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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

United Auctions on Thursday 19th April 2018 sold 169 store and OTM cattle.  

BLKS (90) sold to average 232.1p per kg and selling to a top of 274.1p per kg for a 290kg LimX from Easter Corries, Botriphnie.  Top gross being £1205 for a LimX from Easter Newton, Lumphanan.

HFRS (70) sold to average 219p per kg selling to a top of 262.15p per kg for a 290kg LimX from Easter Corries, Botriphnie.  Top gross being £1180 for 565kg LimX from Nethermills, Grange.

OTMS (9) sold to a top of 174p per kg for a BBX from Loanhead, Logie Coldstone.  Top gross being £1140 for the same animal.

BLKS – 301-350kg - £880, 255.1p Sittyton Farm, Newmacher; 352-400kg - £1060, 272.3p Kinminity Farm, Newmill; 401-450kg - £1050, 247p Badentoul, Fordyce; 451-500kg - £1160, 244.2p Kinminity Farm; 501-550kg - £1205, 220.4p Easter Newton, Lumphanan, 

HFRS –  Up to 250kg - £640, 256p Home Farm Cairness, Fraserburgh; 251-300kg - £760, 262.1p Easter Corrie, Botriphnie; 301-350kg - £850, 242.9p Kinminity Farm, Newmill; 351-400kg - £935, 242.9p Kinminity Farm, Newmill; 401-450kg - £1000 Nethermills, Grange, 228.3p Upper Tillathrowie, Gartly; 451-500kg - £1110, 224.2p Nethermills, Grange; 501-550kg - £1120, 219.6p Finnygaud Farm, Aberchirder; 551-600kg - £1180, 208.8p Nethermills, Grange.


United Auctions (Wednesday 18th April 2018) sold 1707 prime sheep.

Old season lambs (1475) sold to 262p per kg for 47kg Tex from Parks, Rothiemay and to £140 for 67.3kg Chev from Biggins, Wick.

After the last few weeks extravagant trade, hoggs were a touch easier, however all classes are still cashing in at extraordinary values this season.  Heavy hoggs were easiest commodity to cash today, regularly cashing in at £115 and above. A severe reduction of ewe numbers meant all buyers went home being unable to fulfil the days order books.  All classes met a firm enquiry throughout and many more could have easily been sold.

OSL - Suf - £121 Woodbank, 247p Parks; SufX - £120 Easter Badentyre/Concraig House, 243p Nether Blairmaud/Millbethill; Tex - £130 Daies, 250p Woodbank; TexX - £127, 244p Bogenhlt/Kylieford; Cont - £125 Woodbank, 248p Muirfield House; Chev - £123 Concraig House, 250p Nether Blairmaud; Mule - £120 Daies, 239p Nether Blairmaud; BF - £115, 244p Muirfield House; Bel - £130, 250p Daies; Char - £121 Woodbank, 244p Bogenhilt; CharX - £123 Parks/Woodbank/Daies, 243p Bpgenhilt; BFL - £120 Georgetown Farm Cottage; 223p Newfield.

EWES – Suf – £138 Davmor, 144p Biggins; SufX - £120 Badentoul, Tex - £125 Floors; TexX – Heatheryfield/Little Cantly; Cont - £105 Boghead; Chev - £130 Biggins; Mule - £103 Cranna Bridge; BF - £85 Auchorachan; CHM - £100 Ardmannoch/Honeysuckle Cottage; Zwar - £120 Burnside; Llyen - £110 Markethill; Jacob - £90 Birchfield; RAMS – Suf - £144 Biggins; Tex - £140 Auchorachan.


United Auctions (Saturday 7th April 2018) sold 1488 cattle at their April show and sale which incorporated their Young Farmers over wintered cattle in the pre-sale show sponsored by HRN Tractors and Seafield Veterinary Centre the judge Mr Donald Sandham who placed a 395kg CharX heifer as champion which he purchased at £1280 or 326.6p per kg and reserve a B LimX bullock 450kg at £1240 or 275.6p per kg both were from JA Cruickshank, Coleburn, Elgin.

Champion pen of 4 bullocks B LimX 385kg selling at £1125 or 292.3p per kg from G Carroll, Edendiack, who also sold the champion pen of 4 heifers 410kg at £1180 or 287.8p per kg.

In the Young Farmers overwintering competition champion was the 1st prize haltered bullock from David Moir, Cairness Home Farm which scaled 390kg selling at selling at £2500 or 641p per kg.

Reserve champion and first prize haltered heifer was from Grant Stephen, Hatton Cottage 500kg at £1240 or 248p per kg.

Greig Stephen, Hatton Cottage won the highest weight gain at 1.17kgs per day.  Highest gross margin was won by David Moir, Cairness Home Farm at £1660 above purchase price.

OTMS (30) sold to average 140.5p per kg selling to 176p per kg for LimX from Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill and £1500 for a Char from Braehead, Drummuir.

BLKS (753) sold to average 241p per kg selling to 333.3p per kg for a pen of four CharsX from Mains of Collithie, Gartly and to £1450 from LimX from Millfield, Turriff.

HFRS (705) sold to an average 233pp per kg selling to 330p per kg for LimX’s from Edendiack, Gartly and to £1530 for Lims from Braehead, Drummuir.

BLKS –  Up to 250kg - £660, 264p Glenrinnes, Dufftown; 251-300kg - £900, 333.3p Mains of Collithie, Gartly; 301-350kg - £1060, 307.2p Parrock, Rothiemay; 351-400kg – £1125 Edendiack, Gartly, 291.6p Mains of Collithie, Gartly; 401-450kg - £1240, 287.1p Coleburn, Elgin; 451-500kg - £1230 Kennieshillock, 253.6p Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay; 501-550kg - £1280 Upper Cook, Turriff, 241.6p Tullochleys, Clatt; 551-600kg - £1450, 254.4p Millfield, Turriff, 

HFRS – Up to 250kg - £630 Glenrinnes, Dufftown 263.2p Stonedyke, Rhynie; 251-300kg - £790, 267.8p Mains of Collithie, Gartly; 301-350kg - £1030 Coleburn, Elgin, 330p Edendiack, Gartly; 351-400kg - £1320, 285.7p Edendiack, Gartly; 401-450kg - £1180 Edendiack, 271.4p Sunside, Wardhouse; 451-500kg - £1330 Sunside, Wardhouse, 253.5p Cairnorrie, Methlick; 551-600kg - £1530, 257.1p Braehead Farm, Drummuir

OTMS – BRB - £1350, 176p Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill; SimX - £1170 Cairness Home Farm, Fraserburgh, 162.5p Kincraigie, Lumphanan; LimX - £1110, 156.3p Kincraigie, Lumphanan; SHX - £1090, 154.3p Kincraigie, Lumphanan.

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