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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

United Auctions (29th July 2015) sold 539 prime sheep.

New Season Lambs (327) sold to 144p per kg for 44kg Beltex from Burnside, Marypark and to £71 for 55 kg for Suff from Hilton of Culsh, New Deer. 

Like every centre in the country lamb trade was easier on the week once more. A mixy show of ewes were forward. Lean meated ewes are still the easiest commodity to cash. Over fat types were a shade less. 

Leading Prices per head and kg.

NSL: Suf - £67 East Badentyre, Turriff, 138p Bogenhilt, Forglen; SufX -  £65 Haddoch, Rothiemay, 140p Willowbank Croft, Turriff; Tex - £65 Auchencrieve, Rothiemay, 143p Willowbank Croft, Turriff; TexX - £65 Burnside, Marypark, 141p Willowbank Croft, Turriff; Cont - £70, 143p Myreton, Insch.

EWES: (217) SufX - £75 Auchencrieve, Rothiemay; Tex - £100 Tillyminate, Gartly; TexX - £70 Auchencrieve, Rothiemay; Cont - £69 Pitcandlish, Glenkindie; Chev - £65 Achavanich, Latherton; Mule - £65 Wardford, Methlick; Swale - £42 Rivestone, Kinnoir; BF - £55 Killyquarn, New Aberdour. 


 United Auctions (Thursday 23rd July 2015) sold 128 store and OTM cattle at their sale.

A small but quality show of store cattle met a buoyant trade.  OTM cattle saw a mixed show of cows sell at a slightly reduced rate

Blks: (39) sold to average 233.5p per kg selling to a top price of 254p per kg for 362kg LimX from Kinminity, Newmill.  Top gross being £1200 for 615kg SHX from Hillhead of Denhead, Strichen.

Hfrs: (34) sold to average 219.5p per kg selling to a top price of 252.0p per kg for 365kg LimX from Kiniminty, Newmill.  Top gross being £1260 for a 610kg LimX from Kinchurdy, Boat of Garten.

OTMs: (55) sold to average 127.5p per kg selling to a top price of 165.8p per kg for a 585kg LimX from Parrock, Rothiemay.  Top gross being £1280 for a CharX from Kincraigie, Lumphanan

Blks: 351-400kg - £960, 254p Kiniminty, Newmill; 451-500kg - £1180, 250p Kiniminty, Newmill; 501-550kg - £1175, 226p Kinchurdy, Boat of Garten.

Hfrs: 251-300kg - £660, 220p Avielochan, Aviemore; 301-350kg - £780, 223.5p Avielochan, Aviemore; 351-400kg - £920, 250.7p Kiniminty, Newmill; 401-450kg - £1120, 237.2p Kiniminty, Newmill; 451-500kg - £1080, 225.3p Kiniminty, Newmill; 501-550kg - £1060, 201.9p Honeybarrel, Kildrummy; 551-600kg - £1180, 207.7p Kinchurdy, Boat of Garten; 601-650kg – 601-650kg - £1260, 206.6p Kinchurdy, Boat of Garten.

OTMs: CH - £1280, 133.3p Kincraigie, Lumphahan; Sim - £1200, 146.3p  Hatton Cottage, Dallas; BS - £1180, 154.2p  Kincraigie, Lumphanan; AA - £1070 Belhinnie, Rhynie, 130.4p Mains of Pitlurg, Keith;  Lim - £1060 Loanhead, Logie Coldstone, 165.8p Parrock, Rothiemay; HE - £1000, 127.4p Home Farm, Cairness; BRB - £990, 142.4p Mains of Pitlurg, Keith;; Cont - £950,135.7p Mains of Pitlurg, Keith.



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