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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

United Auctions (Wednesday 28th September 2016) sold 1750 prime sheep.

New season lambs (1223) sold to 183p per kg for a 46kg Beltex from Everton of Auchry, Cuminestown and to £96 for a 65kg BDM from Everton of Auchry, Cuminestown.

NSL: Suf - £88.50 Nether Aucharnie, 171p Clashnoir; SufX - £86 Nether Blairmaud, 169p Davmor; Tex - £90 Nicolson Park, 180p 18 Richmond Gardens; TexX- £95 Clashnoir, 173p Loanend, Knocknagael; Cont - £94.50 Everton of Auchry, 171p Turfhillock, Clashnoir; Mule - £79.50 Followsters, 166p Rivestone; BF - £71.50, 170p Aldunie; Bel - £95 Hatton Cottage, 177p Kylieford.

EWES: (527) SufX - £84 Nether Blairmaud; Tex - £104 Dykehead Smiddy; TexX - £101 Hatton Cottage; Cont - £92 Mains of Blackford; Chev - £89 Belskavie; Mule -  £65 Belskavie; BF - £53 Mains of Dalvey; Cross - £90 Aswanley; CHM - £87 Mains of Blackford.

RAMS: BF - £68 45 Balvenie Street; Lleyn - £90 Mains of Dalvey.


United Auctions (24th September 2016) sold 347 rams at their Annual Show & Sale. 

The judging today was in the capable hands of David Moir, Home Farm Cairness.  An exceptional show of tups were put forward infront of him and he awarded the Champion ticket to regular consignor Mr Robert Neill, Broadleys for a Blueface Leciester shearling. The champion was later bought via the telephone for £1600 by Mr McNiven, Glenfargue Farm, Perth. The Reserve Overall ticket was then awarded to another regular consignor W&J Brown, Hilton of Culsh, for atexel shearling, which later realised £1000 to Mr MacDonald , Dalbruich. A tremendous crowd was packed around the ring, which saw buyers from the central belt Scotland to Caithness.  An excellent trade was seen throughout and the £1000 barrier was broken on no fewer than 15 occasions.

Prize List

Suffolk Shearling

1st Milne, Clerkseat £420

2nd Young & Noble, Bareflathills £550

3rd Milner, Clerkseat £400

Suffolk lamb

1st Mair, Kinnermit £420

2nd Young & Noble, Bareflathills £480 

3rd Stuart, Milltown of Birness £250

Texel Shearling

1st Brown, Hilton of Culsh £1000

2nd Innes, Dunscroft £700

3rd Brown, Hilton of Culsh £1000

Texel Lambs

1st J Green, Corskie £600

2nd Innes, Dunscroft £550

3rd Pratt, Old Town £400

Blueface Leciester Shearling

1st Neill Broadleys £1600

2nd Neill Broadleys £1400

3rd Fotheringham, Westhall £700

click here for full sale report


United Auctions (Thursday 23rd September 2016) sold 831 weaned , stores, and OTM cattle at its principle Show  and Sale of weaned calves, sponsored by HRN Tractors. Champion was awarded to a 510kg CharX bullock from Wedderburn Huntly, which sold for £1200, while Reserve Champion was awarded to a 495kg SimX bullock from Auchnascraw, Glenlivet, which sold for £1195. 

“A show of mainly well  bred cattle saw the keenest demand for short keep, and quality cattle, with these sorts selling at premium rates”

United Auctions Huntly sold 20 OTM Cattle. Top price of the day was for a SimX from Auchinclech, Keith which realised £1190, 177.6ppkg

Bullocks (464) sold to average 221.4p per kg selling to a top of 277.6 per kg for a 245kg LimX from Lynemore, Spey Bridge. Top gross being £1325 for a 615kg CharX from Keithmore, Dufftown. 

Heifers (347) sold to average 213.2p per kg selling to a top of 238.1p per kg for a 420kg LimX from Hilton of Culsh, New Deer. Top gross being £1200 for a 545kg CharX from Keithmore, Dufftown.

BLKS: Up to 250kgs - £680,277.60p Lynemore Spey Bridge; 251-300kgs - £680,266.70 Lynemore Spey Bridge; 301-350kgs - £830,240.60 Hunter, Wedderburn; 351-400kgs  - £955 South Briggs, Forglen, 254.80p Carbrotach, Cairnie; 401-450kgs - £1110 Gaich, Grantown on Spey, 255.40p Craigroy, dallas; 451-500kgs - £1210 Auchnascraw, Chapeltown, 244.10, Grantown of Spey; 501-550kgs - £1260 Auchnascraw, Chapeltown, 236.10p Gaich, Grantown on Spey; 551-600kgs - £1290,228.60p Auchnascraw, Chapeltown; 601-650kgs - £1325,215.40p Keithmore, Dufftown.

HFRS: Up to 250kgs - £390, 193p Osclay Mains, Lybster; 251-300kgs- £570,196.60p Lynemore, Spey Bridge; 301-350kgs - £780, 222.90p Whiteinches, Pitcaple; 351-400kgs - £870 Haddoch, Rothiemay, 225.10p Deershill, Cuminestown; 401-450kgs - £1030 Haddoch, Rothiemay, 238.10p Hilton of Culsh, New Deer; 451-500kgs - £1095,225.80p Campdalemore, Tomintoul; 501-550kgs - £1200 Keithmore, Dufftown, 221.30 Auchnascraw, Chapeltown; 551-600kgs - £1200 Auchnascraw, Chapeltown, 216.20 Craigroy, Dallas.

OTMS: Lim - £1040,133.60p The Bush, Aberlour; LimX - £915,132.50p The Bush, Aberlour; Sim - £1100,145.70p Followsters, Keith; SimX - £940 Followsters, Keith, 142.60p Auchinclech,Keith.


United Auctions (20th  September 2016) sold 4497 sheep at their sale of Breeding and Feeding sheep.

Due to a tremendous harvest day the demand for breeding sheep was slightly less however quality lots met a sound demand.  Store lambs met a buoyant trade throughout and many more could have been easily sold.  

Leading Prices

Blackface Gimmers  - sold to a top of £118 from DS Mair, Ashburn, Brechin and averaged £95.34 (-£7.57 on the year) 

Blackface Gimmers: £115 Ashburn, Brechin , £112 Raws Dufftown + Bomakelloch Drummuir, £110 Tombreakachie, Glenlivet + Achdregnie, Glenlivet.

Mule Gimmers: £145 Meikle Beggshill, Drumblade + Towiemore, Drummuir, £140 Towiemore, Drummuir, £132 Wardhead, Strichen.

TexX Gimmers: £140 Croftdhu, Tomatin  + Meikle Beggshill, Drumblade, £125 Croftdhu, £118 x 3 The Leys, Tarland. 


Tex  Warr: £88 x 2 Willowbank Crofrt, Turriff, £80 Glenrinnes, Dufftown.

Mule Warr: £82 Willowbank Croft, Turriff £81 Glenrinnes Estates, Dufftown, £80 Sinsharnie, Cairnie, Braehaed, Bainshole, Keepers Cottage, Troup.

Cont Warr: £76 Glenrinnes Estates, Dufftown.


Mules: £118 Raws, Dufftown, £106 Raws, Dufftown, £103 Glenavon Estates, Tomintoul, £102 Wedderburn + Hillhead of Mornish.

Chv/Mule: £106 Dalrachie, Ballindalloch, £100 Rivestone, Kinnoir.

BF: £96 Newton of Crathie


Store lambs topped twice for suffolks from Blairindinnie and for Beltex’s from Parrock, Rothiemay.

Suff - £67 x 2 Greenland Mains

Tex - £68 Greenland Mains

TexX - £65 Greenland Mains

Bel - £68 Glenrinnes Estate

Cont - £64.50 Ballintomb, Keepers Cottage

Chev - £62 LeithHall Home Farm

Mule  - £60 Glenavon Estate


United Auctions (Tuesday 6th September 2016) sold 3872 sheep at their annual show and sale of Mule breeding sheep sponsored by Iain MacEachen Transport and judged ably by Mr M Moir, Allaloth, Buckie. 

A tremendous show of gimmers met a grand trade throughout selling to a packed ringside of buyers from all over the North East to Caithness.


Mule Gimmers: (1225) averaged £134.60 (+£4.38 on the year)

Tex Gimmers: (106) averaged £137.64

Chev/Mule Gimmers: (103) averaged £134.78 

Leading Prices:

Gimmers – Mule £152 The Raws, £148 x 5 Altyre Cottage, Moray, Redhill, Mosstowie, Whitelumbs, Gartly, Ballindalloch Home Farm, Bogiebrae, Rhynie, £145 X 2 Towiemore, Drummuir.

Suffolk - £125 Whitelumbs, Gartly

Texel - £175 Whitelumbs, Gartly, £162 Whitelumbs, Gartly, £155 Meikle Begshill, Drumblade, £152 Dalrachie, Ballindalloch

Cheviot Mule- £138 x 2 Ballindalloch Home Farm, Redhill, Mosstowie, £135 Rivestone, Kinnoir, Redhill, Mosstowie.

Top class ewe lambs sold regularly in excess of £115 per head. However second and third draw lambs witnessed the highest increase in the year with many lots £10-£15 per head up. 

Mule Ewe lambs

1st  sold to £122 from Glenrinnes Estate to Moir, Allaloth

2nd sold to £115 from Watt, Dualts to Ellis & Keir, Cairncoullie.

3rd sold to £138 from Stewart, Bomakelloch to Morrison, Haddoch.

Cheviot Mule Ewe Lambs

1st sold to £118 from Forbes, Dalrachie to Smith, Towiemore.

2nd sold to £110 FROM Bruce, Bogside to Law, Comisty

3rd sold to £126 from Barclay, Harestone to Brown, Hilton of Culsh

Mule Ewe Lambs: £136 Bomakelloch, £132 Mill of Fowlis, £126 Bomakelloch, £122 Glenrinnes and Mill of Fowlis; £119 Wedderburn, £116 Bomakelloch & Mill of Fowlis, £119 Wedderburn, £116 Bomakelloch & Mill of Fowlis, 

Chev/Mule: £126 Harestone, £125 Dualts, £112 Castle Grant

Any Other Breed: Zwar - £98 Burnside & Parks

Mule Ewe Lambs (731) averaged £108.09 (+£12.67 on the year) 

Cheviot Mule Mule Ewe Lambs (232) averaged £111.89 (+£17.62 on the year) 

The opening sale of 1024 store lambs were met by a packed ringside of buyers and many went home empty handed.  Trade was buoyant throughout 

Suff - £64 Meikle Cantly 

Tex - £63 Ballintomb

TexX £62 Ballintomb

CharX - £60 Meikle Cantly

Mule - £57.50 Woodside


United Auctions (Thursday 25th August 2016) sold 712 store, breeding and OTM cattle at their 25th Anniversary Show and  Sale.

The judge was Mr George Cowie, Cairnton , Fordyce with the Sponsor being Iain MacEachen, Livestock Haulier, Champion and Winning the Harold Murray Trophy was an outstanding Black LimX heifer from William Moir, Cairness Home Farm, Fraserburgh which sold at £2000 scaling 585kg selling to telephone bidder Mr Wareham, Sussex.  Reserve Champion at 436kg Black LimX from Ryan Shand, Lythebrae, Aberchirder selling at £1100 to the Judge.

BLKS (449) sold to average of 219.1p per kg. Selling to a top of 258.8p per kg for  LimX’s from South Cormalet, Cairnie and to £1415 from Leschangie Farm, Inverurie.

HFRS (205) sold to average of 215p per kg or £941 per head selling to 341.9p per kg or 341.9p per kg or £2000 from Cairness Home Farm, Fraserburgh.

BREEDING CATTLE sold to a top of £2050 Mill of Allathan, New Deer.

OTMS  (38) which sold to a top of £1400 for a Sim from Corskie, Garmouth the same home also boasted the top  p per kg price on the day, which was 174p for a Sim. All classes of cows met a firm enquiry throughout with the overall average being 130.1p per kg.

BLKS: - 301-350kg - £880, 251.4p Clatequoy Farm, Thurso; 351-400kg - £965 Bainshole, Colpy, 250p Edendiack, Gartly; 401-450kg - £1100,258.8p South Cormalet, Cairnie; 451-500kg - £1230, 246p Haddoch Farm, Rothiemay; 501-550kg - £1320, 242.2p Leschangie Lodge, Kemnay; 551-600kg - £1310 Whinbrae, Huntly, 230.6p Parks, Rothiemay; 601-650kg  - £1415 Leschangie Lodge,Kemnay, 227.9p Parks, Rothiemay; 650+kg - £1410 Mosstown, Kinnoir, 210.7p Leschangie Lodge, Kemnay.

HFRS:- 301-350kg - £785, 232.9p Bainshole, Colpy; 351-400kg - £950, 240.8p Edendiack, Gartly;  401-450kg - £1030, 237.2p Parks, Rothiemay; 451-500kg - £1170, 236.4p Parks, Rothiemay; 501-550kg - £1245 Parks, Rothiemay, 237.6p Haddoch, Rothiemay; 551-600kg - £2000, 341.9p Cairness Home Farm; 601+kg - £1240, 203.9p Mid Retannach, Rothiemay.

OTMS:- AA - £1050 Eastfield, Ballater, 169.1p Killimster Mains, Wick; AAX - £1000, 164.1p Eastfield, Ballater; BRB - £1090, 127.7p  Mill of Allathan, New Deer; Lim - £1180, 157.3p Cobbleheugh, Dinnet; Sim - £1290, 167.8p Corskie, Garmouth; SimX - £1240, 155p Corskie, Garmouth; LimX - £1110, 151p Loanhead, Logie Coldstone

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