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Livestock Sales Reports - Huntly

United Auctions (Thursday 7th December 2017) sold 101 store cattle, suckled calves and OTMs at their sale. 

Bullocks (33) sold to a top of 240.7p per kg for a 295kg LimX from Craighall, Cairnie.  Top gross beig £1320 for a SimX from Wester Leochel, Craigievar.

Heifers (25) sold to a top of 229.6p per kg for a 270kg CharX from Wester Elchies, Aberlour. Top gross being £1220 for CharX’s from Wester Leochel, Craigievar.

OTMS (43) sold to average 135.8p per kg selling to a top of 189.8p per kg for a 685kg SimX from Wester Leochel, Craigievar. Top gross being £1470 for a 815kg SimX from Corskie, Garmouth.

BLKS: 251-300kg - £710, 240.7p Craighall, Cairnie; 301-350kg - £740, 234.2p Craighall, Cairnie; 351-400kg - £870 Wester Elchies, 234.7p Craighall, Cairnie; 401-450kg - £950, 223.5p Bush Farm, Aberlour; 451-500kg - £1060, 214.1p Bush Farm, Aberlour; 551-600kg - £1200, 201.7p Wester Leochel, Craigievar; 601-650kg - £1300, 203.1p Wester Leochel, Craigievar; 651-700kg - £1220, 178.1p Wester Leochel, Craigievar.

HFRS: 251-300kg – £665 Craighall, Cairnie, 229.6p Wester Elchies, Aberlour; 301-350kg - £710, 202.9p Wester Elchies, Aberlour; 351-400kg - £710, 197.2p Wester Elchies, Aberlour; 451-500kg - £1000, 212.8p Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay; 501-550kg - £990, 184p Wester Leochel, Craigievar

OTMS – Sim - £1470, 189.9p Wester Leochel, Craigievar; SimX – £1300, 180.4p Corskie, Garmouth; HE - £1200, 133.8p Upper Wheedlemont, Rhynie; BRB - £1110, 160.9p Kincraigie, Lumphanan; HEX - £1090, 132.9p Uper Wheedlemont, Rhynie; CH - £1070, 141.7p Kincraigie, Lumphanan; Lim - £1040, 148.4p Kincraigie, Lumphanan; LimX - £950 Kincraigie, Lumphanan, 147.5p Kinminity, Newmill; BA - £930, 128.3p Kincraigie, Lumphanan; AA - £930, 127.4p Wester Elchies, Aberlour; BS - £820, 134.4p Kincraigie, Lumphanan.

United Auctions (Wednesday 6th December 2017) held their Christmas Show and Sale of 3323 prime sheep

Judging proceedings today lay in the capable hands of Mr R Henderson of Woodhead Brothers Turriff. The Champion pen was awarded to regular consignor Angus Greenlaw, Sheep Park Farms, Bridge of Marnoch. The home bred champion pen of Beltex lambs scaled 46.4kg and realised £135 or 291 p per kg selling to Raeburn Butchers, Huntly. The reserve champion pen was awarded to another regular customer of Huntly Mart, W&J Brown, Hilton of Culsh, New Deer. Their pen of Texel lambs scaled 50kgs and were knocked down to weekly prime stock buyer Mr W Cameron, Burnside of Edingight, Keith for £100 or 200p per kg.


1st Hilton of Culsh 50kg £100 200p

2nd Blackfold 44kg £90 

3rd Torbay 48.6kg £85


1st Sheep Park 46.4kg £135

2nd Barrogill Mains 39.6kg £87

3rd Sunside 48.6kg £86


1st Woodbank 54.8kg £90

2nd Huntly Lodge 51.6kg £82

3rd Huntly Lodge 49.2kg £81.50


1st Hillhead of Mornish 47.6kg £80.50

2nd Hillhead of Mornish 45kg £78.50

3rd Hilton of Culsh 52.6kg £84


1st Hillhead of Mornish 42.6kg £80.50

2nd Glenernie 37.2kg £57

New Season Lambs (2050) sold to 229p per kg for 39kg Beltex from Barrogill Main, Mey and to £92 for 58kg Suffolk from Woodbank, Drumblade.

Out with the show there was a lot of store sheep amongst the lambs which hindered the days average. Well fleshed types were sold away at increased rates on the week. Store types sold away at recent values. Ewes met a firm enquiry,heavy ewes witnessed a considerable rise on the week. Lean hill types however were easier.

Leading prices per head and per kg

NSL: Suff – £83 Rothiemoon/Hilton of Culsh, 174p Greencraig; SuffX - £82 Wardhead/Chapelpark, 172p Mains of Skeith; Tex - £89 Hilton of Culsh, 190p Wardhead; TexX - £86.50 Allaloth, 210p Barrogill Mains; Cont - £91 Hilton of Culsh, 216p Barrogill Mains; Chev - £86 Brae Edge, 188p Overhill; Mule - £83 Hilton of Culsh, 174p Hillhead of Mornish; BF - £79 Auchdregnie, 178p Hillhead of Mornish; Bel - £91, 220p Barrogill Mains; CHM - £84 Honeysuckle, 177p Croftdhu; CharX - £86x2, 181p Sunside.

EWES (1273) – Suf - £126 Newmill of Rathen; SufX - £128 Meikle Begshill; Tex - £128 Meikle Begshill; TexX - £127 Auchorachan; Cont - £124 Newmill of Rathen/Dukewell; Chev - £105 Badentoul; Mule - £79 Home Farm Troup; GF - £78 Broadland; BF - £57 Auchorachan; Cross - £122 Dukewell; CHM - £105 Croftdhu; HB - £119 Cairness Home Farm; Bel - £115 Cairness Home Farm; Char - £120 Greencraig/Newmill of Rathen. RAMS – Tex - £124 Little Millbrex; BF - £69 Hillhead of Mornish; Char - £97 Thorax.


United Auctions (Wednesday 29th November 2017) sold 2062 prime sheep. New season lambs (870) sold to 180p per kg for 42kg Tex from Wardhead, Strichen and to £90 for 62kg Suf from Chapelpark, Forgue.

Prime lamb trade was comparable on the week for well fleshed types. Export types were in particular demand. A grand number of ewes were presented to the usual ringside of buyers. All classes cashed in at increased values, some would be up £5-£8 on the week.

NSL – Suf – £89 Greenscares, 175p Mid Clochforbie; SufX - £87 Burnside of Gight, 172p Wardhead; Tex - £88 Little Forgue/Auchnarrow, 178p Strichen Mains; TexX - £85 Chapelpark/Mid Clochforbie, 173p Wardhead; Cont - £84 Sherriffseat, 170p Nevie/Overhill; CHM - £77 Dalrachie, 162p Honeysuckle Cott; Mule - £74.50 Followsters, 160p Honeysuckle Cott; BF - £78 Hillhead of Mornish, 164p Lynemore; Bel - £84.50 18 Richmond Gardens, 178p Overhill; CharX - £88 Braco, 167p  Mid Fleenas/Followsters/Mid Clochforbie.

EWE (1192) –Suf- £115 6 Ewen Crescent; SufX - £100 Tillyminate; Tex - £105 Croftbain; TexX - £98 Auchnarrow; Cont - £97 Croftbain; Chev - £95 Tillyminate; Mule - £74 Sherriffseat; GF - £82 Tillyminate; BF - £63 Heatheryfield; Cross – £93 x 2 91 Main St; CHM - £95 Sherriffseat; Bel – £91 Sinsharnie; Lln - £91 Sinsharnie; CharX - £92 Auchnarrow/Croftbain.

RAMS – Tex - £105 Davmor; Cont - £90 Braco; BFL - £85 Meikle Kirkhill; Lln - £85 Wester Strathweltie; Char - £125 Meikle Kirkhill.

United Auctions (Thursday 23rd November 2017) sold 249 store cattle, breeding and OTM cattle.  

Store cattle carrying flesh, also heifers with breeding potential sold exceptionally well.  Selling at premium prices.

Heifers (145) sold to average 220.3p per kg selling to a top of 302p per kg for a 570kg LimX from Newmill, Rathen. Top gross being for the same animal at £1720.

Bullocks (70) sold to average 216.7p per kg selling to a top of 237.3p per kg for a 405kg LimX from Rippachie, Strathdon.  Top gross being £1310 for a 630kg CharX from Mill of Torry, Udny.

Breeding Cattle (12) sold to a top of £1920 for a SalX with LimX heifer calf at foot from Balavil Estate, Kingussie.

HFRS: Up to 250kg - £340, 178.9p Lynemore, Spey Bridge; 251-300kg - £645, 222.4p 61 Main Street, Newmill; 301-350kg - £745,225.8p 61 Main Street, Newmill; 351-400kg - £830, 210.1p Slack, Wardhouse; 401-450kg - £1030, 235.3p Newmill Rathen; 451-500kg - £1360, 286.3p Newmill Rathen; 501-550kg - £1540, 302p Newmill Rathen; 551-600kg - £1720, 301.8p Newmill Rathen; 

BLKS: 251-300kg - £700, 237.3p Rippachie, Strathdon; 301-350kg - £760 Fordmouth, Tomintoul, 229.5p 61 Main Street, Newmill; 351-400kg - £865, 224,7p Rippachie, Strathdon; 401-450kg - ££960 Rippachie, Strathdon, 237p Sheep Park, Bridge of Marnoch; 451-500kg - £1010 Dalbeallie, Knockando, 210.9p 5 Knockengael, Essich.501-550kg - £1050 Mill of Torry, Udny, 201p 5 Knockengael, Essich; 551-600kg - £1240, 223p Mill of Torry, Udny; 601-650kg - £1310, 207.9p Mill of Torry, Udny.

OTMS (22) sold to average 129.7p per kg selling to a top of £1200 for a Sim from Corskie, Garmouth or 144p for a Lim from Auchenbreddie, Insch. AA - £1110, 126.9p Corskie, Garmouth; Lim - £1080, 144p Auchenbreddie, Insch; Sim - £1110 Allaloth, Clochan, 135.5p Corskie, Garmouth; SimX - £1090, 134p Corskie, Garmouth; BRB - £1060 Upper Glasslaw, Fraserburgh, 130p Auchenbreddie, Insch. 


United Auctions (Thursday 9th November 2017) sold 359 Store Cattle, Weaned and Suckled Calves as well as breeding cattle and OTMS.  Store cattle were keenly bid for selling to vendors advantage.  Breeding cattle met a firm interest, with top end outfits selling particularly well.

Bullocks (175) sold to average 217.1p per kg selling to a top of 269.8p per kg for a 315kg LimX from Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill. Top Gross being £1335 for a 580kg LimX from Wester Laggan, Dulnain Bridge.

Heifers (122) sold to average 213.9p per kg selling to a top of 260.9p per kg for a 345kg CharX from Broadland, Cairnie.  Top gross being £1235 for 570kg CharX from Lower Auchmill, Kinnoir.

Breeding cattle sold to a top of £4400 for a Charolais cow and bull calf from Duchavin, Dufftown.

Top priced heifers and calves was £2500 for a SimX heifer and limX heifer calf at foot from South Balchrie, Fyvie.  Top priced in calf cow was £2750 for an in-calf charlolais cow from Duchavin, Dufftown.

OTMS (19) sold to average 137.2p per kg selling to a top of 196.2p per kg for an 530kg AAX from Eastfield, Ballater. Top gross being £1370 for a 745kg from Parks, Rothiemay.

BLKS: Up to 250kg -£650, 236.4p Home Farm Craig; 301-350kg - £870 Daleigh, Grantown on Spey, 269.8p Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill; 351-400kg - £1000, 253.2p Gaich, Grantown on Spey; 401-450kg - £1070, 251.8p Gaich, Grantown on Spey; 451-500kg - £1200, 243.9p Sheeppark, Birdge of Marnoch; 502-550kg - £1205 Wester Laggan, Dulnain Bridge, 231.7p Mains of Tarryblake, Rothiemay; 551-600kg - £1335, 230p Wester Laggan, Dulnain Bridge.

HFRS: 251-300kg – £700, 241.4p Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill; 301-350kg - £900, 260.9p Broadland, Cairnie; 351-400kg £780, 212.5p Daleigh, Advie; 401-450kg - £970 Mains of Bognie, 226.2p Whitehill, Grange; 451-500kg - £1140, 234.1p Whitehill, Grange; 501-550kg - £1085, 214.9p Wester Laggan, Dulnain Bridge; 551-600kg - £1235, 216.7p Lower Auchmill, Kinnoir. 


United Auctions (Thursday 2nd November 2017) sold 1323 store sheep.

Store lambs (1323) sold to £70 for Texel from Leith Hall Home Farm, Kennethmont, Burnside, Marypark

Store Lambs

Beltex - £64 Glenrinnes

Blackface - £35 North Glen Estate

Cheviot - £60 Leith Hall Home Farm

Continental - £63 Glenrinnes Est

Suffolk - £66.50 Rinnachat

Texel - £67 Cardnach

SuffX - £66 Leith Hall Home Farm

TexX - £66 Skirza


United Auctions (Saturday 28th October 2017) sold 919 Weaned and Suckled Calves at its principle show and sale of Spring Born Calves sponsored by John Wink Design. 

Judge was Mr Angus Greenlaw, Sheep Park Farm.  Champion on the day was awarded to a 325kg LimX heifer from Loanhead, Logie Coldstone which realised for £2000 to W Cameron, Burnside of Edingight. Reserve Champion was awarded to a 375kg LimX heifer from Barnyards of Badenyouchers, which realised for £1500 to the judge. “A fantastic show of well bred suckled calves saw all vendors significantly up on the year with their averages. A large ringside of buyers with many new faces present, keenly competed for cattle throughout the day”

Bullocks (541) sold to average 249.5p per kg (+13.8p on the year).  Selling to a top of 337p per kg for a 270kg LimX Clinterty, New Aberdour, Top Gross being £1255 for a 525kg CharX from Coleburn, Elgin.

Heifers (378) sold to average 236.3p per kg (+5.2p on the year) selling to a top of 615.4p per kg for a 325kg LimX from Loanhead, Logie Coldstone. Top gross being £2000 for the same animal.

BLKS: 251-300kg - £940 Gaich Farms Grantown on Spey, 337p Clinterty, New Aberdour; 301-350kg - £1130, 332.40p Clinterty, New Aberdour; 351-400kg - £1080 Raws, Dufftown, 290.4p Loanhead, Logie Coldstone; 401-450kg - £1095 Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill, 261.1p Castle Grant Home Farm; 451-500kg - £1155, 253.8p Coleburn, Longmorn; 501-550kg - £1255, 239p Coleburn, Longmorn; 551-600kg - £1250, 223.2p Auchnascraw, Chapeltown.

HFRS: Up to 250kg - £900, 375p Raws, Dufftown; 251-300kg £840 Gaich, Grantown on Spey, 286.3p Raws, Dufftown; 301-350kg - £2000, 615.4p Loanhead, Logie Coldstone; 351-400kg - £1500, 400p Barnyards of Badenyouchers, Cornhill; 401-450kg - £1060,243.7p Upper Glasslaw, New Pitsligo; 451-500kg - £1110, 231.3p Coleburn, Longburn; 501-550kg - £1240, 229.6p Coleburn, Longburn

United Auctions (Thursday 26th October 2017) sold 294 Weaned Calves, Store and OTM cattle.  Store cattle sold well, in particular forward stores carrying condition, as too were well-bred weaned calves.

HFRS (128) sold to average 210.8p per kg selling to a top of 241.4p per kg for a 350kg CHX from Haddoch Farm, Rothiemay. Top gross being £1300 for a LimX from Kinchurdy, Boat of Garten.

BLKS (156) – sold to average 213.6p per kg selling to a top of 253.3p per kg for a 450kg BBX from Mains of Collithie, Gartly.  Top gross being £1330 for a SimX from Nether Minmore, Glenkindie.

OTM cattle sold to a top of 137p p per kg for an 810kg Sim from Whitehills, Grange.  Top gross also being £1110 for the same animal.

STS: 351-400kg - £980, 245p Haddoch Farm, Rothiemay; 401-450kg - £1140, 253.2p Mains of Collithie, Gartly; 451-500kg - £1135 Lower Cushieston, Meikle Wartle, 229.8p Lost Farm, Strathdon; 501-550kg - £1260, 233.3p Kinchurdy, Boat of Garten; 551-600kg - £1295, 225.2p Whinbrae, Huntly; 601-650kg - £1295, 205.6p Nether Minmore, Glenkindie; 651-700kg - £1270, 182.7p Lower Cushieston, Meikle Wartle; 701+kg - £1330, 184.7p Nether Minmore, Glenkindie.

 HFRS: 301-350kg - £845, 241.4p Haddoch Farm, Rothiemay; 351-400kg - £930, 232.5p Leschangie Lodge, Kemnay; 401-450kg - £955, 232.9p Mains of Collithie, Gartly; 451-500kg - £1025, 215.4p Horsebog, Keith; 501-550kg - £1150,213p Kinchurdy, Boat of Garten; 551-600kg - £1280, 218.8p Kinchurdy, Boat of Garten; 601-650kg - £1300, 210.7p Kinchurdy, Boat of Garten


United Auctions (Thursday 19th October 2017) sold 2315 store sheep.

Store lambs (2315) sold to £70 for Beltex from Burnside, Marypark  A packed ringside of buyers was present to a good entry of sheep.  All classes sold away at dearer rates on the fortnight.

Store Lambs

Beltex - £60x2 Burnside

Blackface - £47.50 Auchnerran

Down - £62 Burnside

Cheviot - £60 Blairindinnie

Continental - £61 Gowanfold x 2/Broadmyre

Cross - £65 Greenland Mains

Mule - £55 Glenavon Estate/Aldunie

Suffolk - £64 Ardlewie

Texel - £65 Ardlewie

SuffX - £60 Rinnachat/Greenland Mains/Brawland

TexX - £62 Ballintomb 


United Auctions (Thursday 12th October 2017) sold 154 Store and Breeding cattle. 

Bullocks averaged 208.8p selling to a top of £1320 for a Lim from Cairnfield, Fintry or 242p for AA from Dalnavert, Kincraig

Heifers averaged 203.93p grossing at £935 for Lim from Bauchlaw or 232.1p for Lim from Braehead Farm, Drummuir.

6p for AAX from Dalnavert, Kincraig.

BLKS – Up to 250kg - £510, 242.9p Dalnavert, Kincraig; 251-300kg - £640, 232.7p Dalnavert, Kincraig; 301-350kg- £745 212.9p Croft Point, Knockando; 351-400kg - £910, 243p Braeholm, East Drummond; 401-450kg - £965, 216.9p Bauchlaw, Banff; 451-500kg - £1040, 212p Bauchlaw, Banff; 501-550kg - £1200, 220p Braeholm, East Drummond; 551-600kg - £116-, 205p Cairnfield, Fintry; 651-700kg - £1000, 198p Cairnfield, Fintry

HFR: 301-350kg - £780, 232.1p Anside, Drummuir; 351-400kg - £880, 222.2p Dalnavert, Kincraig; 401-450kg - £910, 226.3p Dalnavert, Kincraig; 451-500kg - £900 Easter Coxton, Lhanbryde, 188.9p Bauchlaw, Banff; 

Breeding cattle sold to a top of £2400 for a pure British Shorthorn with a heifer calf at foot from Heatheryfield, Cairnie.  Bulls sold to £1550 for a British Shorthornfrom the same home.

Principle Prices

British Shorthorn with heifer calf £2350, £2220, £2050 Heatheryfield, Cairnie

British Shorthorn with bullock calf £2050 Heathery, Cairnie

In-calf British Shorthorn heifers sold to £1300 from Heatheryfield, Cairnie

Aberdeen Angus with bullock calf £1300 Oldtown, Keith

Aberdeen Angus with heifer calf £1260 Oldtown, Keith.


Huntly had a catalogued entry of 78 Tups at their second sale.  Topping the sale on two separate occasions were for Texel shearlings from Haugh, Ballindalloch and Tillyorn which realised £480.

Principle Prices

Texel Shearling

£450, £380, x 3, £350 x 2 Tillyorn, Lumphanan

Texel Lamb

£400, £300 Corsairtly, Keith

£380 North Dorlaithers

Charolais Lambs

£280 Corsairtly, Keith


£250 Boghead, Lumsden

Blueface Leicester

£300 South Garriochsford, Rothienorman

£300 Castlebrae, Aberchirder 


United Auctions (Thursday 5th October 2017) sold 2944 store sheep.

Store lambs (1121) sold to £72.50 for Continental from Blairdinnie, Gartly

Ewe lambs (420) sold to £82 for Mules from Aldunie, Cabrach

Gimmers (401) sold to £110 for Mules from Whitehill, Cairnie and 2 Balloch View, Grange

Ewes (1002)

Today saw Glenavon Estate disperse their flock of Blackface ewes and like all centres buyers were cautious, however the top end sold away at satisfactory rates.

Young ewes and ewe lambs were in particular demand.  Store lambs met a firm enquiry selling away at slightly increased values.

Store Lambs

Blackface - £48 Auchnerran

Cheviot - £66 148 West Helmsdale

Contiental - £62 Leith Hall Home Farm

Cross - £72 Blairindinnie

Mule - £59 Tombreck

Suffolk - £72 Blairindinnie

Texel - £66.50 Leith Hall Home Farm

Ewe Lambs

Blackface - £64, £63, £62 Glenavon Estate

Cheviot/Mule - £62 Tombreck

Mule - £80 Aldunie

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