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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

United Auctions (Thursday 16th April 2015) sold 348 store and OTM  cattle 

Blks: (188) sold to average 230.6p per kg top price per kilo was achieved for a pen of LimX from Chapelton Farms, Leslie and realised 287.1p.  Top price per head was £1190 for a BB from Braeside of Fortrie, Rora. 

Hfrs: (127) sold to average 220.4p per kg.  The heifer  section was topped today by Gladhill, Garmouthfor a SimX which grossed £1480. Top price per kilo was for a pen of LimX from Chapelton Farms, Leslie.

OTMs: (33) averaged 131.3p per kg and sold to a top of 195p per kg for a CharX from Nether Clochforbie, Fisherie. Top price per head was £1290 for a CharX from Nether Clochforbie, Fisherie.

A very mixed show with a percentage of Non Scottish Assured cattle proving very hard to cash.

Leading prices per head and per kilo:

Blks: 251-300kg – £790, 269.9p Chapelton Farms, Leslie; 300-350kg - £900, 260.9p Chapelton Farms, Leslie; 351-400kg - £950 Robertson, Carbrotach, 252.1p Ballintomb Farm, Dulnain Bridge; 401-450kg - £1040, 249.4p Berrydrum, Cornhill; 451-500kg - £1095, 216.7p Corskie, Garmouth; 501-550kg - £1140, 198.3p Corskie, Garmouth; 551-600kg - £1140, 198.3p Corskie, Garmouth; 601-650kg – £1140 Braehead, Longmorn, 190.4p Braeside of Fortrie, Rora; 

Hfrs: Up to 250kg – £600, 240p Sittyton Farm, Newmachar; 251-300kg - £750, 254.2p Chapelton Farms, Leslie; 301-350kg - £790, 240.9p Ballintomb Farm, Dulnain Bridge; 351-400kg - £885, 224.1p Carbrotach, Cairnie; 401-450kg - £1080, 245.5p Gladhill, Garmouth; 451-500kg - £1100, 241.8p Gladhill, Garmouth; 501-550kg - £1130 Strathdee, Nethermill, 217.8p Gladhill, Garmouth; 551-600kg - £1190 Poolside Cottage, Rothiemay, 250.8p Gladhill, Garmouth; 601-650kg - £1190, 193.5p Poolside Cottsage, Rothiemay.

OTMS: Sim - £1220, 174p Nether Clochforbie, Fisherie; Lim - £1220, 187p Nether Clochforbie, Fisherie; LimX - £1130 Nether Clochforbie, Fisherie, 149p Braehead, Huntly; CH - £1130, 149p Nether Clochforbie, Fisherie; Simx - £1110 Boradland, Cairnie, 147p Braehead, Huntly; CHX - £100, 140p Braehead, Huntly; AAX - £1100, 179p Nether Clochforbie, Fisherie; HE - £950, 141p Boatleys Farm, Kenmay.


United Auctions (Wednesday 15th April 2015) sold 1648  prime sheep. 

Old season lambs (1161) sold to 229p per kg for  a 39.5kg Tex from Auchendreddie, Insch and to £93 for 43kg Beltex from Glencorrie, Keith.

SQQ up to 45.5 kg (875) averaged 193.59p per kg.

Leading prices per head and kg.

OSL: Suf – £88.50 Wester Coxton, Elgin, 208p Bogenhilt, Forglen; SufX - £86.50 Ardmiddle Home Farm, Turriff, 204p Wardhead, Strichen; Tex £90.50 Auchenbrddie, Insch, Strichen Mains, Strichen, 225p Overhill, Rothienorman; TexX - £88 Auchenbreddie, Insch, 216p Glencorrie, Dufftown; Cont - £88.50 Cobbleheugh, Dinnet, 219p Craigieview, Aberchirder; Chev - £87.50 Craighall, Cairnie, 207p Mill of Buckie, Buckie; Mule - £85.50 Mains of Tillymorgan, Culsalmond, 196p Ardmiddle Home Farm, Turriff; BF - £85 Glencorrie, Dufftown, 195p Craighall, Cairnie, Wardhead, Strichen, Achnavanich, Latheron; Char - £87 Auchenbreddie, insch, 208p Newton of Crathie, Ballater; CharX - £88.50 Honeybarrel, Killdrummy, 218p Craigieview, Aberchirder.

Ewes: (487) Suf - £131 Kirkland, Forgue; SufX - £128 Tillminate, Gartly, Leitchestown, Deskford; Tex - £129 Broadmyre, Clatt; TexX - £127 Tillyminate, Gartly; Cont - £129 Wilowbank croft, Turriff; Chev - £121 Clerkset, Grange; Mule - £114 Haddoch, Rothiemay; GF - £120 Willowbank Croft, Turriff; BF - £97 Honeysuckle Cottage, Grange; HB - £132 Tillyminate, Gartly; Bel - £136 Barflat, Rhynie; Llyen - £125 Claymires, Rothiemay, Mains of Blairmore, Glasss; Char - £131 Newton of Haddo, Forgue; 

Rams: Suf - £141 Tillyminate, Gartly; Tex - £131 Kirkland, Forgue; Chev - £109 Holly Cottage, Alvah; Llyen - £128 Kirkland, Forgue; Char - £150 Carnoch, Buckie.



United Auctions (Saturday 4th April 2015) sold 1521 cattle at their annual show and sale.

Blks: (936) sold to average 246.1p per kg selling to a top of 358.6p per kg for  355kg CharX’s from Coleburn, Elgin.

Hfrs: (585) sold to average 243.1p per kg selling to a top of 363.6p per kg for 385kg LimX from Coleburn, Elgin and to £1380 for SimX from Burnside, Marypark.

In the pre-sale show sponsored by AM Phillips Judge William Cameron placed a LimX Hfr scaling 385kg Champion a 355kg CharX bullock Reserve both were from Messrs Cruickshank, Coleburn, Elgin and realised £1400 and £1266 respectivly both bought by the Judge.

Quality grazing cattle met a firm demand while forward types were harder to cash.

Leading prices per head and per kilo

Blks: Up to 250kg – £680, 277.6p Gates of Birselawsie, Midmar; 251-300kg - £1040, 358.6p Coleburn, Elgin; 301-350kg - £1190, 355.2p Coleburn, Elgin; 351-400kg - £1260, 354.9p Coleburn, Elgin; 401-450kg - £1200, 279.1p East Lediken, Insch; 451-500kg - £1300, 273.7p Dipplebrae, Crimond;501-550kg - £1290 Mains of Mause, Blairgowrie,  250.5p Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay; 551-600kg - £1410, 254.1p Mains of Mause, Blairgowrie.

Hfrs: Up to 250kg - £665 Gates of Birsewlawsie, Midmar, 270.8p Tombreck, Ballindalloch; 251-300kg - £770 Easter Tolmauds, Torphins, 270.6p Hillhead, Drybridge; 301-350kg - £940, 270.9p South Briggs, Forglen; 351-400kg - £1400,363.6p Coleburn, Elgin; 401-450kg - £1160 Coleburn, Elgin, 264.4p Haddoch Farm, Rothiemay; 451-500kg - £1220, 250.5p Mains of Mause, Blairgowrie; 501-550kg - £1240 Ardmor, Dores, 238.7p Nethermills, Grange; 551-600kg - £1260, 223.4p Adrmor, Dores; 601-650kg - £1290 Dipplebrae, Crimond, 203.2p Stonedyke, Rhynie

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