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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

United Auctions (Thursday 4th February 2016) sold 278 store, breeding & OTM cattle.

BLKS (70) sold to an average of 206.2p per kg selling to 238.9p per kg for a 360kg charX from Overhall, Fyvie.  Top gross being £1330 for a SimX from Nether Minmore, Glenkindie.

HFRS (53) sold to an average of 204.3p per kg selling to 221.8p per kg for LimsX’s from Nethermill, Grange.  Top gross being  £1140 for a CHX from Nethermills, Grange.

BREEDING CATTLE (99) sold to a top of £3200 for a Sim bull from Drumbain,Rothes. Heifers with calves sold to a top of £2050 for a SimX with a SimX calf at foot from Drumbain, Rothes. Caws with calves sold to a top of £2200 for a Sim with a SimX calf at foot from Milton of Edinglassie, Strathdon.

OTMS (56) sold to an average of 132.1p.  Topping the trade today was a BBX from Loanhead, Logie Coldstone which realised £1210. Top p per kg was paid for a LimX from Nether Clochforbie, Fisherie which was 190.2p. 

BLKS – 351-400kg - £860, 238.9p Overhall, Fyvie; 401-450kg - £980 Braehead, Bainshole, 221.7p Overhall, Fyvie; 451-500kg - £1030, 216.8p Braehead, Bainshole; 501-550kg - £1170 Upper Cook, Crudie, 216p Braehead, Bainshole; 551-600kg - £1205 Nether Minmore, Glenkindie, 206p Upper Cook, Crudie; 600-650kg - £1275, 201.6p Nether Minmore, Glenkindie, 201.6p Upper Cook, Crudie; 651-700kg - £1300, 193.8p Nether Minmore, Glenkindie; 700+kg - £1330, 184.7p Nether Minmore, Glenkindie.

HFRS -301-350kg – £775, 221.4p Overhall, Fyvie; 401-450kg - £820, 218.1p Overhall, Fyvie; 401-450kg - £905, 203.4p South Old What, New Deer; 451-500kg - £1000, 208.3p Nethermills, Grange; 501-550kg - £1120, 221.8p Nethermills, Grange; 551-600kg - £1140, 191.6p Nethermills, Grange; 651-700kg - £1120, 167.2p Auchinclech, Grange.

Breeding Cattle – CHX - £2000 cow with calf at foot Milton of Edinglassie; SHX - £1780 Drumbain; SimX - £2000 Milton of Edinglassie; LimX - £1720 Milton of Edinglassie.

OTMS – BS - £1190, 161.9p Rinmore, Glenbuchat; BRB - £1040 Loanhead,  Logie Coldstone 157.8p Nether Clochforbie, Fisherie; CH - £1040 Loanhead, Logie Coldstone, 157.8p Nether Clochforbie, Fisherie; Lim - £1170, 177.6p Nether Clochforbie, Fisherie; LimX - £1150 Auchenbreddie, Insch, 162.6p Nether Clochforbie, Fisherie; Sim - £1110 Loanhead, Logie Coldstone, 168.9p Nether Clochforbie, Fisherie; SimX - £1060 Drumburn, Keith, 168.6p Nether Clochforbie, Fisherie; Baz - £1030, 167p Nether Clochforbie, Fisherie.

United Auctions (Wednesday 3rd February   2016) sold 2500 prime sheep.

Old Season Lambs (1811)   to 216p per kg for 40.2kg Tex  from Braehead, Bainshole and to £97 gross for 51.5kg Tex from East Cranloch, Ythanwells.

Leading prices per head and kg.

NSL: Suf – £94.50 Smithyhillock, 194p Wardhead; SufX - £94 Wardhead, 193p Roddentree; Tex - £92 Burnside Croft, 212p Strichen Mains; TexX - £91.50 East Cranloch, 204p Ardmiddle Home Farm; Cont - £90 Midtown of Haddo, 200p Overhill; Mule - £89 Smithyhillock, 190p Wardhead; BF  - £80.50, 188p Tombreackachie; Bel - £92, 208p  Burnside Croft; Llyen - £89 Smithyhillock, 194p Connachie; Char - £90 Bogenhilt, 198p North Redhill.

EWES: (689)  - SufX – £105 Tillyminate; Tex - £142 Weston; TexX - £132 Drumburn; Cont - £112 x2 Sheep Park, Braehead; Chev - £90 Davmor; Mule - £72 Ballintomb; GF - £70 Muirfield House; BF - £66 Greenhill; Cross - £110 x2 Stripeside, Sheep Park; CHM - £100 Drumburn; Bel - £97 Boynesmill House; RAMS – Suf - £100 Blackfold; Chev - £114 Blackfold; BF - £71 Tombreackachie; Char - £121 Birkenburn. 

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