4p Aldourie, Dores; 401-450kg - £940, 216.4p Aldourie, Dores.

OTMS: BSH – £1100, 151.2p Kincraigie, Lumphanan; Sim - £1070, 150.7p Kincraigie, Lumphanan; CH - £1030, 142.1p Kincraigie, Lumphanan; HE - £1000, 137.9p Upper Wheedlemont, Rhynie 


United Auctions (Tuesday 2nd September 2014) sold 3260 sheep at their annual show & sale of Mule breeding sheep sponsored by “Iain MacEachen Transport” and judged by Mr Baxter, Troup Home Farm, Gamrie.

Mule Ewe lambs

1st  sold to £130 from CR Millican, Newton of Hassiewells to L Munro, Bogiebrae .

2nd sold to £120 from JK Hunter, Wedderburn, Huntly to Messrs Baxter, Troup Home Farm.

3rd sold to £112 from Messrs Stewart Bomakelloch, Drummuir to Messrs Morrison, Haddoch.

Cheviot Mule Ewe Lambs

1st sold to £110 fom R MacDonald, Castle Grant to Messrs Baxter, Troup Home Farm.

2nd sold to £118 from R Watt, Dualts, Mornish to Messrs Ogg, Carroch, Kirriemuir.

3rd sold to £110 from M Milne, Honeysuckle Cottage, Grange to GI &M Jamieson, Mains of Leask, Slains.

Mule Ewe Lambs (964) averaged £104.32 (+£9.84 on the year) 

Cheviot Mule Mule Ewe Lambs (145) averaged £105.92 (+£12.14 on the year) 

Mule Gimmers (1384) averaged £138.02 (+£4.61 on the year)

Leading prices 

Gimmers: Mul – £160 Bogiebrae, Rhynie; £155 (twice) St Johns Wells, Fyvie; £150 Adamston Farm, Drumblade; £150 Mains of Auchleuchries, Ellon; £150 Raws, Dufftown; £150 Creagan Gorm, Nethybridge; £150 Darralea, Gamrie.

Cheviot Gimmers - £180 Sittyton, Newmachar.

LLyen - £130 Nethermills, Grange.

Tex - £148 Whitelumbs, Gartly.

Cont - £144 Rinnacht, Aberlour.

Cheviot Mule – £145 Wardhead, Strichen.

Ewe Lambs  - Mul – £125 (twice) Mill of Fowlis, Strathdon, £120 Wedderburn, Huntly, £118 Dualts, Glenlivet, £1215 South Gariochford, Rothienorman, £115 Wedderburn, Huntly, £112 (twice) Glenrinnes, Dufftown, £112 & £110 (twice) Bomakelloch, Drummuir, £110 Honeysuckle Cottage, Grange.

Store Lambs - £61 & £60 Drumbain, Rothes.



United Auctions (Thursday 28th August 2014) sold 484 cattle at their Anniversary sale. 

Blks (289) sold to average of 220.5p per kg selling to a top of 233.1p per kg for a LimX from Lythebrae, Aberchirder or £1395 for a CharX from Whinbrae, Huntly. 

Hfrs (160) sold to average of 213.6p per kg selling to a top of 228.7p per kg for a LimX from Nethermills, Grange and to £1335 for CharX from Whinbrae, Huntly.

OTMS (25) sold to average 126.9p per kg selling to a top of 164.3p per kg or £1250 for a LimX from Edendiack, Huntly.

Cast bulls sold to £1420 twice for a Lim from Ballintomb Farms, Grantown-on-Spey and a BBX from Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill.

Leading prices per head and per kg

Blks: Up to 251-300kg – £625, 208.3p South Whitehall, Tyre; 301-350kg - £755, 215.1p South Whitehall, Tyre; 351-400kg - £910 Glenrinnes Farms, Dufftown, 228p South Cormalet, Cairnie; 401-450kg - £1010 South Cormalet, Cairnie, 227.5p Ballintomb farms, Grantown-on-Spey; 451-500kg - £1140, 230.3p Sheep Park Farm, Bridge of Marnoch; 501-550kg - £1210, 233p Lythebrae, Aberchirder; 551-600kg - £1295, 223.4p Hillhead of Mornish, Glenlivet; 601-650kg - £1395, 223.2p Whinbrae, Huntly; 651-700kg - £1380, 210.7p Hillhead of Mornish, Glenlivet.

Hfrs: 251 – 300kg - £660, 223.7p Roebank, Grange; 301 – 350kg - £655, 199.7p South Whitewell, Tyre; 351 – 400kg - £860, 220.5p Roebank, Grange; 401 – 450kg - £1015, 225.6p Nethermills, Grange; 451 – 500kg - £1075, 228.7p Nethermills, Grange; 501 – 550kg - £1120 Meikle Northburn, Cuminestown, 205.9p Poolside, Rothiemay; 551 – 600kg - £1230, 210.3p Whinbrae, Huntly; 6-1 – 650kg - £1335, 210.3p Whinbrae, Huntly.

OTMS: Lim - £1220, 162.3p Edendiack, Gartly; Sim - £1060, 133.8p Marchmar, Lumsden; BA - £1030, 132.1p Glenrinnes, Dufftown.

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