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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

United Auctions (Wednesday 17th December  2014) sold 2595 prime sheep.

New Season lambs (1418) to 200p per kg for  40kg Tex from Cobbleheugh, Dinnet and to £89 for 60kg from Little Whitefield, Forglen .

SQQ up to 45.5 kg (422) averaged 177.29p per kg.

A similar number of lambs were forward and trade continued with the national trend with all classes being easier on the week. Heavier sorts were a good bit less while export weights sold away well and were short of buyers requirements. The largest show of ewes witnessed in this centre for some time was presented to the usual full ringside of buyers. A tremendous show for quality was forward where all classes were sharper on the week particularly smart heavier types.

Leading prices per head and kg.

Suf – £83.50 , 185p Dualts, Mornish; SufX - £82.50 Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill, South Craighead, Peterhead, 183p Edendiack; Tex - £86 Little Whitefield, Forglen, 199p Knockanrioch, Knockando; TexX - £84 Mains of Tillymorgan, Culsalmond, Knockanrioch, Knockando, 195p Cairncoullie, Glenkindie; Cont - £83.50 Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill, 193p Cairncoullie, Glenkindie; Chev - £82.50 Overhill, Rothienorman, 191p Knockanrioch, Knockando; Mule - £78.20 Mains of Tillymorgan, Culsalmond,190p Bus

h, Aberlour; BF - £77 Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill, 174p Rivestone, Kinnoir; Bel - £83, 196p  Cairncoullie, GLenkindie; Llyen - £83 Connachie, Elgin, 186p Mains of Tannachy, Port Gordon. Char - £86 Manderlea, Alvah, 189p Edendiack, Gartly; CharX - £84 Wardhead, Strichen, 188p Cobbleheugh, Dinnet.

Ewes (1177)

Suf – £136 Clerkseat, Grange; SufX – Clerkseat, Grange £133; Tex - £136 Davmor, Cairnie;,TexX -  £126 Hilton of Culsh,  New Deer; Cont - £125 Davmor, Cairnie; Chev - £128 Falasgair, Grantown on Spey; Mule - £98 Hatton Cottage, Dallas; GF - £106 Hilton of Culsh, New Deer; BF – £81 Bush, Aberlour; Cross - £113 Connachie, Elgin; CHM - £117 Hyannis, Turriff; Bel - £132 Lythebrae, Aberchirder; Llyen - £118 Hyannis, Turriff; Char - £124 Lythebrae, Aberchirder, RAMS – Suf - £119 Hilton of Culsh, New Deer; SufX - £110 Hyannis, Turriff; Llyen - £114 Hyannis, Turriff; Char - £111 Lythebrae, Aberchirder.


United Auctions (Thursday 4th December 2014) sold 356 cattle and 336 Sheep at their sale.

BLKS (203) sold to average 222.8p per kg  selling to a top of 276.9p per kg for CharX from Glenrinnes Farms, Dufftown and £1500 for SimX from Seafield Farm, Cullen. 

HFRS (101) sold to average 215.5p per kg selling to a top of 266.7p for RLimX from Knockandhu Farm, Tomatin and to £1280 for a LimX from Seafield Farm, Cullen.

OTMS (49) sold to average 124.3p per kg selling to 190.1p per kg for a SimX from Cobbleheugh, Dinner and to £1380 from Bruckles, Rothiemay.

Bulls (2) sold to average 93.6p per kg selling to £1100 or 108.9p per kg for Sim from Redhill, Mosstowie.

Leading prices per head and per kilo

Blks: Up to 250kg – £560, 254.5p 1 Drimisdale, Lochboisdale; 251-300kg - £700, 241.4p 15 Bornish, Lochboisdale; 301-350kg - £900, 276.9p Glenrinnes Farm, Dufftown; 351-400kg - £1000, 265.8p Glenrinnes Farm, Dufftown; 401-450kg - £1065, 242p Cluseburn, Inverbervie; 451-500kg - £1100, 222.2p Carlingcraig, Turriff; 501-550kg - £1165, 221.9p Auchinclech; 551-600kg - £1390, 243.9p Carlingcraig, Turriff. ; 601-650kg - £1365, 216p Seafield Farm, Cullen; 651-700kg – £1450, 221.4p Seafield Farm, Cullen; 701+kg - £1500, 206.9p Seafield Farm, Cullen.

Hfrs: UP to 250kg – £560, 266.7p Knockandhu, Tomatin; 251-300kg - £700, 257.7p Knockandhu, Tomatin; 301-350kg - £790, 232.4p Cluseburn, Inverbervie; 351-400kg - £865 Roebank, Grange, 225.4p Glenrinnes  Farm, Dufftown; 401-450kg - £980 Auchinclech, Grange; 232.1p Glenrinnes Farms, Dufftown; 451-500kg - £1000, 206.5p Carlingcraig, Turriff; 501-550kg - £1170, 206.5p Seafield Farm, Cullen; 551-600kg - £1280, 230.6p Seafield Farm, Turriff.

OTMS: - Sim - £1350 Cobbleheugh Farms, Dinnet, 186.1p Kincraigie Farm, Lumphanan; SimX - £1340 Kincraigie Farm, Lumphanan;  AA - £1200, 188.6p Glenrinnes Farms, Dufftown;  BSH - £1180, 132.53p Glenrinnes Farms, Dufftown; BRB - £1380, 152.5p Bruckles, Rothiemay; LimX - £990, 173.7p Kirdels School House, Blacksboat.

Store Lambs sold to £74.00 for a pen of Tex’s  from Cardnach, Knockandhu.

Store Lambs – TexX - £70.50 Aswanley, Glass; SuffX - £69 Stonedyke, Rhynie; Cont - £70 Maryhill, Mulben; Llyen - £68 Ballintomb Farms, Grantown-on-Spey; Cross - £69 Aswanley, Glass. 


United Auctions (Thursday 20th November 2014) sold 249 Store and OTM  cattle at their sale. 

Blks (102) averaged 223.6p per kg. Selling to a top of 276.6p per kg for a 235kg Lim from Lynemore, Spean Bridge. Top gross being £1460 for a 675 Lim from Mid Retannach, Rothiemay.

Hfrs (86) averaged 216.2p per kg selling to a top of 270.9p per kg for a 275kg CharX from Wester Elchies, Aberlour.

OTMS (61) The sale was topped at £1210 or 195.2p per kg for a BRB from Clochforbie, Turriff.

Leading prices per head and per kilo

Blks: Up to 250kg – £650, 276.6p Lynemore, Spey Bridge; 251-300kg - £780, 267.1p Wester Elchies, Aberlour; 301-350kg - £875, 249.3p Wester Elchies, Aberlour;  351-400kg - £880 Wester Laggan, Dulnain Bridge, 239.8p Wester Elchies, Aberlour; 401-450kg - £1010, 232.2p Bush Farm, Aberlour; 451-500kg - £1180, 236p Boghead, Dufftown; 501-550kg - £1285 Mill of Torry, Udny, 235.2p Wester Laggan, Dulnain, Bridge; 551-600kg - £1310 Mill of Torry, Udny, 230.4p Wester Laggan, Dulnain Bridge; 601-650kg - £1370, 219.2p Mid Retannach, Rothiemay; 651-700kg - £1460, 216.3p Mid Retannach, Rothiemay.

Hfrs: UP to 250kg – £480, 246.2p Lynemore, Spey Bridge; 251-300kg - £745, 270.9p Wester Elchies, Aberlour; 301-350kg – £750, 214.3p Boghead, Dufftown; 351-400kg - £860 Ballintomb Farm, Dulnain Bridge, 223.9p Auchinclech, Grange; 401-450kg - £980 Ballintomb Farm, Dulnain Bridge; 226.2p Wester Laggan, Dulnain Bridge; 451-500kg - £1020, 210.3p South Old What, New Deer; 501-550kg - £1100, 215.7p Wester Laggan, Dulnain Bridge; 551-600kg - £1195, 203.6p  Eastfield Farm, Ballater; 601-650kg - £1185, 195.9p Eastfield Farm, Ballater; 651-700kg - £1420, 205.8p Eastfield Farm, Ballater.

OTMs: - AA - £990 Ballindalloch Home Farm, Ballindalloch 173.2p Mains of Kinnairdy, Bridge of Marnoch; AAX - £1100x2 Nether Clochforbie, Turriff, Mains of Kinnairdy, Bridge of Marnoch, 177.4p Nather Clochforbie, Turriff; SH - £970, 129.3p Mid Third, Drummuir; BA - £990 Glenrinnes, Dufftown, 185.2p Nether Clochforbie, Turriff; Ch - £1040, 130.8p Glenrinnes, Dufftown; CHX - £1030 Mains of Skeith, Deskford; 164p Nether Clochforbie, Turriff;  Her - £1140, 173.8p Nether Clochforbie, Turriff; Lim - £1030, 194.8p Nether Clochforbie, Turriff; LimX - £1000, 189p Nether Clochforbie, Turriff; Sim - £1090 Keithmore, Dufftown, 193.2p Nether Clochforbie, Turiff; SimX - £1070 Hatton Cottage, Dallas, 148.3p Nether Clochforbie, Turriff; Saler - £1160, 177.1p Eastfield Farm, Ballater.

Store Lambs (796) sold to £61.00 for Tex  from Upper Towie, Glenkindie.

A lot of long keep lambs were forward today selling to a packed ringside of buyers. All classes cashed in at recent high rates.

Store Lambs – Blackface – £48 Dunphail Eatate, Dunphail; Cross - £60 East Belhinnie, Rhynie; Mule - £51 Aldunie, Cabrach; Suff - £60.50 Drumbain, Rothes; Tex - £60 Upper Towie, Glenkindie; SuffX - £60 Kinchurdy, Boat of Garten. 


United Auctions (Thursday 6th November 2014) sold 331 Store and OTM  cattle at their sale. Calves met a firm trade with stronger cattle being keenly bid for CharX cattle in particular sold at premium rates.

Blks (172) sold to average 224.3p per kg and sold to 269.1p per kg for a 405kg CharX from Corskellie Farm, Rothiemay. Top gross being £1360 for a 605kg  CharX from Corskellie Farm, Rothiemay.

Hfrs (131) sold to average 219.9p per kg and sold to 297.3p per kg for a 222kg LimX from Davmor, Huntly. Top gross being £1330 for a 625kg CharX from Corskellie Farm, Rothiemay.

OTMs (28) Top price was for a BRBX from Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill and realised £1080 or 149.9p per kg.

Leading prices per head and per kilo
Blks: Up to 250kg – £550, 244.4p Bailliesward, Huntly; 251-300kg - £725, 246.2p Braehead Cottage, Huntly; 301-350kg - £820, 254.7p Braehead Cottage, Huntly; 351-400kg - £980, 253.2p Corskellie, Farm, Rothiemay; 401-450kg - £1090, 269.1p Corskellie Farm, Huntly; 451-500kg - £1120, 235.8p Corskellie Farm, Rothiemay; 501-550kg - £1195, 236.6p Sheeppark, Bridge of Marnoch; 551-600kg - £1290, 224.6p Corskellie Farm, Rothiemay; 601-650kg - £1360, 224.8p Corskellie Farm, Rothiemay.

Hfrs: UP to 250kg – £660, 297.3p Davmor, Cairnie; 251-300kg - £710, 236.7p Davmor, Cairnie; 301-350kg - £760, 224.6p Braehead Cottage, Huntly; 351-400kg - £920, 237.3p Corskellie Farm, Rothiemay; 401-450kg - £1040, 243p Corskellie Farm, Rothiemay; 451-500kg - £1110 Nethermills, Grange, 235.9p Wrangham, Colpy; 501-550kg - £1220, 229.4p Corskellie Farm, Rothiemay; 551-600kg - £1220, 215.9p Corskellie Farm, Rothiemay; 601-650kg - £1330, 212.8p Corskellie Farm, Rothiemay.

OTMs: - Saler - £990, 122p Auchairn, Aultmore; SimX - £950, 123.4p Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill; Sim – £910, 125.5p Fairview, Culvardie; Lim - £950, 143.9p Loanhead, Logie Coldstone; LimX - £850, 123.2p Fairview, Culvardie; SD - £820, 122.4p Bogallie Farm, Drummuir.

Store lambs (623) sold to £69.00 for Tex  from Smithy Croft, Mornish. 

A large active ringside of buyers were present and trade kept up with recent rates.
Store Lambs – Blackface – Dunphail Estate £43; Cheviot - £58 Inkstack, Caithness; Suffolk - £56 Blairindinnie, Gartly; Texel - £66.50 Smithy Croft, Mornish; Texel X - £64 Mains of Pronie,Tarland. 


United Auctions  (Thursday 30th October 2014) sold 1498 store sheep.

Store lambs (1492) sold to £67.00 for Tex  from Meikle Begshill, Drumblade

Gimmers (6) sold to £112.00 for Tex from Honeybarrel, Killdrummy.

A packed ringside of active buyers were present today and all classes met a sound trade keeping up with recent rates.

Store Lambs – Chev – £57 Nevie, Glenlivet; Cont - £60.50 Greystone, Fisherford; Cross - £60 x 2 Dalbeallie, Knockando, Burnside, Marypark; Mule - £60 Bush, Aberlour; Suff - £64 Blairindinnie, Gartly; Tex - £65 Cardnach, Knockando; TexX - £62 Cardnach, Knockando; SuffX - £63 Greystone, Fisherford. 


United Auctions (Saturday 25th October 2014) sold 1073 spring born calves at their show and sale sponsored by John Wink Design and Judged by Gordon Simpson, Yonder Bognie.

Champion was a red bullock from Smallburn Farms, Rothes scaled 385kg at £1400 or 363.6p per kg to the Judge.

Reserve Champion a Black LimX from S Rainnie, Loanhead, Logie Coldstone, scaling 345kg selling at £1600 or 463.7p per kg.

Champion pens of 4 bullocks and heifers came from Robert MacDonald, Castle Grant Home Farm, Grantown on Spey. Bullocks scaled 362kg at £1090 or 301.1p per kg and Heifers 371kg at £930 or 250.6p per kg.

609 Bullocks sold to average 263.9p per kg (down 14.7p per kg on the year) selling to 406.1p per kg for a Black LimX from Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill and to £1400 from Smallburn, Rothes.

464 Heifers sold to average 250.6p per kg (down 2.7p per kg on the year) selling to 507.7p per kg for a 260kg LimX from Smallburn Farms, Rothes to £1600 from Loanhead, Logie Coldstone.

Leading prices per head and per kg

Blks: Up to 250kg – £790, 322.4p Home Farm Haughton, Alford; 251-300kg - £1040, 371.4p Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill; 301-350kg - £1340, 406.1p Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill; 351-400kg - £1400, 363.6p Smallburn Farms, Rothes; 401-450kg £1170, Coleburn, Elgin; 451-500kg - £990, 206.3p Coutts, Mill of Allathan; 501-550kg -£1230, 232.1p Ruthven Farms, Ruthven.

Hfrs: Up to 250kg - £760 Drumburn, Keith, 321.2p Oldmill, Strichen; 251-300kg - £1320 Smallburn Farms, Rothes, 353.3p Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill; 301-350kg - £1600, 463.8p Loanhead, Logie Coldstone; 351-400kg – 1220,343.7p Coleburn, Elgin; 401-450kg - £1050, 251.2p Hillhead, Drybridge; 451-500kg - £1120, 229.8p Raws Farm, Dufftown; 501-550kg - £1140, 221.4p Ruthven Farms, Ruthven.


United Auctions (Thursday 23rd October 2014) sold 373 store cattle at their sale.

Blks (238) sold to average 225.1p per kg and sold to 260.50p per kg for a LimX from Sheeppark Farms and to £1460 for a CharX from Bogloch, Lumpanan. 

Hfrs (109) sold to average 219.8p per kg and sold to 241.6p per kg for a BazX from Mains of Collithie, Gartly and to £1240 for a CharX from Craighall, Drummuir.

OTMs (26) sold to average 123.4p selling to 165.2p per kg on £1280 for a LimX from Buchaam, Strathdon

Leading prices per head and per kilo

Blks: Up to 250kg - £570. 232.7p Lynemore,  Spey Bridge; 251–300kg - £680, 226.7p Wedderburn, Huntly; 301-350kg – £760, 217.1p Wedderburn, Huntly; 351–400kg £990, 260.5p Sheeppark Farms, Bridge of Marnoch; 401-450kg - £1090 Mains of Collithie, Gartly, 253.7p Wedderburn, Huntly; 451 – 500kg - £1200 Loanhead, Logie Coldstone, 245.7p Mains of Collithie, Gartly;  501–550kg - £1200 Greenhill, Tullynessle, 223.5p Aldunie, Cabrach; 551–600kg – £1360 Loanhead, Logie Coldstone, 233.9p Mill of Torry, Udny; 601–650kg - £1405 223.7p Mill of Torry, Udny; 651-700kg - £1450 Mill of Torry, Udny, 219.5p Bogloch, Lumphanan.

Hfrs: UP to 250kg - £550, 227.3p Lynemore, Spey Bridge; 251-300kg - £650, 220.3p Lynemore, Spey Bridge; 301-350kg - £780, 222.9p Mains of Collithie, Gartly; 351–400kg - £930, 241.6p Mains of Collithie, Gartly; 401-450kg - £1030 234.1p Wedderburn, Huntly; 451-500kg - £1140, 232.7p Craighall, Cairnie; 501-550kg - £1115, 210.8p Craighall, Cairnie.

OTMS: - Sim - £1080, Whitehill, Grange, 128.5p Whitehillock, Elchies; AA - £1070 Mains of Pitlurg, Keith, 126.5p Ord, Rhynie; BRB - £990 Mains of Pitlurg, Keith, 130.1p Ploverwards, Grange; CharX - £990, 126.3p Ploverwards, Grange; HerX - £960, 120.5p Netherton, Knock. 

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