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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

United Auctions (Wednesday 27th April 2016) sold 1252 prime sheep.

New season lambs (15) to 209p per kg for a 52kg Suf from Wester Coxton, Elgin and to £120 for 65kg Suf from Wester Coxton, Elgin. 

Old season lambs (928) to 200p per kg for 38kg Bel from Auchenbreddie, Insch and to £92 for 66kg Suf from Wardhead, Strichen. 

Leading prices per head and kg.

OSL: Suf - £92, 182p Wardhead; SufX - £91 Wardhead, 181p Bogenhilt; Tex - £90, 187p Mains of Tarryblake; TexX - £89.50 Overhill, 186p Auchenbreddie; Cont - £85 Smithyhillock, 186p Auchenbreddie; Chev - £85 Smithyhillock, 188p Overhill; Mule - £84.50 Smithyhillock, 177p Allaloth; BF - £83 Smithyhillock, 173p Tombreakachie; Bel - £84 Strichen Mains, 200p Auchenbreddie.

EWES (309) Suf - £90 Mains of Paithnick; SufX - £88 Home Farm Cairness; Tex - £100 Home Farm Cairness; TexX - £96 Mains of Paithnick; Cont - £95 Kirkland; Chev - £93 Little Cantly; Mule - £76 Easter Corrie; GF - £79 Little Cantly; BF - £66 Home Farm Cairness


United Auctions (Saturday 23rd April 2016) sold 865 cattle which incorporated the Young Farmers overwintering competition.

Bullocks (465) sold to average 225.4p selling to 308p per kg for CharXs from Whiteinches, Pitcaple and to £1240 for LimXs from Castlehill, Elgin.

Heifers (379) Heifers sold to average 217.1p per kg selling to 259p per kg for LimXs from Slydie, Sauchen at to £1200 for CharXs from Corskellie, Rothiemay.

BLKS – 251-300kg - £745 Carron Mains, Aberlour, 269.2p Tombreck, Ballindalloch; 301-350kg - £1000 Whiteinches, Pitcaple, 288.5p Easter Corrie, Keith; 351-400kg - £1005 Roebank, Grange, 259.9p West Cranloch, Ythanwells; 401-450kg - £1090 Carbrotach, Cairnie, 246.9p Whiteinches, Pitcaple; 451-500kg - £1110, 220.8p Roebank, Grange; 501-550kg - £1160 Castlehill, Elgin, 213.9p Corskellie, Cairnie; 551-600kg - £1230, 213.9p Corskellie, Rothiemay; 601-650kg - £1210, 198.4p Boghead Farm, Fraserburgh.

HFRS – 251-300kg - £770, 258.4p Slydie, Sauchen; 301-350kg - £860, 256.7p Boghead Farm, Fraserburgh; 351-400kg - £930, 238.8p Carbrotach, Cairnie; 401-450kg - £1040 Tombreck, Ballindalloch, 238.8p Carbrotach, Cairnie; 451-500kg - £1090 Finzean, 227.7p Corskellie, Rothiemay; 501-550kg - £1140 South Faddenhill, Fyvie, 219.7p Nethermills, Grange; 551-600kg - £1200 214.3p Corskellie, Rothiemay;.

OTMS (21) sold to an average of 124.8p per kg. Selling to  152.8p per kg or £1100 for Simmentals from Corskie, Garmouth.

Leading Prices:

Sim - £1060 or 144.2p per kg Corskie, Garmouth

Lim - £900 or 144p per kg Roebank, Grange

BA - £880 or 131.3p per kg Parrock, Rothiemay

BBX - £840 or 123.5p per kg Slydie, Sauchen

In the Young Farmers section sponsored by Norvite and Seafield Vetinary Centre the show was won by Grant Stephen, Hatton Cottage with his Barnyards, Cornhill bred LimX bullock which later was sold at £1190 for 490kg to the Judge I Pirie, Overton of Bruxie.

Reserve Champion was the Newton of Crathie bred LimX heifer from John Connon, Broadmyre, Clatt selling to £1190 scaling 475kg to Messrs Simpson, Mains of Leslie.

Champion homebred was a CharX Heifer from Abbie McGillvary, Auchnascraw who also won the Stockmanship Prize the heifer sold at £1170 scaling 555kg to Judge Ian Pirie.

Winning the best weight gain and best gross margin was Stuart Ross, Wardhead, Strichen when his ShorthornX heifer which was bred at Heatheryfield, Cairnie in put on 1.48kg per day or £2.91 per day.

Winning the prize for the under 14 year old overwintered competition was James Lowe, South Tarwathie, Fraserburgh 

United Auctions (Thursday 14th April 2016) sold 168 store and OTM cattle.

Mainly short keep, heavy cattle were forward, selling at comparable rates to previous weeks. Yearlings met the most demand, in particular, natural grazing sorts.

BLKS (70) sold to an average of 206.1p per kg. Selling to a top of 229p per kg for a 345kg LimX from Craigieview, Aberchirder. Top gross being £1240 for a 625kg LimX from Auchcorthie, Maud. 

HFRS (66) sold to an average of 211p per kg and to a top price of 234.6p per kg for a 405kg CharX from Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay. Top gross being £1105 for a 510kg LimX from Nethermills, Grange.

BLKS – 301-350Kgs – £790, 229p Craigview, Aberchirder; 351-400kgs - £790, 210.7p Craigview, Aberchirder; 401-450kgs - £910 East Brae, Grange, 219.5p Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay; 451-500kgs - £1065 Easter Newton, 228.6p Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay. Over 501kgs - £1180, 218.10p Auchorthie, Maud.

Hfrs – 301-350kgs - £700, 215.4p Greencraig, Drybridge; 351-400kgs - £920, 230p Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay; 401-450kgs - £950, 234.6p Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay; 451-500kgs- £1030 Nethermills, Grange, 211p Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay; Over 500kgs - £1105, 216.7p Nethermills, Grange.

OTMS (32) sold to an average of 130.65p per kg. Selling to a top of 162.3p for a LimX from Upper Tillathrowie, Gartly and grossed £1190 for the same animal. 

Lim –£1140, 159.4p Upper Tillathrowie; 

LimX –£1120, 157.7P Upper Tillathrowie;

Char –£1000 Ploverwards, 144.3p Upper Tillathrowie; 

CharX –£1120 Upper Tillathrowie, 138.5p Cardnach;

Sim –£920, 130.5p Craigroy Dallas; 

SimX –£1100, 156.7p Upper Tillathrowie; 

SH –£1040, 134.2p Drumbain; 

BS –£1080, 127.6p Cardnach; 

AA –£800, 130.1p Braehead.

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