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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

United Auctions on Thursday 8th October sold 469 cattle at their  sale of Store, Breeding and OTM cattle.

BLKS (165) sold to average 221.2p per kg selling to 255.4p per kilo for LimX from Fordmouth, Tomintoul and to £1320 for LimX from Mid Retannach, Rothiemay.

HFRS (105) sold to average 210.1p per kg selling to 233.8p per kg for LimX from Rippachie, Strathdon at to £1320 for SimX from Whitehill, Grange.

Blks: 251-300kg - £840 Lynemore, Strathdon, 255.4p Fordmouth Farms, Tomintoul;  350-400kg – £990, 253.8p Fordmouth Farms, Fordmouth; 401-450kg - £1060, 245.8p Mains of Collithie, Gartly; 451-500kg - £1050, 226.4p Sheep Park Farms, Bridge of Marnoch; 501-550kg - £1155, 228.7p Mains of Collithie, Gartly; 551-600kg - £1180, 201.70p Mid Retannach, Rothiemay; 651-700kg - £1320, 192.7p Mid Retannach, Rothiemay

Hfrs: 301-350kg – £770, 229.2p Lynemore, Strathdon; 351-400kg - £900, 233.8p Rippachie, Strtathdon; 401-450kg - £920 Badentoul, Fordyce, 216.4p Fordmouth, Tomintoul;  451-500kg - £1050 Sheep Park Farms, Bridge of Marnoch, 212.8p Badentoul, Fordyce; 501-550kg - £1095 Mid Retannch, Rothiemay, 209.8p Badentoul, Fordyce; 551-600kg - £1220, 206.8p Whitehill, Grange

Also forward 174 Breeding Cattle which sold to a top of £3900 for SimX heifer with a LimX bull calf at foot from Bruceland, Elgin and to £2800 for a SimX cow with a CharX bullock calf at foot from Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay and to £2700 for a SimX cow with a heifer calf at foot from Whinbrae, Huntly.

Leading Prices

Heifers with calves at foot

£3400, £2800 (twice), £2750 (twice) Bruceland, Elgin.

Cows with calves at foot

£2700, £2600, £2500, Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay.

£2700 (twice), £2600 (twice), £2500 Whinbrae, Huntly.

In calf spring calving Heifers

£1950 Whinbrae, Huntly

OTMS (25) sold to average 114.7p per kg selling to £1020 for LimX from Bauchlaw, Banff.

OTMS –  LimX - £1000 Tam, Mulben; Sim - £960 Auchnascraw, Glenlivet; BazX - £940 Bauchlaw, Banff.


United Auctions  (Wednesday 7th October2015 ) sold 916 prime sheep.

New Season Lambs (429) sold to 143p per kg for 44kg Tex from Followsters, Keith and to £72 for 56kg Tex from Birchlea, Rothiemay. 

A mixy show for quality was forward amongst the lambs despite plenty of leaner types forward trade would actually be comparable on the week. The ewe ring was once again buoyant and all classes would be £2-£3 sharper, particularly mules.

Leading prices per head and kg.

NSL: Suf – £71.50, 141p Davmor, Keith; Tex - £70 Roddentree, Robieston, 143p Followsters, Keith; TexX - £67 Huntly Lodge, Huntly, 140p Edendiack, Gartly; Cont - £66.50 Birchlea, Rothiemay, 140p Smithy Croft, Mornish; Mule - £64.50 Huntly Lodge, Huntly, 136p Honeysuckle Corrage, Grange.

EWES: (487)  - SufX - £72 Mid Clochforbie, Turriff; Tex - £74 Ditchhead, Dallas, Auchnascraw, Glenlivet, Croftdhu, Tomatin; TexX - £71 Auchnascraw, Chapeltown; Cont - £74 Keithmore, Dufftown; Chev - £70.50 Gaich, Grantown-on-Spey; Mule - £66.50 Auchnascraw, Chapeltown; GF - £66 Achavrole Mains, Halkirk; BF – Keithmore, Dufftown; CHM - £70.50 Ditchead, Dallas; RAMS -  Suf - £111 Auchnascraw, Chapeltown; BF - £65 – Auchnascraw, Chapeltown.


United Auctions (Thursday 1st October 2015) sold 75 store and OTM cattle at their annual organic cattle sale. 

Blks sold to average 233.1p per kg selling to a top price of 276p per kg for a pen of 8 230kg AAx’s from Dalnavert, Kincraig. Top gross being £1150 for 3  551kg AAx’s from Berrydrum, Cornhill. 

Hfrs sold to average 211.7p per kg selling to a top of 215.4p per kg for a 455kg LimX from 20 High Street, Aberlour.  Top gross being £1540 per head for 3 585kg AAx’s from Berrydrum, Cornhill.

OTM cows sold to a top of £1130 and 136p per kg for 830kg from Parks, Rothiemay. 

Blks: Up to 250kg –  £635, 276.1p Dalnavert , Kincraig; 251-300kg - £755, 254.2p Dalnavert, Kincraig; 301-350kg - £745, 225.8p 20 High Street, Archiestown; 351-400kg - £855, 219.2p  Cardnach, Knockando;  401-450kg - £960, 230.2p 20 High Street, Archiestown; 451-500kg - £1035, 214.7p Cardnach, Knockando; 501-550kg - £1150, 208.7p Berrydrum.

Hfrs: 351-400kg - £780, 208p Cardnach, Knockando; 401-450kg - £935, 213.9p Cardnach, Knockando; 451-500kg - £1005 Cardnach, Knockando, 215.4p 20 High Street, Archiestown; 501-550kg - £980, 192.2p cardnach, Knockando; 551-600kg - £1150, 196.6p Berrydrum, Cornhill

Store Sheep  (2084) Store Lambs (1699) sold to £60.50 for Suff from Brawland, Rhynie. Ewe Lambs (129) sold to £70 for Mules from Bomakelloch, Drummuir. Ewes (256) sold to £72 for Tex from Mill Croft, Mulben. 

Another grand show of store lambs were presented to a packed ringside of buyers. A buoyant trade was seen throughout.

Store Lambs – Bel - £55 Drumbain, Rothes; BF - £46 Higher Tullochgribbon, Grantown of Spey; Char - £55.50 Upper Towie, Glenkindie; Chev - £54 Drumbain, Rothes; Cont  £56 Upper Towie, Glenkindie; Mule - £52 North Glen Estate; Suff - £59 Home Farm Leith Hall, Kennethmont; Tex - £57 Home Farm Leith hall, Kennethmont; Suff – Home Farm Leith Hall, Kennethmont; TexX - £56.50 Home Farm Leith Hall, Kennethmont; Llyen - £56 Ballintomb, Dulnain Bridge.

Ewes - £70 x2 Mill Croft, Mulben, Ballintomb, Dulnain Bridge; Mule - £60 North Redhill, Rothiemay.


United Auctions (26th September 2015) sold 290 rams at their annual show and sale. 

Judging was in the hands of Charlie McIntyre of Glenrinnes Estate, Dufftown who awarded the Champion ticket to W&J Brown, Hilton of Culsh, New Deer for a texel shearling.  The champion was later purchased for £1100 by Ross, Broadland. The Reserve Overall was awarded to Young & Noble, Bareflathills for a Suffolk shearling selling at £420 to Thompson, Logiefair. Top price of the sale was an unplaced Texel shearling from W&J Brown, Hilton of Culsh, New Deer which sold at £1400.

Click here for full sale report and averages


United Auctions on Thursday 24th September  sold 908 at their  Show and Sale.

BLKS (528) sold to average 230.2p per kg selling to 263.9p per kilo for CharX’s from Inverlochy, Tomintoul and to £1570 from Auchnascraw, Glenlivet.

HFRS (349) sold to average 222.6p per kg selling to 254.5p per kg for CharX’s from South Briggs, Forglen and £1360 for LimX’s from Parks, Rothiemay.

In the pre-sale show sponsored by Harbro Ltd and Judged by J Matthew, Whitelumbs.

Champion and Reserve were both from Messrs McGillvary, Auchnascraw, Glenlivet. Champion bullock scaled 620kg at £1570 (253.2p per kg) to the Judge. Reserve and 1st prize heifer 450kg and £1100 (244.4p per kg) to W Cameron, Burnside of Edingight. Champion pen of 4 bullocks from Auchnascraw, Glenlivet scaled 550kg and £1280 (237.7p per kg) to the Judge. Auchnascraw also had the 1st prize pen of 4 heifers which scaled 511kg and £1205 (235.8p per kg).

OTMS (30) sold to average127.8p per kg selling to 140p per kg for a Black Lim from Clovenstone, Grange and to £1070 for a AAx from Eastfield, Ballater.

Blks: 315-400kg - £1030 Leschangie Lodge, Kemnay, 263.9p Inverlochy Farm, Tomintoul; 401-450kg – £1140 Parks, Rothiemay, 262.2p Hilton of Culsh, New Deer; 451-500kg - £1230 Haddoch Farm, Rothiemay, 251.6p Auchnascraw, Chapeltown; 501-550kg - £1280, Auchnascraw, Chapeltown, 238p Hilton of Culsh, New Deer; 551-600kg - £1300 Parks, Rothiemay, 223.7p Haddoch Farm, Rothiemay; 601-650kg - £1370, 253.2p Auchnascraw, Chapeltown.

Hfrs: 251-300kg - £705, 254.5p South Briggs, Forglen; 301-350kg - £810, 240.4p Roebank, Grange; 351-400kg - £910 Parks, Rothiemay, 232p South Briggs, Forglen; 401-450kg - £1070, 251.8p Inverlochy Farm, Tomintoul; 451-500kg - £1200 12 Seafield Street, Cullen, 252.2p Craigroy, Dallas; 501-550kg - £1225, 240.2p Auchnascraw, Chapeltown; 551-600kg - £1250, 2156.7p Parks, Rothiemay; 601-650kg - £1360 Parks, Rothiemay, 212.6p Craigroy, Dallas.

OTMS – SimX - £1030 Kincraigie, Lumphanan; LimX - £1030 Ploverwards, Grange; Her - £970 Eastfield, Ballater.


United Auctions (15th September 2015) sold 3452 sheep at their sale of breeding and feeding sheep.

Buyers were selective amongst the breeding sheep which saw top quality gimmers sell at dearer rates. Ewe lambs met a steady demand throughout. Store lambs sold to a packed ringside of buyers once more and all types met a sound trade throughout.

Leading Prices

BF Gimmers sold to a top of £128 from D S Mair, Ashburn and averaged £102.91 (-£9.94 on the year).

BF Gimmers: £125, Ashburn, Brechin; ££120 Corshelloch, Glenlivet; £110 Tombreakachie, Glenlivet.

Mule Gimmers: £152 Towiemore, Drummuir; £150 Towiemore, Drummuir; £148 Meikle Beggshill, 

Drumblade; £140 Cairncoullie, Glenkindie.

TexX Gimmers: £150 Croftdhu, Tomatin; £120 Meikle Beggshill, Drumblade.


BF Warr: £98, £95 Glenrinnes Farms, Dufftown.

Mule Warr: £76 Glenrinnes Farms, Dufftown.

Cont Warr: £102, £90 Croftend, Clatt; £78 Glenrinnes, Dufftown.


Mules: £112 Raws, Dufftown; £110 Raws, Dufftown; £91 Raws Dufftown; £90 Bomakelloch, Drummuir; £90 27 MacLennan Place, Dufftown.

Tex: £70 Ord, Rhynie.

Lleyn: £78 Haddoch, Rothiemay.


Suf – £60 Olrig Mains, Thurso; £60 Blairdinnie, Gartly; Tex - £59 Olrig Mains, Thurso; TexX - £58 Croftdhu, Tomatin; Cont - £57 The Meadows, Culreach; X - £61 Whitehill, Cairnie; Mule - £60 Aldunie, Cabrach; Chev - £53 Olrig Mains, Thurso; Zwar - £60.50 Burnside, Marypark


United Auctions sold 101 store and OTM cattle (Thursday 10th September  2015)

Blks: (61) sold to average 215.8p per kg selling to a top price of 231.5p per kilo for a 270kg BAX from Quarryhead, Glass. Top gross being £1165 for a LimX from Aldourie, Dores.

Hfrs: (21) sold to average 211.3p per kg selling to a top of 215.7p per kg for a 350kg LimX  from Boghead, Dufftown.

OTMs: (19) sold to a top  gross being £1180 for a 1000kg SimX from Corskie, Garmouth.

Blks: 251-300kg – £650 Conlandmill,  Forgue, 231.5p Quarryhead, Glass; 351-400kg - £865, 224.7p Aldourie Farm, Ardmor; 401-450kg - £970, 224.7p Aldourie Farm, Ardmor; 451-500kg - £1050, 223 Aldourie Farm, Ardmor; 501-550kg - £1165, 228.4p Aldourie Farm, Ardmor.

Hfrs: 301-350kg - £755, 215.7 Boghead, Dufftown; 351-400kg - £815, 24.5p Manadon, South Old What; 401-450kg - £760, 185.4p Manadon, South Old What. 


United Auctions (Tuesday 1st September 2015) sold 4038 sheep at their Annual Show & Sale of Mule Breeding Sheep sponsored by “Iain MacEachen Transport” and judged by B Mair, Everton of Auchry. A well presented show of both Gimmers and ewe lambs met a satisfactory trade to all vendors, selling to a large ringside from Angus to Caithness.

Mule Ewe lambs

1st  sold to £112 from JK Hunter, Wedderburn, Huntly to Ellis & Keir, Cairncoullie.

2nd sold to £106 from CR Millican, Newton of Hassiewells to Leslie, Redhill  

3rd sold to £108 from Glenrinnes Estates to Mair, Everton of Auchry

Cheviot Mule Ewe Lambs

1st sold to £124 from Barclay, Harestone to Ogg, Cannoch, Kirriemuir.

2nd sold to £104 from Milne, Honeysuckle to Leslie, Redhill.

3rd sold to £86 from Watt, Dualts to Johnstone, Croftdhu.

Mule Ewe Lambs (898) averaged £95.42 (-£8.90 on the year) 

Cheviot Mule Mule Ewe Lambs (187) averaged £94.27 (-£11.15 on the year) 

Mule Gimmers (1202) averaged £130.22 (-£7.80 on the year)

Leading prices


Mule – £152 Altyre Cottage, Moray; £142 Easter Backlands, Elgin; £142 St John’s Wells, Fyvie; £138 Whitelumbs, Gartly; £138 Raws, Dufftown; £138 Wardhead, Strichen.

Suffolk - £142 Whitelumbs, Gartly; £130 West Greenland, Castletown.

LLyen - £124 Newton, Cairnie

Half Bred - £130 St John’s Wells, Fyvie

Tex - £145 Reclettach Banff, £142 (twice)  Whitelumbs, Gartly 

Cheviot  - £130 St John’s Wells

Cheviot Mule – £155 Redhill, Mosstowie 

Ewe Lambs  - Mul – £124 x 2 Bomakelloch, Drummuir; £120 Mill of Fowlis, Muir of Fowlis; £122 Wedderburn, Huntly; £110 Tombreackachie, Glenlivet; £110 x 2 Mill of Fowlis, Muir of Fowlis; £108 South Gariochsford, Rothienorman; £108 Glenrinnes, Dufftown; £108 Wedderburn, Huntly; Chev/Mule - £124 Harestone, Insch; £104 Bogside, King Edward; £104 Honeysuckle Cottage, Grange; Cont - £92 Berryleys, Grange; £78 Kennieshillock, Lhanbryde.

 Store Lambs – A tremendous show of lambs were forward for the opening sale including 1058 from Caithness consignors. A packed ringside of Buyers participated in a frenzy of bidding and all Vendors expectations were exceeded. 

Suff - £60 West Greenland, Castletown

SuffX - £57 x 3 West Greenland, Castletown, £56 Greenland Mains, Castletown

Tex - £57 Eilean Donan, Thurso

Texx - £56.50 West Greenland, Castletown

Cont - £55.50 Drumbain, Rothes

Down - £55 Lynemore, Grantown on Spey

Chev - £53.50 Inkstack, Barrock 

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